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A beautiful house wife and mother get’s opened up.

Donna Reeves could not understand why she was not fighting this physically, instead of just mentally. In her head she was screaming her lungs out, kicking and screaming for help. She was wishing for someone to arrive on the scene, to rescue her, to stop the insanity, and to save her from this attack on her person.

But she wasn’t, instead she was in such a state of sexual arousal her whole body was inert. Donna was innocently to blame for the position she was in right now, she had been feeling hot and sexy all day. And she had started to play with herself, sliding her hand over her wanton pussy, pressing it with her fingers. She had even felt her super sensitive breasts, her iron hard nipples that had responded fatefully to the stimulation from their owner.

The beautiful leggy twenty seven year old mother of two small children, was in terminal seductive and sexual decline, and there was nothing she could seem to do about it. It was all her husband’s fault, he had insisted on putting a DVD into the TV on the wall of their bedroom before the children woke up. He was feeling as horny as hell, it had been about Donna’s favourite subject, the complete forced seduction of a beautiful young wife by a complete stranger. And Jack, her husband, had known that after she had seen it he was on to a certain early morning winner.

He had been right too, Donna had a hold of his cock and was smoothing her hand up and down, as the handsome man on screen devoutly seduced, and demolished the young beautiful wife as her husband was driving away in his car to go to work. It was the second time she had seen it, and this time was better than the last. Donna intended to watch it again on her own when opportunity presented itself.

As the man held her in his grip, there was no escape from him. He kissed her, bit her neck, squeezed her torrid nipples, and fingered her burning pussy. He had gently but firmly held her head by her long silky auburn hair as he bent it backward and ate her throat. Donna’s pussy exploded as she came, she tossed her husband’s cock in her hand.

She bent her head, but kept her eyes glued to the screen as she was forced to her knees to have the man’s thick heavy cock rammed into her mouth. She did this as she closed her succulent lips tight over Jack’s cock. She was sucking the strangers cock, Jack was in heaven, but Donna wasn’t sucking him, oh no! She was sucking her master’s hard cock, she was being forced to do it, and Donna loved every dominating second.

She knew this was a game, a fantasy, but it was also so real it became a reality in her mind. She lived the part in her head, it was her on the screen doing what he told her to do. Knowing that soon he would have her bent over the table in her kitchen, and the man would fuck her half to death. He would not give her a thought, she was nothing to him. She was just a piece of ass to be fucked at his will, a beautiful, sexy one yes. But she was to be used solely for his satisfaction, not hers. And Donna would cum, and cum, and cum again.

Donna knew Jack would cum quite quickly, and she also knew she could keep him hard so she could throw herself over him, fuck him hard, and she would cum to the point of almost unconsciousness too. Jack gagged, he stiffened, he was cumming, and he did, he shot his whole load into Donnas receptive mouth. She took it all, she was well practised in swallowing cum now, it was one of her favourite pastimes.

Jack was like a corpse in rigor mortis, Donna finished him off, and still tossed him. She rose quickly to mount her husband, and she threw herself on him, she got him dead centre and he was all the way in a second. Then the phone at the side of the bed rang, and the bedroom door burst open with two small children fighting each other to get into bed with mommy and daddy.

Donna cried out in surprise and then frustration, fucking her husband was now a definite no no. She slid off him, and under the covers as the two excited girls jumped in. It was Saturday morning and the children had been told not to disturb mommy and daddy until they were called for. This Saturday it wasn’t to be.

Donna was desperate for her morning fuck, and intended to have it the moment the kids were picked up by her dad at 11am, though she became mommy again immediately. Jack answered the phone, she saw his face drop, “Okay,” he said, “I’ll be there in an hour or so.” “What’s wrong Jack?” she asked. “Work,” he said, “a crane has collapsed apparently, though there are no injuries, I have to go honey, I’m sorry,” he told her as he got out of bed. He dashed into the shower hiding his erection from the girls.

Unknown to them both Donna’s forced seduction was about to happen because of events set in motion by her unwitting husband. Donna got up, saw to the kids and got an air kiss off Jack as he raced out of the house. “I’ll call you from work, let you know what’s going on,” he shouted over his shoulder, and then he disappeared.

Donna watched him go with altyazı porno the burning itch between her thighs aggravating her no end! She needed sex, and she needed it badly, as soon as possible she would be back upstairs taking care of it, and fast!

