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You know my story. Or rather, you think you know my story.

The story of the poor little girl whose mother died when she was young and her father remarried. Who became little more than a servant in her own home after the death of father. You think my fairy godmother or perhaps the spirit of my late mother in a tree blessed me so that I went to the ball and met the prince, fell in love, and lived happily ever after.

I suppose, all in all, that’s not a bad story, if you like that kind of thing, but it’s not my story.

For one thing, I was a servant in my father’s household long before he died. Which if I had known more about his relationship with my stepmother, would not have surprised me. What might surprise you is that I did not mind my life or feel ill-abused. My stepmother and stepsisters were not cruel to me. They simply made sure I knew my place.

Of the three girls, I was the youngest, though I’d been an only child before them. Jacquelyne was older than me by three years, while Kathryn only had six months on me. We even played together when we were children, though I suppose I was always the one who had to clean up after and carry whatever was needed. And when we played tea time, I was always the maid, but then, I wanted to be the maid.

Things changed on my eighteenth birthday. It was at breakfast, which I did not serve that day but sat at the table, that I was informed of my new position by my stepmother. “Cynthia, happy birthday! And now that you are an adult, I am happy to tell you that you will no longer be sleeping with the servants. You will now be Jacquelyne’s personal maid and sleep in the alcove in her room. Isn’t that wonderful?”

I blinked as I looked at my stepmother and then at Jacquelyne. My eldest stepsister was positively beaming at me. “Of course you’ll wait on Kathryn too, until she gets a maid of her own, but you’ll be mostly mine.”

“My birthday present is to be given to Jacqueline?” A thrill ran through me at the idea of belonging to my stepsister.

Isabella, my stepmother, nodded. “Yes. A permanent position which means you get to travel with us to court and will be doing less hard work. You should be quite happy.”

“I am. Thank you.”


Jacquelyne had always been nice to me. And she was a beautiful girl, now xslot giriş woman, with long dark hair, green eyes, and just enough plump to show that our family was well off. I knew being her maid was an enviable position, but that as the daughter of an influential merchant I should probably want more, but I was happy.

I was surprised the first time it happened. I was doing up the buttons on one of Jacqueline’s gowns, and I had gotten off-cross buttoned one near the top and not noticed until I was almost finished. Of course that meant I had to undo all of them and start all over.

“Oh! I…I’m so sorry, I misbuttoned. I have to start over.” I began to undo all the buttons. They were so small and so many that it was going to take a while, and I knew my fingers would be sore afterward.

“Stupid girl!” I blinked, my hands pausing. She’d never called me stupid before. “Well, hurry up about it! I don’t have all day to waste because of your worthless incompetence.”

“I…Jacqueline, I’m…” I hurried, though my fingers fumbled, surprised by her anger.

“Do not call me that!”

“Y…yes, Miss.” I found myself blinking back tears as I got the buttons undone and then done up right, all the while listening to her rant.

“We were far too lenient with you as children. Oh, we tried to train you, but Mom said a gentle hand would be more effective than being harsh. I knew we should have broken you, though I do like how happy you are to know your place. But you are ridiculously clumsy. I swear to you, worthless thing, if you do not improve quickly, I will find a new maid and you can go back to the servants’ quarters. Like I’d be caught dead at court with such an useless piece of garbage rather than a real maid.”

I gulped past the knot in my throat. “I’m done, Miss. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll get better, I promise.”

“Hmmph. We’ll see that you do.” She spun on her heel to face me, looking at me as if I were a sheep and she a wolf. “I honestly think you’ll make a cute adornment for all your ineptitude. So, I tell you what, I will help you be better.”

“Thank you, Miss!” I was so scared that she really was going to throw me back that I was happy for whatever she’d do to make me better. And she said I was cute!

“Pull xslot down your skirts and underthings and bend over to grab your ankles.”


