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In hindsight, it was a very good thing that our first time together was an uninterrupted weekend. We went at it at least ten times before her parents returned on Sunday evening from their Las Vegas honeymoon. I was honestly a little relieved when they called ahead to tell their daughter to have the house in order when they got back; as deliciously slutty as I felt from getting pounded again and again, I also was a bit sore. Not even the feeling of my girlfriend’s big tits and tiff nipples sliding across my back while she thrust deep inside me could make up for the tenderness. Naturally, Laura kept right on fucking me as she answered the phone, promising that there had been no parties or anything at the same time she left my insides plastered cum white.

But after that feast, there was famine. Laura had a lot on her plate; classes, college applications, cheerleading, volunteer work and keeping up with her friends. I didn’t have nearly as much going on between my own school stuff plus football, although I wasn’t as smart as she was and actually needed to study to get good grades, which filled my spare hours. And all the while, her parents were starkly conscious of the fact that they were raising a teenage daughter, so visitation meant nothing more than studying at the kitchen table: where Dad could see both sets of hands.

Without any sort of break in our schedules, I tried to put it out of my head, but night after night I found myself thinking of Laura; the way her hips sort of spread out from her thin waist; how her breasts were so soft my fingers practically sank into them; the way her girlcock felt when it pressed against my star. I had a fever and the only cure was another dose of the queen bee on campus. It was a fairly futile hope though and before long I’d adopted a Zen-like fatalism towards intimate contact with her; if it was going to happen, it would happen. No sense trying to force it.

What was forced was a lot of approval. Upon reaching my usual spot at lunch, I saw Zeke with his tightlipped smile, looking my way as if he’d stumbled upon yet another great personal secret. It had been weeks since Laura and I had been together; what was hot gossip the following Monday had long since become stale history, so I was curious – no, wait, no I wasn’t. I didn’t care at all.

Not that it had ever stopped Zeke, “Hey Andy! Guess what I heard?”

I didn’t look at him. Giving Zeke attention was like pouring water on a grease fire, so I just poked at my food. That day it was pizza squares, the kind that are so small that you get 1.5 pepperonis if you’re lucky.

“I heard,” Zeke went on as I pointedly ignored him, “That Wallis has a thing for your girlfriend.”

“That’s not really news,” I said, mostly under my breath.

My smarmy, gossipy “friend” waved his hands in a dismissive gesture, “No, no! You don’t understand, this time it’s serious!”

Wow. ‘This time it’s serious’ was a new low in terms of generating excitement as far as Zeke was concerned. Unfortunately, Octavia wasn’t there to roll her eyes – that usually flustered him enough he’d calm down.

My response was low key and really said nothing at all, “Mmm.”

“What you don’t think Wallis sniffing around your girl matters?” Outside of lunch times, Zeke wasn’t nearly this bad. It was just something about gathering during school hours that made him absolutely unbearable to be around. But there were only so many tables in the cafeteria and he could only sit at ours, so my little clique of friends and I hadn’t decided to vote him off the island quite yet. Although there were times when it seemed like a great idea. Like just then.

I briefly contemplated eating that greasy square of pizza to avoid answering. But I only had one pepperoni, which was probably a bad omen, “Not really.”

“Oh man, you don’t even know dude… he could be skeezing on her right now… getting all up in her ear,” he lowered his voice and leaned in close, which was pretty damned discomfiting, “And whispering all sorts of crazy shit to her. Just think about that.”

I raised my shoulder and bumped his chin to get him away from my ear; Zeke being inside my intimate space was – well, I was fine with Laura doing it, but anyone else? Nope.

Mike pursed his lips and shook his head, stepping in bravely to save me from the ravages of idle gossip, “So… the big secret is that Wallis likes Laura. That’s all?”

“Nah, I mean, yeah, but… like he’s really going after her now.”

“How?” Mike and I asked simultaneously.

“Like… you know… sweating her real close… especially this weekend”

The weekend! I’d nearly forgotten it was Friday entirely with all of my school days blurring together; Friday and we had a playoff game for the school’s football team. Probably the only time Laura and I would spend together that day, separated by several yards and the fact that hundreds of people would be in the stands watching every move we made.

