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“Do you need help, darling?”

Mia looked up at a beautiful woman who had introduced herself as Emma. Mia was running away from a bad situation at home and found herself stuck at a gas station with no money and no food. Thankfully, Emma had kindly approached her in the gas station and offered to pay for a meal. Now they were sitting at a booth making small talk, until Emma offered to take Mia into town and find a shelter.

Mia had declined, saying that the meal was enough and she didn’t have any money to pay back Emma’s kindness.

“Honey, I don’t need money! I do need help at my boutique, and I could offered a room above the shop. You don’t have to decide right now, let me at least take you to the homeless shelter in town,” Emma smiled at Mia, hopping that she could at least change the young girls life for better.

Mia seemed nervous, but not because she didn’t trust Emma, Emma had only shown genuine kindness to her and Mia was sure that if anything turned sour she could run away. Mia wasn’t nervous about being taken advantage of by this woman, instead she was nervous because this woman was exactly her type.

Emma was a tall, brunette with big brown eyes, her hair framed her high cheek bones perfectly, and Mia was in awe of her beauty. She was also slightly aroused by Emma’s curvy figure and short sundress. Mia knew that she wanted to take the job offer from Emma, not only because it was a great opportunity, but because she wanted to get to know this lady better.

“OK, you can take me into town and I think I would like to work for you and in your shop.” Mia finally decided to take a leap of faith and grab this golden opportunity.

“Excellent! Lets hop into my truck and I can tell you more about my business on the way!”

As the pair started to tecavüz porno drive into town Emma explained her boutique, “To be honest, honey, I run a rather unique shop. Its a fetish boutique, I sell sex toys, equipment, costumes, and anything a couple of consenting adults could ask for.”

Mia was stunned at first but quickly grew excited and said, “I actually worked at a sex shop before I got here! I have always loved the open-minded people of the fetish community.”

“Wow, we were just meant to run into each other, weren’t we?” Emma laughed and then switched to an interviewer mode. “It’s nice to know that this isn’t new to you, but I do want to ask a couple of questions to see if you are right for the job.”

“OK,” Mia suddenly felt a little nervous but still super excited at her good fortune.

“Just answer a few question with a simple yes or no. Are you a virgin?” Emma stared straight ahead but didn’t stutter once.

Mia blushed but quickly answered, “No.”

“Have you had sex with men?”


“Have you had sex with women?”

“Y-yes,” Mia stuttered as her mind imagined having sex with Emma.

“Have you ever tried any aspects of BDSM?”


“Have you tried water sports, pet play, or latex kinks?”


Emma sighed, “Well you aren’t the most experienced person but I teach you all of kinks that we cater to.”

Mia’s eyes went wide as she jumped to a very sexy conclusion, “Show me how?!”

Emma glanced at her with a wicked smile, “I meant just explain them to you verbally, what did you have in mind?”

Mia blushed fiercely and looked out the window, “Nothing!”

“Really? Cause it sounded like you wanted me to explain different kinks to you using your body,” üvey anne porno Emma’s words caused Mia to close her thighs together as her pussy started to throb. Emma’s voice had gained a sultry tone that was melting Mia’s senses.

“Let me keep asking you questions. Would you ever let a woman dominant you?” Emma didn’t look at Mia this time but keep the strong sensual tones in her voice.

There was way more tension in the truck then the two women had started with.

Instinctively Mia said, “Yes,” almost surprising herself with how much she desired that exact situation.

“Would you every let a woman put a collar and leash on you?”

“Yes,” Mia almost groaned at the thought.

“Do you want to touch yourself right now?”

Mia’s thighs had started to rub together and Emma had noticed. Mia couldn’t lie to Emma, not after she had gotten her this worked up.

Mia whimpered and said, “Yes!”

“Will you obey my every command while we are in this car?”


“Then start touching yourself my darling,” Emma still hadn’t looked at Mia since she started to ask her sexy questions. Mia didn’t hesitate to unzip her jeans and slide them down to her ankles. She slipped her hand underneath her pink panties and started to circle her clit. She could feel the damp spot in her panties from where her pussy was dripping. Mia slowly inserted her middle finger deep inside of herself and let out a deep moan.

Emma glanced down at Mia and frowned, “Give me your panties.”

Mia was now so entranced by this beautiful, dominant woman that she obeyed without hesitation. Pulling off her jeans and panties she handed the soaked underwear to Emma.

Emma gave them a deep sniff, which turned Mia on, and then üvey erkek kardeş porno said, “Put these in your mouth and make yourself cum.”

Mia took back the pink panties and hesitated just a bit before putting them in her mouth. Mia was slightly worried that maybe she was entering a bad situation, what if she was better at the gas station. But then she felt the heartbeat in her cunt and realize how much she wanted this. Not just freedom from her previous bad situation but she wanted Emma, she wanted this sexual freedom, and she wanted to cum.

Mia stuffed the panties into her own mouth and then moved both of her hands down to her cunt. She shoved two fingers deep inside herself, searching for the g-spot. Her other hand vigorously applied pressure to her clit. Mia couldn’t help but squirm around in her seat as her pleasure started to build. She was breathing so heavy and fingering herself so fast that the wet sounds of her pleasure filled the truck. Mia closed her eyes as she felt her orgasm burst through her body.

“Look at me,” Emma’s voice broke through Mia’s euphoria just in time for their eyes to meet as Mia screamed in pleasure through her panties.

“That a good girl,” Emma’s voice caused Mia’s body to shake and quiver, “I would love to keep you as my own personal pet. You obey orders so well and you are so cute when you cum.”

Mia could only try and catch her breathe as her orgasm subsided so Emma continued, “I don’t want you to feel forced into anything but here in my new offer. You can still work for me, I will still offer you a room if you want, and if you so desire we can forget that this ever happened and just be co-workers.”

Mia pulled the panties from out of her mouth, “Is there another option?”

Emma smiled, “Or you can become my sex student and I can teach you all of the wonderful things that I know. You just have to obey my every command.”

Mia spoke confidently for the first time that day, “I want to obey and serve you, Emma.”

“Call me Mistress Emma.”

Mia smiled at this new opportunity and her new mistress, “Yes Mistress Emma.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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