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*********** 2 *****************

Daryl was Ari’s first and only male crush. The two met as Seniors in high school, decades ago, on the track team. Daryl had transferred in from a city school as part of an integration effort put in place by the federal government. At first, it was not a gay thing, or at least that’s how Ari remembers it. It was about comfort and a relaxing togetherness.

Daryl, an outsider, was both wary of his classmates but also hungry for their acceptance and friendship. And Daryl was easy to be friends with. He was not like the men Ari’s father told stories about over dinner; how ‘the blacks’ stole jobs or were lazy or threatened violence and crime particularly against women. How they were uneducated and inarticulate. Daryl was friendly and smart and funny. Change his skin color and Daryl would have been class president. But his skin was dark mahogany and so Daryl remained, for the most part, an outsider.

But Daryl’s skill on the race course earned him at least grudging respect and his efforts contributed to the team’s second-place finish at state that year. A young Ari found himself running several events with the stallion and so they warmed up together, they stretched together, and they waited on the field or bleachers together for their events to be called. Those down moments gave them a lot of time to talk and joke about things that teenage boys talk about.

It was not about sex. It wasn’t until college that Ari, thinking back on his friend who had all but disappeared from his life, recalled the chiseled body, large firm thighs, incredible ass and of course glistening dark brown skin, that Ari fantasized about being with a man. At first, he considered slurping down Daryl’s big black cock. But eventually, it was Daryl’s thighs – the big meaty muscles that powered him around the track – that Ari imagined slapping up against his backside as Daryl’s dick pummeled Ari’s ass that truly turned him on.

But the real world was different. Walking the campus as a young coed, Ari’s groin had still lit on fire more often at the sight of bare-skinned women than pudgy white boys. And so he had let the fantasy go. Daryl drifted away, only to occasionally visit Ari’s sexual dreams during moments of high stress at work or home. But when Ari was put on disability for some BS diagnosis a couple of years earlier, Daryl began paying more visits.

Daryl was not far from Ari’s mind as he reviewed, one final time, the second installment of his video seduction campaign. He was very happy with his performance. He wondered if Daryl would have appreciated the video. Back in high school, Daryl had a girlfriend but so did Ari. That didn’t mean anything. Ari’s fantasy required that Daryl’s homosexual need for a man – for Ari specifically – woke with just as much hunger as Ari’s. In Ari’s mind, Daryl’s sleeping dragon rose and breathed a sulfuric fire of obsession for Ari’s ass. And on some days, it was not just Daryl. His entire track team was present, watched and lusted over Ari’s then lean and supple body.

Ari was only vaguely aware that he was losing control of his core principle and idea. This started as the simple pursuit of sex with a man. It was simple and straightforward. Had Ari acted on his feelings in high school or college in the usual acts of awkward and embarrassing one on one seduction, his obsession now would be quite different. But after decades of a repressed ebb and flow of male desire, Ari stood on a teetering precipice of naive sexual discovery. He had no idea what he was doing. He felt it somehow necessary to make kırşehir escort up for years of lost opportunity. His fantasy of men and their sexual appetites were driven by bizarre porn sites and his own imagination. He was blind to the reality of things and yet he gladly ran into the dark void.


Ari added a dedication for episode number two. White letters displayed on a dark mahogany background with the words, “For Daryl: I dream of your thighs, your ass, your beautiful and hard dick.”

Episode number two of Ari’s video series picked up where episode number one left off.

A close up video of Ari’s stomach with the handwritten words “Let me Suck Your . . .” linked the second video to the first. Ari’s breathing made the words come to life as they throbbed on the surface of his lower abs with each deep breath.

A new soundtrack in the background faded in. It was a slow and sensual jazz song, but mixed into the bass, guitar, and synth-generated orchestra were distinct sounds of human moans; human sounds of desire and hunger and loss. The moans grew louder and as they did it seemed to change the meaning of the video. The same heaving words, “Let me Suck Your . . .” were no longer a polite request of a man of means but the desperate plea of a sexual pauper. It was as if his stomach and his body were begging for it to happen. It needed to draw the rigid muscle of an aroused and dominant man into his wet lips and mouth or its soul would wither. The desperation only seemed to grow as the track became louder and the breaths became deeper.

