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When a woman finds herself married to an absolute wimp and isn’t happy about it, the remedy might very well turn out to be a simple change in her own attitude……


Well, better get on home and see what that wimp is up to this time. It was a most unwifelike thought and Jessica knew this, but that wasn’t enough to keep her from thinking it. She and Robby had been married for exactly seventeen months, and in a way were still newlyweds. But disillusionment had set in almost from the very beginning for Jessica, as she’d heard it had a way of doing when you got married a bit too quickly.

She was twenty-six and her husband twenty-nine, so it wasn’t as if they were only kids or anything like that. But they had really only known each other as co-workers when they became engaged, a thing which Jessica now knew she had done mostly due to the fact that almost all of her friends had tied the knot themselves. So of course the irrational panic of being the lone single in her circle had set in, a thing which was just like Jessica, and since she and Robby were dating kind of regularly anyhow, when the poor fellow, who was clearly ga-ga over her, had proposed, Jessica heard herself accepting. And she’d done it while trying not to hear the voice in her head warning her about making anything too permanent with this guy.

Robby wasn’t your typical jerk or anything like that. But there was no use denying that he was simply a fucking wimp! While dating him Jessica had been able to see that he probably wasn’t ever going to be her own or anyone else’s idea of Mister Macho, but she sure hadn’t expected him to be so damned prissy about almost everything once they had set up house together.

It took the guy forever to make the simplest of decisions or choices, usually after asking his wife half a dozen times what she thought he should do. After a few months of this it became difficult for Jessica to fight the temptation of telling him exactly what she thought he should do, although she never had – at least so far – since a guy’s wife wasn’t supposed to suggest doing such unnatural things as “shoving it” you-know-where when her husband was seeking her advice. Even when it was about something real complicated, such as whether he should take an apple or an orange to work with him.

Robby meant well, but Jessica was finding out real quickly that a guy who “meant well” had a way all his own of driving a woman totally batshit. She had been married less than two years and was already as much of a babysitter than not. This was, however, a situation that she kept well hid from the families, for they’d kill themselves laughing if they knew, and as for her girlfriends, there was just no fucking way that she was about to become one of their favorite topics of gossip and giggling. No way was that going to happen! So Jessica put on this big phony front as she acted as much like any other recently married woman as she could, and when talking with one of her girlfriends about “how everything was going”, she lied her head off. She hated to do it, but felt that it was the wisest route to go, at least for the time being. She simply wasn’t lucky enough to have a single girlfriend whom she trusted to keep a secret. Her friends, although nice enough in other ways, were all born tattletales who would spend hours talking her marriage over among themselves if Jessica gave them the opportunity, and she wasn’t about to do this.

Her mother didn’t help matters either, for she took Robby’s side when the subject of having children came up.

“Kids won’t suddenly start growing on the trees out back, you know” Mom would tell her daughter, and Jessica took it as best she could.

“We’ll do it when we’re ready” she usually said, but even that wasn’t any good.

“Robby’s ready now” her mother would tell her, which of course made Jessica wish that her husband could keep his stupid big mouth shut about what was supposed to be between them. What she couldn’t tell her mother – what she wouldn’t dare tell her – was that she was no longer so sure that she wanted something as major as a family with this former high school nerd she had married. But this was just one more thing she had to keep to herself, and having to do so much of that was beginning to take a toll on Jessica. Sooner or later, something would have to happen, but what, she didn’t yet know.

Right now she was just going about it day by day; making sure that Robby’s shoes were tied each morning and that he didn’t forget to leave the house without his car keys. And by the way, what idiot ever gave someone like him a driver’s license anyway? The guy stopped – he actually stopped – at every fucking corner, whether he had a stop sign or not!

“You can’t be too careful, honey” he’d sort of whine when she got after him for doing this, and even the irritated honks from drivers behind them didn’t affect him. Avrupalı porno

Nothing sunk in with the guy. He was oblivious! And he wanted kids? What would he do with them? He wouldn’t be changing any babies, for even if the guy wanted to try it, Jessica wouldn’t feel safe letting him. Accidents just seemed to go where he did and she would never have it in her to put her own infant at the peril of his ineptness.

