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It seems like an eternity since Dianna was over and we had a wild time in the shower. I thought of the experience constantly, still mad at myself for not pushing for penetration sex. I was masturbating daily thinking about Dianna. It was getting to be too much, so I decided to call her.

“Hello,” Dianna answered in her pleasant voice.

“Hi Dianna, it’s Rob, how are you doing?” I asked.

“I am well. How about you?” she answered.

“Well to be honest, I am going crazy thinking about you and the fun we had,” I answered.

“Really……well I have thought about it too…….do you need another haircut,” she laughed.

“No…hair is fine….just need some attention elsewhere….you know,” I replied.

“Rob, I don’t know what you mean,” Dianna said in a teasing voice, “Why don’t you just tell me what you want.”

“Ok….Dianna I want you in the worst way, I want to kiss you and touch you, I want to give you the pleasure you deserve. I want to taste the sweet nectar which comes from your flower. Most of all I want to penetrate you with this hard cock of mine. There now you have it.” I said.

“Wow Rob… sound like you’re in a bad way…….now I know what needs attention. What do you have in mind?” she asked.

“I would like you to come over soon, like last time, but stay a little longer. Besides I have an idea of how I can help you financially. What do you say?” I asked in a begging voice.

“Sure Rob, I can come over tomorrow. I did say I thought about you too, or didn’t you hear me. I would love to feel you inside me. What’s your idea, I could always use some extra cash,” She replied.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow have a few things to show you,” I replied.

“Funny me too…..I got an exercise ball…..and……well and toy to go with it,” She said.

“Great bring the toy, we can use my ball. See you tomorrow, can hardly wait,” I responded.

The next day Dianna called me to tell me she was on the way. She showed up a short time later. True to form she look really nice, she had on black shorts and a pink scoop top which exposed her cleavage. Flip-Flops of course on her feet.

I grabbed her hand and welcomed her in. I gave her a soft kiss, gently sucking her lower lip. I rubbed her arm with my hand, her skin was silky smooth.

“Please come in, you skin fells so soft and you smell good enough to eat,” I laughed.

“Good enough to eat, hey? If you’re nice to me…maybe, just maybe that can happen,” she laughed back.

“Coffee?” I asked.

“Sure why not.”

I walked her to the kitchen and offered her a seat at the table. She sat down and crossed her legs. I got us both a cup of coffee and joined her.

“I am going to put some music on if you don’t mind?” I asked.

“Sure I like to listen to tunes.”

“Ever heard of Sarah McLachlan?”

“No I haven’t …….what doe she sing?” Dianna inquired.

“She kind of has her own style….very sexy voice….sings with lots of passion, very sensual,” I said.

“Hummm……seems like you are trying to set the mood, I like that,” she replied.

I walked over to the entertainment center and started the CD’s. I have sound throughout the house so I knew when we headed upstairs we could still listen, I returned to the table and sat by Dianna.

“Sounds interesting so far. So what’s your idea, sorry but money is still an issue for me. I really appreciated the money you gave me.”

“No worries there Dianna, I’ll do all I can for you. Here look at this, I said as I turned the laptop on the table to face her.

On the screen was a website that had nude mature women. I had a link opened that had a number of thumbs of a woman in her mid-thirties, just like Dianna. The woman had a nice body, long blonde hair and shaved pussy.

“Rob! Why would you show me that! Are you one of those sicko’s that get off on porn. Please don’t make me look at this trash,” Dianna said in an upset voice.

“Sorry, I certainly don’t mean to offend you. The woman is quite attractive, not as attractive as you and that’s the point. I do enjoy looking at the female form and I learn some about pleasing women by looking at some of this,” I said.

“Well…..I am just a little surprised I guess. And I can see she is attractive…thank you,” She said in a stern voice.

” What you may not know…is that women got paid anywhere from $250-$500 for submitting her pics. This site is call All Over 30, so it covers women over the age of thirty. With digital cameras these days’ people are more open about their bodies. In addition she gets trail money every time someone looks at her pictures.” I explained.

“$500 come on Rob, no way,” She said.

“I said $250-$500 and yes I can assure you this really goes on,” I said.

“So what are you suggesting, Rob?” she said.

“Well…I am just throwing out the idea. You are a very attractive young woman; mature men like to see mature women not just the young girls. Your pictures would be accepted for sure.”

