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A couple receives an incredible offer

My girlfriend, Carol, and I had just completed our sophomore year and were celebrating our success. First and foremost, we enjoyed a great relationship. We really liked each other and sharing an apartment had strengthened our bond. We both had decent paying jobs that allowed us to be full time students and pay living expenses. There was even some money left over that just about covered the cost of books.

We met early in our freshman year because we had some of the same classes. After the first week, we got together over coffee and became more acquainted. We were both engineering majors; Carol’s was computer science and mine was electrical. We both grew up on a farm and attended schools in neighboring small towns.

Carol was easy on the eyes; cute doesn’t even come close. Light brown shoulder length hair, hazel eyes, killer smile, and tall. “I’m five feet twelve,” she said with a laugh. “I was several inches taller than any of my classmates.”

“That’s interesting,” I replied, “I’m six feet three and I was the third tallest in my class.”

We spent many evenings studying together and talking about the things we had in common growing up in a small town.

We finished our freshman year with good GPAs and, over our parent’s objections, took an apartment together.

After our celebration dinner, Carol reminded me that we were going to consider taking a summer class. We both needed an elective and our boss had given us the green light to take time from work to do so. I wasn’t too keen on the idea because summer classes usually meet every day and I certainly didn’t want one that required a paper. Carol fired up her computer and I stood behind her as we began to look over the limited offerings.

I think we both spotted the class of interest at the same time because we said the words in unison: The Body, Human. A study of sexual nature of humans. Online classes with Friday discussion and test. Extra credit will be offered. Attendance at the first class is mandatory. 8:30 AM, Room 212, McKay Hall.

“Well, we both enjoy sex, maybe we should give it a try,” Carol said, looking up at me with a smile.

“Maybe we’ll have unusual homework too,” I said as I cupped her C-sized breasts.

“I wonder what we’ll need to for receive extra credit.” she responded as she squeezed my hands.

“Remember how you once fantasized about fucking in public? Maybe you’ll get your wish.”

“I know I’ll be the envy of the class when they see the size of your cock. Speaking of which, we have more celebrating to do and the way you played with my pussy during dinner has my panties soaking wet.”

“Well now, we can’t have you sitting around in wet clothes, can we?” I replied as I pulled off her top.

It only took a few moments to strip each other bare and race to the bedroom. Carol sat on the edge of the bed and held my hard erection in her hands. “I get horny every time I think about how I can hold your cock with two hands without overlapping and still have plenty left over for my mouth.”

She gave my dick a kiss and licked the precum from around the head. I sighed from the sensation. She looked up and with a grin rubbed my wet member on her hard nipples.

“I recognize that grin,” I said with a laugh. “The bet was whoever got the highest GPA would have their sexual request fulfilled and since you won by one tenth of a point, what is your desire, me lady?”

“Three things: eat my pussy till I cum, fuck me hard, and let me finish you off in my mouth.”

I happily complied with all three. Carol is insatiable when it comes to fucking and fortunately, I have great staying power. When she says to fuck her hard, that means she wants to feel my balls slamming against her wet cunt. She also prefers that I not give her a break between orgasms until she finally requests it. At that point, I pull out and she gives me an incredible bj. She sometimes says she achieves another orgasm just from feeling my cock pulsing as I cum and shoot my load down her throat.

We retired back to the computer and enrolled in the class. Carol was sitting in my lap operating the keyboard while I toyed with her nipples. She pulled up a porn site and while we were enjoying some film clips, we received our notice that we were accepted into the class. “Wow, that was quick,” she remarked. “I wonder how many people will be in the class.”

When she clicked on a clip that featured two women and a man, I noticed she was more attentive to the activity on the screen. Her breathing changed as she watched one of the women perform cunnilingus. “That excites you, doesn’t it?”

She nodded her head.

“Think you’d like to do that or have it done to you?”

“Un huh”

We watched in silence until it ended and she said, “I’d like to try it sometime and I’d like to watch you fuck another woman too. The thing is, I don’t know any woman I’d do it with.”

“Then, we’ll just keep it a fantasy and maybe someday, who knows.”

