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In January of 1982, Kathryn and I flew from Michigan for a vacation in Southern California. We had found a lovely hillside bed and breakfast in El Cajon, a suburb of San Diego. In our early thirties, we had been married six months; each previously married with no children. I had courted Kathryn even before she was divorced. Being 5’5″, 130 pounds, she presented 32 A breasts with long nipples, and shoulder length brown hair. I was 6′, 165 pounds, 8″, blonde hair, and sporting a full but neatly trimmed mustache. During that period in our marriage, we had threesomes with close friends, hot tubbed naked with friends, and sought to extend our sexual adventures.

I was very excited about San Diego. We visited a nudist camp for a day. I vividly recall laying on a chaise lounge beside a pool surrounded by aging naked men and women. I did not expect sexual behavior at the pool, but, I was disappointed that there were no younger couples, sexual references, nor even hints toward parties. I was so horny. There had to be more to this vacation than tanning with nudists twice our age. We picked up a local free newspaper and discovered an ad for a location for on-site swinging. They were having a party that very night!

Kathryn was apprehensive, but willing. I promised that I would stay beside her and willingly leave, if she wanted out. We showered and dressed for the evening. The site was downtown and we found it to be in an aging business district, undergoing renovation. The party was upstairs in an older, but appealing, two story building. We climbed the stairs with other couples and men. We paid our admission and were given towels. The genders each had showers and changing rooms with lockers. The rules prohibited outer clothing, basically allowing only towels, and ladies lingerie. I knotted my towel, as many men seemed to do, and hoped gravity would cooperate.

Kathryn had the foresight to wear a teddy. Fortunately, the towels were conveniently large… and we were both able to feel well-covered. I was not sure whether Kathryn was wearing her panties when she emerged from the changing area as she had the towel tucked just above her breasts. I suspected my erection would be quite obvious. I wanted to avoid feeling conspicuous. Silly me.

I met Kathryn outside of the changing area and we began to explore the various rooms. She trembled as we peered into the first of several rooms off a large, central, social area that was furnished with a projection-type video screen and couches. The smaller, dim room was entirely floored with mattresses. There was one naked couple sitting and talking.

We moved on and saw several men gathered at the doorway of the next room. There was a scrawled sign posted outside at the door, “Jane takes on all cummers…line forms here.”

Kathryn looked at me shyly and said, “I want to see this.” So, we proceeded past the line and stepped into the room. It was quite warm in the room. There was a distinct locker room smell…mixed with the scent of pussy and perfume. There was a bit more light, in this moderate-sized room, than some of the others. A pretty, slender woman about 45 years old was laying on her side. She was joined on a bed by a 20 something, sunburned guy with a white patch where his shorts or swim suit had shielded him from the sun. He was thrusting into “Jane” from her back side as she sucked on a middle-aged black man, in front of her.

She was covered in sweat, as were her partners. Her breasts were sliding back and forth on her chest, in rhythm with the thrusting of her stud. Her leg was being lifted by her partners, so that the several men, of various ages and shapes gathered in the room, could clearly see. They were literally waiting in line and were saying things like “Oh yeah, baby, suck that dick.” and “Fuck her good, Barry.”

Kathryn watched for a minute and turned out of the room. She put the back of her hand to her mouth. I could see perspiration beginning to form on her face. I asked her is she was too warm.

She turned to me an said, “I don’t think I could do that.” I could see she was flushed. I escorted her out, past the line of men eyeing her. She said, “Let’s sit down. I mean….I love seeing that…it is so exciting, I can hardly walk. As we sat on a couch in the common area, she leaned against olgun porno me and said, “How does she do that? I would be exhausted. I just couldn’t keep up and I would be sore…that guy was HUGE. But, GOD, it turned me on!” Kathryn sat reflecting on the scene she had witnessed and then said she wanted to see the other rooms.

I helped her up and noticed that my wife did, indeed, wear her panties. Now they had a large darkened area between her legs. We walked together to the next doorway, where we saw a videotape running on a TV, with the image of a blonde woman vigorously sucking a cock. This was before the era of the HIV/AIDS fears. Sexually transmitted diseases were thought to be treatable. While we were not planning to be risky in our behavior, death and permanent illnesses were not seen as a serious threat. By now, we were both silently considering the likelihood of our having sex with others here. I was quite sure that we were both emotionally prepared for it, though Kathryn was not admitting as much.

The large open room with projection video had several doors. Some of the doors led to rooms we had already visited. Dance music was pulsing through one open double door; we chose it. About a hundred men and women were drinking and gyrating to rock music coming from large speakers in the corners. It was techno with that relentlessly thumpy and sensual beat. There were women in teddies, some of them accessorized with garter belts and hose, while others wore lingerie and even torn tee shirts that covered little.

