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It was mid July. It was the hottest week of the year and I was beginning to grow practically delirious from the heat and lack of excitement in my life. My job was boring and my friends busy traveling. I resolved to do the same and bought my ticket for Maui.

Finally a new scenery. I was going to dedicate my trip to relaxing and soul searching (oh so typical but much needed). My first two days I spent by the pool, drinking pina coladas alone and reading. My third day I found out about a private beach not far away and decided I would sneak in.

The beach was situated behind a large house, although it had a distinct “beach shack” vibe. I loved it, but loved the beach even more. The sand was practically white and the water clearer than I had ever seen. I laid out in the sand, feeling the sun radiate on my barely covered, tan skin. The house looked empty and there were no neighbors to be seen so I resolved to get s little wild. I timidly unhooked my bikini top and let my breasts lay exposed in the July sun. The light breeze hardened my nipples and the full exposure turned me on; I felt my bottoms moisten and had to refrain from reaching below them. I was almost asleep when I heard a voice behind me.


I let out a surprised Yelp and scrambled to covers my swelling breasts. I looked up to see a beautiful women standing over me; long dark brown hair (black, really) trailed to her waist. Under her sarong and tank top I saw a stunning figure. Her large breasts sat utop a tiny waist; she had wide hips and I knew her ass must be incredible

“I’m so sorry, oh my god,” I stammered out to her. I was mortified.

But she just laughed, “it’s fine actually. No one comes here, you picked a good spot”

“No one? Well you’re here!”

She laughed again. “This is my house. Well my family’s but I live here full time, they only visit in winter. Do you wanna come inside? The tide should be coming in soon”

I was apprehensive but oddly curious. She gave me a feeling I couldn’t explain, almost attraction. I had never felt that way about a woman but I decided to go with her.

Once inside, I saw that the inside of the house was even better than I had imagined. The house was light and filled with shades of orange and tan and turquoise. It felt like how you imagine Hawaii.

“Do you want a drink?” She said.

“Um sure yes, whatever you have. Who are you again?”

“Did I not even introduce myself? I’m Holly.”

“I’m Sky.”

She smiled and said “sky? I like it. So, Sky, how do you handle your tequila?”

I was taken aback them saw her sly smile as she pulled out the ingredients for margaritas.

“I handle it okay. I tend to make.. Not porno 64 so rational decisions” my tone surprised me, I sounded practically suductive even though I hadn’t been trying to.

A few hours go by and we switch from margaritas to Chardonnay. Holly was incredible. She had been all over the world documenting her travels in various publications. She told me all about the cultures she learned about and people she met along the way, all the crazy stories and one night stands.

“It was crazy. I was in Paris, completely wasted, wandering from bar to bar searching for someone interesting. I met this woman, she was past her model days but was still gorgeous, I mean breath taking. She was so fascinating, I fell in love with her a little bit. She was so sexy, I wanted to know everything about her. I had never even thought about a woman but.. When In Rome.. Or I guess In Paris.”

I felt my muscles in my lower regions contract.

I stuttered out “oh, a woman? You..?”

She laughed at my shock. “Yes. I needed something new, it rejuvenated me”

“Really? I’ve been feeling so.. The same lately. My life is in the same routine.”

She turned closer to me on the coach. “Maybe you need some excitement.”

She looked me in the eyes and all the sudden I felt my nipples through my bikini top. She looked so good, I wanted to see what was underneath all those cloths she had on. I could tell she was making moves but I had no idea what to do next.

Luckily she kept up the advances.

“Earlier today.. Your breasts are amazing.”

I blushed. “Thanks. I can’t believe I did that actually,” I said with a nervous laugh.

“It’s nice being free. Feeling the sun all over you. You’re too sexy for the world not to see.”

I stared at her in awe. I wanted her. I felt my pussy getting filled with wet desire. She finally leaned in, kissing me softly at first, then slipping her tongue between her soft lips and attackimg mine. I had never been so turned on in my life. She kissed me more and more passionately, pulling away so our tongues could wrestle outside our mouths. She sucked my lower lip, then pulled me close to her, running her hands all over my ass. She squeezed it hard then made her way up my thin waist to my firm breasts. She caressed them and gently squeezed them both.

“Oh god,” she moaned into my mouth, “take off that top. Now.”

I couldn’t get my bikini off fast enough. I felt self conscious with my breasts out in the open in front of her, but her look of pure desire reassured me.

She lowered her head into my left breast. She licked the entire breast but avoided my nipple. It drived me crazy. Finally she suckled at my hard nipple, porno izle swirling her magic tongue around it and biting it. She alternated sides as I pulled her hair and moaned.