Jack had seen his friend the night before, he always went out for a drink on a Friday. His friend was the one who got him the DVDs from the internet. Jack had no idea how he did it, but over the last year he had downloaded several DVDs for Jack, who had started to get specific about what he and Donna were after. And eventually he had done some that had contained forced seduction.

Jack had excitedly related what had happened after Donna had seen it. She had gone crazy, he told him, she had become a sexual mad woman in bed, and he, Jack, had been the beneficiary of it. So he had asked his friend to seek out more, and he had. The latest one as the one she had seen last week, and this very morning.

Last night he had told him in explicit detail of Donna’s mind boggling reaction to it, and that he would make sure they watched it in bed the very next morning. His friend had told him he had a new one for him, which it was even better than the one he had now. And he would drop it off at about lunchtime for him, so they could hopefully watch it over the weekend.

Jack’s friend Mick had the hots for Donna too, just like any red blooded male would and did. Jack had egged him on in a way, sowing the seeds for Mick’s agile mind, he fantasised seducing and fucking Donna until she begged him to stop, while begging him for more. Donna was exceptionally pretty, attractive, and sexily beautiful. She stood about 5ft 5″ long auburn hair that was made of thick heavy silk. A face that would stop you, haunt you, and make you want to give yourself over to her completely.

Her complexion was flawless, the hue of her skin was slightly fair coloured, so when she sunbathed she would go to a golden tan. Her body was smooth, she was graceful, but everything she did was economical. She glided, and on the dance floor she could stop traffic. Her body was smooth and rounded, she had no sticky out bits, no lumps, everything moulded into the next in graceful lines. She was also very highly sensitive sexually.

All of her erogenous zones were fully active, she was in her prime as a woman. And when she got going she could defeat her Jack every time, except when he put on a DVD. Then she would give him everything he wanted, she would do anything he wanted. And the DVD she had seen again this morning was proof positive.

Now she was in limbo, she couldn’t even go upstairs and relieve herself because of the kids, her pussy was still ablaze, and her nipples were crackling like tinder in a fire. And though she tried not to, she had to ‘scratch’ herself on and off as the morning went by. Eventually her father came for his grand children, they squealed and jumped at him.

Donna saw them off with a sigh of relief, she busied herself tidying up after them, and then intended to get upstairs and watch the DVD and finger fuck herself, and using her vibrator into the bargain! She was already thinking of the man taking her, she, she would try to resist knowing it was futile, she would be unable to resist him. He would make her beg him to leave her alone all the while knowing he wouldn’t, and all the while knowing he was going to helplessly fuck her brains out!

Donna’s nipples were bursting as she headed down the hall, her pussy was screaming at her for attention. Donna was literally on fire. Then a shadow appeared in the glass front door of her home. She cursed as the bell rang. She tried to compose herself, she would get rid of whoever it was quickly and get up to her meeting with her body.

Her lips were filled with blood, her eyes were a little glassy, she was trembling, the sexual tension was under was almost too much to bear. She only had her bathrobe on, it was short chocolate coloured. She opened the door not realising what she was presenting to the caller, an extraordinary beautiful woman dressed for no particular occasion, but utterly beguiling, and devastatingly sexy.

“Donna,” Mick said eyeing her amazingly wonderful shape. Gathering his senses quickly, he noted the look on her face, he was sexually up to date, he knew an excited bitch when he saw one, he hoped. he said. “I have brought this round for Jack, is he in?” and he held up the DVD knowing Donna would know what it was. “No Mick,” she told him, “he has been called into work urgently, and I don’t know how long he is going to be.” Donna was hoping he would leave.

“Are the kids about?” Mick asked. “No, why?” she replied, “they have gone with their granddad for the day.” Mick knew her secret, the one she thought only Jack knew. That she loved domination by a strong willed man, and man who would satisfy her need to be taken at will. Well today, right now, Donna had one on her doorstep, and he was rapidly reviewing the situation he might be in, that he might be facing.

He amatör porno gazed at her and rightly guessed that she was in some sort of trance, was it sexual, was it him, he could see she was extremely distracted. Mick himself was a ladies’ man, he was divorced, he came from money, his parents and theirs were very wealthy. At thirty two, he had grown up into very charming, but predatory man. And he had found a niche to get the women, more or less as and when he wanted them. He had found pornography!

