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Ann lay there next to me her head moving slowly up and down on my chest as I breathed. I stroked her hair softly, its shiny golden locks slipping through my fingers like strands of silk. She lay there motionless for such a long time I thought she was asleep. I could not push the night’s events out of my mind. Her with her tears, then her passion. Me knowing I shouldn’t have made love to her, for a variety of reasons. One being her age, another being her father was a close friend. But my heart ignored the logic. It wanted her. It wanted love.

“Mark?” She whispered as if not to wake me if I was asleep.

“Yes?” I said softly tucking her hair behind her ear.

“Are you regretting what we did?” She asked perceptibly.

“A little. Not that I didn’t want you, I did. But you are so young, you are my friends daughter, you deserve better.” I said humbly. She sat up and looked at me with a puzzled look.

“What?” I asked her.

“Deserve better?” She asked her blue eyes piercing me, taking the air from my lungs.

“You are the daughter of a soon to be federal judge. You have money. You are smart, beautiful and soon you will be successful. For your sixteenth birthday you received a BMW for a present. You hang out at an elite country club with many of your friends.” She never looked away from me. “As for me, well I had to buy my first car, a beat up ’72 Nova. I have very few friends and I wouldn’t be caught dead in your stuck up club. I am just a dumb cop. Nothing more. That is all I ever wanted to be and it is all I ever will be. You deserve to find some high powered lawyer or someone who is going places.” She turned away from me for a moment, and for that moment I thought that I had hurt her. She swung her leg over me and straddled my manhood. Her sex rubbing my cock making it stir once more. She lowered her face mere centimeters from mine, our noses brushing.

“For your information, sir, you are right, my family has money. Big deal! And I have dated those guys you talk about. Guys who were ‘going places’ and each time I did do you know what I did?” I shook my head. “I stacked them against you, and each and every one of them failed. None of them could stand next to you!” She lowered her lips to mine and kissed me deeply, a kiss that lasted for several seconds. No tongue just our lips, her eyes closed in passion and love. She opened them as she broke our kiss.

“You are more than you know. A dumb cop? I think not! You have qualities very few people have. Including my father who you hold in such high regard.”

“Like what?” I asked smiling slightly as she kissed me again.

“Like what? Like passion, with you there is no half way. Like heart, you put your life on the line every day for people you don’t even know. Some are the worst part of society I could ever imagine. Like morals, you always do what is right!”

“I hate to interrupt you right now, but morals? I think what I did earlier tells you where my morals are.” I said in reference to the raid earlier.

“I don’t think so, I think deep down you knew me, and you knew I wouldn’t be there on my own accord. Your heart said so, even if your brain didn’t agree.” She kissed me again.

“As Bostancı Escort for our age difference I remember someone once telling me that love was the only emotion you couldn’t control, that love controlled you!” I had told her that after the lover’s lane incident. “I love the fact that you are a cop! I would love you if you were a garbage man!” She kissed me with a grin on her face. “Just as long as you showered first!”

I let my hands that were around her waist move down to slide lightly across her firm ass, she shivered at my touch and gasped with closed eyes. She rocked slowly on my now fully erect cock. My fingers moved lower to her vagina where I felt her wetness. She locked eyes with me and tilted her body so she could reach between us and took my cock in her hand. She stroked it gently never removing her eyes from mine. Her hand was hot on my hard shaft. She gently tilted it toward her lips and slowly pressed down on it. Her eyes fluttered closed as the head of my cock froze at her entrance. She bit her lip to help keep from crying out from the pain her nest still felt from my taking of her virginity earlier. Slowly she lowered herself on me, I could feel her tight walls clasping my large cock as she impaled herself. At one point she dropped her head to my shoulder and bit it. After a moment she was all the way down, my cock fully encased in her. She lifted her head and smiled a wonderful smile of love mixed with lust. My hands cupped her face as she began to rock against my groin, slowly moving my cock out of her before pushing backward burying it once more. Her mouth gasped with each thrust. For my part I just laid there, allowing her to take her time with me, not wanting to hurt her anymore. My hands moved to her mouth and she kissed my palms, I moved them across her lips opening them and pushing two fingers in, she sucked on them gently. Her hips began to thrust faster, a pace I noticed was making her even more excited as my shaft continually rubbed her clit with each thrust. We were both fully lubricated now so my movement inside her was easier.

I withdrew my fingers from her mouth with a slight slurp from her, she closed her eyes, her mouth hung agape with soft moans. I moved my hands across her throat as she placed both of her hands into my hair. I gently squeezed her throat, not in a choking manner but in a passionate manner. My hands stayed there for a few seconds as they made their way down to her pert breasts. I sat up and swallowed one nipple, my tongue swirling around it, my teeth gently tugging on it until it was rock hard, I then switched and repeated the procedure with the other nipple. Once they were fully hard I laid back. I looked at her face, which was turning bright red again as she gasped for breath.

“Oh fuck!” She gasped. I could only smile at her as she opened her eyes and looked at me. The look of love was washed away with one of hunger and passion. She began to thrust herself harder on me, I also began to move my own hips meeting her. She was panting hard again, her mouth froze open as her eyes squeezed shut. Her body movements became erratic, so I grabbed her hips to hold her still and I began thrusting Bostancı Escort Bayan upward. I watched her muscles tense in her body. She was going to cum again, and for the first time since I became sexually active, I became more concerned with my partner’s orgasm than mine.

