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“You agreed to do what?!!!” Maliha Rashid was spouting madly at her husband, the soon to be ex-VP of the national telecom company.

“Oh come on, Patrick was crushed at not being able to participate in our Promotion Party due to unexpected visitors from China (as detailed in ‘The Promotion Party’, Parts 1-4), and then really blew a fuse at how much Joe, from the other Chinese telecom company, had a blast with so many of the ladies at the party and on our trip to Sri Lanka (as in ‘The Post-Promotion Holiday’),” Shahzad Rashid tried to explain.

“So now I am supposed to go and fuck Patrick for a whole week in Vienna or wherever,” she screeched, “just because Joe stuck his cock in me for one single night on the trip!”

“That’s not quite the way things are,” Shahzad barely whispered, “I had actually agreed to a swap with Patrick prior to the party, whereby you would go with him, while his associate Wen spent the week with me!”

He had to duck as a crystal ash tray barely whizzed by his forehead, missed by a smidgen, and instead crashed onto the wall behind. Incidentally it was part of a set of pieces that Patrick’s company had gifted a few months earlier.

“You might as well make it a three-way and let Patrick screw you while you are doing Wen,” Maliha yelled, “or perhaps your dear daughter Kulsoom would be ready to open her legs to help “Dad” out, since I heard that she was a complete slut during her trip to Korea (as told in ‘Kulsoom Becomes a Woman’)!”


Kulsoom had indeed been promiscuous during her deputation to attend a seminar organized by the Government of South Korea telecom authority. During a two week stay, she had fucked more than a dozen of the male and female attendees, and even had a mile-high club dalliance on her return flight to Bangkok from Seoul. Her most daring episode was a group fuck with five of the male attendees on her evening after the last exam, when she had put away all her inhibitions, not only fucking the guys but giving them a lascivious exhibition of fingering herself.

Kulsoom’s legs shook and almost gave way as she was suddenly called to meet Mr. Shahzad, about three weeks after having returned from the course. The obvious anger on his face made it clear to her that a reckoning was at hand.

“So you went ahead and put your naked body on display for all sorts of foreigners to use,” he raged, “wasn’t it worth waiting for a decent Pakistani husband?”

“Really dad!” Kulsoom responded haughtily, using a title she never had before, “who has ever asked for my hand in marriage, I am only a junior level executive and do come from a poor family.”

Mr. Shahzad had to use all his restraint to stop himself from slapping her. His grand plan for his so-called ‘daughter’ had been royally undone. The news about her shenanigans had been delivered to him the night before by an international visitor, a fellow from Algeria who was a colleague of one of the attendees that had fucked Kulsoom during the orgy on her last night in Seoul. The chap wondered if he could take her out for dinner and get lucky like his buddy with a night of sex while on his two-day trip to Pakistan.

“Over the weekend, I met Rizwan Khan’s parents,” Shahzad told Kulsoom. The father was a well-known multi-millionaire industrialist. The son worked with Shahzad’s company as a Director in another department, and was primed to take over a major telecom initiative for his own family in the coming years.

“And what does that have to do with me?” Kulsoom had just been advised that her deputation to Seoul would start in less than a month and was flippant about whatever anyone had to say concerning her actions.

“They asked if I knew an eligible girl for their son, and since I praised you as not only my own daughter but the most respectful and pure person in my team they are keen to meet your parents and get Rizwan’s opinion on the match,” he choked for a bit and then continued, “but if news of your actions got out to them, or to Rizwan, you will be the big loser and I will have no credibility left!”


Patrick was fuming as Haniya gave him one titbit of the events in Sri Lanka and then another and another. Not only had he missed out on the first party, no one had bothered to tell him that there were openings for the trip to Sri Lanka if he paid his own way and found a female companion to come along. The very thought that Joe, from the competing Chinese company, had dipped his wick into all the Pakistani babes, and particularly Maliha Rashid, grated on his mind continuously.

He could still feel the roundness and fleshy feel of the top of Maliha’s breasts. That was the result of his gifting her with a lovely pendant and then trying to set it correctly between her orbs. Furthermore, he got an extended kiss onto the mouth, as a thank you for the present. Patrick could not help licking his lips as he reminisced about the taste of hers.