“Oh god.. Oh fuck.. God I want you so bad. So fucking bad.” I made tiny yelping noises as she continued to suckle me. She slowly reached her hand down my body and toyed with my panties as she kissed her way up my neck back to my mouth.

“You better have a wet pussy waiting for me”

I gasped into her mouth as she bit my lip. “It’s fucking wet”

She tentatively eased her finger into my panties. She grazed my clit and I almost cummed all over her hand. She felt my wetness. “God that’s good. You’re gonna taste so sweet”

She shoved one finger then two into my hole, rhythmically pumping. Along with this she sucked my tits, leaving hickies and biting my tender nipples. Finally she shoved a finger up my ass and j screamed from the pleasure. Feeling her fingers In both holes overwhelmed me with desire. Finally she sunk down to my pussy. She licked her lips and kissed my thighs, teasing me.

“What do you want me to do?”

“You know..”

“Say it.”

“Eat.. It..”

“No. Say it.”

“Eat my pussy.”


“Lick my pussy. Fuck me, eat my pussy and my ass. Make me cum!”

That satisfied her and she finally put her sweet lips onto my second lips. She lapped up my wet pussy juice, shoving her fingers up my tight hole. She took a whole lip into her mouth and sucked, my clean pussy gleaming. She sucked on my clit, biting it hard sending bolts of pleasureful pain. She grabbed my throbbing tits, twisting my nipples.

“Do you like me fucking you? Do you like my tongue in your pussy?”

“Oh god yes!”

“I bet your dirty slut self wants me to eat your ass?”

“Please eat my ass! Fuck my ass with your tongue baby!”

She did as told and ran her tongue over my ass. She licked in all over, fingered my ass as she continually stimulated my clit. I came over and over and she kept lapping up my juices, leaning up To kiss me. I tasted sweet and was turned on by it.

“Do you want to cum for me again?”

“Yes holly, please!”

She smirked and got up. When she returned she had toys in her hand – a long enough dildo for too, and three small vibrators. She had something else j didn’t recognize until she came over.

“Are those nipple clamps?!”

“You’ll like it, trust me baby.”

Without permission she clamped them to my nipples. My first throught was to scream and I did, but quickly enjoyed the feeling. While I adjusted she had been spreading lube over the long long dildo. I braced for impact but was shocked to see Holly sex izle slowly shove it into her own pussy. She groaned out and I saw her clit start to swell.


“God you’re sexy with that in you. Oh my god, I’m so horny. I need you baby, right now”

She fucked herself with the dildo and rubbed her clit, screaming and moaning. She met my eye and told me to jump on.

“With you?”

“If it’s made for two we might as well take advantage”

I nervously edged my way to her.

“Spread your pussy towards me” she said.

I did as told and spread my legs wide, scooting towards me. She grabbed my side of the dildo and shoved it in my wet hole

“Oh! Oh fuck! That’s really big and I’m fucking tight!”

“Don’t worry I’m here to help baby”

She grinded against the dildo and rocked her body so it slid further into me. I let it penetrate me, gliding on it and letting out similar groans to hers. Pretty soon we were both fucking it so vigorously that our pussies touched in the middle

“God your clit on mine is gonna make me cum all over your pussy!”


She grabbed a vibrator and slowly pushed it up her ass. Seeing all of her so full drove me while and I desperately grabbed my tits out of frustration. She bucked against both long rods in her, screaming curses. She then told me to do the same

I was scared but did as I was told. My ass expanded against the device them once the base reached my hole I turned it on. Pleasure erupted in me as she simultaneously placed the third Inbetwrem our pussies. Our clits bumped against it as we grinded against the dildo until we finally came. We lie panting next to each other.

“Baby.. That was amazing.. I can’t believe I’ve never been with a woman”

I stared at her DDs. Milky white and pillowy. They spread out across her thin body. I couldn’t help but reach over and feel them. She moaned lightly with her eyes closed. I shyly snuck over to her side and placed me mouth on her nipple. I lightly sucked it, biting it slowly. She moaned again and ran her hand through my hair, bringing me closer. I then touched her perfectly shaven pussy. She had fat lips and w huge clit. I rubbed it until she was throwing her head back j pleasure. I then lowered to her pussy where she forced my head to remain where it was as I ate her. She tasted sweet and warm. I wanted to eat her pussy for ever. It smelled so sweet, I couldn’t get enough. I reached down and started stroking my clit as I ate her beautiful pussy.

“Sit on my face while you do it”

Now we were in w sixty nine. I screamed and bucked against her mouth as it ate me over and over, my orgasms overlapping each other and making me spasm all over her body. I couldn’t take it anymore and laid on top of her, squishing our tits together as we kissed and rubbed our pussies together. She fingered my ass while I slowly gave her hickies

It was the first of many nights..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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