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Big Tits

It was great to see Denise again. We had both left school last year. She had gone to university in Cardiff and I’d started work for my Daddy’s firm as a receptionist. We hadn’t seen each other in months. We had agreed that Denise would come back to London for her 19th birthday and we’d have a girlie night out to celebrate. We decided to go into the City rather than stay local, so of course we had to spend ages getting ready.

We chatted about our lives in the last couple of months. Denise had discovered a great social life in Wales, much less dull than I had imagined. She’d told me about her boyfriend Jerome (who was a sex god apparently!), but unfortunately they’d split up a few days before because he was also into seeing other girls.

“I was really down Maria, so I’ve made up my mind that it’s my night tonight and I’m going to have some fun – and I’ll tell you now, I’m after a white guy tonight!”

I was slightly surprised by this. Obviously she fancied a change after “Ebony Sex God Jerome”!

“Well, it’s your night Denise so you get to choose! I’ll take his mate whatever he looks like!”

We had to decide what look we would go for. We decided on ‘sexy with just a hint of tarty’. We did not usually fail to pick up blokes if we wanted to, but Denise was determined not to fail that night. I chose my silvery slip dress with matching shiny bra and panties. It was a Valentine’s gift from my last boyfriend. I only wore it once for him, and we didn’t make it out the door! I set it off with shiny silver strappy shoes, with a killer chunky heel. I thought it all looked great with my pale skin and long blonde hair.

Denise had brought her slinky black mini-dress and her knee length black boots. I thought the dress looked fabulous against her ebony skin. It showed off her curvy figure and especially her terrific “black ass” to perfection. She was very proud of her pretty and prominent bum.

We’d chosen a “normal” club rather than a “clubby” club. We weren’t into the drugs and the “scene”, so we made our way to Oxford Street and went into an eighties club. The place was jumping, partly full of eighties “junkies” and the rest seemed to be tourists. Anyway, we got a seat and watched the people for a while, slowly getting riotously drunk on tequila shots and spritzers. After a couple of hours of dancing and watching, Denise suddenly stood up and shouted, “Follow me!”. She moved across the dance floor near to a couple of obviously cute guys who were also watching the action. We danced near them for a couple of songs then Denise shouted in my ear, ” Follow my lead!”. With that she moved behind me and, taking hold of my waist, began to grind her crotch into my bum. All the time we swayed sexily, occasionally glancing at the boys who were trying not to look to intently at these mad girls bizarrely bumping and grinding to Heaven 17!!

After that dance Denise led me by the hand straight across to the two amazed guys and said, somewhat drunkenly,

” We’re taking you home for a party – it’s my birthday and Escort bayan you can’t say no!”

With that all four of us just walked straight out of the club and sought out a mini-cab!

It turned out that the two guys were Swedish tourists, named Per-Ola and Johann. They were just out on the town and had wandered into the club after picking up a flyer on the street. Johann was tall and slim with long wavy blonde hair. He had a wispy little goatee beard that you could hardly see unless you were up really close. Denise was certainly up close, as no sooner had we set off for my south London flat, she and Johann began snogging passionately in the back seat.

Per-Ola was in the front seat and so there was no chance of a similar performance, but at least Denise had made her decision quickly. Per-Ola had short spiky brownish hair and looked a bit older than Johann. He had a more average looking build, but was certainly not unattractive. His English was superb and we had a good chat on the way home, while Denise and Johann played with each others tonsils. I was looking forward to getting to know him better!

While I paid the cabby, Denise bundled Johann upstairs and let herself into the flat with the key I’d given her so “she’d always have a place to stay”. Per-Ola and I followed behind chatting. When we got inside, I dragged Denise away from her conquest into the kitchen to help me fix some more tequilas.

“Are you sure about this Denise? Remember, you’ve just split up from Jerome. He is very cute though!”

“Too right he’s cute! I also checked out his package when we were in the taxi, and it feels great. He’s making me so horny. I am definitely choosing him. But his mate is sexy too, are you interested?”

“Sure. Anyway, it’s your night and I promised – and he is rather nice.”

I had never seen Denise so excited before. She had obviously decided to enjoy herself and the alcohol was adding to the fun! With that we made our way back into the living room where the boys had made themselves comfortable. Denise made her way straight over to Johann in the armchair and straddled his legs with her knees, her dress rising sexily up her smooth thighs. She took another drink before leaning over and kissing him hard on the mouth. Some of her drink spilled down Johann’s face as she obviously tried to pass the mouthful to him.

Denise and I had snogged blokes in the same room at the same time before on double dates so neither of us minded as Per-Ola and I chatted while they writhed on the armchair across the room. I’d put on some trance music and the atmosphere was very sexy.

Per-Ola said I was beautiful and asked if he could kiss me. Well if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! He lifted his hand to my face and kissed me gently, then more passionately. I was instantly getting aroused at his sensitive touch. He began to kiss my throat and my neck. I lifted my head savouring his delicate touch as he ran his tongue under my chin.

I looked across at Denise, her black skin looking striking against the Bayan escort pale Scandinavian with his loose blonde hair. He was running his fingers through her black bobbed hair as she moaned quietly. Johann was gently squeezing one of Denise’s soft rounded breasts through her dress with his other hand as they kissed.

