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Paul looked at the glowing screen of his computer. He was the last to leave the office and had taken the opportunity to log on to the internet and surf for some adult sites. As this was his first job after leaving college, he had not been able to afford his own computer. At home he’d used his father’s but since the argument, where Dad had almost literally thrown him out, Paul had not returned home. He preferred to make his own way, even though home for the moment was a grotty two-room and bath flat in an unsavoury part of town. His job paid well, good money for a nineteen year old with no degree.

On the screen a young man, no older than himself, was on his knees in front of an older guy. His mouth was wrapped around the head of the older guy’s impressively thick cock and his eyes were closed. A click of the mouse brought another picture on line and, in this one, the guy had taken his friend’s cock right to the back of his mouth. Paul could feel the pressure of his briefs as his own cock swelled inside his pants.

“Paul?” came Graham’s voice from behind him. Paul jumped as though his chair had become electrified. He swung round to look at Graham, standing in the entrance to his cubicle. Swallowing nervously, Paul realised that Graham had been able to see everything on his screen and that he had no idea how long he may have been watching.

“I think you had better come along to my office.” Graham continued. Turning and leading the way. Paul noticed that all of the other cubicles were dark, their occupants gone for home at least an hour ago. Graham stepped into his office and waited. Paul followed him inside, glancing round as Graham closed the door and turned the key in the lock

Graham sat on the corner of his desk and looked Paul slowly up an down. He admired the lean muscles and the smooth skin of his face, the taut bottom beneath the smart tan slacks. Paul just looked down at his hands, twisting his long, elegantly tapered, fingers together.

“You know that I should suspend you and possibly even sack you for this,” Graham asked.

“I didn’t mean anything by it I was just, well curious, I suppose.” Paul answered him.

“That could be very expensive curiosity,” Graham continued, “it could cost you your job.”

“I know. I’m really, really sorry and I’ve been stupid.” Paul muttered.

“Was it worth it?” Graham asked, suddenly.


“Was it worth it? Did it answer your questions?”

“Well, yes and no.”


“Well I know what guys do with each other, but I don’t know what it’s like.”

“And you want to know?”

“I think so.”

Paul had an idea that, from the turn the conversation was taking, Graham wouldn’t be sacking him or even suspending him. Paul lifted his head and found Graham with a half-smile on his lips, gazing at the bulge in his pants.

“Do you really want to know what it feels like?” Graham murmured, standing up and moving very close to Paul. He nodded, feeling the heat from Graham’s body and smelling the sharp masculine scent of his after shave. Paul closed his eyes for a moment, as Graham pressed lifted his chin with the tip of his finger and slowly brushed his lips across Paul’s mouth. Paul gasped at the jolt ripping through his body and Graham pressed his tongue past Paul’s lips and into his mouth. Graham’s arms slid around Paul, pulling him closer, so that he could feel the lean hardness of his body.

Paul tried to draw back, at first, then melted into Graham’s embrace, pressing himself against the older man. Graham’s hand slid between them to cup around the bulge in the front of Paul’s pants. He fiddled with the buckle of his belt and then unzipped the straining fly. A swift tug and Graham was able to push Paul’s pants down to his ankles, Escort bayan leaving his cock and balls barely covered by the tight white cotton briefs.

Graham cupped his hand over the bulge, fondling Paul gently, feeling the length of his cock as it hardened beneath his fingers. Paul had his eyes closed, lost in the moment as his cock was stroked by another man for the very first time. Graham eased his hand under the material of Paul’s briefs and slid them down, freeing the head of his cock. The skin was velvety, yet smooth and slightly slick from the droplet of pre-cum that was oozing from the slit. Graham pushed the briefs down, and curled his fingers around the hard pole of Paul’s cock. “Yess,” Paul groaned into his mouth, as Graham ran his hand along the length of his cock.

Graham knew he had to taste this cock. Slowly he broke the kiss and knelt in front of Paul. He held Paul’s cock and balls gently in one hand and gazed at the swollen rod, hard and pointing at his face. Caressingly, he rested his finger and thumb on the tightly stretched foreskin and eased it back from the head. Graham pouted a little and touched his lips to the tip of Paul’s cock, flicking his tongue against the oozing slit.

Opening his mouth wider, Graham slid the cock into his mouth and closed his lips around the head. He lapped at the swollen glans tasting the sharp saltiness of Paul’s precum. Gradually he leaned forward, revelling in the feel of Paul’s cock sliding over his tongue, deeper and deeper into his mouth. As the head touched the back of his tongue, Graham gulped, letting it into the back of his throat.

