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This work is an original and notional story of young adults who are above the age of 18. The school they attend serves special needs adults who graduated high school with an annotated diploma at the same time as their cohort. Their cohort went on to working life or higher education while these adults continued learning life skills with a combination of academics and trades skills under the care of professional educators who are trained to accommodate individual behavioral and cognitive needs. The 2 main characters still live at home with family for care that is otherwise available at assisted care facilities.

No clinical terms are used to describe characters in this story. They are highly functioning young adults still learning about social norms and life in general. The central characters are old enough to be held responsible for their actions, to vote and enter military or national service, to get married and have their own families, and be approved for loans and pay taxes.

What follows is a work of fantasy.

– It is completely original and is not based on any real experience nor intended to portray any actual person having these experiences.

– It is written in the female first person voice.

– The story “Valentines Day at School FValentines Day at school M” is this story’s companion story written from the male perspective of the same storyline, let me know what you think of how these two stories go together.


Valentines day at school is finally here! I’ve had my class set of Valentines cards ready since last week. I bought a box of cards last month at the craft store as soon as they arrived while shopping with my dad. I love making things and I made special cards for people I love and for one person in my class as well as the teachers but the store bought cards are good enough for everyone else.

The one I made for someone special in my class is for the most attractive guy. He has been in my classes at all our schools for as long as I can remember. Of everyone we have been going to school with since we were kids, he is the one I think about all the time. He’s 21 and I’m sure he has had adult beverages yet.

I love looking at him and the way he does what he has to do without drawing attention to himself. I sometimes hear girls talk him like they do about guys. Saying things that makes them sound like witches with a b or like sluts. I still think of myself as a princess so I behave accordingly and I love myself this way.

I can’t talk about anyone disrespectfully, it wouldn’t be proper. I see him as a caring responsible man who is very much like my dad. It’s because of him that I look forward to going to school every day and he makes me wish we could go to school on weekends too. I like making myself look good and hope he notices.

The best classes are the ones when we get to work near each other and sometimes he looks at me. Also the best are when we get to work together. But the ones I dream about classes when I get paired up with him, and that hasn’t happened for years.

Any day we can do something together always goes way too fast. I can never get enough time to be around him without feeling like I am never going to get my chance with him. If my wish ever comes true we will get assigned to work together permanently.

I feel a strong pull on my heart when he is around like my heart is literally being pulled in his direction. I sometimes wonder if he can can feel that pull too. I think he does by the way he leans in my direction when we are close to each other and in every photo I have seen us both in.

In the photos of us when we were at Prom we are always near to each other, same with graduation. He got his license after we graduated high school and I would love to have him drive me somewhere. I often see him arrive at school driving his mom in her car. My dad still drops me off on his way to work. I don’t think about anyone else.

He usually stands or sits with his body turned in my direction and it is easy for me to see his face. I don’t often see the back of his head. For some people it’s like I never get to see their face so I think I’m supposed to be looking at him. He almost never looks away from where I am and that makes me happy.

I notice everything about him and I hope he notices me. His name is Derek and I have had a secret crush on him since I before I can remember. It’s Valentines day and I wore my outfit that fits me best hoping that maybe today he will finally let me know he is interested in me. I don’t want to do anything before he is ready.

It’s now time for Literature class with Mrs. Fox when we get to give Valentines. I get to the room before anyone else does, like always. The desks are paired up with name signs on them mostly guy and girl. She told us yesterday about this but I purposely did not imagine us together to make my disappointment easier to hide.

Mrs. Fox told me gaziantep escort as I passed by her, “You’re in the back Debbie, these seat assignments are for the next few weeks.” She always says nice things to me in a nice way when I pass her going into her classroom. She is a wonderful teacher and a very nice person.

I can’t believe it!!! My name and Derek’s name are on the same sign! And we are at the back of the room! Mrs. Fox said to me, “I hope you like who you’re paired up with!” in her cheerful voice. She must know I like him and she just made my day! My tummy feel like it’s full of butterflies.