Then suddenly Denise stood up in front of him with her back to Per-Ola and I. Reaching down to her hem, she pulled her mini-dress right up over her head. I saw that she was sporting a tiny white g-string. As she bent to pull the last of the dress over her head, I saw how stunning her dark silky cheeks looked with that taut yet flimsy material between her cheeks. I had seen Denise naked a million times over the years, but never noticed how sexy she was. She stood erect in front of Johann letting him admire her curvaceous body, all the way from her sexy black leather knee boots past her tiny white panties and her proud tits. I wondered, exactly who’s birthday it was!

By now Per-Ola had stopped kissing my neck and was also watching our two friends. Denise reached back and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the floor. She climbed confidently back onto the armchair, her knees on either side of Johann and let her boobs swing into his face as he began to lick them one at a time, and then began to suck hard on her brown nipples. I had never seen Denise so wild before. I was getting more and more wet at the sight of them.

Per-Ola was obviously feeling the same as me as he slowly reached down and ran his fingers up my thigh, before gently rubbing my pussy through my shiny silver panties. He whispered to me seeking my approval. It was heaven as I watched my best friend have her breasts squeezed and nipples chewed by a sexy tall Swedish guy, who we’d only met an hour or so earlier.

Then Denise did something I had never seen her do. She leaned back and began to undo the buttons on Johann’s jeans. Almost at the same time, Per-Ola slipped his fingers around the edge of my panties, feeling his way to my sopping slit. We both watched as Denise pulled Johann’s hard white cock out of his opened jeans. I looked at Per-Ola’s bulging crotch and began to rub my palm over the shape of his erect penis through his chinos.

As we gazed at the others, Denise knelt down on the floor in front of the armchair and bending over the chair began licking the head of Johann’s long slim cock. I had given blow jobs before and had seen them given in porn movies, but I’d never seen another girl “live”. Denise was oblivious to the two pairs of eyes watching her across the room.

Johann moaned as Denise wrapped her full lips around the head of his rampant tool. Again I was struck by the beautiful colour contrast as she began to suck on his pale rigid cock. Per-Ola frigged me harder occasionally slipping a finger into my wet hole. Without taking my eyes from the others, I reached down and fumbled with Per-Ola’s zipper eventually wrestling it down. I put my hand into his pants, seeking out his hardened shaft. I began to Escort work my hand up and down his length. My hand was quickly coated with his pre-cum – he was definitely as excited as I was.

We watched Denise’s tight bum wiggle as she sucked hard on Johann’s now glistening dick. Her g-string was so taut as she bent over Johann that we could see here little pink arsehole as she swayed back and forth.

Johann was now holding Denise’s head and driving her mouth up and down his shaft. She held the base firmly, masturbating him into her mouth. Per-Ola suddenly pushed me back onto the arm of the couch and grabbed my silver panties pulling them down my legs. He urged me to sit on his lap. I had to oblige, seating myself on his lap facing away from him so that we could both watch the others. Per- Ola positioned his erection up between my thighs so it looked as if I had a penis of my own. I reached down and rubbed his hardness against my slit, while he raised my dress over my head. He tossed the dress aside and reached around to grab my petite little titties, tweaking my hardened nipples through the shiny material of my bra.

Just then, Johann began to arch his back upwards. Denise let his cock come out of her mouth and kept furiously pulling on it, licking the shiny reddened tip. I began to feel myself boiling up to cum, when Johann’s cock let rip with several great white spurts, almost taking Denise by surprise and landing in her black hair and along her face. As she leaned back wiping her hand across her cheek, Johann collapsed back into the chair with a look of pure ecstasy on his face. He reached out and pulled Denise close to him and she began gently played with his little goatee while he recovered his breath.

I continued to rub Per-Ola’s penis against my own pussy lips and within moments began to cum. I threw my head back in delight, my blonde hair flying in Per-Ola’s face. I tossed my head from side to side until the glorious feeling began to subside. Having had my fun, I quickly got on my knees and took his beautiful length into my eager mouth. I could taste my own juices on his silky cock. In seconds, his body stiffened and he shot his spunk right into the back of my mouth. My tongue and lips were numbed immediately and I sucked the last of his jism gently into my mouth.

Denise, still topless with her beautiful breasts jiggling to and fro, saw that we were also done and ran across the room, grabbing me by the arm and leading me back to the kitchen.

“Wow Maria, I’ve never done anything like that before. Did you see us? I just got so turned on that I forgot you guys were there!”

“Sorry Denise, we couldn’t help but watch the whole thing. You guys were so hot over there! And I’m also sorry that I have to say that I got really turned on by your beautiful body – I should tell you that now while I’m post-orgasmic and a bit drunk”

We just looked at each other, her face and hair smeared in Johann’s white cum and me completely naked just except for my tight silvery bra and strappy heels. We began laughing and gave each other a big hug.

Finally, Denise said,

“You know Maria, I’m the only one who hasn’t got off yet and it’s my birthday. I have an idea – I think we should swap blokes. Do you think they’ll go for it???”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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