“Oh come on, don’t you see a flesh and blood babe in front of you,” Haniya elbowed him in the ribs, “you’ve never given me expensive jewelry but I haven’t been difficult like Madam Shahzad!”

Haniya had been an ally of Kadıköy Escort sorts for many months, feeding him information about the company, the strategic plan, the linkage with competitors, the comings and goings in the office, and mostly about the VP and his wife. The reward had been a stipend of some twenty-five thousand Rupees a month, almost double her salary. There were also lunches and dinners and the odd gift, but nothing like what the VP’s wife received. Patrick easily wrote off the expenses as cost of doing business, given that Chinese companies were very loose with facilitating payments. And in the bargain he got to fuck her often.

“It’s not the VP’s wife I am concerned about,” Patrick responded, “they have an open marriage and I am sure she will do me also when the opportunity arises.”

“So what is it, then?”

He sputtered out the reason for his high discomfort. A hoped for tryst with the object of his dreams was at great risk. And not due to any political or Pakistan related purposes. He had first received a first call from the VP requesting a month’s delay to the planned swinging vacation due to the wedding of a favourite niece. The man had been apologetic, and in return Patrick was told that the reward for the delay would be an extra three days with Maliha. The second and real issue was the message he had just received from his boss in Beijing regarding his colleague Wen, the fourth person in the equation, who was more than ready to go and fuck Mr. Shahzad to further the corporate agenda.

“Wen has been recalled to the head office and leaves in three weeks!” he said as he saw the opportunity to disrobe and take Mrs. Shahzad evaporate, not due to the VP backing out, but because his company had decided to shift Wen to their emerging business in Kuwait. There she would be on open offer to the Sheikh and his partners, as it was a lot more lucrative market.

He was brought out of his near fugue as he felt wetness around his cock. Haniya had undone his fly, found his tool, and had gone to work bringing it to life through the ministrations of her tongue. A blowjob, after all, is a blowjob, and Patrick did not stop her from proceeding. Pushing him back into a chair, she moved her tongue up and down over his member, letting it stiffen further with each rotation. Maliha took a hurried exit from his mind as his juices reached the apex of his dick and finally shot out into Haniya’s mouth.

Three hours later, having fucked Haniya twice, Patrick’s mind went back again to the loss of opportunity Wen’s departure was potentially going to cause. He was very concerned that if the VP felt stiffed by the transfer of Wen, even if a sexual tryst with Maliha did not occur, business orders to Patrick’s firm could suffer seriously. Patrick would have many a sleepless night before the solution would come to him. But for this night, he could always have another round with the office slut occupying his bed.


“I am glad you considered your options and came to me,” Maliha told Patrick as she cuddled up to him on the sofa while letting her leg come into contact with his, “although I feel that just going to Shahzad with the truth would not have hurt as much as you may have thought.”

She was not all that surprised when Patrick had showed up, along with a couple of brand new cell phones, a digital camera, a nice sari, and a case of beer for Shahzad. At the top level in Pakistan and China, gift giving was a common aspect and these were simply par for the course. Her interest, however, was piqued when he asked if he could have a private word with her. Asking him to sit on a loveseat in the patio, she took the armchair adjacent to it. She knew that he had a long-time crush on her and the near transparent casual outfit was allowing him to see much of her curves. His eyes fixed on her, Patrick began his lament on the agreement with her husband and plans for Vienna and finally concluded with inability to proceed as Wen was departing.

“And you assume that just because my husband wants to fuck Wen, I will be okay as the currency to be used in the bargain!” she playfully chided him and could see him turning red.

“No, not exactly, I would be honoured to be in your company,” he stammered.

“And I would be the one fucked!” she shot back, “do you see me as the kind of person who would willingly open my legs for any prick to enter at will!”

Patrick was tongue tied, unable to respond to the obvious provocation. Maliha decided that she had ribbed him enough and needed to give the guy a bit of leeway.

“Go on and tell me the whole story,” she comforted him with a smile, while slightly pushing her breasts forward and concurrently pulling on her nightie, allowing her tits to come up against the fabric and be partially visible through the skin coloured bra.