My face felt really hot when I looked back at her and I couldn’t say anything, only nod my head yes. If she only knew how much I like it. She’s smiling and I think she knows. The next girl came into the room and her smile changed to her normal teacher self.

I put my bag by my desk and got my Valentines card box out and put it on my desk. I made sure nothing would be between me and Derek. He can sometimes take so long to get to class but it is always worth waiting to see him come in wearing his short sleeve collar buttoned dress shirt and jeans looking stylish.

I see him! I wave to him but he’s looking around and I can tell he’s trying to work out what’s going on. I call his name and he sees me waving to him. Wow, I didn’t know I could feel this good. I’m literally tingling all over with even more butterflies.

He comes over smiling and looks at me the whole way to our desks. I hope he likes my pink Angora sweater and tan pleated skirt. I didn’t know I was getting dressed for him today but I’m glad I picked this outfit because he’s really looking at me now. It’s like I can feel him looking through my clothes and I love it.

The good feeling just keeps getting better! I plop down on my butt on the chair and try to act normal but can’t stop looking at him. I can’t even remember what normal feels like to act that way. Even dropping on my butt felt really good in a way I never felt before. This is like the most awesome thing on any day ever.

“You’re with me!” I said maybe too excited. He looks just as happy as I am and has the best smile. I think I saw him nod his head yes. My butterflies are making me tingle and I’m trying to control my breathing. I just can’t think of anything to say and a muscle in my forearm is twitching but I can’t see it on my sweater sleeve.

He’s sitting now with his leg close to mine. I look away so I don’t look at his legs or other parts of him. Then I remember what I made for him. I only hesitate for a second then reach up on my desk for my box of Valentines. Doing something is definitely helping.

I grab the envelope I made for him out of my Valentines box and lean over close to him so only he can hear what I say. “I’m glad we are sitting together today because I want you to have this.” I really like that I have a reason to talk to him. I like even more that he is listening and paying attention to me more than ever.

I put the envelope next to his hand as I look around to make sure nobody is watching and felt him take it from my hand. I say for just him to hear, “it’s different from everyone else’s and I don’t want anyone to notice.” My heart is pounding and I cannot take my eyes off him.

He looks so cute and he’s blushing. I wonder if he has feelings right now like I do. He reached into his bag and pulled out a box of Valentines and put them on his desk also to the side away from me. We just seem to always do the same kinds of things. He took out an envelope that was much bigger than any other in the box.

We have been doing Valentines cards ever since I can remember in every school we went to. Before now he had always given one to me that was part of the box of cards and envelopes, just like everyone else’s. This was new and different and he now has my undivided attention.

Derek put that envelope on my lap on top of my skirt. I was stunned and realized I had not reached for it. l put my hand on it fast so it wouldn’t fall then looked around but saw that nobody was looking. I looked down at my hand on the envelope. It has my name in the middle in beautifully formed cursive writing ink.

I felt him lean close to me and he said just for me to hear, “This one’s different too. I made it just for you.” I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest and I suddenly couldn’t breathe. My dreams were never like this, yes they were us doing this kind of thing together but in them I could easily breathe.

Mrs. Fox called for everyone to be quiet and then took attendance using the new seating chart. She went row by row and we were in the back so we were called last. I still couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move my hand. He gave me a Valentine. A personally made Valentine. I was melting.

Mrs. Fox surprised me when she called my name and I could suddenly breathe again, “Debbie, Derek, may I see you in the hallway please.” I didn’t think we could be in trouble. A teacher will sometimes call me out like that to run an errand or something but never with someone else, only me.

We tossed our envelopes into our desk cubbies and got up. I led the way in front of Derek because he is always a gentleman and I knew he would want me to. I didn’t want to attract attention to us and I imagined him watching me walk in front of him. I could still feel his eyes on me.