Having kids with a guy like Robby just seemed extremely unwise, just for that reason alone, never mind that Jessica couldn’t see herself doing it anyway.

And that was another thing, thought Jessica as she neared home after another long week on the job. She was married to a “man”, so to speak, who really wasn’t much of one in the bedroom. Oh, Robby liked his little playtime well enough. Too much, like anyone with a penis did in Jessica’s experience. But if a guy expected sex so frequently, it would have helped if he knew what to do with a woman, and Robby certainly did not. Not only was he one of the numerous “three pumps and a squirt” types that every woman knew at one time or another, but Jessica’s husband was also so unbelievably childish about sex.

He had probably spent more time thinking up a “name” for his wife’s crack than he ever would on improving what passed for his technique. And wasn’t he pleased when he finally came up with a name. Litle Lovely.

My husband actually named my pussy “Little Lovely”, Jessica was thinking as she made a face while turning into their street. Too bad I can’t tell him my name for his cock.

Little Loser. Because it wasn’t only little in the literal sense, but was also every bit a loser when it came to satisfying her. Or even pleasing her for that matter. Robby’s “technique” was useless to his wife and so was his penis. It wasn’t a nice thing to think at all, but after almost a year of trying to show her husband a few things to make it better for them both in bed and seeing him continually “forget” by the next night, Jessica had simply given up. She really had tried to show him what she liked, but the guy just didn’t get it at all.

Her husband had a tiny cock and he couldn’t fuck. When she was honest with herself, this was all it came down to. It was frustrating as hell for a woman to find that the guy she married was a wimp outside of the bedroom as well as in it, and that what he had “down there” matched his personality perfectly.

I should’ve known! As Jessica pulled her car into the driveway of the small house she and Robby had bought a few months ago, this was all she could think about her husband. It figured that a smaller-built sort of guy who was on the wimpier side would turn out to be a dickless husband. It just figured.

She should’ve known.

“So what happened to you last night?” her friend Cindy was asking when Jessica answered the phone in the kitchen while getting supper out of the oven.

What now, thought Jessica. “What do you mean, last night?” she wanted to know.

“Didn’t Robby give you my message? We threw a last minute surprise party for Linda’s thirtieth birthday and we wanted you there.”

Robby strikes again! Taking a phone message and passing it on to his wife had been beyond his capabilities, the way everything else seemed to be. Jessica had to make a real effort this time to control her anger.

“I guess he forgot” she said real casually, as if it was no big deal to her, but at that moment, if Jessica had wanted to be completely truthful with her friend Cindy, she would have told her that Robby couldn’t be trusted to boil water, let alone actually handle a message from a caller on the phone.

So she made her apologies to Cindy, told her they’d get together soon, and hung up. As for even saying anything to her husband about this, not only would that be a waste of time but then Jessica would have to listen to his whiny, wimpy apologizing that was like a slow torture of some kind. So once again she gathered her patience and did her best to simply write the whole thing off as just one more example of why a woman shouldn’t marry a little boy.

“I’m going over to the mall to pick a few things up” Jessica told Robby that evening. She did want to look at shoes, but mostly just needed to do something other than sit around with him all evening. She still hated to be thinking such thoughts, but almost anything was better than staying home with the guy she married and subjecting herself to the parade of unbelievably stupid sitcoms that her husband considered “good shows”, laughing like the child he was while watching them one after another.

“Could you look for those sunglasses that you attach to your regular glasses?” Robby asked his wife.

Sunglasses that you attach to regular glasses. That was so Robby!

