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Author’s note: This is a work of fiction. All characters are eighteen years or older. This is a direct sequel to the previous chapter, so it’s best to read that first. This story features anal sex, so be warned in case that’s not your cup of tea. Don’t expect realism, and you won’t be disappointed when you don’t find it! Enjoy!


I woke up feeling movement on the bed. Something soft, warm and smooth was pressing back against my chest and groin, snuggling into my still half-asleep body. The scent in my nose was unmistakable and I knew immediately that my face was buried in my sister’s chestnut mane.

My eyes were still closed when I heard the silvery notes announcing the beginning of a light gentle tune I knew very well. I stirred awake completely, a smile on my face, when I heard Lily start to sing along with Lou Reed, matching his soothing tone with her own sweet little voice.

“Suuunday morning…”

“…briiings the dawn in…”

Hearing me groggily mumble the second line, my sister shifted slightly and turned her head, her luminous hazel gaze meeting my barely open eyes.

She was smiling. She was beautiful. And she was lying naked in bed, spooned into me. I must have had the goofiest, happiest grin ever as I leaned in and pressed my lips to Lily’s warm mouth, kissing my beloved baby sis, humming with joy.

“Mmmh morning Danny! It’s not exactly dawn, though, more like noon… Did you sleep well?”

“Like a rock, Lil,” I said, hugging her tight from behind as she wiggled her butt into my crotch and rested her head back in the hollow of my shoulder. “Someone rode me until I basically passed out last night, so I had no trouble sleeping at all.”

“Oh yeah? That’s weird,” she quipped, “because someone fucked me silly until my pussy was sore and pumped me so full of cum that I’m still leaking!”

“So I guess you slept well too, then?”

Lily laughed and pouted her lips, inviting me to kiss her. When I let go of her succulent mouth, she murmured: “I slept great, Danny, never better. I want to sleep with you every night, I want every night to be like last night.”

“Me too, Lily.”

We cuddled and kissed and held each other, rubbing our bodies together, my cock nestled between her beautiful plump asscheeks. My fingers roamed all over her smooth skin as my sister reached her tiny hand back, tugging at my hair, pulling me deeper into our kiss.

“You put on the best possible song to wake up to,” I mumbled into her ear, “you’re awesome, Lil.”

She purred contentedly and resumed our kissing. Then after a bit she said: “This should be our song, you know.”

“I thought this was our song already,” I said, spooning her closer, wrapping my arms around her waist and caressing her soft tummy. “Well, one of our songs. Like the Gimmie’s cover of Nothing Compares To You. Or Time Of Your Life. Or The Freaks, Nerds and Romantics…”

“…and Doesn’t Remind Me, and Jolene sung by Jack White too,” she pointed out. “But no, Danny, I mean… This should be our song as, you know,” she shrugged with an almost shy smile, kissing me deeply before concluding, “well, as boyfriend and girlfriend, I guess? Or is that weird? I mean, we’re still brother and sister, but, in a way…”

“Weird?! It’s fantastic! It’s what I’ve always dreamed about, Lil, the two of us together. Oh, baby, you’re the only girl I ever wanted.”

I squeezed my sister in a bear hug and planted smooches all over her pretty face. She squealed and squirmed, giggling excitedly and reciprocating, pushing back into me and spooning tighter, matching my kisses with her own.

It was incredible to be with my sweet Lily like this, finally lovers, the way we both had been fantasizing about for so long. Our being brother and sister might have held us back from expressing our love in a physical way before, but having crossed that line the previous night, our newly blossomed passion seemed to make our life-long sibling bond even deeper and more intimate.

My baby sis and I snuggled in bed for a long time, listening to the Velvet Underground, enjoying our closeness. With our parents away for the weekend, we were in no hurry to do anything at all. We just lazily kissed and fondled each other, cuddling and murmuring sweet nothings, basking in the indescribable feeling of perfect completeness that comes from finally being with the one person you know you are meant to be with.

By the time the last song in the playlist faded away, we were both very much awake and unavoidably horny. My boner was cozily nestled in the crack of Lily’s round meaty bubble-butt, my hands had found their way to her buxom jugs and to her moistening little pussy. Lily cooed and pressed herself back into me as I massaged a thick pebble-hard nipple with one hand while teasingly dipping the fingers of the other inside her tight slit.

Her slow grinding motions were getting me harder by the second, enveloped as I was in the pillowy embrace of her asscheeks. Soon I couldn’t help but hump into her sumptuous rump, letting sex izle go of her large breasts to grab her bouncy booty instead.

