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Bear Women – Anna and her Daughter

This is a series of stories about the women of a company that uses a paw print as its logo. I make no representation as to the truth of these stories or who they may or may not represent. This is the second part of this liaison, and promises to be even wilder that the first as she takes her intern home.

It had been two weeks since that first liaison in Anna’s office. She had never hinted at what had happened at all, and treated me like nothing had ever happened between us. I still thought she was an incredibly sexy woman. To see her every day in her tight clothes and tall heels was enough to drive most men crazy, but it was worse for me. I had sucked on those plastic double D breasts, licked the tasty pussy below her auburn pubic hair. Most of all, I knew how incredibly passionate she was.

I tried to use the remote control vibrator I had hidden in her chair, but either it had broken or the battery had run down, because it appeared not to have any affect on her. I was ready to give up when she called me into her office early Friday afternoon.

“Close the door and sit down,” she said. I did so and sat facing her, looking at today’s outfit. Today’s fashion statement was a dark blue, button-down blouse that was only buttoned just enough to cover her bra, leaving plenty of breast flesh exposed. As she stood up, and walked around the desk, I could not help but watch the muscles of her thighs move under her skin-tight blue skirt. She moved right in front of me and leaned against her desk.

“I know you are going crazy after our Friday evening escapade,” she said with a grin. “I would have liked to have had a second chapter sooner but something had to be done first. That’s why you went to medical.”

“I need a check-up to have sex with you?” I asked. “Are you afraid I might have a disease?”

“Actually,” she answered. “It was not just me I am worried about. I am not monogamous, and I enjoy the freedom to have sex when and with whom I like. I am…how shall I put this…you are not the only person I will be…”

“You want to make sure it’s safe.” I interrupted. “What about the others? How am I protected from them?”

“Let’s just say you are the first new person in the circle in a while,” she said hesitantly. “The real issue right now is I really enjoyed that night, even though it was unexpected and unplanned. Now I want more.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you in my bed,” she said with a husky voice. “I want to use you for my personal pleasure.” She handed me her business card with some writing on the back. “This is my home address. Be there at 9:00 tomorrow morning. My two younger daughters are leaving for a cheerleading camp, and my oldest daughter starts work at 9:00.”

“Should I bring anything?” I asked with a grin.

“Just your hard cock,” she said in a whisper. “And plenty of stamina. You will need it. Now get out of here and leave the door open. Remember that no one must know.”

Next Morning

I looked the address up on the computer and found her house at 8:30. It was a typical white ranch house found in any development, with red shutters and two large trees in the front yard. The back yard fronted to farm fields, and the yards were big enough that the neighbors were not too close.

As I tried to decide whether to leave and come back or park and wait, a woman of about 19 or 20 came out of the house and walked to one of the cars in the driveway. As I got a better look, it was obviously Anna’s oldest daughter, for she was tall with the same burgundy red hair and long legs. She was wearing a polo shirt with some writing on it and a skirt that matched the color but only came to maybe mid thigh. She was definitely a younger, slender version of her mom, without the enhanced chest.

I watched her get in the car and drive away. I parked my car on the street in front of Anna’s house and walked up the brick steps to the porch and range the door bell. Anna opened the door and had a surprised look on her face.

“You’re early!” She said. “Did Rachel see you?” She held the top of her white, heavy terry-cloth bathrobe together, ensuring her breasts were not visible. But she was not just out of bed as her hair and makeup looked just like they did every morning at work.

“If you mean your daughter, no worries,” I reassured her. “I watched her drive away before I drove up, and gave her five minutes to make sure she did not come back. You know, she looks just like you.”

“Don’t you get any ideas!” Anna scolded. Then she grabbed my shirt and pulled me into the house. She closed the door and leaned against it. “Are you ready for this?” she asked. In response I stepped to her and pulled her to me, pressing my crotch against hers. She gasped and grabbed my ass to pull me hard against her. Our mouths met and I move a hand to grab one of her large breasts.

Within moments we were in Anna’s bedroom, although I am not sure how we got there so fast. Anna yanked my clothes off as quickly as possible.

“I need this right now.” She panted as she opened her Porno robe and let it slide to the floor. She stood for just a moment to show her body, this gift she was giving me. Her muscular arms and strong shoulders were the perfect visual support for her double D implanted breasts. Her narrow waist flared out to well proportioned hips and lean, muscular legs. Her everyday workouts had created a body that many men desired and it was mine for the day.

