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It was the middle of the day and I was horny. I was supposed to be working, but I couldn’t concentrate. I opened the internet browser on my new computer and clicked on one of my favourite sites to view when I was alone. It was one of those webcam sites where you could watch people masturbate.

I scrolled down the list until I found a link of someone who looked a lot like you. I clicked on it. An image of your twin came up. He was looking into the camera and smiling a very cheeky grin. He adjusted the camera so it was on his naked chest with his head right at the top of the screen. I could see the top of his jeans, slightly unzipped and awaiting his fist.

I sat and watched, feeling my heart start to beat faster as I imagined that the guy in front of me was you.

You continued to look into the camera. I felt like you were watching me and not the other way around. You slid your hand down your hairy chest, over your stomach and straight into your jeans, just like I wanted you to. You grabbed your cock with one hand and pulled your jeans down slightly more with your other. You weren’t wearing any underwear.

You started stroking your cock ever so slowly, still watching me. Your eyes were on mine.

I felt myself becoming all the more aroused as I watched your fist pumping up and down in front of me. I could Bayan Escort hear the noise your hand was making as you stroked yourself.

You had such a look of pleasure on your face as the skin on your cock moved up and down over the tip. I could see the slight bend in your cock as your fist continued with it’s slow and steady movements.

I watched as you stared into my eyes, daring me to follow your lead. I unbuttoned my jeans and slid my hand into my knickers never taking my eyes off you. I was wet already.

The tip of my index finger found my clit and I started circling it slowly, just like your hand movements. I watched as your arm muscles bulged with the movement of your clenched fist. I was so turned on right now.

Your fist kept it’s rhythm as did my finger. I wanted you to speed up ever so slightly so that I could too, but you didn’t. Just like you. I know you liked to wait until the best possible time to come and not rush into it like I do.

Your other hand slid into your jeans and gently cupped your balls. Time for me to move too. I slid my hand slightly further into my knickers and inserted one of my fingers inside my pussy. The palm of my hand was now softly banging against my clit as my finger moved in and out of me.

Your rhythm got slightly faster as you moved your hand up and down your shaft. As did mine. You were still looking right into my eyes and mine into yours.

I wanted to taste you. I wanted your cock inside my mouth right this very second. The slow rhythm was getting to me. I could feel my clit enlarging as my palm brushed against it. Again … and again… and again.

I wanted to feel your tongue exploring my pussy, making me so wet that you had to slide yourself inside me. I wanted to reach out and touch you so badly. But you were still sitting there, staring at me, stroking yourself ever so slowly. It was starting to drive me insane!

I sped up my rhythm. I could feel my orgasm starting to build up inside me. I wanted to come. I felt like I was betraying you by not keeping time, but I had to do whatever I could to set my orgasm free.

You smiled at me and started stroking yourself faster. It was like you knew what I was doing. Like you could see me. I continued watching you, watching me.

You started concentrating on the tip of your cock. I could see in your face that you wanted to come too. Your hand movements started getting faster and faster.

Yes, that’s what I wanted. Faster. I want to see you come!

My own hand speed up too. I was banging the palm of my hand against my clit hard now, as my finger slid in and out of me. I was so wet. I could hear the moistness sloshing around as I rapidly continued to disturb it.

You sat up straighter, still staring at me. I could see you were close too. Your hand was tugging your cock quite fast now and I watched as the veins in your neck tightened. You were almost there.

I could feel my pussy muscles starting to contract involuntarily. It was time! I continued banging my palm against my clit hard as I pushed my finger deeper inside. I closed my eyes and I came hard, gripping onto the desk in front of me with my other hand. I held my palm close to my pussy to keep the sensation in the present moment. I didn’t want this feeling to fade.

When I opened my eyes and looked back at the screen, you were still watching me. You had come all over your chest and hand and you were sitting there smiling. You hadn’t looked away from me once, during this whole time. How could that be? Why would someone keep sitting there once they had come? Did you know someone was watching you? You couldn’t…. Could you?

I was just about to click out of the site when you spoke to me.

“Bye Rose.”

You smiled and then you were gone.

I sat there wondering what had happened. How did you know my name? I looked at the top of my monitor and saw the little webcam embedded in it. Was it on? Was it really you? Had this really happened? I guess I won’t know until the next time I see you… and you smile at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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