When we got out there, Mrs. Fox was almost in view of the classroom and she was her happy self I know. She is very pretty but some students need her be more like a normal teacher to help them behave. They aren’t really jerks but they can act like it sometimes.

She surprised me again making me feel today was extra special. “I think you two need a moment out of everyone’s space.” Somehow she knew we needed some time to be together. I think she knows more than she lets on and maybe this is her idea to help me get to know Derek better.

She handed us a Valentines envelope and asked us, “Please take this to the nurse for me.” I often get asked to take things places but this was different because I wasn’t going alone. I was going with Derek. This was adventure!

And then another surprise, “But first before you go, our next unit is studying Romeo and Juliet. Later this year we are doing a Shakespeare play for the school. I need a man and a woman to play Romeo and Juliet.” I could feel something important was happening.

“There is a kiss in one of the scenes. I’m hope both of you will play those parts because you are the best students for the parts.” Her eyes darting between us. She said a kiss and she said she wanted Derek and me to play Romeo and Juliet. I know that play and what that means.

I look at Derek and he’s looking at me and then I realize we are both holding the envelope for the nurse. We read that book years ago so I know he knows the story. We both nod at the same time while looking at each others eyes. I am thrilled he wants to do it too,

Mrs. Fox claps her hands together and says, “Splendid! Would you show me how you kiss?” I feel shocked by her request but I would never want to disappoint her, my favorite teacher. She also just asked for something I have wanted to do forever so I hear an opportunity I thought I would never get. I’ve been ready for this my whole life.

I let go of the envelope knowing Derek would not let it drop. I take his hand in mine the way I have dreamed of holding his hand. Then, like I always do in my dreams, I move my lips to his and kiss his lips with my lips what I think is a meaningful way. It is how I always imagined a kiss should be.

His lips feel so good on my lips and he moves a little which made me feel like I’m melting into him. I move away instantly feeling it’s over too quickly but it was a very nice kiss for my first real kiss ever. I didn’t mean to bump my chest against his but he didn’t seem to mind so I didn’t draw any attention to it.

Mrs. Fox sounded thrilled and said we were naturals for the parts. She looked as pretty as ever, “You’re perfect together!” and that made me swell up inside, I know I was standing up straighter. “Now go take that envelope to the nurse and, oh yes this is very important.”

“Let’s keep this a surprise for the class and school. You can tell your parents of course but it must be a complete surprise to everyone at the performance. This is so exciting!” Derek was still looking at me and he nodded, it made me smile and I nodded too. I think his eyes on me help me to stand up straighter too.

Mrs. Fox is such a cool lady. She went from being the prettiest Queen ever while facing us to looking, as she turned to go back into the classroom, like she was about to start a class to review punctuation.

So amazing! A woman who can stand everyone paying attention to her, something that scares me completely. But I know if I ever need to get a group to pay attention to me, I can play the part of being Mrs. Fox and do it because I have seen how she does it and I can just be her in that moment. Such a role model!

We were down the hall a ways before we realized we were still holding hands. We squeezed hands and let go but I really didn’t want to. We got to the nurse’s office and went in and said, “hi Nurse Jane!”

Nurse Jane was sitting at her table in her usual white lab coat and her stethoscope was around her neck. She smiled at us and said, “Good morning Debbie and Derek! Is that for me?!” We handed her the card together and she took it from us setting it in a special place by her little vase with a flower in it.

I felt Derek’s hand bump the back of mine and I slipped my hand into his and smiled at him. Nurse Jane noticed and said, “I see you two are having a Valentines Day to remember. Have you shared a kiss yet?”

I blushed hard thinking of how I was kissing Derek just minutes ago. I peeked at him and noticed he must be remembering it too. In a moment I think I can take in many things and I really like all the things I notice about Derek being this close and holding his hand.

Nurse Jane ushered us like my mom would into the back room where those health office beds are. I’ve been there many times when I wasn’t felt good and other times like for sports physicals. Only two beds in the far corners and counters along the walls near the door.