I moaned in reverent appreciation as I ran my palm all over that plump juicy ass I was so enamored with. Lily snickered, very aware of my obsession for her spectacular bubble-butt.

“You really like my big fat ass, don’t you, Danny?”

“Hey,” I retorted, in mock-outrage, “careful there! It’s my sister’s beautiful bubble-butt you’re talking about! I won’t let anyone insult her or her sweet round ass like that,” I said, slapping my hand down on Lily’s fleshy asscheeks and then kneading her jiggling bottom lovingly.

“She is my baby,” I concluded solemnly, meaning every word, “and her ass is mine now. She’s a beauty like no other and her amazing bubble-butt is a masterpiece, so treat it with due respect!”

I stressed my point with another playful smack on that luscious rump, eliciting a squeak from my sister.

“Mmmh, I like that,” she murmured, an impish grin on her lips.

“What, this?” I asked, slapping her pale fleshy globes again, a little harder.

Lily squirmed and whimpered, but she pressed her booty harder into my steel-hard dick, until I felt my glans poke at the entrance of her tiny crinkled rosebud.

“Yeah, the spanking was nice, sort of. But I meant that I like hearing you say these kind of things, and the way you touch me and look at me… You make feel beautiful, Dan, I feel so safe and loved when I’m with you. And I like it a lot when you say I’m yours. That’s how I want to be, Danny. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Lil,” I said, kissing her long and deep. “And you really are beautiful, and so sexy,” I added, caressing her tits and pressing my cock harder between her plump buttcheeks, making her purr.

A sudden thought struck me then. A grin was already on my lips as I murmured into Lily’s ear: “And you know what else I love like crazy, beside your amazing tits and your epic ass? This!”

Lily yelped and started writhing like a snake as soon as she felt my lips sucking on her earlobe and my tongue licking the back of her ear, her number two most ticklish spot. At the same time, my hands ran straight down her thighs until my fingers reached the back of her knees, titillating her number one, most secret and most sensitive ticklish spot. That seriously set her off.

For a while, my baby sis and I lost ourselves in an old school pinch and tickle battle, something we hadn’t done in quite some time. We wrestled and rolled around on Lily’s bed, laughing and teasing each other like we used to do as kids. It was funny, specially when I thought that the last time we did this we weren’t naked and I was definitely not sporting a hard on.

That turned out to be my demise. I had Lily pinned down to the mattress and I was torturing her sides while nibbling at her ear, eliciting uncontrollable giggles from her. Then, suddenly, she lifted her hips and locked her legs behind my back, pulling my hips down forcefully. Positioned as we were, with my boner pressed against her puffy mound, her unexpected move made my cock slide down along her labia and inside her hole, my glans sinking into her tight warm pussy.

“Ooooohh yeah…” I sighed, losing focus as I basked in the silky caress of my sister’s vagina.

“Ah-ha! Got you!”

Exploiting my moment of weakness, Lily rolled us over on our side and then disentangled herself from me, jumping off the bed and running across the room. She stopped at the door, leaning against the door-frame. Cocking her hip and crossing her arms under her big jutting tits, she looked at me with a raised eyebrow, silently claiming victory.

“That was a dirty trick, Lil,” I said, admiring her curvaceous beauty as I climbed off the bed. I graciously tilted my head down in defeat. “Well done!”

She smiled smugly. “Yeah, I thought that might work! Come on, let’s jump in the shower,” she invited, winking suggestively, “maybe we can practice more dirty stuff…”

It was nice to shower with my sister. The water felt great and the sheen of droplets tricking down her voluptuous curves made her look breathtakingly gorgeous.

As we lingered under the spray, soaping each other up and running our hands all over one another’s wet body, Lily and I joked about the fact that we were finally showering together after the many times we had sneaked peeks when the other was taking a shower. Predictably, with all the mutual rubbing and scrubbing, we soon got sidetracked from the mere purpose of cleaning our sibling up.

While Lily slowly stroked my aching erection, my hands were massaging my sister’s spectacular tits and her fabulous round ass with an intent other than simply rinsing her off. Lily whimpered softly whenever I tweaked a puffy nipple between my fingertips. Hearing those sexy little sounds made me twitch in her jacking hand in turn.

The rhythm of my baby sis’s handjob got erratic when I reached both hands to her crotch, sliding two fingers into her sikiş izle moist velvety slit and carefully easing a soapy digit into her tight little anus. Lily moaned deep in her throat and leaned back, resting her shoulders against the tile wall for support and offering her amazing jugs to my mouth. As I slowly fingered both her holes, I dipped my head down to lick away at her heavy tits and suck on those pink tender areolas, nibbling on her erect nipples in the process.