“Was I unclear?” She raised an eyebrow at me, and I began to do as she said, exposing my bare behind to her. I could not see her, but I could almost hear the smile in her voice. “You should know, this is going to hurt you, but I think I am going to quite enjoy it.”

The first time her hand made contact with my ass I cried out. And then the second. And the third.


The voice belonged to Isabella. And the swats stopped. I started to straighten.

“Did I tell you you could stand?”

I swallowed, “No, Miss.”

“Jacquelyne, what have I told you about how to apply discipline?”

Jacquelyne sighed. “The bare hand is a reward, not punishment, but Mom, the feeling of hitting her ass with…”

“I know, lovely, also when it’s bent over like this waiting for punishment, it is an it. A lovely it, but an it nonetheless. It will be a she again after discipline is over. Now, where is that beautiful leather strap you got for its birthday?”

The blood was rushing to my face and I felt my pulse in my ears. I also felt myself getting wet, making the whole thing that much more embarrassing.

It was only going to get worse. “Oh! Can I watch? I wondered how long it would take. What did she…sorry…it do?”

“The stupid little thing misbuttoned and then to make matters worse, it called me Jacquelyne. As if its common little mouth has any right to say my name…” She laughed slightly, “Without the word Mistress in front of it. And then it hesitated when I told it to strip and behind over!”

“Well, we’ll fix all that. Remember that you already rewarded it, but what is its punishment to be?” Isabella sounded as if she were instructing Jacquelyne in table manners.

“Well, I was going to do ten…”


“Three for the buttons, four for the disrespect, and three for the slow obedience.”

“Mmm…yes…and to make up for the rewards?”

“I suppose another three would only be fair.”

“Good. Now, what else have I taught you about disciplining?”

This time it was Kathryn that answered. “It must count and say ‘thank you’ after each strike! That’s my favorite part!”

“Very good, darling. Now, I’m going to assume that it is not so stupid that it needs that repeated. Because it really does not want me taking over its first punishment.”

I closed my eyes and shuddered, and then without warning, the strap hit my ass. “One, thank you, Miss!”

“Mistress. I am its Mistress.”

I would have nodded, but the strap landed again, this time on the left cheek only. “Two, thank you, Mistress!”

Kathryn giggled, “It learns so fast.”

The next was on my right cheek, and it stung enough that I cried out before managing a “Three, thank you, Mistress!”

It hurt so much. I wanted to just scream and cry out, but I had to count. And yet when the last one landed, slightly below my ass on my right thigh and I said, “Thirteen, thank you, Mistress!” I whimpered.

Again it was Kathryn that giggled. “I don’t think it wants it to be done. You should see if its wet!”

I whimpered again, knowing the answer to that question.

“Of course it is, dear. I would not have picked it for you if I didn’t think it would respond well. Come along, Kathryn. I believe this lesson is well learned.” Long fingers stroked the small of my back above where any of the blows had landed. “Always such a joy.”

Once Isabella and Kathryn left and the door shut, Jacquelyne spoke. “You are a you again, but hold that position or there will be more.”

I whimpered, honestly not sure how much longer I could bend over like this. And then there was a cool sensation on my ass and thighs as Jacquelyne began to spread a soothing cream over the abused skin. “I was right. I did enjoy that. But I think Kathryn was right and you did too, didn’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.” The words came out before I had a chance to think, and I knew they were true.

Jacquelyne laughed and then stepped away, “Hold still a bit longer. I want to see for myself how much.”

I closed my eyes and then her hand was stroking my vulva. “Oh! You’re soaking! Well, I’ll need to talk to Daniela about keeping you shaved, but I think you are going to make a good little maid slut after all, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress Jacquelyne.”

“Good. Now, stand up, pull your skirts back on but leave the under things off, and go on. I’ll expect tea when I return in two hours. And of course that you’ll have straightened up in here.”

I stood and went to grab my skirts, when she stopped me by grabbing my hair. “Welcome to your new life. This is only just the beginning.”

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