We arrived for our tandoğan escort class a few minutes early and watched the other students file in. We both noted that there appeared to be an equal number of men and women in the class. The instructor walked in and she instantly had my attention. A very handsome, petite woman with dark hair dressed in a business suit, the skirt of which was short enough to fuel the imagination. Her soft voice was like music and I think every guy shifted in their seat to provide some room for their growing member. Carol leaned over and whispered, “Wow, she’s hot.” Then she added, “Having difficulty with your pants?”

Miss Graves explained the class in more detail and distributed handouts regarding the online portion as well as test and grading criteria. Someone asked about the extra credit and she said that would be discussed on Friday. She also emphasized that there was an online survey we needed to have completed before Friday.

The online material was primarily about sex throughout the ages and in various parts of the world. It certainly wasn’t erotic but it was interesting. Carol wondered if she would spend any time on the Kama Sutra and have us try some of the positions.

“In front of the class?” I responded.

“For right now, let’s use the mirror.”

Dinner was put on hold.

The survey, whose completion was required by Miss Graves, was not what we expected. It asked for all kinds of measurements such as height, the length and width of our feet, the same with hands, nose, ears, and others. “I can hardly wait to learn what this is about on Friday,” Carol remarked.

“I want to thank you all for filling out the survey in such a timely manner,” Miss Graves announced at the start of Friday’s class. “And before you ask, I will tell you why I requested it. It is forwarded to a research project at another university that is dealing with averages and norms. For example, if you are a male, five feet eight inches tall, what would typically be your body parameters. What I didn’t tell you on Monday is that you would receive twenty dollars for completing the survey.” And with that, she pulled out a wad of cash and handed each student a crisp new twenty dollar bill.

At the end of the class, Miss Graves informed us that we’d be receiving information later in the day regarding how we can earn extra credit. Carol and I were interested in this because we were firm believers in taking advantage of such an offer.

True to her word, the link was made available when we got home from work although I thought it was strange that it asked if I was 18 or older. “Well we are dealing with sex you know,” remarked Carol.

For extra credit that was worth fifty percent of my grade I would have to agree to a “complete” set of body measurements that was literally from head to toe. All of this would be done in private and we could bring a friend if we felt uncomfortable. A signup schedule was attached.

Carol said, “This ought to be interesting.” She signed us up for time slots that were consecutive. Our plan was to go in together and do it all at once. Little did we know the future significance of that event.

The appointed place was not on campus and the woman who greeted us was not Miss Graves but she was every bit as attractive. Her name was Linda. She was slightly taller by a few inches, dark hair pulled back, stylish glasses, and she wore a lab coat that went down to mid-thigh. I immediately wondered what she was wearing under it.

We introduced ourselves and noted that we had back-to-back appointments. She was friendly and appreciated our efforts. We were the last appointments of the day so there was no need to hurry. Drinks were offered and Carol and I had a Jack and Coke. Before we started, she reiterated her function was to obtain a complete set of measurements which would require us to strip naked. We understood and quickly disrobed.

I could see Carol watching Linda to see her reaction when my cock was on full display. It sprung straight out and I heard Linda gasp. She looked at me, then at Carol, and then back to my package. She let out a long breath and said, “Let’s get started.”

She took a measuring tape and immediately measured my dick.

“Eight and three eights,” she announced as she noted on her clipboard.

“It gets a little longer when I get it fully erect,” Carol volunteered.

“That’s a lot of …..”

“Delicious cock,” Carol said with a smile.

Many more measurements and a few Jack and Cokes later, Linda asked Carol if she would make good on one final detail by getting my dick to stand straight up.

“I enjoy getting it that way.”

Carol worked her magic with her hands and mouth and I watched Linda lick her lips and press her clip board close to her chest.

My straight up cock measured eight and one half inches.

I noted that Linda had warm hands as she measured my cock.

As we headed to the car, I remarked to Carol tunalı escort that I think we left poor Linda in a state of arousal.

Carol laughed and said, “I hope she has a boyfriend or good vibrator tonight.” She gave me a kiss and said, “If you drive slowly and not a direct route, I could bring you off on the way home.”

“What can I do for you?”

“I want to feel your mouth on my pussy and clit.”

A few days later we were notified that our extra credit had been applied and would we be willing to return for an additional inquiry. Financial compensation would be provided.