Paul was lost in the sensation of Graham’s mouth caressing his hard cock. He could feel the man’s tongue sliding over and around his cockhead, caressing the shaft and grazing the sensitive rim. Graham’s lips pressed against his tight sac, brushing the heavy, swollen balls. His warm mouth caressed Paul’s cock, the head buried deeply in the back of his throat.

Paul closed his eyes and tilted his hips, offering more of his hard cock to Graham’s mouth. Graham reached upwards, running his hands along the back of Paul’s thighs until his hands were caressing the younger guy’s taut buttocks. Graham caressed the smooth skin, using his fingertips to open the cleft between Paul’s cheeks and expose the tight ring of his anus. Sucking slowly and teasingly on Paul’s cock, Graham brushed the tips of his fingers against the dark opening, deep in the cleft of his ass. He felt the twitch of the cock in his mouth as he flicked his tongue against the velvety skin, before plunging his head onto the erect shaft. As he worked the tip of Paul’s cock to the back of his throat, Graham caressed the dark opening of his asshole, pressing his fingertip gently against the opening and slowly working it inside. He could feel the ring of tight muscle clenching on his fingertip and knew that Paul was very close to shooting a load of hot cum into his throat.

Graham made a gentle thrusting motion with his fingertip, slipping it inside Paul’s rectum and felt the cock in his mouth jerk. A heartbeat later, he felt hot, slick, cum spurting into the back of his throat as Paul pumped thick slippery ropes of his salty sperm into Graham’s mouth. Graham swallowed greedily, devouring the slippery, salty, fluid as the tip of his finger slid into Paul’s ass.

Graham could feel the cock in his mouth soften a little, as he swallowed the last drops of cum seeping from the slit. He gently drew his head back and swirled his tongue over the shrinking cock, lapping every last drop of Paul’s salty-sweet sperm from his cock and drinking it down. There was a quiet ‘plop’ as Graham drew his head right back and let Paul’s glistening cock escape from his lips. Then he stood Bayan escort up and leaned agaist his desk.

“Now it’s your turn, Paul,” he said, unfastening his pants and pushing them down, with his boxer shorts, around his ankles. Paul sank slowly to his knees and took hold of Graham’s cock in his long, slender fingers. It was not quite as long as his own, but thicker and no less firm. He sircled the base with his finger and thum, moving his hand slowly back and forth, fascinated by the way the felvet skin moved against the hard flesh beneath. He brought his other hand up beneath the heavy sac, lightly dusted with coarse, bushy, hair, some turning grey, and felt the weight of Graham’s balls. Graham arched his neck and pushed his hips forward a little, his hands bearing his weight on the desk.

Paul blew gently on the swollen cock in front of him and then, tentatively, licked the head, running the tip of his tongue all over the glans, wetting it with hi saliva. Graham remained perfectly still as Paul, for the first time in his life, tasted a cock. He opened his mouth wide and slipped the bulbous head between his lips. His warm mouth engulfed the swollen head, as his tongue swirled over the end. He had no experience but, instinctively, Paul was arousing Graham like an experienced pro. Graham was too thick for Paul to take to the back of his throat, but he caressed and coaxed the younger guy to swallow as much of his cock as he could take. Paul gagged and his eyes watered as Graham thrust gently into his hot mouth, but Graham was never so forceful that he choked Paul. Graham eased his cock out of Paul’s mouth and caught his breath for a moment. “Stand up, “he ordered the young man, ” and bend over the desk , here.”

Graham reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a tube of moisturising cream. Shuffling round behind Paul, he squeezed a little cream onto his finger tip and, spreading Paul’s cheeks with his other hand, began to spread the cool cream over the dark ring of his asshole. Paul jumped at the coolness, but Graham pshed him back against the desk, with the hand that had spread his cheeks. The tip of his finger was just inside Paul’s rectum and Graham looked down to see his finger sliding easily in and out of the dark, muscular, ring. Paul flinched at the first, painful, intrusion but soon found that it helped if he panted and made little grunting sounds, pushing against the fingertip as he did so. Graham enjoyed the sounds Paul was making, tiny groans, punctuated by gasps and panting, as he thrust back onto Graham’s finger. He squeezed a little more cream onto his fingers and then brought a second finger along sinde his forefinger, watching as they slipped into Paul’s ass, stretching him very slowly but firmly and brooking no argument.

Graham looked down and watched his fingers sliding slowly into Paul’s tight ass, listening to him grunting and groaning.

