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Author’s note: One of the core themes of this story is the subject of being born intersex. If you are not interested in such a subject then please move on.

Dru_Druthers once again wishes to express a heartfelt thank you to all who read, voted, favorited and commented on Parts 01 & 02 of this story. The overwhelming support has made writing this story worthwhile.

(The story previously ended with: Terry snuggled into Jade, her voice soft and sleep laden, “No fair, you ambushed me and now I’m too tired to love you,” she complained.

“You’ll love me another time baby. You needed this to help you get rid of all that pent up tension. Don’t you feel much better now, much lighter?”

“Uh-huh,” Terry agreed. She mumbled some more then Jade heard her soft, quiet breathing as she fell fast asleep.

Jade kissed Terry’s cheek and thought about her plans for tomorrow. She quickly followed Terry into sleep.)


Terry awoke feeling relaxed. Memories of what Jade had done flooded her and she felt her clit enjoying its own reminiscences. Jade was still asleep. If they were at home, Terry would have quietly sneaked to the kitchen and return with breakfast but after last night?her not reciprocating?she felt a need to treat Jade to some early morning loving despite the possibility of being caught. It was of the forbidden, but it made Terry feel a sense of her old fantasizing, the naughty part of her mind enticing her.

Terry slowly slipped beneath the sheets. Fortunately, Jade was lying on her back so Terry carefully lifted Jade’s night gown up over her hips. She had to feel her way around because it was quite dark but with some maneuvering she managed to part Jade’s legs and shift her panties out of the way without waking Jade.

As her face drew closer to Jade’s sex, she could smell Jade’s delicious scent. Breathing deeply, Terry luxuriated in the heady aroma that was all Jade. Starting off slow, Terry licked Jade’s outer lips, working her way up one and down the other. She flattened her tongue and went straight up the middle then fluttered her tongue on the clitoral area.

She heard a quiet moan and felt Jade’s legs on either side of her moving, kicking off the sheets. Needing more access to Jade’s now dripping center, Terry quickly pulled Jade’s panties off and returned her mouth to that heavenly place. Jade’s hand found the back of Terry’s head and drew Terry tightly to her as she locked her legs around her lover’s body.

Terry wasted no time. She knew all the right places to lick, when to suck and when to nibble lightly. Soon she had Jade’s hips moving as Jade rode Terry’s face. Terry’s tongue buried itself as deep as it would go inside Jade’s slit.

One hand was entangled in Terry’s hair, trying frantically to press Terry deeper into her pussy while the other had grabbed a pillow and forced it to her face to muffle the scream that her climax might cause.

It wasn’t an overly powerful orgasm to make her squirt but it was a most delightful way to be awakened. How it was that Terry’s tongue bringing her to orgasm could be said to be delicious, she had no idea, but delicious it was. Unlocking her now aching legs, Jade tugged Terry up to her, kissing and licking the remaining juices from Terry’s lips.

“Mmmm, good morning my sexy baby. That was the best wakeup call ever,” Jade said with a dreamy smile.

“Good morning. I’m glad you enjoyed it; I certainly did.”

They kissed and cuddled since it was still early. Soon they heard movement from other parts of the house and decided it was time to get up. They took turns in the bathroom. Terry was feeling better so Jade didn’t need to guard the door this time.

After dressing they went to the kitchen together where Julia was already cooking breakfast. They both pitched in, Jade finding some fruit and fixing coffee while Terry helped Julia with cooking the pancakes.

Robert and Robbie joined them and they all sat down to a peaceful breakfast.

“So precious, are you going to take Terry around town today, show her the sites, few that they are?” Julia inquired.

“That’s what I planned to do unless you have something you’d like us to stay and do?” Jade replied.

“Oh no, just wondering what your plans were. I’m going to be at the store today, helping with the stock count,” Julia told them.

“We could help too if you’d like?” Terry offered, “It could help make things go faster.”

“That’s very nice of you to offer Terry but I’m sure Jade has plans for you two today,” Robert said with a warm smile. He was really starting to like Terry.

“We can do the sites tomorrow before we leave, if you need the help we’ll be happy to Dad,” Jade said in earnest.

Terry was a wiz with numbers of any kind so this was a good opportunity for her to spend time with Jade’s parents, doing something that was familiar to her, or so Jade thought.

“Well how about a compromise?” Julia offered, “You two can help us out until lunch time and then you can spend the rest of the day site seeing.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Robert said.