“I could never do that; have my face and private parts all porno indir over the internet. Are you fucking crazy, Rob? What if someone who knows me saw the pictures? How could I live that down?”

“Dianna, everyone is different. Some people are comfortable with nudity. Take me for example; I am really comfortable with my own nudity. Did you know I go to the nude beach, out at Playalinda?” I asked trying to diffuse the situation.

“Nude beach….really Rob….I didn’t even know there was a nude beach around here. And you go there? I guess I really don’t know you.”

“That’s the point, even in a local setting I have never seen anybody there I know. You would think, I would see somebody I know. There are thousands of sites on the internet; the chances of someone seeing you are very slim. And if they do… so what……at most maybe they will call you for a haircut,” I said with a laugh.

“You are too much, Rob. So what’s the nude beach like? I can’t believe I just asked that.”

“Actually it’s pretty cool. Sun bathing in the buff, feeling the sun’s rays on your rarely exposed parts. Strolling down the beach for a little walk, with it all hanging out. And then there is nothing like the feel of the waves crashing on you nude body,” I replied.

“Rob…you make it sound pretty interesting but I couldn’t do that, just like I couldn’t post my pictures on a site like this.”

“Ya sure, easy money….you could use the money right? Let’s do this….we go up stairs I take a few pictures we have a look at them. I’ll put them on a memory stick, so you’re the only one that has them. You can erase them if you want…or….”

“I don’t photograph very well. What if I look ugly… know I don’t have a perfect body.”

“Oh come on girl……you are so sexy……let’s quit wasting time. Pictures or not I want to make love to your sexy little frame. Let’s go up.”

“Ok…ok all this sex talk is making me wet. Do you even have a camera?” She asked.

I grabbed Dianna’s arm pulled he out of the stair and guided her to stairs. I was squeezing her ass as she climbed the stairs in front of me. I had my camera in my bedroom, hoping I would talk her into some pictures.

“I didn’t realize last time how nice your bedroom is, king size bed and all. So what do you have in mind, Rob?” She asked.

“I think you know……hey I almost forgot, did you bring your toy?” I asked.

“Yes right here in my purse,” She said as she pulled a very realistic looking dildo, complete with balls and a suction cup on the bottom.

“I see the suction cup helps hold it in position on the ball, interesting,” I said.

I took Dianna in my arms and we embraced each other. She tilted he head and our lips locked together. Her tongue quickly darted into my mouth. I rubbed her back and let my hand slide down to her ass. I squeezed her cheeks as I pull upward on them. After a few minutes of swapping our saliva we separated. Just then Dianna noticed the camera on the dresser.

“So I see you’re pretty sure of yourself Rob,” She said pointing to the camera.

“No just wanted to be prepared, it’s up to you love,” I said as I picked up the camera.

I snapped a few pictures of her face and show them to her on the viewer.

“Well that certainly isn’t ugly by any stretch,” I laughed.

“I do have a nice smile don’t I?” she said with a little grin.

“Here stand by the window and let me get your whole body in the picture. Use your hands; put them on your hips. Tilt your hear a little….and most importantly smile….yes smile at the camera,” I coached her.

I took a few more shot as Dianna changed position, still in her shorts and scoop top.

“Now turn around and bend a bit as you look out the window, That’s it now bend a little further and turn you her towards me. Spread you feet, a little wider. Now hands up on the wall and on your tip toes.

Dianna was one beautiful woman, her shapely legs and nice round bottom made for some fine pictures.

“What do you have on underneath the shorts?” I asked.

“Black tong panties.”

“Good….unsnap the shorts and wiggle as you let them fall.”

Diana was obeying my every command. She used her thumps to slowly lower the shorts, exposing her fine looking bottom. I kept clicking shots.

“How about the top, what’s underneath that?”

“A pink bra dummy.”

“Ok off with the top wise guy, let’s see those melons I want to taste.”

“Rob….these pictures are just for you and I right?”

“Absolutely…..but I have to tell you my dick is getting pretty hard. I can’t believe what a turn on this is.”

Dianna pulled the top over her head and there she stood in her bra and black panties. She continued to pose in very seductive positions.

She undid the clasp in the front of her bra and opened the two cups, allowing her tits to fall. Her nipples were rock hard.

“Wow,” I said as a continued to long through the view finder, “Squeeze you nipples, use both hands.”

Dianna had removed her bra and began rokettube to fondle her tits; her eyes were very seductive as she looked at the camera. My dick was dying to get out, so I set the camera down and ripped my clothes off. The sight of Dianna was getting to be too much; I needed to stroke my own cock a little.