We enjoyed the last session and extra money is always welcome, so we agreed.

Linda greeted us again and fixed us drinks. The room was different in that it had a cot and a cart that was covered. “My boss was very happy with you two. It’s not every day that we have a penis of that size. Eight and a half is several inches longer than average. I’m sure you had some embarrassing moments in high school.”

“Let’s just say I took very quick showers after gym. I’ll let you in on some history. Between my freshman and sophomore year, I grew four inches and so did my dick. I noticed that when I jacked off, there was more of me. I had to be careful with the clothes I wore because my hard on was difficult to hide. Swimsuits were the worst. I didn’t have any sexual experience and what I knew came from what I read and watching some porn on the internet.

“Did you have any problems in the bedroom?”

“Carol is my one and only and she likes what I have.”

She turned to Carol and said, “No issues when he goes deep?”

“It’s more like wonderful.”

“Well then, that gets me to one more thing we would like to discover. Since eight and a half is fine, we wondered just how much you can enjoy before it becomes an issue.” She removed a white sheet covering a cart and on it were several dildos of increasing lengths. “Are you game?”

“Bring it on,” Carol said with a smile.

“Good. I was hoping you’d say that. I need for both of you to undress and this time, Larry, I want you not only to arouse Carol, but fuck her until she’s had an orgasm. It’s ok if you climax too.”

How ironic, after our last session with Linda, we wondered about fucking while she watched. We even included her in our fantasy threesome.

I fingered and licked Carol’s pussy until she was moaning with desire. Normally Carol would then fondle and lick my cock to make it harder and stroke it as I entered. Instead, I turned to Linda and asked her if she would like get my cock to point straight up. She looked at me with a bit of surprise and then at Carol who nodded her permission.

Linda didn’t hesitate and she took the head of my cock into her warm mouth. She stroked it, sucked, and licked it until it was rock hard. Reluctantly, she pulled away and placed the head against Carol’s love entrance.

As I slowly entered Carol, Linda moved around and began to fondle my balls. I loved the way that felt and I swear it made me even harder. My cock was on fire and I was soon pounding hard and deep and with Linda’s fingers getting slammed against Carol’s cunt.

I didn’t cum but Carol climaxed three times before I moved off. “You want to lick my cum off his cock or shall I?” Carol said to Linda.

“How about both of us share,” she replied.

I’ve seen this in porn clips and always thought it would be great. I never dreamed it would actually happen. It was all I had hoped for. The visual alone was erotic but feeling two tongues licking me clean was more than wonderful. Unfortunately it was all too brief. Linda was anxious to try out her array of dildos.

Starting with a nine incher, she would lube a toy and I would insert it up to the fake balls. I would slide it out and in a few inches while Carol rubbed her clit. The one that finally touched “bottom” was twelve inches long. Since we were on a roll, I continued to fuck her with the toy and she masturbated to another orgasm.

Linda duly recorded the information and was pleased with everything.

“That’s fine except Larry didn’t cum and we like to put an erection to good use. Shouldn’t we take care of him?” Carol stated emphatically.

“Wait a moment, sweetheart, Linda didn’t cum either.”

“You’re right. We need to fix that too.”

I looked at her with a big grin.

“Are you thinking what I think you are?” Carol asked with raised eyebrows.

“I was thinking of one of your secret desire and …. “

“I love it,” Carol exclaimed.

“What?” Linda asked as she looked first at me and then Carol.

“Why don’t you get on the cot and I’m gonna eat your pussy and then Larry’s gonna fill your cunt with his cum.”

A big grin filled Linda’s face and she quickly unbuttoned her lab coat.

“Nice thong,” Carol said as she slowly removed the coat.

Linda moved to the cot and spread her legs wide which revealed a wet and gleaming love hole that was eager türbanlı escort and ready. Looking at her bare pussy made my mouth water and a bit envious of what Carol was about to do. I love the look and feel of a bare pussy. It is so erotic. I remember when Carol asked about it the first night we made love and I told her how sexy I thought it was. She has kept hers waxed ever since. She also shaves my cock and balls on a regular basis; followed by a sensual bj.