Life isn’t fair. ısparta escort


I’d done my best to block thoughts of Laura out while playing, but seeing her in her cheerleader uniform required a special kind of discipline. I was sure if I could only master it, I would be able to shoot lightning from my fingertips or levitate or explode people’s heads with a one inch punch or something. At least I’d hope I’d get something like that, because it was damned near impossible.

She’d laughed, all brown hair and big tits, when I told her that my position on the team was literally called ‘tight end.’ At first she didn’t believe me, but after a bit of prodding – and rolling me flat onto my stomach for another go – she’d said, “Yeah, I think tight end is a good position for you.”

Then Laura pushed her long, thick girlmeat deep inside me.

Memories like that were seriously distracting on the field. I was a good athlete, a starter on the varsity team, but damn if I could play without my head on straight. On the bright side, I wasn’t the linchpin of our offense. On the downside, Wallis, AKA Andy’s public enemy number one, was our linchpin as running back. He was strong, fast and agile – a deadly combination when it came taking the ball and blowing through the opposing team’s line. And since our quarterback was mediocre on his best day, Wallis carried the team quite a bit. Frankly, he was the only reason we were even in the playoffs to begin with.

And my job was to protect him, while he got all the glory and the crowd roared his name. Of course, while they might have been cheering for Wallis, they were looking at Laura. Christ, that cheerleading uniform looked positively pornographic on a frame like hers, with about a mile of deliciously toned leg on display and tits so big they made the school name look like it was misspelled: “High School” became “Hig ool” thanks to the sheer depth of her cleavage. Noticing things like that made me forget I had other things to think about.

Fourth quarter, twenty seconds left on the clock and we were down by three points on the opposing twenty yard line. Either we could take the safe route and just kick a field goal, sending things into overtime… or we could go for a touchdown and secure our win over a rival school. Our coach was red-faced and waving a clipboard while screaming at us, “Tighten it up! Tighten it up! Come together like butt cheeks! Tighten up!”

It was pretty unhelpful, since tighten up doesn’t actually mean much of anything. It was just a catchphrase he used whenever he was too overwhelmed to come up with a good plan. We were all the huddle, exhausted after a long drive and an even longer game against players who were probably better than most of us. Certainly stronger. Most of us looked at the quarterback, but the quarterback looked at Wallis, “You think we can cover twenty in two rushes?”

“No,” Wallis snapped immediately, “But I can do it one.” That was the sort of thing that was confidence if you were right and sheer arrogance if you were wrong. Unless you were me and didn’t like Wallis to begin with, in which case he’d be a cocky asshole either way.

“Good. Draw?” A draw is meant to trick the other team into thinking the next play will be a pass when it’s really a run.

Wallis shook his head, “Nah, straight in. Bring everything we have in to block for me.”

I held my tongue but gritted my teeth; blocking for Wallis was like Superman helping Lex Luthor win the Presidency. I knew there was a good reason for it, but that didn’t mean I had to like it.

We broke after that and lined up. The snap went off smooth, I shot off like a bullet and immediately saw my blocking assignment. He was a big Samoan linebacker, probably a good two inches taller and thirty pounds heavier than me. He’d been pushing me around throughout the game. I dropped my center of gravity and dug into the grass a split-second before we collided, throwing every last bit of strength and willpower into my block. The impact rattled my skull inside my helmet and made my rib cage cry out for mercy, but I dug in and kept pushing, harder.

He was stronger than anyone I’d ever faced on the field before but something within wouldn’t allow me to back down. Maybe it was some thought of Laura. Maybe I didn’t want Wallis to be able to blame me for the team’s loss. Maybe I just wanted to go out on a high note; I was nowhere near big or athletic enough for college ball, so I was more or less staring at the end of my football days. Whatever it was, I felt my foot linger in the air as he matched my strength, suspended for the briefest of moments before he started fading. My foot came down lightly and found purchase in the grass. I pushed him back one step, then another half step before he toppled down backwards, a clear hole left where that big Samoan kid should have been.