The words of agonizing desire heaving on his stomach faded to black. In its place emerged video of the dick shaped dildo being stuffed in and out of Ari’s mouth, a repeat performance from episode

. It was in slow motion. It was in close up. Spit drooled down the shaft and on his hands creating a glistening sheen. Ari visibly gagged and then gagged again. A long slimy strand of spit clung to the dildo as it was pulled from his mouth then Ari’s tongue lapped at the spit and the tip of the dildo before swallowing the liquid and resting the tip gently on his lips.

The video faded to black. The soundtrack continued but in lower decibels.

Words appeared.

“After you punish my lips . . .

After I taste my first dick . . .

After you bring tears to my eyes . . .

I have another . . .

Another virgin surprise . . .”

Images of male asses began to flash slowly in the background.

“I have been training . . .

I have been craving . . .

Another hole to be filled . . .

Will you . . .

Be the first man . . .

To use your snake to explore . . .

And find a secret hole that can wait no more!”

Perfect male asses flooded the screen and eventually obliterated the word “Ass!” They increased their frequency and then the screen suddenly went black.

After a moment Ari’s fully naked body comes into view. He is kneeling in profile from shoulder to thigh. His skin is slick and shiny, the obvious recipient of some sweet scented oil. The light provides highlights and shadows that outline muscles and some bone. His cock is hidden, pressed down between fleshy upper legs.

Written on the side of his hip and ass are the words

“Craving . . .

2B . . .


An arrow points down to the base of his well-formed ass. He sits there for a long moment, just rubbing and caressing his oily skin. Then he pivots on his opposite hip and lies down kocaeli escort on his side with his back to the camera. His arm props up his head and he looks like a naked Nero lounging in Roman bath house minus the toga.

Rippled muscles crisscross his back and shoulders. The skin smooths out towards his waist where midlife fat has collected to provide a small ring of jiggly flesh indicating he does not go hungry. The skin transitions to an ass flexing nervously. He produces a bottle of baby oil and dribbles ribbons of the clear goo on his waist, hip and thigh. His hand rubs the oil over his body paying particular attention to his butt. The oil applied to an already slick body gives the skin a porcelain shine; it connotes both strength and fragility; innocence and desire.

His hand disappears for a moment and then brings into view a penis shaped rubber dildo. His hand holds the pink instrument at its base so viewers can see the full nine inches as it momentarily bounces in the air. The shot goes to a close up of his ass and upper thighs as Ari directs the head of his toy to ‘play’ with his slick and oily butt. It slides along his ass crack creating a teasing fuck motion. It dips in between his slippery thighs but it does not penetrate; not yet. It plays with the sensitive space between his hole and ball sack. He continues this teasing for some time. Then an unseen hand forces his real balls and cock to appear from between his thighs. They point towards the camera and then the legs close, tucking them in place. The pressure causes his ball sack to expand and it looks like a purple water balloon. And the stick attached to the balloon is fully engorged.

He brushes the life like penis in his hand against the real life stiff member throbbing in full excitement. The viewer is treated to a pair of thick and long schlongs dancing with each other in an awkward display of dick fencing. The tips nuzzle each other like friendly kittens. The rubber dick head explores Ari’s dick head, then shaft then balls.

The dildo returns to his ass crack with more urgency and desire. It’s flesh colored head runs along the full length of the deep separation and appears like a polish sausage being sandwiched between a puffy bun.

The toy is removed from view but reappears moments later with a new coat of shiny lubricant and the tip is positioned outside the hidden gate; the virgin hole. The hand steadies itself, changes the angle of the rigid spear then plunges the device two inches inside his rectum. A loud painful groan is audible rising over the soundtrack and the ass slides to a new more accommodating position. The sound of pain fades into pleasure and the ass rotates around the intruder. But then the hand withdraws the object and now the ass squirms and opens up. It seems to beg for the dildo and then finally the rubber tube is shoved forward again and this time drives an inch or two deeper. The hips buck out to greet the intruder with a welcoming squeeze.