She sat on the bed and pulled me to her by grabbing my cock. She spit on the swollen head and used her tongue to wash my penis in her spit. Be fore I had a chance to revel in her oral nurturing, she released her grip and moved back on the bed. She spread her legs wide exposing the moist and swollen labia that were waiting for me.

“I’m so ready for you,’ she said, running her hands over her body. “Why don’t you just go ahead and ram your big prick into me right now? I know that’s what you want to do.”

“I want to lick it first,” I mumbled and crawled up her long legs, pushing up her thighs to where my mouth would have access to her throbbing, tasty cunt. She shuddered, biting her lip as she felt the first pressure of my tongue sluicing tentatively between the fragrant folds of her cunt.

“Ungggh! Oh, baby! What … what are you doing that for?” I was too busy licking to reply. I loved the taste of Anna’s pussy and the way it felt to move my tongue up and down her pink, juicy slit. Maybe Anna was afraid of how she might act if she lost control so soon. She’d obviously been horny enough when I arrived.

“No! You….unggh….you don’t have to lick my pussy!” She panted. “Just fuck me, baby. That’s what I need!” I could not answer as I thrust my tongue deeper into her wet, fragrant hole. Her natural lubricating juice plentiful and her clit was very fat and swollen, protruding just under her auburn pubic hair.

I moved my tongue higher and began licking Anna’s clit from side to side. The beautiful redhead moaned and started lifting her hips off the bed, urgently pushing her wet pussy against my face.

“Yes, baby,” she cried hoarsely. “Unngggh! I need sucking now…need it bad! Eat meeeeeeeeee!” I did as she now instructed and kept licking and kissing, pausing to rub my fingers through the dense, auburn curls that covered her lower belly in a rich moss. I don’t know how she did it, but her pubic thatch was softer and more supple than any women I had ever touched.

I knew she was close and took her clit in my mouth, sucking gently on it as my tongue rubbed it. I slid a finger into her and began pumping my finger in and out of her cunt. The curled knuckle of my middle finger bumped against her asshole and that was the item that set her off.

“I’m cumming,” she yelled, probably loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Her nipples and asshole tingled as the orgasmic sensations violently washed through whole body. She was spasming uncontrollably and I had difficulty maintaining my oral link with her body.

“OhGodohGodohGod….cuummmiiinnnggg!” she howled. I could feel her pussy spasm on my finger and then it spewed, giving me a mouthful of her pussy juice to lick and suck up. I continued sucking her clit and fingering her to guide her through the peak of her orgasm. It may have been a minute before her spasms subsided.

“Please… you can fuck me now, baby.” She panted. “I’ve needed it for days. Shove it in me!” I crawled up between her thighs with my swollen cock hanging beneath me. Impatiently, Anna reached down and grasped my shaft to direct the cock into her pussy. She whimpered and bit her lip as she felt my meaty prick boring into her and stretching her pussy lips.

“Yes….” She hissed. I spread my knees apart to put his hips in the best position to leverage my cock into her. I started stroking in and out, fucking my prick deeper into Anna with every stroke. She raised her head and looked down, watching the veined cock sliding in and out of her. The sight must have been very exciting as she started humping back at me, using the strong muscles in her legs and abdomen to push back against me.

“Fuck me deeper,” she panted. All I could do was grunt in response, but I started stroking harder, making the hot redhead grimace as I really nailed my cock into her firm body. I was all the way inside her, buried to my balls in her cunt. I could feel pussy muscles spasming around the stiffness of my cock. Anna cocked her legs as high as she could and locked her calves together across my back. Then she started pulling with her legs and humping frantically as she fucked her wet pussy onto my cock. It was wild to see this mature, strong woman who was so controlling at work humping like a sex-starved whore, her huge tits bouncing and quivering as she thrust her against mine over and over. I struggled to meet her rhythm, slamming my prick deep into her buttery twat.

“I’m cumming again, baby!” She yelled. “Don’t stop…I’m cummmiinnnggg!” Her face twisted in the familiar pain-pleasure expression that I just loved to watch. I thrust once more, ramming my cock completely to Türkçe Altyazılı Porno the hilt, then the load of cum I had been saving for days sprayed deep inside her pussy, deluging her womb with a hot, soothing load of jizz. All I could do was grunt as I exploded in her.