Some men were in towels, seeming happy to be free of the constraints of underwear. But, many of the younger, buff men were wearing tiny g-strings. The dance floor was a shimmering ocean of people, bathed in pulsating colored lights and reflecting the hypnotizing music. This was certainly not the social scene we were accustomed to seeing in our little Michigan town.

The dancers were rubbing, gesturing, and seemingly seducing their partners. I seated Kathryn at a bordering table, not far from the dance floor…close enough to see the partners fondling each other. I did not realize at the time, that she would look to men in the crowd like she was available to dance. I went to get a couple of beverages. We needed a drink!

I was able to secure nice, stiff rum and cokes from the cash bat. Kathryn was quick to down hers. She was obviously excited and the atmosphere prompted her to nod in rhythm, quickly getting in the groove. This continued for a couple of rounds of drinks. We danced a bit, but, mostly sat mesmerized by the wanton behavior, so close to us. Clearly feeling her liquor, she asked for one last drink, saying that she would not need any more. I was happy to oblige. This was really fun.

When I returned, Kathryn was dancing! Her partner was a young, African American. I learned later, that he was in law school, on break. Dancing with a nice looking, college-aged black man while wearing a skimpy outfit was a fantasy come true for Kathryn. She was flexing with the beat and shuffling close to her partner in the middle of the dance floor. In the broadest sense, what they were doing was …dancing. I could see her laughing and sometimes flirting with him by rubbing up against him. He put his dark hands on her beige teddy and pulled her close, as she parted her legs to wrap around his thigh. I could see her butt tense as she pushed her crotch into his leg. Then, the pulsing rock song came to a close.

However, Kathryn and her partner gripped each other, as if still in a dance. It was a grip of affection… of passion. The music began again, with a slow, mellow number. Kathryn remained locked with her hands around his neck, her lips at his ear, and his outstretched hands pulling her butt onto his leg. They slowly began to sway. Even in the dim light from across the room, I could see the tell-tale flush on the nape of her neck. Soon, she was vigorously humping on his thigh. She was orgasmically lost in another world, with this young man making her dream come true. As Kathryn finished her climax, she lowered her left hand down between them. She slipped her hand through the overlapped opening in his towel. It seemed that his cock was a bit large to stay completely concealed between them.

She looked porno around, as if to see whether they were being observed. Indeed they were, for when her eyes found mine, she smiled with the classic, heavy-lidded look of a lustful woman. Then, she looked up into his face and kissed him deeply. I realized, with this obvious sign of affection, she was showing me her intentions for this man. I noted through gaps in the pulsating bodies that she was discreetly caressing his sometimes exposed, stiff penis. He might be satisfying her craving for a big cock, before the night is over.

Though the slow dance tune was not yet over, I watched the passionate couple leave the dance floor and walk out the door on the other side of the room. I felt comfortable with my wife having the company of another man. As the next few minutes elapsed, I tried to dance and be focused on the fun at hand. But, my cock was not listening. I was excited and began to grow curious. I loved to watch my wife have sex and I suspected that they didn’t leave to get a snack. The room continued to gyrate, but I was done.

I circled around the dancers and edged out the door that my wife and her stud-to-be went through. It opened to what appeared to be an old ballroom that hosted more dancers, in a dimmer atmosphere. There was a line of eight cubicles down one side of the room. A door accessed each small room. These were all closed, though I noted that the cubicles had open ceilings, apparently for ventilation.

My wife was nowhere to be seen. I stepped through the room and briefly looked around for her in the bar through the other door. She had vanished. I grew concerned. Then, a passionate shriek came one of the cubicles. I could not see who was within; the door was closed. But, I knew Kathryn was being pleased in there. Kathryn was a classic, fucking screamer. When she was being pleased in bed, people down the street would know it, unless we were careful.

Kathryn was safe and happy. I was not invited and was simply relieved to know that we were still in touch with each other. I paused…and looked around the room for something to do while waiting. In the dim light, I noticed another door, that I had not yet explored. People seemed to be welcome to enter, as I saw them coming and going.

The door opened onto a narrow, open ceiling passage that basically ran behind the private rooms. On the room side, were a series of horizontally sliding window frames about chest high. Some of the windows were open…others were closed. The windows had been installed for voyeurs. If the occupants of the room wanted privacy, they pulled the curtains and closed the window. If the sexual activities were to be semi-public…the curtains were left open and the sounds of sex were clearly to be heard at some openings. Several of the rooms had closed curtains. I ventured down the hall to where a couple of men were peered into a window. One man left and I took his place.

