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They sat in separate rooms working, but not getting much done; the constant IMs between them both a source of interruption and delight. Their new home was just that: a home. The kids were off at school, he was working remotely on a new project for a system upgrade, she on a new book that was going well.

Living together while the divorce was finalized was not what they wanted but finances demanded some concessions. The apartment was unusual in that it had 4 bedrooms and a sitting room off the master which she used as an office. He shared one of the bedrooms as his office and the family music room. It was crowded with keyboards, electric drums, guitars and amplifiers, but he had enough room for his laptop a small monitor and some writing space.

She was tired of writing and needed a break. The IM read, “Papi, do you want some lunch?”

He smiled and thought for a moment before he replied, “I’d love to eat lunch at the Y.” When she read it a shiver ran through her body. It had been six months since the conversation that changed their lives. The thought of his face between her legs, his tongue probing her cunny, his teeth nibbling her clit, immediately made her oils flow thickly between her legs. She was wondering how he would do it this time. Would he simply lie between her legs? Would he have her sit in the chair, flip up her skirt and take her with his mouth? Would he lie on his back and let her kneel above her? Probably not! They had just rebuilt the headboard from the last time they used that position. That was the third time she had broken it while he did that. She wanted him badly!

He got up and walked into the living room. Since the kids were out he wore only a pair of heavy cotton shorts with a draw string and a Giants Super bowl t-shirt. He looked around to see a new angle to take her. He wandered into the kitchen and put the kettle on, time for some tea. As the kettle began to whistle, she wandered in wearing a sari like wrap. He hugged her gently loving how she towered over him, the 5 inch difference in height delighting him again. Tall, statuesque, glowing with that inner beauty that magnified her magnificent external features, he was lost in her love, lost in her in a way that he could not put into words. He felt the thickness of her torso and the softness of her breasts and immediately became erect. The thought that he had ever needed Viagra made him laugh out loud. It wasn’t Viagra he needed, it was love. He hadn’t refilled his prescription since the afternoon of their first visit to the Corset Shop.

He maneuvered her to the sink, grabbed her hair near the scalp, pulled her back and gently bit her neck. She shuddered and said, “Aye, Papi!” It was an exclamation of pleasure but also a reminder she had a presentation the next day in front of 15 or 20 people and since it was summer she couldn’t wear a scarf to cover the marks. Inwardly he groaned with frustration because he loved to bite her but she was a public speaker who had to maintain a certain aura of majesty and innocence that bahis firmaları emphasized rather than diminished her inherent sensuality.

He pulled her wrap up and touched her thighs, gently and lovingly, slowly moving his hands inexorably toward her sex. As he did so her body tensed in anticipation; she knew him well and movement this slow meant some level of disciplinary pain. What would he do? He gently touched her lips, squeezing them together, sliding his fingers along them vertically so gently, so slow that she forgot for a moment that she had spent a good part of the day yesterday teasing him about the mechanic who had worked on her car. Telling him how tall and muscular he was, how he had easily picked up the tool box from the cargo area as though it were a carton of milk. As he began to bring his hand upward toward her clit the pressure suddenly increased to the point of pain. Her eyes, which had been closed suddenly opened wide, her mouth gaped and her nipple screamed from the sudden, unanticipated bite that he applied. Her cunny gushed out a surge of oils and her mind went blank. Her body was aflame. In some way she didn’t understand or care to understand how and why, her body responded to him of its own accord taking her mind out of the equation and on a journey of pure erotic pleasure.

He released her nipple and her sex almost instantly and gently kissed the neck he wanted to bite. He gently released the tie on the wrap and said, “I love you Eva.” He knelt swiftly for a middle aged man and softly kissed her just above the left knee. There was no bite, no sucking of the flesh just gentle lips touching her. She marveled at how he would go from the most tender touch to something that would cause her bits of pain that jolted and thrilled her. He kissed his way up her thigh and as he neared the y, he paused and asked, “How’s the car running Pet?”

She paused only briefly and said, “Well Ben, Ashon fixed it yesterday, its been running fine. You remember Ashon, the big guy from the service last week.”

She said it intentionally, with a lilting voice imitating a little girl. She loved to tease him about the men who were interested in her. He bristled and smiled at the same time knowing why she did it and what she wanted. He grazed his lips across her flesh ever so slightly as he moved his attention to her right thigh and positioned his right hand appropriately. “Did he ask you out again?”

“Well, Papi he did and I might have lunch …” Before she could finish the next word he spanked her cunny and her world exploded. She drew in a sharp breath and said, “Oh Papi, what was that for? Its just l…” He spanked her again and she moaned loudly, “I’m sorry Papi.”

“No, you’re not but you will be.” With that he drew his tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top in a sharp upward motion that caught her by surprise. As he reached her clit he drew it into his mouth sucking hard. He alternated sucking her click and licking it. She ground her hips into his face and moaned. He added a finger kaçak iddaa to the mix and began to slowly enter her body causing her to shake. He bent his finger and reached for her G spot, rubbing it gently with an in and out motion.