“What’s the matter there, Rob? Getting a little excited?” Dianna giggled.

“Honey you are one hot little woman, sorry but my cock wanted out,” I said.

“Well….fair is fair…since you have taken pictures of me, how about if I snap a couple of you?” she asked.

“Sure why not and you can keep them for yourself. You may wanna look at them later when your home and horny thinking about me,” I laughed.

Dianna still had her panties on as she came over and took the camera. She took a couple of shots of me showing off my hard on.

“Turn around and bend over,” she commanded, “good that’s it spread your legs so you balls and cock hang down.”

I did as instructed and Dianna snapped off a few more pictures. She took a close up of just my cock, she was enjoying herself.

“Ok,” I said, “enough of that, climb up on the bed and wiggle out of those black panties.”

Dianna jumped up on the bed. She posed with her legs crossed and leaning on one elbow. Next she got to her knees and used her thumbs to pull the waist band on her panties. She slowing removed them. She lay back down and had her legs in the air. Her panties were at her ankles and her legs were spread wide apart, giving full view of her moist pussy. She kicked off the panties and she was finally nude.

That was about as much as I could take. I jumped into the bed with her; we embraced as we lay side by side. I could wait to taste her lips again. Something about her lips I just couldn’t get enough of.

I sucked on her face like I was a Shop Vac. Her tongue explored the innards of my mouth. My hands started to wander her shapely figure. Squeezing her round melons and rubbing her cute ass.

Dianna was doing the same, I felt her small hand reach between my legs and latch onto my cock. She stroked me a few times, my cock was rock hard. Next she cupped my balls, massaging them gently in her hand.

It was time to taste her sweetness; I broke our embrace and crawled down between her legs. I used my hands to spread her legs apart, as far as possible. I kissed her slit and then stuck my tongue into it. She was moist from my attention and the arousal form the photo shoot.

Her inner lips were slippery from her juices, she tasted like nectar. I raised my head to look at her. Her heard was rolling side to side as she rubbed her own tits.

“Dianna, darling use one hand to spread you outer lips. I want to make love to your pink inner lips and tongue that little clit of yours,” I requested.

“Like this,” she asked as she used her index and middle fingers to spread her lips.

Her inner lips suck out; they were becoming dark pink as blood rushed to the folds. I could see the ball of her clit hiding under her hood. I put my face back to her body and took her lips into my mouth. I sucked the soft skin deep into my cavity.

I pressed my face hard against her as my toque penetrated her hole. I found her little ball and banged my tongue against it. I didn’t want to stop; it just seemed to be the right place for my head.

Diana was moaning as I continued my work. I wanted to suck the cum from her body, but she had other ideas.

“Stop….stop….I don’t want to cum yet, I want to feel you cock in me, please…..please fuck me with your cock,” she was begging.

My cock was hard, but a little dry. I moved closer to Dianna’s head and offered her my cock to suck.

“Baby, you need to suck me a little, get me nice and wet and then I’ll fuck your little pussy to death.”

Dianna took my cock in her mouth, engulfing the length of my shaft. I reached down and fingered her pussy, rubbing her clit with a frenzied motion. I was nice and wet ready to finally enter the pussy I missed out on last time.

I rolled Dianna to her side and I positioned myself behind her. I planned on spooning this little girl with a slow rhythmic fuck. I used one arm to lift her leg exposing her wet hole to my cock. She grabbed my dick and inserted it into her waiting vagina.

I slowing worked my cock all the way into her. Her ass was pressed against me. I slowing stroked my cock in and out a few times to get the feel of her inner womb. Dianna tilted her head back and we kissed deeply.

My hand massaged her breast, pinching at her hard nipples. My cock continued to slide in and out of her.

Dianna pulled her head from me and said, “Oh…this fells so wonderful to have you cock in me, I feel so full.”

“I think my cock has found a home,” I laughed, “your pussy feels so good. I want to fill you with my cum. Let’s try another position for a while; I want you to fuck me now.”

I rolled to my side and my cock slide out of her hole. Lying on my back, I pulled Dianna on top of me. Her legs straddled seks filmi my torso. I used my hand to guide my cock back into her. She raised herself, pressing her hands to my shoulders.