“Me xnxx too,” Jade agreed. “Baby?”

Terry blushed slightly at Jade using her favorite endearment in front of everyone. Robbie grinned but kept quiet after last night’s warning. Robert and Julia looked at each other and smiled.

“Yes,” Terry said and smiled.

* * * *

It turned out that with Robert’s four regular employees, Robert himself, Julia, Robbie, Jade and an expert accountant in Terry, the stock count, which usually took two days, was done in record time. Terry and Jade stayed on until well after lunch in an effort to finish the job.

During the work, the family saw the change in Terry from nervous in-law to professional accountant. Taking charge, Terry showed Robert a more efficient way he could do the count thereby lessening the time it took. By three pm the last numbers were crunched and the final tally taken.

“Goodness, you certainly know your stuff Terry,” Julia said warmly. They were all lounging around Robert’s small office, recovering from the seemingly endless counting.

“That she does. Thank you so much Terry, this new system will make things so much easier from now on,” Robert said with a little bit of excitement in his voice.

“You’re welcome Robert. Truly, it was my pleasure to be able to help.”

“So now that we’ve finished so early how about we head home, get cleaned up and I’ll treat all of us to a very nice dinner. Rob be sure and bring Margaret too, okay?” Robert said.

They all returned home, showered and dressed. Robbie hurried off to pick Margaret up as Robert drove the rest of them to the nicest restaurant in town; Aquarium. Robbie and Margaret arrived a little while later.

“Terry, this is my beautiful Margaret,” Robbie said happily.

“It’s nice to meet you Terry,” Margaret said with a bright smile and an offered hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Terry replied.

Terry was slightly nervous but Margaret’s warm and inviting personality won Terry over and soon the pair was chatting like old friends.

Robert decided that he liked Jade’s choice in a mate and started thinking of Terry as another daughter. Counting Margaret, now Robert was proud to say he had three.

* * * *

“I really liked Mags; your brother is a lucky guy,” Terry said as they were changing out of their dresses.

“Yes, but not as lucky as I am,” Jade said as she hugged Terry from behind and buried her face in Terry’s long hair, breathing in Terry’s scent.

“God you smell so good,” Jade whispered as her hands crept up to cup Terry’s bra covered breasts.

“Ohhh, are you attempting a repeat of last night?” Terry purred as Jade’s hands lightly pulled at Terry’s nipples.

“Yes, definitely. Think I can get away with it?” Jade asked as she pushed her hips forward, grinding her mound on Terry’s firm butt.

“You might not but you certainly get an A for effort,” Terry replied enjoying all that Jade was doing. Her anxieties about being over heard were all but forgotten when a light knock at the door caused both women to freeze.

“Just a second,” Jade called as both scrambled to put their robes on. Covered and with a nod from Terry, Jade opened the door to find her mother.

“Hi precious, sorry to disturb you two but I just wanted to know how early you two were planning to go out tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure Mom,” Jade answered.

“Early morning church service. I’ll leave breakfast for the both of you if you’re not up before we leave.”

“It’s okay Mom, we can make something or go out for breakfast so don’t worry,” Jade said.

“Are you sure?” Julia asked.

“Yes Julia, it’s alright. We’ll be fine,” Terry agreed.

“Okay, have a good night girls,” Julia told them as she kissed first Jade’s cheek then Terry’s. She left closing the door behind her. Jade turned to Terry and saw her holding her cheek where Julia had kissed her.

“Baby?” Jade questioned looking at Terry.

“She kissed me. Does that mean that she’s okay with me?” Terry wondered aloud.

Jade took her somewhat stunned girlfriend in her arms, “Yes my love, my mother likes you and so do Dad, Robbie and Margaret. I was watching Dad today; he had this little smirk all day while you were working. I think you impressed him a lot.”


“Yes. They see how happy I am with you, how content I am. They know that the spring in my step, my constant smiling and laughter is all because of you.”

“You do those things for me too Jade.”

Cuddling in bed, they were content to just hold each other until they both fell asleep sensing that life couldn’t get any better.

Chapter 28

It was still dark out when Jade woke up. Terry was sleeping soundly so Jade carefully slid out of bed and went to the bathroom. She smiled to herself at what she had planned for today.

Knowing that her parents woke up early, Jade tapped lightly on their door and heard her father’s voice telling her to come in.

Her parents were both propped up against the headboard of their bed. The reading lamps were brazzers on and it seemed they were waiting for Jade’s arrival.