“I’ll look, but I’m not sure where to get them” Jessica Video porno replied, but her husband’s attention had already shifted to the television screen on which was a character of one of his programs. A female one, naturally, who was all tits and mouth and was about as funny as a migraine. But so many guys weren’t intelligent enough to see anything except boobs. Jessica didn’t even mind seeing Robby stare at that bimbo, for that was as far as his male mind was capable of going and he couldn’t really be blamed for this.

I’m really turning kind of vicious she was thinking as she got into the car and headed to the mall. That’s the first time I thought such a patronizing thing about Robby!

The problem was that it was true. The “adult” in him, such as it was, didn’t go much further than the boobs of some so-called “actress” on some so-called “comedy”, and it was really beginning to dawn on Jesscia that almost all guys seemed afflicted with the same kind of ignorance. A chick she knew some time back had once said that men’s brains are “between their legs”, which Jessica found funny at the time, but was now starting to see as a rather good way of putting it. But if that was true, then Robby didn’t have a whole lot of intelligence, thought his wife with a grin to herself as she drove to the nearby mall. Little cock. Little balls. Little mind.

Unexpectedly, her nipples suddenly began growing nice and stiff inside her bra when she found herself daring to think such a thing about her own husband. It was getting her hot, right there in her car, to be enjoying a few wicked thoughts that were directed right at Robby.

My husband with the small dick and tiny nuts. Jessica’s nipples went completely erect as she indulged in what felt very much like a rather improper thing to be thinking. Improper, perhaps, but exciting as hell for some reason. One thing about it was how it couldn’t hurt Robby a bit. Jessica could think anything she wanted to – it wouldn’t matter. And when she realized this, it made it feel almost erotic to be this married woman who dared to have such degrading thoughts about her own husband, and especially about his “manhood”.

Or lack thereof, thought Jessica with something like glee as she parked in the mall’s parking area and went into one of the big department stores. She strolled along for a bit, casually looking at clothing and accessories, and trying to get her mind off of how exciting she was suddenly finding it to sort of “mock Robby” in her mind where no one had to know she was doing a thing like that.

Most people wouldn’t believe a thing like this of a married woman, especially one who had been married for less than a couple of years, but two things would need to be taken into account regarding it.

First, Jessica was dissatisfied with both her marriage itself and the sex life she was saddled with because of it. And second, she happened to be the type of person who had it in her to vent some frustrations in this unusual fashion. By “saying things” about her husband in her mind.

As for the question about what good it did to do this, the answer to that was simple – it helped Jessica deal with it all better. She herself couldn’t have said why this was, but it definitely did improve her mood after having spent some time thinking things that were more than slightly “unwifelike”. Just that fact by itself – that they were not what one could call appropriate thoughts – seemed to make them have a bigger effect on Jessica.

But there was a time and place for everything and she got on with her shopping. And she did want to look at shoes while she was out, something that wouldn’t be very easy if she was doing too good of a job of getting the cotton-lined crotch of her undies damp.

“Hey, Jessica!”

Turning around to look, Jessica saw a familiar woman walking rapidly toward her as she left a store.

“Trina!” Jessica said with a surprised smile. It was her old friend Trina with whom Jessica had lost contact shortly after college when Trina got married. “What a surprise!”

“Yeah, me too” said Trina as she hugged her college friend. “What happens to us, anyway? Where does time go to?”

“The same place it always does, I guess” Jessica replied. This was a nice surprise. Running into Trina here while shopping. An old friend who was not and never had been a gossip like Jessica’s other girlfriends. It had been hard for Jessica when she fell out of touch with Trina, but time and circumstances just had a way of doing things like that.

Ten minutes later, just like that, Trina had invited Jessica to stop over by her place after they finished up at the mall, and because Jessica’s alternative was, of course, going home to “the wimp”, she readily accepted. Whipping out the old cell phone, she called Robby and told him she had met her old girlfriend Trina gizli çekim porno and was going to go over to her place for a drink and some catching up on old times.

