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Mom and dad helped me bring my belongings into my new dorm room from the car. I was in an all girl’s dorm and would be living with another incoming freshman named Emily. I was nervous about living “on my own” and away from my parents, but I was also overly excited about having some privacy and freedom from them too! When the last of my items were set in place, mom gave me a long, tight hug, and started crying. Dad hugged me too, and then they were off, leaving behind their young girl who was now a woman, about to explore real life.

I settled into the dorm and made friends quickly. So did Emily! It only took two weeks before she had several different guys visiting our room. Emily was tall, thin, had beautiful, wavy, strawberry blonde hair, and looked like a fashion model. I’d be very shocked if I found out that any guy she invited back to our room had turned her down.

By week four we had a “loofah signal” all set in place. If I came to the room door one day after class and saw a pink loofah hanging from our door handle, I’d know that she wanted privacy because she was with a boyfriend. If I saw a white loofah it meant she had a guy (or guys) over, but it was OK to come in. And if there was no loofah at all? There was no one there (no boys anyway).

One day after class I came back to our room to find a white loofah hanging from the doorknob. Not thinking much of it, I entered and began putting away my school bag before I realized that, not only where there guys in our room, but they were also mostly naked and half drunk! It wasn’t even dinnertime yet!

“Come casino şirketleri on, sit down and play with us!” says Emily. “You have to take off your coat and take a shot to play though.”

They were playing their own version of strip poker. I didn’t know how to play poker. I didn’t have much experience with alcohol. And I certainly didn’t want to get naked with my roommate or three guys I had never met before! I politely declined, but I did take a shot. Vodka. It was cheap vodka. And boy was that nasty stuff! They continued playing, and drinking, and stripping, and I went to my side of the room and climbed into bed to continue watching them. Emily suggested I take another shot, so I did. And I may have had a few more after that too. All I know is that before too long, I was mostly undressed, feeling fuzzy and warm and happy, and I was masturbating. The moaning and heavy breathing was not mine, however, it was Emily’s.

I watched on as Emily took one guy’s stiff cock into her mouth and another took her from behind. The third guy was kneeling beside Emily (who was on all fours) and stroking himself. He was staring at me, not at her, and this took me by surprise. Why was he watching me masturbate instead of watching that beautiful, moaning, young woman who was sucking and fucking right in front of him? I stared back thinking it might make him uncomfortable, but it didn’t seem to.

I still had my panties and bra on, but my legs were spread apart and my hand was between my legs. Although mostly hidden, it was plain to see that my fingers were working away at my casino firmaları clit under my cotton panties. I remember wishing I had thought to wear silkier or sexier panties that day. I had no time to prepare for this event! I doubt anyone noticed what I was wearing though. And only one of the guys in our room noticed what I was doing!

He motioned with his hand for me to come over there. I just bit my bottom lip and shook my head no. I didn’t know who he was, and I was afraid he might try to do something more than just watch each other masturbate. He motioned again, so I just closed my eyes and pretended to ignore him. In my mind, I was now performing for him, (and maybe I really was?) and I slowly pulled my panties down and off completely.

I peeked at him every now and then as I rubbed and fingered myself. He never took his eyes off of me once. With my other hand, I played with my breasts and rolled my nipple between my fingers. First the right one, then the left. I heard Emily moaning louder at that point, and noticed I was moaning too. My voice sounded different, unrecognizable almost, and I thought maybe it was just the alcohol messing with me. Normally when I masturbate, I am almost silent. These sounds were new to me, but came out so naturally! I continued rubbing myself and started to feel that build up that leads to orgasm. Emily moaned even more and it sounded like she was close to reaching climax too! The guys were grunting and making little comments like “oh yeah” and “fuck” as they enjoyed their threesome. The third guy started stroking faster and I güvenilir casino could his face change as though he were about to explode. Everything was so new, exciting, surreal, and fuzzy. It almost felt dreamlike.

I released a loud moaning sigh as my orgasm washed over me and my body twitched and swayed. I opened my eyes just in time to see my voyeur squirting his load onto Emily’s back. My muscles slowly returning to their relaxed state, I rolled onto my side and enjoyed my drunken, euphoric state as I watched Emily finish her performance. The voyeur stood up, put his boxer shorts on, and started walking in my direction! I remember suddenly feeling nervous and I didn’t know what to expect!

“Mind if I join you?” he asked.

“Sure.” I couldn’t believe what I heard myself saying!

I scooted to the edge of my bed and he crawled in behind me. He spooned me and we watched together as his two friends took turns cumming on Emily’s face. We giggled a little at the sight and then applauded as the show came to an end. Emily giggled too and wiped her face with a shirt she found on the floor.

“Thanks boys!” she said, “That was fun!”

They were proud of themselves and found their way to Emily’s bed to rest while making comments like “I’ll give it to you anytime you want baby” and “damn that was sweet, bro”. The three of them took another shot before cuddling and napping together on her bed. I wasn’t sure whether or not they’d be waking up to bother with dinner, but it didn’t matter because it was obvious that I wasn’t going out for dinner either.

“I’m Matt.” whispered my voyeur.

“I’m Megan.”

He started kissing me on my neck and shoulder. I was too drunk by then to stop him from doing it. But I didn’t want him to stop anyway…

It was definitely a night to remember!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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