She reached up and pulled the privacy curtain out and said, “I’ll be in the other room” and then she went out to the other room. The door was open but nobody could see us in there together. We had privacy as long as we were quiet.

Derek didn’t say anything but he wasn’t pulling away either. I decided he would like my dreams so I moved my lips to his and kissed him on the lips again. It was a softer kiss than before with more lips and more touching. I also noticed our breathing and how his breath was warm on my face.

I was so glad that he was kissing me back. He put his arms around me with his hands on my slender waist. If felt good to have his open hands on my body above where my hips flare. We kissed more and my arms were around him with my hands up on his shoulders. I pulled his chest into mine and it felt so good.

I could feel my boobs pressed into his chest and our kiss was still going but our lips were also relaxing. I couldn’t believe how good he made my boobs feel. Then I felt him start pressing into my tummy. The part of him I can’t seem to stop looking at and the naughty parts of my dreams are blurry on as I can’t quite imagine it.

I had seen his bulge first time when he would come down from climbing the rope in gym class. I think I look at those on men as much as men look at my boobs. I can feel it getting big fast. I never felt that before and it was making me feel like we were doing something naughty.

I wasn’t shocked as I was surprised at how fast it got big between us. It always happens in my daydreams but this was real. It was also making me feel tingly and the butterflies were in my tummy again. I think I might have peed a little but I’m not sure, I never pee in my clothes.

Derek’s next surprise for me is sliding one of his hands down to my butt. I was enjoying him touching me and I didn’t anticipate him doing it. It feels good but I don’t want him to think I’m a naughty girl he can just grab, so I reach down behind me and move his hand back to my waist.

Next he did something I have secretly always wanted to feel. His hands are busy on me and he just slid his other hand up my side and now he’s cupping his hand around my boob. Oh the pleasure and he’s making my knees feel weak. His lips feel so good on mine and I’m breathing harder through my nose.

He’s doing something that I don’t want him to stop doing. His hand holding my boob feels so naughty and good. This is Derek doing this and he is making my daydream real. My daydreams are always about wanting to be pleasing to him. Now he has started making my dreams real I hope he keeps doing it.

I stop our kiss to look into his eyes. We’re both grinning having fun. “That’s naughty” I say to him and arch my back a little to press my boob into his hand and give him room. He brings his other hand up and uses both his hands to hold my boobs. My nipples are so hard in his hands. I never want this to end.

Fair is fair I thought so I slide my hand down his side to his beltline and then push with my fingers between us the find this bulge he has against my tummy. I feel it and push my open hand along his length. My eyes go big when I realized how long his dick really is.

The heel of my hand is on the end and it goes past my fingertips. I push my hand in more and the end is all the way to my wrist. My fingertips find his abdomen and my fingers spread out to feel how wide his dick is. He’s huge! I’m holding his dick I don’t want to stop. It’s so firm in my hand and I can feel him throbbing.

Nurse Jane peeked around the curtain and we were caught. She went and closed the door and then pulled the curtain back. She took off her stethoscope and put it on the counter just like every time she had something to do for me. Then she took a seat on the bed nearest to the counter and the door.

When she looked at us, just like Mrs. Fox was before, she did not look mad at all. It was like she expected us to be doing this. Something was different about her and she talked to us like we are responsible adults. She was a teacher in the room and this felt like class had just begun for a subject I never imagined was taught.

“I think you two are ready for the facts of life.” she said sitting on the clinic bed looking at us. “This is adult stuff so it isn’t something to go around talking about when you leave here. Do you understand?” She was paying more attention to our faces than what our hands were doing, or had been doing.

I know we were both blushing but with our bodies still together front to front it wasn’t like we were exposed. We were still holding each others’ private parts and I thought Nurse Jane would know but she couldn’t see my hand grabbing his dick. She could see his hands were on my boobs and it gave me a naughty thrill.

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