There were occasional perks to being married to a total wimp, and one of them was the fact that a woman could merely “tell him” what she was going to do without hearing any nonsense about it. Jessica had gotten into the habit of doing this over the time since getting married, but tonight it even felt a bit arousing in a sexual way to to that. Pull out her phone with Trina standing right there and let her hear how Jessica didn’t ask her husband if he minded her making an extra stop, but simply telling him. It wasn’t something she did much of with her other girlfriends being right there, since they weren’t supposed to know about Robby being such a wiimp.

But Trina was totally different, and before Jessica had been with her any length of time at all, she was already “showing her” who was boss in her house. Jessica’s nipples were rising once again at this thought. Apparently, thought Jessica, my nipples like the idea themselves. Thinking this only made them grow harder – as if saying “Yes! We do!”

“You’ve got a beautiful place here!” Jessica exclaimed as she took the brief tour of Trina’s condo. Another surprise was the fact that Trina only lived three or four miles away from Jessica and Robby. Who would have known?

“I bought it outright, for cash” Trina told Jessica proudly.

“How?” Jessica asked. “A place like this must cost a lot!”

“It ran a few bucks all right” Trina told her as she got Jessica seated in the large living room, complete with fireplace, and served wine to them both. “But the right lawyer in a divorce can do so much for a woman’s financial picture.”

Jessica looked at her friend. “I forgot all about that” she said. “So you’re already divorced, huh?” It had only been four years or so since she and Trina lost contact after Trina got married.

“Already wasn’t soon enough for me!” Trina practically spat. “That guy Brain I married? Remember him?”

Jessica nodded. The guy looked like he had walked off of the page of some men’s clothing catolog. Oh Jessica remembered Brian all right, for he wasn’t the sort of man a woman easily forgot. He had been one hunk all right!

“Well, as it turned out, he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants” Trina told Jessica, the anger about it still present in her tone of voice. “Two times I caught that SOB cheating on me!”

“That really sucks” said Jessica, not really knowing what else to say at the moment.

“You know something, Jess? What really burned me was how I found out about it the first time, and how Brian swore up and down that he’d never do a thing like that to me again. And that I believed him. And then found out that he was doing it on me again! That was what really set me off!”

“So what did he say the second time you caught him?”asked Jessica as she helped herself to more wine, It was kind of fun to go do a little shopping and then take this unexpected detour of stopping off to get a little tipsy with an old friend.

“I didn’t even give the creep the chance to say anything the second time!” said Trina. “I’ll tell you what I did do, but I’d prefer you not go telling it around.”

Jessica made a quick explanation about how that very thing was the same problem she had with the friends she saw the most of. That she wuldn’t dare tell them much of anything because they’d go straight to one another with it like a bunch of schoolgirls. “So please don’t worry about that with me of all people!” she told her friend. “Besides, I kinda wanna hear this. It sounds good.” The wine made her able to say it like that, but she was anxious to hear it, whatever it was.

Trina sat back and grinned at her. “It is good, but I’ve really kept most of it to myself. Who Brian may have told is another matter, but knowing the ego of that sonofabitch, I seriously doubt that he shared too many details of our breakup with anybody.”

“Okay, so tell!” Jessica said teasingly. “Now that you’ve run into me, it’s confession time, girl!”

So Trina complied, as she slowly told a very nasty story of “confronting” her cheating husband the second time by way of “a good swift kick in the balls”, after which she packed a couple of suitcases for him while he lay on their living room floor, holding his crotch and retching.

“Needless to say, Brian wasn’t doing a whole lot of saying anything after I did that” Trina was telling Jessica with an expression of real satisfaction on her pretty face.

Jessica couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her friend Trina had not only kicked her own husband in the balls, but went on to call it the probable fantasy of most married women at one time or another.

“You’ve been married how long now?” Trina asked while they were talking about this.

“A year and a half” Jessica told her.

“How is everything?”

“He’s a total wimp!” was the reply, and it was also the very first time Jessica had ever told anyone a thing like that. But Trina’s own frank admission deserved the truth in return, and that was what she got.

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