“You both knew I’d be coming huh?” Jade asked as she sat on her mother’s side of the bed, facing them.

“Yes Jade, we expected you since yesterday,” Julia said with a smile.

“Well?” Jade said and waited for what her parents were going to say.

“She’s a lovely girl precious. Beautiful and smart, reserved but I can see she loves you completely,” Julia told her daughter.

“I agree with your mother, the love she has for you is obvious and I can tell how much you love her too. You’ve been married before so you know what it means to share and compromise. You’ve been living with her for some time now so you already know if you two can make it together,” Robert told his daughter seriously.

“From what I’ve seen over this weekend, you two are good together. We are happy to have Terry join our family,” Julia announced proudly as she opened her arms to Jade.

Jade went to her mother and buried her face in her mother’s shoulder as she hugged her tightly.

“Thank you Mom,” Jade said softly. She did the same with her father before she sat back down.

“This means a lot to me and to her too. She was really worried that you wouldn’t like her,” Jade told them.

“Well meeting in-laws is a scary thing. I was petrified when I had to meet your parents,” Robert said while looking at Julia with a small smile.

“Yes, you were so nervous, your hands were shaking,” Julia said to Robert with a grin, “I had dared to tell him what your Oji promised to do to any boy who came calling,” Julia told Jade and laughed.

“What did Oji promise to do?” Jade asked intrigued.

“Well, he didn’t trust these American boys so he told me to warn them that if they didn’t treat me with the proper respect, he’d use his katana sword to take their manhood,” Julia said and shook her head at the memory.

“So you were afraid Oji was going to do that to you Daddy?”

“Well you have to keep in mind that I was young and dumb. A part of me actually thought it could happen,” Robert admitted.

Jade couldn’t help herself and laughed at her father’s then naiveté’. They chatted some more before Jade made her way back to her room but not before making sure that Julia left Jade’s surprise out where she could easily find it before she and Terry went out later on.

Terry was still asleep so Jade slipped back into bed for another couple of hours rest.

* * * *

They left the house by nine so they would have plenty of time before they had to catch their flight later that afternoon.

There wasn’t much to see in the little town. Jade took Terry to the town’s botanical gardens where they walked, enjoying the flowers. They spent an hour at the small flea market, picking up a few souvenirs for their friends. They stopped at Margaret’s cafe for a quick bite and to say farewell then Jade took Terry to The Overlook.

The Overlook was the local romantic spot used mostly by the town’s teens. A small plateau of sorts, it afforded a great view of the whole town especially at night.

During the daytime it was mostly deserted, especially on Sundays. Jade parked her mother’s car in a shaded corner and the pair stepped out into the cool breeze. There were a multitude of different sized rocks that visitors often sat on to take in the view of the town.

They found a shaded rock that was large enough for both to sit on. Terry leaned on Jade and enjoyed the quiet companionship of her lover.

“Baby, have you ever been to Vermont?” Jade asked after a while.

“No, I haven’t. Have you?”

“No. I thought it would be a nice place to visit,” Jade said.

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“There is another reason I’d like to go,” Jade said softly.

“Oh, what’s that?” Terry asked.

“This,” Jade said as she stood and then went down on one knee as she reached into her pocket for the little box.

“Terry,” Jade began, her voice thick with all that she was feeling, “these few months that we’ve been together have been the most wonderful of my life. You’ve given me more happiness than I’ve ever dreamed possible. Please Terry, say you’ll be with me forever, that you’ll be mine always. Terry, marry me, be my wife and let me be yours,” Jade finished as she opened the box.

Terry’s tears were already flowing at Jade’s words and the emotions that Terry saw in Jade’s eyes. She let out a big gasp at seeing the beautiful ring that Jade held.

“Yes!” Terry squealed as she hugged Jade tightly almost knocking her over in her rush to embrace her. They held each other, neither able to keep their tears at bay.

After a long while, they parted and both sat back on the rock as Jade placed the ring on Terry’s finger.

“Oh Jade, it’s so beautiful,” Terry said her voice catching at what the ring on her finger meant. She had dared to dream that someday it might happen and now another dream was coming true, thanks to Jade.

Jade quickly scanned the surroundings and seeing that they were alone, sikiş izle brought her lips to Terry’s. The kiss was long and slow, each feeling the overflowing love within the other.

“So you ready to go tell the family that we have a wedding to plan?” Jade said when the kiss ended.