Carol was all over Linda’s pussy. She tongue fuck her cunt and then inserted two fingers as she slowly slid up her labia to lick and suck her very swollen clit. It was obvious that both girls were enjoying themselves and I was sure enjoying the show.

Carol was on her knees and her exposed cunt looked so inviting that I picked up the nine inch dildo and after lubing it, slowly inserted it. Her hands and mouth stopped their activity and I could hear her moan as I filled her love canal. Once it was completely inside, I moved to a spot where I could watch her in action and I could also rub her clit. One of our favorite activities is to Jack and Jill each other and this would be a new experience.

I was in erotic heaven as I watched the girls move closer and closer to the edge. Linda was fondling her breasts and squeezing her hard nipples and practically panting. Carol was moving her tongue all over Linda’s clit like she was fucking it. It was all I could do not to Jack off. I hoped I would last long enough for Linda to cum before I did when it was my turn.

I think it was Linda who began her climax first and her moaning and spasms quickly brought Carol with her. It took several moments for the girls to recover and Carol was in no hurry to remove the dildo. She slowly pulled it out and licked it clean before handing it to me. She gave Linda’s pussy one last kiss and said, “Your turn.”

My cock was hard and ready as Carol placed it against Linda’s love hole. She closed her eyes and smiled as I inserted just the head. I paused to let her vagina muscles relax. She opened her eyes and with a smile said, “I’m going to enjoy this.”

I smiled back and replied, “I think we both will.”

“Me, too,” Carol echoed.

She was wet and a bit tight as I slowly worked my way in. I was savoring every inch and after a few moments, my balls were feeling the wetness of her cunt. What a glorious sensation.

“Wow. This is wonderful,” Linda said breathlessly.

I began slowly, taking short strokes and smiled at the pleasure on Linda’s face. As she began to relax more I lengthened them. My tempo increased slightly with her breathing. I could feel her body reacting to the stimulation and moving closer to an orgasm. I glanced over at Carol and she was licking her fingers and rubbing her clit. Watching her Jill off is a big turn on for me and she gave me a big knowing smile.

I suddenly found myself fucking Linda with the same tempo as Carol’s fingers on her clit. My strokes were getting longer and harder as my balls banged against her wet cunt. Suddenly she arched her back and let out a muffled cry. Her body went rigid and I slammed my cock all the way in. Her climax came in wave after wave and after a few moments, she opened her eyes and breathlessly said, “That was incredible. I even saw stars.”

“I like that,” I said with a big smile.

“Now I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I looked over at Carol and she was licking her fingers like they were fucking her mouth. She gave me a big grin and began to Jill off again. As before, my fucking matched her tempo.

I knew I wouldn’t last long and from the way Carol was masturbating, neither would she. We both were getting close and her orgasm pulled me with her. When I reached the point of no return I rammed my cock in hard and shot my load.

It was my turn to feel the waves of a climax as loads of creamy cum pulsed through my cock.

I wasn’t in any hurry to withdraw and Linda crossed her legs behind me to hold me in tight. “Man when you cum, you cum hard. I could feel it travel up your cock and shoot deep inside several times.” She looked over at Carol and said, “You are one fortunate girl.”

“Don’t I know it.”

When I finally pulled away from Linda, Carol was quickly in front of me, licking my cock clean and milking it to the last drop. Linda too, was capturing my semen with her fingers as it ran down her leg and licking them. Once they were satisfied with their efforts, they exchanged a high five. “This was fucking great,” Carol exclaimed.

Linda fixed us all another drink and Carol told her that tonight two fantasies were not only realized but thoroughly enjoyed. “I can see why Larry loves eating my pussy; it’s as much a pleasure doing it as to receive it. Plus, it’s one thing to watch people fuck on a video but actually seeing his beautiful cock slide in and out of your cunt and the look of pleasure on your face was just incredible.”

I gave Carol a hug and kiss and said, “You’re incredible sweetheart. I’m one lucky guy.”

Before we departed, Linda handed us two envelopes; each contained five one hundred dollar bills.

“Wow,” Carol exclaimed, “We never expected something like this.”

“Financial compensation was promised.”

Nothing more was said and neither of us asked about a repeat performance. We headed to the car, hand in hand, and in sexual bliss.

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