Her long hair hung down across her face as she began to rock back and forth on my stiff member. I reached up and squeezed both her tits, rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

I reached around her and pulled her ass, forcing my cock deeper inside her. Her pace was increasing, I could fell a climax was near. She kept rocking hard and faster.

“Fuck…oh fuck…Rob… feels sooo fucking good. I am cumming…..oh……oh…yesss…..fuck yes,” Dianna moaned just before she collapsed on to my chest.

I held her close and I shoved my tongue into her mouth. My dick still inside her, I wanted to shoot my wad as well. I roller her off of me. I got between her legs; I grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs toward her head. I pull her arms through the legs and locked them behind her knees.

Her sweet pussy and puckering ass were looking straight at me. I grabbed my cock and beat the shaft against her labia. Sliding the head of my cock between her two lips. I spread my legs to get closer to her.

I raised myself up and drove my cock deep into Diana. Her eyes opened wide with a bit of surprise. I leaned forward laying my body on hers. I fucked her hole as hard as I could.

“Dianna honey, I want to fuck you silly…….I am going to shoot my load of cum deep into you…yes…baby….fuck…oh…fuck……” I said almost out of breath.

Dianna was grunting with my every thrust, “Fuck me…baby fuck me….I want to feel you hot cum in me.”

“Shit girl…… here it comes……fuck…….fuck yes,” I screamed as I exploded.

I fell against her, totally out of breath, my cock was still deep in her, and she was trapped beneath my weight.

I found the strength to raise myself and slid off of her. Her legs still locked behind her elbows, she was cramped and I am sure her muscles were sore. I looked down at the little cream pie I had just created and drove my tongue into her.

Our fluids were intermixed; I tasted my own cum as well as her sweetness. I lapped her well used pussy, cleaned every drop. I freed her legs which were like wet noodles. I laid beside her as we both needed a little time to rest. I leaned to her and our lips met, she could taste our combined cum from my mouth.

After a few minutes I sat up and said, ” Wow….that was terrific. I enjoyed fucking your sweet little pussy…finally.”

“Yeah, I like the feel of your cock in me.”

“Hey why don’t we look at the pictures it took?” I asked.

“Sure why not,” Dianna replied.

I got out of bead grabbed my camera and laptop and brought it back to the bed. I connected the camera to the computer so we could see the pictures better and down load them to the memory stick. I downloaded all the pictures and opened the viewer.

“Wow…look at this one,” I said as I bought the pictures up.

“Not bad, huh?” Dianna asked.

“I’ll say you are one hot little MILF. I am sure the site would pay for these,” I said.

“I don’t know about doing that.”

“That’s cool….we don’t have to do anything today. I will give you the memory stick as I promised,” I assured Dianna.

We continued to look at the pics; I could feel my cock coming back to life.

“Shit girl……look at the effect your pictures are having on me,” I laughed.

“Isn’t that the idea,” she said.

“Sure is, how are you on time?”

“I have enough time………what do you have in mind?” Dianna asked.

“Let’s get the exercise ball, I want to see what you do at home with your little friend there,” I said pointing to her dildo on the night stand.

“Ok get the ball and I’ll show you.”

I jumped up and got the exercise ball. Dianna took the dildo and shoved it into her wet pussy. I place the ball near the bed and Dianna held the dildo, in her, while she straddled the ball. The base of the dildo had a suction cup which contoured nicely with the ball.

She began to bounce up and down on the ball, driving the dildo into her pussy as pushed down. The bounce from the ball pulled the dildo out of her on the up stroke. She was really going at it; the dildo was buried deep in her.

I positioned myself behind Dianna and reached my arms around her grabbing her tits, one in each hand. I squeezed her tits as I forced her harder down on the ball and lifting her on the up stroke.

“Oh fuck baby….this is fun,” she panted between stokes.

“Yeah that dildo is fucking you pretty good,” I replied.

My own cock was now hard again, as I rubbed it against her back as I held her.

“What’s that I feel in my back?” she asked.

“Well you are making me so fucking hot…..what did you expect,” I said.

I held her tight slamming my cock against her and stopped the thrusting of the ball. I didn’t what her to waste her cum on some fucking dildo.

“Hey I got an idea, you up for it?” I asked.

“Sure, what?”

“Get up a minute and let’s put a real cock in you,” I said.

I lifted Dianna up and pull the dildo from her pussy. I rolled the ball next to a stuffed chair I have in the room. I sat on the ball and leaned back. My back ass was on the ball and my back was on the stair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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