I had counted windows as I walked and knew that, it was Kathryn’s room. Sure enough, there she was with her mouth full of cock. The gentleman she had been dancing with was now naked and standing, as Kathryn vigorously slathered his penis with her saliva. I was fascinated and stone hard. She had already been yelping in orgasm…so I knew that I had to be observing her reciprocating his oral attentions, that had brought her such pleasure.

Within minutes, she was face down, with him pounding her rear. They were in no hurry and neither was the voyeur in me. The next time I checked my watch their play time had became half an hour. Kathryn was multi-orgasmic and always had terrific stamina. Those qualities were being displayed that night. She and her partner really enjoyed themselves, not to mention their onlookers. I found myself standing next to a couple attired in tops, but no bottoms. They were oblivious to the passersby and were totally absorbed in Kathryn’s orgasmic show. The college age blond next to me was being groped by her partner, as she stroked him. Kathryn was a very hot show… his dark hands on her lightly tanned body. I must have watched for some time.

As I was about to move on, I was stunned to feel a hand at the front of my towel. The innocent looking blonde, standing next to me, had snaked her way under Porno 64 my towel and grasped my stiffening penis. With both hands busy, she never looked away from the window and never said anything to me. Using a skill that implied lots of practice, she stroked me until I was groaning. My neighbor, then turned away for the first time, to whisper in her partner’s ear. To my total amazement, she knelt beside me, dropped my towel, and put my cock in her mouth. She knew I was about to cum and wanted it in her mouth!

What a vision! I had this cute, little blond sucking on me and my wife was getting nailed through the peeping tom window, not to mention that the blonde’s partner looked on and stroked his own dick! It all sent me over the edge. She murmured as I spurted into her waiting mouth.

As I was grunting my pleasure and gratitude, her partner bent down and said, “OK, you said you would show me,” to which she responded by opening her mouth. Even in the dim light, my cum was clearly visible on her tongue. He gasped as his hand began to piston on his own dick. She told him to “Spray me!” …her exact words, I swear.

She simply turned and caught his load directly on her cheek as he held the tip of his penis to her waiting face. As many good cocksuckers do, she looked up at her partner when his cum splattered her, batting her lashes only long enough to avoid him spurting in her eye. Then, in one of the sexiest moments of my life, her eyes went to ME as she cleaned his penis head, with his cum sliding down her face. She seemed completely happy to have just satisfied two men at once. Soon, as quickly as she had dropped to her knees, she popped up to her feet. This young vision gave me a peck on the cheek and strolled away, cum faced, with her lucky man.

By the familiar wail drifting from open ceiling and window, Kathryn was having an extremely strong orgasm. I could see her black lover thrusting into her, as he held her knees bent to her shoulders to allow deeper penetration. By the look on her face, he was successful. I was aware that her orgasms were typically so powerful, that although she was capable of more, there came a time when she needed rest. It was surely getting to that point.

As I retraced my steps toward the front of the little rooms, to my amazement, I found that a short line of young men had formed. The head of the line was an eager soul waiting to enter the cubicle where, behind the door, my wife was sweating and taking the big, black dick of her dreams. The men were gesturing and joking about what a fine fuck she was going to be for them.

I realized that things could quickly get out of control. Kathryn, was drunk on sex, as well as alcohol, and was well beyond reason. These men were building up an expectation of sex with Kathryn and I was quite sure she was not capable of saying “No” to a determined, hard bodied, young man. She had limits, but she also had weaknesses. Sufficient booze, at that time in her life, definitely pushed her reason into the background.

I went to the front of the line, explained who I was, and told them that she was not going to do anyone else. I knocked and called out that it was “break time”. The line quickly melted away, as the disappointed young men went in search of another opportunity.

Kathryn’s partner soon emerged, sheepish, but grinning ear-to-ear. I smiled back. As he left, I entered and found her laying quietly, covered in sweat, flushed, and naked. She kissed me passionately. I had been right about her enthusiasm for sex at this point. She would undoubtedly grant the fondest wish of the first in line…not to mention the second and probably the third.

Though I am not into gay sex for myself, I could taste his semen on her lips. Her own vaginal juices from his pussy licking were smeared on her face. She smelled and tasted delicious.

“Oh, honey” she slurred “that was a dream come true. He was so strong, so black, so kind, and ohhhh, John, he was just so GOOD! I am full of his cum; feel it.” I reached for her pussy and it was a soaked mass of semen mixed with her own fluids. “Thank you for giving this evening to me.” She reached under my towel and said “Now, if you will just close our door, I will show you how grateful I really am.” My cock stiffened as I pulled the door shut. Kathryn was surely, still in the mood!

Without revealing what I had just witnessed through her window, I replied, “Tell me every detail. I think my cock wants to relive this experience, too!” Her moan and grin told me she was eager to share her body and her story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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