As I worshiped my sister’s tits and masturbated her pussy and asshole, I deliberately ignored her clit. I limited my attentions on her swollen nub to brief, occasional teasing rubs with my thumb, just to spike up her arousal.

Lily soon started shivering, her build-up growing and growing, her release denied by the dragged-out pace of my fingering. The slow, gentle stimulation of both her holes was pleasurable enough to make her moan in delight, but insufficient to get her off.

“Oooohh Danny, please, stop teasing me! You’re driving me crazy ahhh…” she whimpered pleadingly, her voice thick with desire and a desperate need to climax. “Touch my clit, please, I need to cum so bad ooohh!… Pleeeease, just make me cum!”

My heart was racing and my cock throbbed at my sister’s lusty words. Giving one last long suck at each of Lily’s fat nipples, I slid my mouth down her soft tummy, kissing and licking my way to her soaked needy pussy as I crouched before her.

I pumped my fingers faster into my baby sis’s tight holes as I clamped my mouth over her engorged clit. Lily’s fingers tugged at my hair and she forced my face into her crotch, yelping out loud as I unleashed a whirling flurry of tongue strokes on her sensitive overcharged nub.

I devoured my sister’s clit ravenously, egged on by her choked sighs of impending release. At the same time, I finger-fucked her asshole at frenzied speed and I curled up my digits inside her pussy to stimulate her g-spot.

Lily’s curvy frame shivered as I explored the clefts and ridges of her silky vagina while I masturbated her tight little anus. She clamped her thighs around my head, trapping my lapping face between her legs, aching to finally cum. Emboldened, determined to make her feel as much pleasure as possible, I redoubled my fingering and licking efforts. With seconds Lily was crying out, writhing in ecstasy.


Lily’s snug butt-ring clenched around my pumping digit while her pussy quivered and gushed rivulets of delicious girl-cum into my suckling mouth. I kept lapping and fingering my baby sis throughout her climax, giving her clit a relentless tongue bath that caused her orgasm to rear up again and crash down on her with empowered intensity.

Lily’s cries of pleasure were turning into croaky breathless gasps when my mouth finally let go of her sweet dripping pussy and I disentangled my fingers from her tight holes.

“Oh my god, Dan,” my sister panted as I stood up, licking her juices off my face. She was smiling blissfully, her legs weak and her whole body still shivering as she laid back against the tile wall for support, barely able to stand straight.

“That was crazy good! I felt like I was gonna explode, I needed to cum so bad… And when you finally licked my clit, it felt so amazing I thought I’d pass out!”

I turned the shower off and held her in my arms as we kissed passionately. My aching boner was pressing against Lily’s puffy splayed-open pussy lips and I couldn’t help but grind into her mound as we made out, smearing her clit with dollops of my oozing pre-cum, eliciting muffled moans from both of us. I was ready to pop right there and spray my long-withheld load all over her slit and tummy when Lily broke our lip-lock.

“Fuck me, Danny,” she croaked, brushing her sensuous lips over mine. Her breath was ragged and her eyes were burning with desire. “I need to feel you inside me, I want you to fill my pussy, please! Give me your hard cock, big brother! Fuck me, now!”

Grunting, drunk with incestuous passion, I grabbed Lily’s plump meaty ass in both hands and lifted her up just enough for me to wedge my glans between the dripping folds of her entrance. Cooing, resting her chin on my shoulder and throwing her arms around my neck, Lily spread her thighs wider, raising one leg and wrapping it around my back while she stood on the other.

With one hard push, I thrust my throbbing hard cock all the way up my sister’s snug slippery pussy, making her gasp and shudder in pleasure. She was so soaking wet that, despite her amazing tightness, I managed to cram myself balls-deep inside her in one go.

Aching to cum, rabidly horny after making my baby sis climax with my fingers and mouth, I started fucking her like a man possessed, slamming into her with fast deep strokes. Lily’s head lolled lifelessly on the hollow of my shoulder and her voice broke into a continuous husky groan of delight as I plowed her pussy at breakneck speed, pinning her to the wall and squashing her pillowy tits between türk porno us.

As I held onto my baby sis’s round bubble-butt, I couldn’t help but tease her rosebud with my fingertips, poking into her asshole and stretching the edges of her pliant sphincter. But I did it just as a reflex of my fixation with her beautiful plump ass. My true focus was on my pistoning cock savagely pumping into the clinging folds of Lily’s vaginal sheath as I rushed to a massive orgasm.