Within 30 seconds her moans became deeper and less even and she said, “Tell me Papi, tell me.” He shook his head no with her clit in his mouth which only made her want it more. “Please, Papi, please?” At first she had asked now she pleaded. She was right on the edge and him telling her to do it would send her into a fantastic orgasm. “Papi, I need it now.”

“Pet you were a bad girl, you have to wait.”

“But Papi, I’m sorry. Please, Papi can I? I said I was sorry!”

The words came out in the same little girl style but ragged and breathy. She really needed to cum but wanted, no needed, for him to tell her to. He removed his mouth and twisted his finger to make room for a second one, which drove her wild. She was pushing herself back and forth on his hand moaning, panting, groaning, ready for the dam to burst and scared that it would before he gave her the instruction to. It was going on over a minute since she had asked. The sweetness of the agony was unbearable and she couldn’t tell what she wanted more: to cum or to be obedient.

He reached both fingers for her G spot and when he made contact her head rolled back, her eyes went wide and all breath left her body. He said, “Cum”, and with that simple instruction she released herself to a mind warping orgasm. His mouth returned to her sex just as she pushed her hips forward and the sensation of him gently biting her clit caused a second orgasm to start while the first was in midflight.

She grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails in screaming at the joy of not having to worry about leaving marks or neighbors knowing. Her scream was simply two words, “OH, BENNNNNNNNN.”

He continued to lick, suck and bite her clit. She began to shake her head back and forth, her eyes tightly shut. She couldn’t make up her mind whether she wanted to open her legs wider and get more of him or close them tighter and squeeze every bit of him into her body. In the end she did neither and simply came over and over, moaning and digging her nails into his shoulder.

He began to slow down his tongue until he was just lapping at her pussy. She began to relax and just before the last tingles and throbs became bearable he began to gently blow on her clit making her shudder and starting another avalanche of pleasure to crumble down within her.

He stood up holding her hips to steady her. When she had her bearings he took her by the hand leading them to a chair. He sat down and positioned his legs inside of hers and spoke a single word: Ride. She lowered herself above him, reached for his dark brown penis and guided him to her entrance. She rubbed it against her womanhood to lubricate it. She knew from experience this excited him and helped her to endure the initial stretching that would come when he entered her. Unintentionally, kaçak bahis she hit her clit and her existence spasmed. She was lost in the dual sensations of the hardness of his dick and the softness of his skin on her clit, for a moment, nothing else existed but the contact between them.

From far away she heard him say, “RIDE, Now!” and she was drawn back to the moment and to him. She moved him into place and began to slowly lower herself over him. When he was 2 inches inside of her he put his hands on her hips and drove her down onto him with force. She loved it when he took control. He pushed to the back of her cunny and she could feel his balls touching her ass, he was deep inside of her.

She began to raise and lower her body slowly, gently, and methodically. Small movements up and down side to side. He put his arms around her back and reached up to her shoulders pulling down on them and raising his hips at the same time driving even deeper into her than he had been before. She yelped a bit at the sense of pain and pleasure this caused. After a moment he reduced the downward pressure on her shoulders and slowly, deliberately raked his hands down her back causing her to shiver. When his hands met her waist he took hold of her, lifted her about 3 inches slammed her back down. Again she moaned. He surprised her like that sometimes, with a show of strength that one would not expect from a man his size. He lifted her again, this time with her help, and again slammed her down on his dick and this time he moaned. She was close again, the well was full and the pressure to release herself was growing exponentially. “Tell me Papi, I can come if you tell me.”

He smiled knowingly and said not yet. She groaned in frustration and delight. He slowed their pace and began to bite her breasts sucking to draw the blood to the surface. He always left marks and sore spots, she could never tell him no. It surprised her how much biting her excited him. He began to shudder and pull her body down on him harder as he thrust upward urgently. She said, “Papi, please, I need it, tell me. Please Papi, now.” He shook his head from side to side with the flesh of her breast in his mouth. She said one last time, “Papi please tell me…”

He pulled his right arm back and crashed his hand into her buttocks and said, “Now!” She screamed and came and moaned and twisted and turned. Her head shook from side to side trying to make out what was happening, not sure where she was only that she was glad to be there. Her oils flowed out of her drenching him. She was grinding downward on him with a side to side motion. He began to tremble and she could feel him throb. He thrust into her one last time and exploded in silence as he deposited his seed inside of her. He spurted three times and laid his head on her chest and said, “You are a good pet”.

They sat there for a few minutes gathering themselves. He stirred when she moved her head from his shoulder. He reached his hand for her cheek and gently stroked her face. He slowly turned his head toward her and kissed her tenderly. When their kiss ended he said let’s take a nap. They held hands walked to the bedroom fell onto the bed and were snoring softly before they even knew that they were sleeping.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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