The camera moves back out to a wide angle revealing the whole of Ari’s oily body. His hand starts up a more sensuous in and out motion. It slides with long and deep strokes and fills the dark tunnel. It increases in frequency and now his hips are meeting each plunge in a welcoming backward thrust. More regular groans from Ari’s hidden face rumble on the video. The initial pain is gone. The hole is open. The sounds of desire grow louder and more urgent.

The hand pulls the spear out completely, pauses it outside the gate for a moment before sheathing it quickly back konya escort into the now open and well-lubricated opening. It repeats the motion and the vicious punches from the toy are met by his ass’s own counterpunch. The sound of hand slapping against his bucking ass and the slurping of the oil join the increasingly loud moans.

After a good dozen punches, Ari shifts the motion. He drives the stick as deep as it will go. His knees curl up to his chest in infantlike pleasure and in an attempt to open the passageway. He begins to slowly rotate the weapon in slow circles and the sensation causes lower, longer moans.

The grinding continues causing his legs and hips to squirm in slow appreciation. His legs begin to repeatedly move from fetal position to plank. The right and left leg alternate their up and down motion in an attempt to scratch a slowly burning itch. Hips move in counter circles to the rotating dildo hoping the smooth shaft touches and caresses some hidden spot inside his gut. The itch seems to be growing and his squirming increases in intensity.

Then the dildo is slowly removed. A long moment passes until a shaking takes over Ari’s legs as something inside him feels empty and abandoned. The rubber shaft is quickly dropped and slaps on the floor in a mess of slurping oil. A sound of loss and emptiness fills the audio space as Ari exhales in a long ghostly breath. The legs kick out in an uncontrolled spasm and Ari’s free hand reaches down to cool and contain the shaking. Soon his hips join his legs with a quivering that shakes the muscular hunks of ass meat and then one large tremble overtakes his body. Both hands reach for something hidden in his groin and his breath crescendos to a loud “Fuucck”. He curls into a ball and light shines off of the oily skin of his stretched back like a pane of glass. Then he grows still.

Ari’s internal orgasm is repeated but in slow motion. Words appear.

“Practice . .

Makes . . .

Perfect . . . “

The video repeats again showing the man enjoying his self-made seizure and with the audio mix of deep base and rumbling human groans turned up.

More words.

“Can you . . .

Fill my . . .

Longing and Desire.”

The video fades with Ari’s temporary email and a link to his contact form.

The posting generates more inquiries. More interest. More delicious (and some disgusting) stories of how the viewers would in fact be able to fill Ari’s physical and mental longing. The stories alone are enough to fill Ari’s fantasies for months and maybe years. But they also move him dangerously down a new road. Slowly a new idea is forming in his head; a new fantasy that is more dramatic and fulfilling. His goal of arranging a one on one session with a sensitive male lover now seems too normal; too usual. It happens a million times as one gay man embraces, kisses and penetrates another man for the first time. It is ordinary.

No, Ari is now forming an image of a truly unique and epic coming out party. It will be one of a kind. Ari will service a room full of men of all varieties and appetites. He will make up for years of foregoing the male body, male penetration, jizz covering his body. He will be the star of the show and his performance will be one for the ages. In his mind, he is both the submissive worshipper of cock as well as the celebrated diva and slave whose skills are so special and unique that it earns him his freedom. And instead of wearing diamonds and pearls he wears nipple rings and semen covered lips. Then when Ari hits his high note, his final scream of gut-shattering release is rewarded not only with applause but a standing ovation and a burst of cum from his hand-picked audience of studs and dominant bulls.

So late at night, while his wife is asleep, Ari tapes and edits additional scenes.

He posts episode
and waits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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