Taking the bull by the horns, he stepped forward, he had wanted Donna for as long as he had known her and Jack. He was making things up as he went. “Ah well,” he said stepping into her home and closing the door behind him. “I’ve brought this DVD, and Jack called me about an hour ago,” he was lying about that, “and he told me to bring it over and show it to you, to see if you liked it Donna.”

Donna watched open mouthed as he walked into her sitting room and switched the TV and DVD player on. She followed him in, “Jack called you, are you sure Mick?” “I’m positive Donna, I know Jack well enough to know who he is and isn’t.” He knew by her remark that she was uncertain. “Sit down Donna, watch this, I know you will love it,” he told her.

Donna, completely bamboozled did so, and fortunately for him, and unfortunately for her, she sat on the large sofa. Mick was now in a rampant sex frame of mind. His cock was growing and he had his friend’s wife firmly in his sights. He knew this was probably the one and only time he would ever get close to screwing the gorgeous beauty he was now alone with.

He knew her sexual preferences, even if they were as yet only in her mind, and alone with her Jack. He decided that as soon as the film got to the part where the man in it swung himself at, and over the submissive woman, he would do the same and hopefully, he would take control of the sexy Donna.

The film flickered to life and Mick sat next the half dressed goddess. “Watch Donna, this is better than the last film I gave you,” he told her with strength in his voice, it never went unnoticed by her. It started by the woman cringing as her door opened, and in strode a man, he was well built, and even here he conveyed an air of power and dominance.

He stood and looked at her, “Here!” he barked, and pointed at a spot in front of him on the floor. The woman, who was actually dressed similarly to the way Donna was cowered, then moved to him. She stood head bowed. “Where is your wimp husband?” he demanded. “He is out sir,” she replied meekly. “Good, then you must be dying to be fucked by your master, YES?” “Sir please, don’t,” she whimpered. Mick glanced at Donna, already her eyes were bugged wide open, and she licked her lips. He almost grabbed her there and then, but the man spoke. “So do you want me to leave, don’t you want to be fucked by my man cock again. Are you satisfied now by your thin pricked husband? ANSWER ME!” he yelled.

Mick had no idea that Donna would have paid the man on screen to fuck her right then, and he also never knew that if Quasimodo had been there, he too, would have got her. She was already seduced by her own body, the memory of the film in bed this morning had taken her down for any man who happened upon her. Her misfortune was that it was her husband’s friend who would be doing, ‘The taking down!’

“Sir, oh sir, please,” He grabbed the sexy woman on film by her hair, bent her backwards and necked her. The woman almost fell down. Mick glanced again and he knew Donna was there for it. The man bent her right over, then laid her on the bed in the background. Mick put his arm around Donna, pulled her back and over. Slid his hand into her robe and gripped a nipple, and squeezed it.

Donna gasped not quite realising what was happening, she actually twisted her head so she could follow the action on the DVD. Mick didn’t care, he was on his way. He got her in his grip, and now she was powerless. He screwed her nipple tight, he kissed her neck. “Mick?” she burbled, but it was already too late.

Mick kissed her neck more and more, they were burning holes in her it, he treated her nipples to a gang fest of finger tip rape, his knee was between her legs and caressing her pussy. The DVD was forgotten, but her eyes were focussed on it. She tried to fight him off, but she didn’t move a muscle. She screamed at him, but she never said a word. She struggled to get free, and never moved an inch. It was like a dream when you try to run away but can’t.

Donna was staring up at him, wild eyed and in a state of sexual frenzy. “Don’t even think of resisting me Donna, you need me, you want me,” he said harshly and forcefully, as he forced her right over on to her back. He yanked away the robe and pulled it off leaving her nakedness before him.

“I am the man you need Donna, the one in those films Donna, I am going to use you, and fuck you just like they do Donna!” He slapped a tit then he slapped the other, then Mick bit each nipple. Before animasyon porno Donna could even think of protesting his fingers were buried in her white hot volcanic pussy. Her knees came up, and there were, “OH, OH, OH, OHs,” coming from her lips.

