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My name is Jamie. I’m in my early 20s and I am a complete bottom slut. I love taking a big cock up my ass, and I get particularly turned on by older men in suits with lots of chest hair… But enough about that, I have to tell you about what I did last night.

I was feeling super horny all day. When I got in from work the first thing I did was strip naked except for my white cotton jockstrap and thick white cotton socks I was wearing under my uniform all day. It felt so good to feel some air on my thighs and up my ass crack.

I spent about an hour riding my go to dildo, a decent sized suction cup realistic penis in soft, black silicone. I fuck myself with it almost every day, so my hole is very pliable: a few licks of the dildo provide it with enough lubrication to slip easily into my eager cunt. “Mmnh” I moan gently as I slide the cock in to the hilt and it finds its place against the wall of my ass. I focus on relaxing everything in between the spasms of my pelvic floor. I slide the dildo in and out slowly at first, allowing myself to feel all of my insides tickle and tremble…

Eventually I look up at my clock and realise I should have dinner and prepare for tomorrow, so I take a break to let my asshole relax and recharge.

Now it’s later in the evening and I’m feeling really fucking horny again. I know I can toy myself with my dildo but it’s been weeks since I’ve had real cock, I’ve been so busy. I get my laptop and open up a website I’ve used before to find local hookups. I live in a small town in the UK, so it can be hard to find people nearby. Sometimes I will catch a train and go to one of the nearby cities to meet someone, but it takes a while to get there and back. Occasionally I will message men and they will drive here and pick me up, and we will drive off down a country road and he will fuck me in the back of his car.

One time I got picked up by a skinny smooth older guy who was into cycling, he was wearing his tight spandex cycling gear when he picked me liseli porno up, and we spotted a ditch at the side of the road. There was a field on the other side but this little nook was surrounded by hedge. We went into the ditch and he worked my cunt hard for 20 minutes in broad daylight before emptying his 6″ shaft into my tingly insides.

Unfortunately now its nighttime and dark, and it will be muddy in the ditch. But, there is a bus shelter further down the same road. Its really old and actually built out of bricks and mortar. I always thought it was weird, most bus stops you see these days are metal. But it was perfect, it’s the middle of the night so the buses aren’t running, and its a pretty quiet country road.

I go on the location search and look for people in the the area. I find a few guys online in the area and shoot them all a PM:

“Smooth sub slut in need of breeding. Can you meet along [redacted] Lane in 30 mins? xx”

My prostate is already swelling in anticipation, but I must wait patiently for a response. A few minutes later I get a reply from user fuzzbarrel, “where?” I click on his profile and am greeted with a photo of a large big-bellied bear with thick black hair all over, shaved head and a goatee beard, and a nice sized cut cock with big, tight nuts. Mmm you’ll do nicely. “There is a bus stop 1/3 of the way along from [redacted], small brick building, meet me in there?”

“ok c u in 30”

Shit, a flood of adrenaline hits me and I feel the wave of excitement ripple over my whole body. Am I really going to let this man fuck me in a bus shelter?!

Yes, of course, I want this so bad. Phew, I breathe slowly and gather myself. I throw on some trackie bottoms over my jockstrap, and a jogging shirt and hoodie, and head out, I’ll have to walk quickly so I’m not late.

All the while there I can’t stop thinking about how good this is going to be. It feels like an eternity getting there.

Eventually I arrive mobil porno at the bus stop and there are no cars there yet. I go inside and I am alone. It is dark, just a small patch of light from the moon beaming through the window hole in the shelter. It is mostly dry inside, except for a patch of wall in the corner near the entrance, and there is a characteristic smell of damp brickwork.

I hear a car coming in the distance from the opposite direction I came. I watch it drive past and I hear it stop a little further down the road. This is it, he’s here to use my hole. My balls tense and I feel my taint, rock hard, throbbing like crazy. I hear the crunch of feet slowly coming towards the building, and then his silhouette is there in the doorway. He steps into the moonlight and I see my fat daddy bear for the night: bald and goatee just like in his photo, wearing a white vest with his black fur poking out, khaki cargo shorts and khaki work boots with white socks.

“Mm hi”, I say coyly and bite my lip.

“Hi”, his voice is husky, and he smiles to one side as he eyes me up and down.

I’m done waiting, I need his cock now. I turn around, pull my trackies down below my arse, and lean against the wall, arching my back. I see him grab his cock through his shorts and walk towards me, grit crunching under his boots like before.

His hands are large and rough, and he has thick fingers. He puts one hand on each of my ass cheeks and gives them a gentle squeeze as he pulls them apart and lets them snap back. “Mm, nice ass kid” He slides the middle finger of his right hand into his mouth and sucks it for a second before he slides it into my hole. I am still loose and relaxed and wet inside from my dildo play before, and he sinks his finger into me easily. “Damn that’s loose, you fuckin’ slut” He massages my cunt with his finger for a while, and I hear him unbutton and unzip his shorts and let them fall to his ankles. He isn’t wearing any underwear, öğrenci porno and his cock slaps against the inside of my thigh as it flops out of his shorts. He is already rock hard, and I can tell he wants to unload inside me badly.

I hear him spit into his hand, and the squelch of a man lubing his tool up in preparation. He removes the finger and goes to spread my cheeks again with his hands, and I feel the tip of his head against my waiting ring. With my juicy cheeks pulled apart, he slowly slides his whole cock into me, and I feel his belly fat squished against my arched back, and his fuzzy balls resting gently against my taint. “Oh damn” He starts thrusting, slowly at first, the tip of his cock scraping over the sensitive wall of my ass. I throb inside and I feel precum leaking into my jock. As he moves in and out of me, his big hairy gut stays pressed against me. I love his soft warmth and the gentle weight as he buries his manhood in my silky fuck-tunnel.

He starts to build pace, and I feel his balls slapping against my arse. “Aah” I moan lightly, and I listen to the squelching of my fluids as he slams into me again and again. My nipples are rock hard and feel ultra-sensitive as they rub against my silky top. He lets out a grunt “yeah that’s it, take my cock you fuckin’ slut” and starts really slamming into me, “yeah take daddy’s cock, good girl, mm” I’m not used to being called girl, but whatever, he is loving using me, and my arse feels incredible!

“Uuunggh!!” he groans long and loud and he holds himself inside me as deep as he can go. I feel his hot cock throbbing and the pressure in my cunt build as he shoots one, two, three, four, five powerful ropes into my guts. He pulls out half way before slamming it home one final time, making sure his seed is deep inside me. I squeeze my hole around his cock for a few seconds, before he steps back, sliding out of my loose arse and exposing my back, now sweaty where his belly was led on me, to the cool night air.

I stay leaning against the wall as he pulls his shorts up. “Thanks” He slaps my right arse cheek and then I hear him crunch away. My jock is soaked with precum and my heart is beating like crazy. I feel his thick bear cum start to drip out of my gaping hole and down my thigh, as a gentle rain starts to fall…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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