“Graham, please stop,” Paul whimpered, “I’ve never done this before.”

“Shhhh,” Graham crooned, “It’ll feel better in a minute, when you’re ready, just relax.”

“What do you mean, when I’m ready?” gasped Paul, alrm in his tone, “Ready for what?”

Graham said nothing, just preessed his fingers a little more deeply into Paul’s ass, twisting them as he did and listening to the tortured groan that slipped from his lips. Paul was both excited and frightened as he felt Graham spreading his tight asshole. He’d pretended to misunderstand what Graham had said, but he knew that Graham intended to fuck his virgin ass. What’s more, the thought of Graham taking him over the desk excited him, making him feel delicoiusly dirty and depraved.

Graham squeezed cream over the head of his cock, smearing it over the swollen bulb until it was slick and well escort lubricated. Then he kicked his feet out of his pants and briefs and moved behind Paul. Slowly, he rubbed the tip of his cock along the cleeft between Paul’s cheeks, pressing it against his asshole. Paul grunted at the contact, and the tight ring clenched. Graham patiently rubbed his slippery cockhead along the crack of Paul’s ass and reached down to spread his thighs a little wider.

Gradually Paul relaxed a little, the tight rose loosening. Graham pressed the tip of his cock against the tight ring and pressed forward. This time he could see the blunt tip pressing against the hole, stretching it a little. He paused, keeping the pressure against Paul’s asshole, but resisting the urge to plunge deep into him. Paul let out a low groan as he felt the pressure ease slightly and the burning in his backside cool a little. Graham pushed a little harder, a jerk of his hips pressing the head of his cock into Paul’s ass. Paul cried out, in a mixture of pain and anticipation, as Graham looked down to see the rim of his cockhead just at the edge of Paul’s anus.

Paul was shaking his head, and trying to speak, but Graham ignored him as he rocked his hips forward a fraction of an inch, the tip of his cock slipping past the tight ring of Paul’s asshole. Paul released an explosive grunt and gripped the edge of the desk until his knuckles turned as white as ivory. Graham was panting, sweat matting the hair on his chest beneath his shirt.

Paul sucked air in a great shuddering breath, trying to calm his trembling body. Graham increased the pressure of his cock and pushed slowly, easing his cock inch by inch into Paul’s virgin ass. Paul clung to the top of the desk as tears of pain trickled down his face. Graham ignored his sobs, pressing on, forcing his thick cock into Paul’s virgin bowels.

It seemed, to Paul, to take forever but at last he could feel Graham’s balls pressed hard against the cheeks of his ass. Graham paused to let him grow accustomed to a cock in his Ass and Paul’s breathing became easier as the burning receded. He still felt painfully full and desperately wanted to push the thing invading his tender ass out. Graham Grabbed Paul’s hips, holding him firmly, and began to rock his hips back and forth, moving the length of his cock in and out of Paul’s ass. Paul grunted and puffed air through his mouth, grimacing in a mixture of pain and wonder. Grahams cock slid almost all the way out of Paul’s ass, where he held it for a hearbeat, before he plunged it deep inside him. Paul groaned and pushed back against Graham, opening his tight anus and drawing him deep.

“Oh God, fuck me!” Paul cried, softly at first but getting louder and louder, “Fuck ME! FUCK me! FUCK ME!”

Graham moved quicker, stabbing his thick cock into Paul’s ass harder and more viciously until his cock cock and Paul’s ass felt as though they were burningn hot. The tight walls caressed his cockmand began to ripple like fingers milking his cock. Graham felt himself swelling in Paul’s ass and the tightening of his balls that heralded the first spurts of his hot cum.

Graham grunted once, deep in his throat and rammed deep into Paul’s ass. His hands dug into the younger guy’s cheeks as he held him tighht against his loins. Paul could feel the jerking of Graham’s cock in his ass as it spat thick ropes of slimy cum into his tender ass. The splashes of cum stung inside him as Graham spurted, forcefully, deep inside him. Slowly, Graham’s cock softened and slipped out of Paul’s asshloe. The tigt ring was much looser now and Paul gasped as the cool air hit his tender ass. Thick globs of Grahams cum oozed between Paul’s cheeks and the tightly stretched muscle looked bruised and tender.

Graham pulled his pants and briefs back on and moved behind his desk.

“Pull your pants up,” he ordered, “then get off home. I want to see you in my office after work tomorrow.”

Confused and a little sore, Paul obeyed, wondering what Graham would demand of him after work, next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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