Patrick clearly was uncomfortable and nearness to her body was also giving him a hard on which restricted his ability to converse. He could see her tits straining against the gauzy fabric. She had raised the ante somewhat by dropping the wrap and sitting only in the nearly transparent nightie. Kadıköy Escort Bayan He reckoned that it was too bad that she was wearing scanty lingerie underneath, as he would have liked a much better look not only at her tits, but also her slit since she had spread her legs wide. Steeling himself and willing his erection down, however, he continued with his story of woe. As Patrick ended the narrative and hurriedly arose to take his leave, she took the seat next to him, pulled him back down and placed her hand on his knee. Her next move was to tilt her mouth towards his and quickly kiss him on the lips.

“That was for being an honest gentleman,” she said, “and if you would wait for just a few moments I will see about making your visit here worthwhile and to give you something to ponder.”

Patrick could see her picking up the phone in the lobby. He could hear some of the conversation and could tell that she was talking to her husband. After she was done, he expected her back for more banter, but she vanished upstairs. He wondered what was transpiring, and worked on the pros and cons of staying or leaving, when Maliha reappeared wearing just a towel about half an hour later, calling to him from a door that led to the patio.

“Shahzad says he will have a plan to discuss with you at 3 pm today so make sure you do not miss the appointment,” she advised stepping out onto the patio, “and meanwhile as you have been a good boy and deserve some reward, take a look now and wait for who knows what else in Vienna or wherever the moods take us.”

With that she dropped the towel. As could be expected, Maliha was stark naked underneath. He could see that she did not have an ounce of extra fat and was taut and tight in all the right places. For someone aged well over thirty, she had maintained her body magnificently through disciplined diet and exercise. Maliha twirled a couple of times to give him an all-round view, then held up a hand to her mouth and blew him a kiss. By the time he processed the scene and staggered up to embrace her, she grabbed the garment and ran back upstairs. As he pondered whether to follow, a maid appeared and beckoned for him to exit through the main doorway.

“I need a bunch of new clothes and things for and from Europe!” he heard her as he exited and was ready to empty out the company coffers on the spot both to fulfil her desires and to slake his own thirst for her body.


Maliha’s forwardness had little to do with any altruism towards Patrick or any real desire to fuck him. She imagined he would be good in bed and doting as a lover. After all she had really enjoyed fucking Joe, the manager from the other Chinese telecom company. However, she was pressed into action by a series of events.

Firstly, Haniya had spilled the beans on Patrick being down because Wen was leaving Pakistan and that his plan of a meaningful swap was in danger of collapsing. Little did he know that replacing one beautiful and intelligent girl with another would likely do the trick as far as her husband was concerned. Perhaps all that was needed for Patrick was to send Shahzad off with Shabnam or Tanya, the two girls the VP was most fond off during the recent party and trip to Sri Lanka. Or maybe there was an even simpler answer. Wen’s return could be delayed by a couple of weeks and the trip to Europe pulled forward by a similar period, enabling everyone to go as hoped.

Secondly, she had a good inkling that a visit to Vienna could mean an extended stay in Europe on the dime of the Chinese company. Patrick had been quite generous to them on previous occasions, much more so in fact than Joe. There was no reason to look a gift horse in the mouth, even if the horse was going to get its rocks off by fucking her. After all, if he was getting the benefit of the fucking, she would make sure she got plenty of gifts!

Thirdly, she figured a long term issue could be addressed. Her husband had been down recently on account of Kulsoom’s promiscuity and sexual activity in Korea. This had nearly wrecked a very good proposal for her hand in marriage. Shahzad had ensured that news had not permeated the organization and to most people, Kulsoom was chaste as snow. Yet he confided in his wife that while the prospective groom’s family had approached him about possibilities and he had mentioned Kulsoom, the fellow himself had not really shown any real interest. Rather he seemed, like the VP, to have a soft corner for Shabnam. Of course, he had never fucked the VP’s favourite assistant, but had aspirations all the same.

Finally, her husband had told her about plans to change companies within the coming months. Figuring he wanted to tie loose ends and yet leave most of the team in good stead, she was keen to make the move with a real bang. After all there probably would be fewer Chinese country managers with obscene local facilitation budgets at the new location.

Maliha’s mind had gone to work putting together a plan. She had been the originator of the promotion party idea that had started the ball rolling many months back. She had also suggested that Escort Kadıköy all winners go to the same location for their trip, rather than to separate ones. And she had helped create a real sense of camaraderie in the team. Most importantly however, Kulsoom getting married would mean that she would no longer be a leech on Shahzad.