I could feel her flexing her pelvic muscles around my erupting cock, helping me drain my balls completely into her pussy. Then we heard a gasp in the room. Anna and I turned our heads and saw Rachel leaning against the wall next to the door, with one hand under her polo shift caressing her breasts and the other hand under her skirt obviously rubbing her clit. Her face was screwed up in that same pain-pleasure expression as she had her own orgasm.

“Rachel! What are you doing here?” Anna exclaimed as she pushed me off her. I rolled over next to her, my still hard cock sticking out obscenely.

Rachel’s Story

I knew Mom had something going on that Saturday as she normally did not do the shower-makeup-hair routine until after housework on the weekend. But it was none of my business and wished her a good day and I left the house and drove to my job at a local garden store. When I got there, I saw a fire truck and an electric company truck parked next to the building. The manager came to my car before I could get out.

“Our transformer caught fire this morning,” he told me. “They have to replace the whole pole, the transformer, and he wires. They said maybe tomorrow morning it will be all done.”

“I was only scheduled for today this weekend,” I told him. “But if you need me tomorrow, just call me.”

“Thank you, I will.” I drove home, thinking of what I could do with the unplanned day. One thought I had was to retreat to my bedroom, get my vibrator, lie on the bed, and have one massive orgasm after the other. I was always horny just before my period which, according to my birth control pills, was just two days away. As I pulled up to the house, there was an unfamiliar car in front of the house. The house was quiet and I walked down the carpeted hall towards my room almost silently.

I heard a low moan of obvious pleasure coming from Mom’s bedroom. Was my mom masturbating this early too? I always though my mom was hot, and dated some guys that were as interested in my MILF mother as me. I slid my hand under my short skirt and rubbed my mound, slipping a finger inward to push against my clit as I stopped by her door.

The door to her room was cracked slightly and I could not resist the opportunity to peep in, hoping to catch my sexy Mom masturbating. I almost gasped aloud at what I saw. Mom was lying on the bed with her thighs wrapped around some guy that was close to my age! She was gorgeously, gloriously naked with her full breasts were bobbing and moving, the erect nipples pointed upward and outward as she moved. Her large breasts were incredible and I was already saving up to get a set for my own.

Between her spread thighs was this young man with blond hair and a thin moustache, his hips pumping away! From the angle I was looking, I could see his thick cock was pumping in and out of her beautiful pussy. His balls were drawn up tight to give me a clear shot of my mother’s deliciously wet pussy. His cock was thick enough to have stretched her pussy lips, and the way she wrapped her legs around him exposed her neat brown anus to my eyes. I’d seen scenes of people fucking on videos, and I was no virgin, but here was my Mother and some guy my age fucking away in front of my very eyes. I could even smell the scent of my mother’s excited pussy as this guy plunged repeatedly into her.

My sexual experience started in high school with a couple of boys my age. It was good but I cold masturbate and get the same satisfaction that they gave me without the hassle or risk. When one of the boy’s coaches show some interest in me, I took advantage of his male weakness (or thought I did), and seduced him. What I did not expect was that his wife not only approved, but participated! I spent a number of evenings and Saturdays at their apartment, and even went over to see just the wife a few times.

“Fuck me deeper,” my mother panted. The guy fucking her took it up a notch and humping my mother’s sexy body even harder. This was so hot! I could not resist watching as I slid my hand under my short skirt and rubbed my bare mound, slipping a finger inward to push against my clit. It felt so good that I reach my other hand under my shirt and cupped my breast, my fingers pinching my nipple. I used my foot to inch the door open just a bit more and leaned against the door jam.

“I’m cumming again, baby!” mother yelled. “Don’t stop…I’m cummmiinnnggg!” I watched mom’s face twist up in a grimace as she her stomach spasmed in climax. Her young lover slammed his thick cock and from my angle I could see his cock pumping cum into my own mother. He was pumping seed into the womb I was conceived in! I wanted his cock to fuck me like that. I also wanted to make my mother cum like that. And right now, I just needed to cum myself.

My Brazzers fingers were buzzing over my clit and I pulled my hand away from my breast to thrust two fingers deep inside my own fuck hole. The motion bumped the door wider open but I did not notice because both hands were exciting my aching pussy. My eyes stayed glued to the two on the bed as the first wave of my own orgasm hit me and I gasped. Mom and the guy both turned their heads towards me.