All of that happened in perhaps a second, a second and a half at most. And Wallis, for all kastamonu escort his faults, had an eye for opportunities and zipped right through the gap, blowing past other defenders on his way to a twenty yard touchdown as the game ended. There were people standing up and embracing each other in the stands, on the sidelines and among the players. There were cheerleaders dashing onto the field to surround Wallis.

And there was me, laying down in the grass, with my limbs tangled up in a Samoan kid. I wasn’t expecting a victory parade, but at least some thanks and acknowledgment would have been nice. It was, perhaps, the greatest performance in all the games of football I’d ever played. And nobody noticed.

Instead, the crowd around Wallis grew larger, slapping him on the back, congratulating him, asking him to try out for a college team or sign their tits or both. Slowly I extracted myself from the Pacific Islander, got up on one knee and watched the assemblage around Wallis. Even a local news crew had joined in, quick to shove a microphone under the man of the hour’s chin and get his take on the game. I was quite sure that my name wouldn’t escape his lips when giving thanks and slowly stood up. The linebacker I’d bowled over was already on his feet, hands on his hips and shaking his head, muttering under his breath as he started walking off the field. No worse for the wear, honestly.

Meanwhile, everything on my body hurt – and not in a good way either. I could feel the strain in my arms and legs and hips, all the muscles I’d used to give my school nemesis his own personal moment of triumph. Which he immediately used to reach into the crowd and pull out Laura, spinning her around for a kiss.

As I said before: life isn’t fair.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get something approaching justice. For me, it was watching my girlfriend – tall, beautiful, and busty – keep right on spinning as Wallis tried to stop her, his attempt at a kiss meeting only air. Laura whirled like a dervish right out of his arm and Wallis looked like an asshole trying to smooch the space she should have been occupying. He actually hung there with his eyes shut for a couple of seconds, before opening them in confusion. It looked more than a little comical and the local television camera man must have caught it.

I could certainly tell it had happened and I was a good fifty feet away.

Laura emerged from the pack, half running and half skipping towards me, her smile bright enough to outshine the Friday night lights shining down on the field. “I saw your play!” she said excitedly, putting both hands around my helmet and hanging some of her weight off me, “You were amazing!”

I shrugged and put my hands on her hips, “I did what I was supposed to do.”

Her eyes almost twinkled when I said that and her smile curved into a mischievous half-smirk, “Oh, I know you picked up the biggest blocking assignment on the draw and knocked him flat on his ass. And I know that was the only reason Wallis had a hole to run through for the touchdown. That’s the tight end’s job in a draw, sure, but no one expected you to smash the blitz like that. And if you hadn’t… well, I don’t think Wallis’ is quite fast enough to sweep outside before their safeties notice and move to tackle.”

All this, from a girl who claimed ignorance of my position. I was impressed; she’d managed to play unknowing cheerleader gimmick well enough I forgot she was smart enough to learn football. I tried to reign in my surprise, but Laura wasn’t buying it and ran her fingers along the back of my neck.

“Anyway, seeing her boyfriend being the modest, unsung hero of the day certainly puts a girl in the mood…” she spoke with a sultry, smoky tone to her voice, flicking her tongue along her top lip as if I needed a bigger hint. Alas, there was no way we could get somewhere private. Had it been an away game, there would have been the possibility of sharing a seat on the bus ride back. But this had been played at home.

“Argh… Laura, I want to… you don’t know how much I want to, but we can’t… there are way too many people around and -”

She put her finger through the grill of my helmet and against my lips, “Shhhhhh, I’ve already taken care of that.” Then I realized she was holding up a key with a clearly marked green tab on the end, “The key to the coach’s office.”

“How did you get that?”

Laura’s smile returned to being secretive, “Oh, a girl has ways of doing things.”


Laura’s mouth was pressed tight on my neck and I could feel her erection tenting her skirt up against mine. The smell of her brunette hair filled my nose and made my head swim. Physical closeness after a nearly month-long dry spell was almost more than I could take.

At the same time, my hot girlfriend didn’t so much kiss as devour me. She used her weight to push my body me up against the coach’s glass trophy case along the wall and put a lot of faith in kayseri escort its structural strength as we went about grinding against one another. Her top was pulled up over her big tits while her bra was around her bare midriff, letting me fill my hands with the softness that was only interrupted by her fat nipples’ stiffness. In turn, she’d already yanked off all my pads and most of my uniform, leaving me essentially nude.