Lounging in the tub and sipping a glass of wine courtesy of one of the embassies, she pondered the possibilities when the phone rang. It was as if Patrick had read her mind. Allowing him to come over with some newly received gifts was an excuse to move things forward. She mused at what to wear and decided on a long but gauzy simple cream nightie, topped with a crochet robe. Without a slip underneath, her body and legs would be quite visible under the fabric, a treat of sorts for the next potential lover in a long line so far. A slight panty and bra, however, would help keep some modesty and mystery, until the moment she decided to let those items of lingerie go.


Mr. Shahzad had rushed home as quickly as possible once the message was received at 3:25 pm. There was an emergency and he could not continue the discussion.

“Patrick, we can go ahead with the plan after ten days, in order to get the needed visas for my people,” he ended the meeting, “and all of us will head to Europe, but I have to go home immediately and then will be out of town for the next three days.”

Patrick stood to attention, extended his hand while having a big smile on his face, and hoped that nothing untoward had happened.

Just past 4 pm, Shahzad rushed into his house and was pointed upwards to the bedrooms by the maid. Expecting the worst, he opened the door and ran inside the master bedroom. Maliha was draped across the bed in a very delicious, midriff baring blouse and petticoat, made up like a veritable doll. A couple of suitcases were lying partially filled around the room. Her eyes had a deep hunger and her lips were masterfully done up.

“Fuck me hard before you have me go fuck him!” was all she said.

Thirty seconds later, with his clothes discarded and the doorway still wide open, she was riding his cock with the expertise built over many years of marriage and learnt from a dozen or more lovers. Maliha bit his ears, cheeks and lips as she furiously moved up and down his cock, while astride his midsection. She was letting out loud shrieks and moans as they copulated. The two maids downstairs got a real earful, but both had heard her yelps on many occasions before, while she was having sex with her husband or one of her many lovers in the local area, particularly Joe.

“You are going to ruin those clothes I brought from India for you,” Shahzad told her as he wondered if she had ever looked sexier.

“Your cock tells me you want me to keep them on!” she responded, suddenly slowing down the speed of the coupling.

“Sure but I would like to show you around in them and get a reaction from some of the old geezers,” he responded as he flipped her over, carefully undid the petticoat and bared her bottom half. His reference was to the other VPs who without exception had the ugliest wives in town. He could only imagine the looks on their faces if she ever attended an office party in the outfit. No, this was definitely for one of the less rigid and more permissive events at the Golf Club or embassy.

“So when are we leaving and how many days do I need to fuck him so you can enjoy his soon-to-be-gone colleague?” It was a comment that could have been inflammatory in the marriage, but for the couple so experienced in swinging this was just general conversation.

“I would say till he either makes your hole six inches across in diameter or she erodes my cock completely!” Both of them started to giggle and came almost immediately. Thankfully he had managed to remove her blouse before pulling out and shooting his cum over her belly.

“So did everything go to plan?” he asked as they recovered their breath and got their spirits up for round two?”

“Oh he is ready to take me to paradise and back and will happily carry whatever weight gets added on in the process,” she smiled and gave her husband an account of the earlier session with Patrick.

“He did look rather uncomfortable in his pants and there was a strange stain near his fly,” he responded, “I think you gave him reason to come, but no time for getting any relief if he was to meet me at 3 p.m., and so he probably spontaneously ejaculated and was sticky when he rushed over to my office!”

“So what is the plan for the trip?” she was inquisitive.

“Why don’t we put a lid on that for a little while,” he said, turning her over and greasing both his cock and her rear with some cold cream.

Maliha took the position with a delightful chirp. She would grit her teeth as he thrust his regenerated cock into her backside, but only for a split second. Her husband was in seventh heaven plugging her ass and she could not be more delighted. And if he wanted her to be the payment to receive the favours of a girl he fancied, their relationship was strong enough for her to be more than agreeable. In this case, Patrick would certainly be generous with gifting and might even turn out to be a worthwhile fuck she figured. A flood of semen erupted into her rectum as Shahzad ended his administration of the law and she smiled and wondered if Patrick would like buttfucking as much as Shahzad and Joe did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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