“Rachel! What are you doing here?” my mother shrieked as she pushed her lover to the side. My own knees almost gave way and I stumbled against the door jam, fingers buried inside my pussy. His cock did not look any longer than normal and maybe a little thicker, but covered in my own mother’s juices and still throbbing from orgasm, it looked very tasty indeed!

I was stunned for a moment but looked at my Mom on the bed with her thighs spread wide. Her pussy was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. Her thick labia were red and swollen open, exposing the deep pink of her vaginal opening as a white stream of her lover’s cum dripped out and down towards her asshole.

I will never why I did this. Maybe it was the overwhelming sexuality of the moment, but I managed to move onto the bed between mom’s legs before she could react. I put a hand on one of her thighs to steady myself and my mouth went to her pussy. I covered her just-fucked pussy with my mouth and sucked, thrusting my tongue deep inside the hot cavern that had given me birth. She cried out as I licked my mother’s sweet pussy nectar mixed with the cum from this man I had yet to even know.

“Oh God!” she said. “What are you doing? You need to stop!” I heard her words but she did nothing to stop me. I was in heaven as I sucked and licked her delicious pussy. It had been months since I had been with another woman and the wonderful mix of her pussy juices and her lover’s cum was a feast. Then her tone changed.

“Fuck it…Eat me,” she moaned. “Eat your mother, Rachel. Yesssss!” Her fingers went to her clit and she began to rub it while I ate her. Her hips hunched against my face and cover my face with the sex juices that were all over her pussy.

Steve continues

I could not believe what I was seeing! Anna was hot enough for any man but now I was watching her own sexy daughter eating out her hot mother. Anna’s head rolled from side to side and un-intelligible babble flowed from her mouth. With one hand she now held her pussy open to her daughter while the other squeezed her own breast. This was like one of the best porn movies except I was here in person. What’s more, I would be participating!

The way Rachel was on her knees with her head in Anna’s crotch put her ass in the air and, even with the short skirt, exposed her crotch to my view. If the scene in front of me was not enough to get me hard, her dripping pussy gave me another reason to get hard. I slid off the bed and stood. The bed movement made Anna open her eyes and she followed me as I moved behind her daughter. I looked to her for approval.

“Oohh, baby, I’m going to cum,” she hissed. “Fuck her…give her what you gave me…fuck my sexy daughter while she eats your cum out of me.” It was they way she said it that actually made me pause. She made it sound like a command to abuse her daughter, to punish Rachel for the pleasure she was giving her own mother.

I moved directly behind Rachel and lifted the skirt to totally expose her ass. I took my cock in hand and rubbed it up and down her cunt to thoroughly wet my cock, then stuck the blunt end against her opening. She pushed back and my cockhead pushed inside her. I could feel the sides of her vaginal tunnel expand to accept the large cockhead as it entered. It was obvious from how tight she was that no one of any size had been in here recently.

Rachel screamed something but with her mouth against her Mother’s pussy, I could not understand it as I pushed my cock deeper. I shift both my hands to her hips and pulled myself even further into her, until I felt the tip of my cock pressed against her cervix. It was too much for her and she pulled back from eating Anna.

“Ohhhh, yes….Fuck…I don’t even know your name!” She panted. “Just fuck me! Ohhhoohhh please, hard, ohhh yes, fuck harder!” I was happy to obey and started to pound her pussy just the way I pounded her mothers just moments ago.

“Rachel, meet Steve.” Anna said with a smile. “Steve, this is my daughter, Raaaaaaa!” Anna didn’t finish as Rachel resumed sucking on her mother’s juicy cunt.

Rachel tells more

I pulled my mouth away from the wet feast before me begged my mother’s lover to fuck me hard. It had been almost three months since I had been properly fucked, and now my mother’s young lover was fucking me with his cock still wet from fucking her! I heard my mother tell me his name was Steve, but I buried my face into her delicious pussy, mashing my face into her so I could thrust my tongue deep inside her. I slid a finger back and found her brown little anal opening, already slick with the very slippery combination of male and female cum. With nearly no resistance, I slid my finger into mom’s bowels. She screamed out as she felt yet another part of her sexy body being stimulated. I continued to thrust my tongue up inside her, then moving out to lick her clit, then back inside again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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