Donna was beaten already, Mick sensed it too, he wiggled his fingers some more, stroked her prominent clit, stood quickly, pointed a finger at her and said. “Stay right there Donna, don’t you dare move, do you hear me!” His voice was strong and strident, she would not be moving. She was in fear, but so worked up she gave in completely. He was already too strong for her, his voice carried the weight and command tones it needed for her to obey him. She was also now beyond sexual arousal, there was only one course of action for her now, and it was submission to him. His power in demeanour was far greater than she could deal with.

Mick tore his clothes off, his cock, big, rigid, strong, stood out from him. Mick needed no stimulation for this, he had long wanted and waited for this moment. He had imagined many times screwing the beautiful housewife and mother, the wife of his friend. He would not be denied, and Donna would not either, whether she was up for it or not. His bright red cock was menacing, it threatened her very existence.

He wasted not one second, he was on her, and he told her to put him in her, her movements were a little slow, he slapped her face. “IN, NOW!” he ordered. Donna did what he said, not because she feared another slap, but because she was so desperate to be fucked and screwed, even if it wasn’t her husband that was going to do it. She realised momentarily that she didn’t care either, all she knew was that she was under the control of a powerful sexual alpha male predator, and she was overwhelmed by it, and him.

The beautiful young wife looked up at him, her lips trembling, her eyes switching from one of his to the other, wildly, back and forth. She was waiting for him to do her any way he wanted. Her eyes were glued to his, he rammed his cock home and stopped, Donna grimaced, his cock was bigger than Jacks, she could feel it. “Want it Donna?” he asked, “Hmmmm?” he yanked it out and drummed it back in again. He waited, Donna’s mouth was wide open, he kissed her for the first time. Then he was out and back in again before she knew where she was. “I asked you a question bitch!” he said almost vehemently, “yes or no, do you want me to fuck you, or do you want me to fuck off!”

What resolve Donna had went with those very words, she was more desperate now for a fuck than she could ever remember, or ever known. “Yes Mick yes, please Mick, don’t make me wait, I can’t stand it, please Mick.” All Donna wanted was the fucking she had been craving for when the telephone rang earlier this morning, and the kids spoiled her moment. This was what he was and had been hoping for, he yanked it out, waited a second, then rammed it back in. He kept doing it, in, out, stop, in, out, stop, in, out, stop.

His hoped for goal was to make her beg for him to screw her. To subdue her, to subjugate her to him. He wanted to dominate her in the way he knew now she obviously needed to be. And all the while Donna was being driven crazy with her desperate need to be fucked by the dominant man who had her now at his behest.

Her arms and legs locked around him, her nails dug into his back, her teeth clipped to his chest as she gasped and wailed to be done. “Mick, Mick, please, come on baby, do it, do me, please Mick please?” That was his signal, the acceptance by her, that he was the one calling the shots, he, at this moment in time was her owner. He had the wherewithal, and the ability, to give her what she needed, and to give himself what he wanted.

He was fucking the beautiful sexy wife of his friend, he had wanted this for ever more, along with every guy who met or even saw her. Mick drove in and out with hip breaking shots, Donna, her eyes screwed shut, her face wrinkled with sexual lust, need, desire, the contortions, her mouth open, her luscious full, pouting lips trembling, gasping breaths, then he stopped, it was time for a little more he decided.

Mick looked down at her, her eyes slowly opened, a look of ‘Oh no, don’t stop,’ on her face. He smiled at her, then he kissed those lips, Donna kissed him right back, it was a kiss of longing, for him to continue beating her. “How are you liking this Donna Hmmmm, am I good for you Hmmmm. Is my cock nice for you Donna. Tell me what you think.” He rammed it in and out a couple of times then stopped again.

Donna was dying inside, she needed cock, she had to get screwed beyond anywhere she had ever been screwed by any man. “Oh Mick, Oh Mick,” she cried, “please, please Mick, don’t, I’ll do anything you say, I’ll be anything you want, but please don’t do this, I’m begging you.” Tears of sheer frustration, and childish need spilled from her eyes. That was good enough, now he set about hammering her.

He cast his mind all over the place to avoid cumming, this was too important just for him to get his rocks off with the gorgeous young wife now begging him to screw her. Mick battered Donna as hard as he could for as long as he could, he made her cum time after time. Then the insurmountable urge not to cum overtook him. Mick blasted his super hot seed right into Donna’s waiting womb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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