I pounded my sister’s pussy as hard as I possibly could. A loud, sensuously throaty cry of pleasure escaped her slack mouth at my every savage in-stroke, until she sank her teeth in my shoulder, muffling her moans, yet somehow making them even more erotic. Lily’s obvious pleasure and the quivering convulsions of her vaginal walls multiplied my arousal immensely.

Horny as I was and fucking her as recklessly as I did, I couldn’t last long inside the wet silky caress of my baby sis’s pussy. Soon I was panting and grunting as I humped her like a rutting beast, ready to fill her full of cum.

“Aaahh, Lil… I’m gonna cum so hard, baby! Fuuuck, I love your tight little pussy!”

As if my words had awakened her from a pleasurable torpor, Lily suddenly raised her head from my shoulder and looked at me with lust-addled, barely focused eyes.

“Wait! Oooohhh, wait Danny,” she moaned, her breath coming quick and labored, her voluptuous body jiggling and shaking while I kept brutally slamming my cock into her snug velvety hole. “I want you to cum in my mouth! I need to taste you, I need to drink you!”

My legs shook and my balls tightened. I could feel a massive load rushing up my pulsing hard-on as I let go of Lily’s ass and slipped out of her soaked slit. Moaning, she dropped swiftly to her knees and plunged her face down on my glistening shaft, taking me in her mouth. She barely managed to wrap her soft lips around my bloated mushroom head, her tiny fist jacking me furiously at the base as I exploded, sending a powerful jet of cum to splash against the back of her throat.

“Aaarghh yeah, Lily! Here I cum, baby, here I cuuuuuum!”

Holding the sides of her head, I shot rope after rope of seed into my sister’s gullet, pumping my cock in her mouth while she purred, sucking me and fisting me eagerly as I face-fucked her. My head spun and I bellowed out my release as I emptied myself between Lily’s sublime lips, spraying my first huge load of the day down her willing throat. I stopped humping her face after I blasted the first thick spurts straight into her esophagus and I threw my head back, letting my pulsing cock fill her oral cavity with creamy spunk until my glans was submerged in a warm gooey mixture of my seed and her spittle.

I grunted like an animal all through my orgasm, my pleasure increased by the amazing sight of my sweet baby sis on her knees before me, diddling her clit to climax while she drank down my sperm. As if the visual wasn’t enough, I shivered in pure ecstasy hearing Lily’s sloppy sucking sounds and her coos of delight as she noisily gulped my semen and milked my cock for more, cumming on her fingers as she nursed on my shaft.

I was weak in the knees and thoroughly drained when Lily finally let my softening shaft plop out of her insatiable mouth. She was grinning impishly as she licked her cum-glossy lips clean and used her fingers to capture the few stray dollops tricking down her chin, eagerly swallowing my liquid essence to the last drop.

“Mmmhh, that was a big load! I feel so full of your yummy cum, Danny,” she said, caressing her soft feminine tummy, “but I’m still starving. How about breakfast?”

“Yeah,” I panted, “breakfast seems like a good idea. Well, brunch, I guess.”

“Come on,” Lily giggled, dragging me under the shower head and turning the cold tap. “Let’s give ourselves a nice jolt to kick-start the day!”

We stood under the ice cold spray, the freezing sprinkle revitalizing us after our earth-shattering climaxes. Lily squealed and winched at the cold patter pelting down on her and tried to get out of it after a few seconds, but I held her to me in a tight hug. I was smiling while she jumped in place and squirmed in my arms, squealing, brushing her heavy boobs and hardened nipples against my chest, finally relenting only when I pressed my lips to hers. It wasn’t long before I couldn’t take it anymore either and we both darted out of the shower stall, laughing and horsing around as we toweled off.

We got dressed, but only in T-shirts and underwear and only because we didn’t want to get burned, since we planned to cook. And man, did we cook.

Starved after the night of passionate lovemaking and the savage fuck in the shower, Lily and I treated ourselves to a much needed and most hearty brunch of pancakes, eggs, french toast, orange juice and coffee. We ravenously ate everything up, barely speaking as we stuffed our faces. Trading morsels was the only form of communication between us, smiles and hums of appreciation aside.

We took our time at the table before cleaning up and doing the dishes, joking and chatting all the while as we always did. It made me feel good to see that we were still our usual selves and that there was no awkwardness between me and my sister. Not that I feared there would be any, actually.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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