“Yes, I want to tell everyone,” Terry said excitedly.

“They’ll probably want to throw us a party if my parents haven’t already organized one.”

“They knew?” Terry asked her eyes wide.

“Yes, I bought your ring when I was here last month. Mom’s been holding on to it for me,” Jade told her with a smile.

“You’ve been planning this for a month?” Terry asked shocked.

“Baby, I’ve been planning this since the first night we made love,” Jade said seriously. She kissed Terry again before she continued, “Sweetheart, since that first time, I knew I never wanted to be without you. My mind, my body, my heart and my soul all belong to you.”

“Oh Jade, my love, my only love, I feel that way too,” Terry gushed as she pulled Jade’s lips to her own again.

“Oh baby, I love you and I just want to rip your clothes off and make love to you,” Jade growled as she buried her face in Terry’s neck, breathing in her sweet scent.

“So do I love but it’ll be much sweeter to wait until we get home,” Terry told her though her voice didn’t sound all that convincing leading Jade to believe that she was feeling just as desperate to be naked with Jade.

“Baby, let’s postpone our flight until tomorrow and check into the motel for a couple of hours,” Jade said her voice reflecting her need to have Terry.

Terry’s want of Jade was just as urgent, “You call your parents and I’ll call the airline?” Terry suggested as they both stood and rushed to the car.

“Hi Mom, listen?” Jade was cut off as her mother started asking about the proposal and if Terry accepted.

“Mom! She said yes, we’re pushing our flight back until tomorrow so we can celebrate. We’ll be home later,” Jade paused as she listened to her mother’s protests about them not coming home right away.

“Mom we are going to celebrate for a while on our own then we’ll come home and you and dad can do whatever,” Jade told her. Her mother was not happy, but relented, figuring out what Jade probably meant about ‘going to celebrate’?she was already planning a special dinner.

Terry had gotten through with the airline and their new departure time was set for seven the next morning.

Jade drove them to a little motel. The desk clerk was an attractive older lady who gave them a knowing smirk when Jade asked for a room at the back. Handing Jade the room key, she grinned and gave Terry a little wink, causing Terry to blush.

“I think the clerk knows why we’re here,” Terry said as they walked briskly towards their room.

“Yes, I believe she does. That was Ms. Rhodes and as far back as I can remember, rumors about her all point to her being a lesbian,” Jade said, “Besides, I want you so badly that I’m sure it’s visible,” Jade told her as they reached their door.

Chapter 29

With the room door closed and locked, Jade felt her desire for Terry rise almost to the point of madness. Jade felt a near desperation in her wanting of Terry. She was just about ready to rip Terry’s clothes off and ravish her until neither could move.

Terry was scanning the room and had no idea of the thoughts passing through Jade’s mind but she too was in great need of loving Jade, of wanting to take Jade and be taken by her. She could already feel her clit swelling at the thought of what they would be doing to each other.

When Terry turned to Jade, her smile, one of purest love, tempered Jade’s lust. Placing both of their purses on the small table at the side of the door, Jade took her lover in her arms and kissed her. A kiss filled with all her joy of being with Terry.

Slowly, Jade started removing Terry’s clothes, kissing and caressing all of Terry’s skin as it was exposed. The feel of Terry’s soft skin, the scent of her body was driving Jade to go faster but she forced herself to slowdown and savor the experience.

Terry was thoroughly enjoying how Jade was treating her. Jade’s soft touches and sweet kisses, licks and light nibbling all caused Terry to momentarily forget that she wanted to touch and kiss Jade too. She remained standing there, floating in the ocean of sensations that Jade was eliciting. Before she realized it, Terry was wearing only her panties as Jade guided her to the bed and had her lying on her back.

Terry watched, her eyes drinking in the sight of Jade as she slipped out of her clothes. Naked, Jade moved towards the bed, her pussy lips already glistening and distended with her arousal. Terry growled at the erotic way Jade’s breasts jiggled slightly as she moved and licked her lips in anticipation of tasting Jade’s wetness but she would have to wait.

Jade’s eyes feasted on Terry’s beautiful body and the outline of her engorged clit covered by her black panties. Starting with Terry’s right foot, Jade licked sensually at Terry’s toes, sucking each one slowly, causing little moans to escape. Doing the same to the other foot, Jade worked her way up Terry’s leg and nibbled her inner thighs. She sucked softy on the sweet flesh and gently nuzzled her cheek against Terry’s groin.

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