All the better to grind on each other.

I eventually worked one hand down below her waist, squeezing her girlcock through the tented portion of her skirt, stretching the material over her while stroking down her length. Laura bit down on my neck and growled, letting me know in primal terms she enjoyed what I was doing but wanted more. A lot more. Before long, the minx had reached down to fondle my balls, juggling them between her fingers and thrusting against my hand.

Laura leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “God, you’re so sexy Andy, I just wanna…” Her voice trailed off as she leaned back and looked directly into my eyes, then kissed me again, right on my lips. Her tongue was wild and eager, swishing around my mouth, licking my tongue, getting as far back as my tonsils; it honestly felt like she was trying to breath through my lungs. When she’d finally had enough – and not a second before – Laura broke the kiss, a stringy bit of drool connecting our mouths together, “Get my panties off,” she commanded in a breathy voice, pushing off my chest and standing a little bit back. I nodded and went to reach under her skirt, but she slapped my hand away, “Not your hands. Use your teeth.”

Well now.

I looked towards the door, taking a few seconds to make sure it was locked (it wouldn’t do to have someone walk in on us in flagrante delicto, especially not with a dick in my mouth) before falling to my knees in front of my girlfriend. She really did look incredible in a cheerleading uniform, but I didn’t have time to dwell. From the look in her eyes, I could tell she wasn’t in the mood for a slow tease. And so I went quickly, ducking my head under her skirt and dragging my tongue up her filled panties, from her balls to the tip of cock, before taking the hem between my teeth and tugging it down.

Her girlmeat was so fat and so ready, it came falling right down onto my face as I looked up. A copious wad of precum was already growing, rapidly overtaken by gravity and rolling down her shaft, where it came to rest right on my forehead. As her panties went down her thighs, a second bead dripped off and landed on my cheek. Laura was dripping the sticky clear stuff like a leaky faucet and I gave up pulling her underwear down just to cup my tongue underneath and catch the third drip. It tasted good, real good and I realized just how horny looking up at her meaty erection made me.

Without prompting, I started tonguing the tip of it, rolling all around and slurping on her precum for a snack. Laura gasped and put both her hands on the trophy case, letting me suck while offering a few helpful tips, “That’s it Andy, lots of tongue… keep her wet, she likes it sloppy… mmm yeah, just like that… real wet… your mouth is so warm… keep sucking…”

I didn’t need the direction, but I sure as hell liked hearing it. My lips took over for my tongue, wrapping tight around her soft glans. I licked at the little hole, then made it flare a bit by pressing down with my lips and slithering my tongue just the slightest bit inside. Laura let out a deep breath and slumped her head against the glass. At the same time her hand fell to my hair, gently scratching along my scalp for a few seconds before pushing my head forward. She forced my mouth to take more of her, her thickness stretching my lips, forcing me to open wide. I tried to look up into her honey-brown eyes, but the skirt was still hanging over my eyes. I would have pushed it away, but my hands had better things to do; one of them was just getting wrapped tight around the base of her girlcock, the other was pulling on her plump balls.

She started groaning and I let her force my mouth down another few inches, letting drool run down her length. And what a length it was! Eight or nine inches, completely smooth, pulsing with every one of her heartbeats, dripping precum onto the back of my tongue. Laura certainly liked what I was doing with her ladystick, so much that I swore she swelled another quarter-inch inside my throat, and I liked doing it to her. Working my head back and forth, with her guidance, I had every bit of her cock wet with spit, using my hand to make up for the inches I didn’t yet have in my mouth.

“Oh wow… Andy… you’re the best cocksucker, you know that?”


“That’s right, talk with your mouth full…”

I kept right on “talking” my mouth working overtime to try to get the last two inches down. It was hard though, and not just in the literal sense, with my gag reflex kicking in and preventing me from willingly going deeper on her warm cock. After the second failure, I pulled back, stroking her with my hand while I gasped for air and swallowed a nice mouthful of precum she’d dribbled. I had every intention of resuming but Laura let go of my hair and grabbed my chin, pulling me to my feet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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