“That’s it baby! Relax for me!” I whispered to her. She braced herself on either side of my head her eyes locked shut. “Come on Ann, cum for me! Cum all over my cock!” I whispered. The pace I had set along with my words of passion pushed her over the edge as she again buried her head into my shoulder and let out a scream of pure pleasure! Her hair washed over my face as her head shook back and forth as I continually thrust up into her. Her herbal shampoo’s smell filled my lungs and to me that was the most erotic smell I could imagine! As her orgasm subsided her body began to relax once more and she laid completely on me.

Her heavy breathing brought a smile to my face, I had pleased her and to me now, that was the most important thing. So this is what love is? I thought to myself as I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight against me, still joined at our sexes. We lay there motionless, the only sound was that of her breathing. I could feel her cum seeping out around my cock, I am sure it was mixed with my pre-cum because before her orgasm I could feel my own orgasm building.

I could feel her lips on my chest and neck as she sat up thrusting herself again on my cock. She sat up completely resting her weight on my cock and her shins. She used her legs to lift and lower herself on me. She reached up and pulled her hair back from her face. She held her hair there leaving her whole body open to my probing hands. I cupped her breasts as they bounced with her motion.

Quicker and quicker she went, her eyes locked on mine. A smile of pleasure on her face, which was, matched by mine. She dropped her hair and wrapped her hands around mine as I cupped her breasts, she held on to them and pinned them to my chest. Her smile eroded and was replaced with determination. I watched in admiration, she was focused now on my orgasm as she began to go at a furious pace on my cock.

My eyes closed as I felt my balls tighten, my legs went rigid with my impending orgasm. I opened my eyes to see her watching me, a small smile of satisfaction graced her angelic face. She knew I was close.

“Come on Mark!” She said seductively. “Fill me with your hot cum, I want to feel it again!” She really began to work me now, she lowered her lips to mine, pinning our hands between us.

“Fuck me Mark! Fuck me and fill me with your cum! I want it!” She hissed with our lips pressed together. The clasping of her tight lips around my cock combined with her dirty talk pushed me over. For a girl so angelic looking to say such things to me made me explode!

“Oh god Ann here I go!” I raised my hips off the bed burying my now spewing cock deep within her. She let out a deep gasp as I probed her deeply.

“That’s it baby cum in me!” She said in my ear softly. I could feel my cock strain against her as it shot my hot seed in her. When it was over and I lowered my hips Escort Bostancı back to the bed, I enveloped her in my arms, kissed her ear, hair and neck.

We lay there the smell of our second lovemaking still hanging in the air when the phone rang. She lifted her head and looked at me. I didn’t want to answer it, it would be her mother telling her it was all right to come home. I knew it, but I didn’t want Ann to go. She reached over and took the phone off the cradle and handed it to me. I took it reluctantly.

“Hello?” I closed my eyes as Ann’s mother Alice began to speak to me.

“Is Ann there?” Alice asked me.

“Yea, but she is in the bathroom, hold on I will get her.” I said lying through my teeth. Yea I had morals! Ann smiled at me as she saw my eyes roll.

“No that is all right, I don’t really want to talk to her. John wants to know what you think of his idea?” Alice continued.

“His idea?” I asked.

“Ann did give you a letter from John, didn’t she?”

“Oh yea! I just haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet. I have been trying to console Ann, she is pretty upset!” I said eyes locked on Ann. She began to kiss her way down my chest. I tried to stop her with my free hand but she playfully batted it away. I shook my head at her, trying to get her to stop, but a devilish grin came to her, I laid my head back to the pillow then looked at her quickly again as she paused my cock now at half mast and glistening from our mixed juices. She was looking at it, she gently picked it up and run her hand up and down coating her hand with our cum. She looked up at me as I shook my head. She slowly lowered her mouth on my cock. My eyes closed as her warm mouth encased the head of my cock. Her eyes never left mine and her “Cheshire cat” smile never faded even with my cock in her mouth. I mouthed the word “bitch” at her, but it was only a playful insult. She just arched her thin black eyebrows at me.

“Well John wants you to not go to work tomorrow, he has to speak with you about what happened. He has already talked to your CO and everything is arranged. I really wish you had read that letter it explains everything!” Alice said to my ear as my mind was on different matters.

“Yea, sorry I have been a little busy here, look if John has a plan I am sure it is a good one, and whatever he wants I will do. I trust him.” I said to her as I watched her daughter slowly lick my cock clean. I was amazed that she was doing this.

“Well ok, meet John in the morning, and read the letter because you need to know what you are getting yourself into here. Is it a problem if Ann stayed there with you?” She asked. My heart almost exploded.

“No!” I said almost too excitedly. Ann looked at me quizzically. “No, I have room for her here.” She stopped sucking me and began just stroking my shaft with her hand. She was smiling big, as was I.

“Good, I hope she won’t be too much trouble. I don’t think she will object to staying with you. She trusts you. As do we. Good night.”

“Good night!” I hung up the phone. “Yea you can trust me!” I said to the phone. “I will only make love to her all night long. Trust me!” I said sarcastically.

Ann came up to my lips and placed a salty kiss.

“So I am staying here?” Ann said with a smile and another kiss.

“Yea your dad has some plan to get out of this jam, so tonight you crash here.” She lay down on my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

“I can’t think of any other place I would want to be!” she whispered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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