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It had been almost three weeks since I had that sexual orgy with my neighbors, and my teacher Mr. Stone. Things were doing okay, I was doing well in college, and I was getting an A in Mr. Stone’s class. The last project assignment we needed to do was a book report on a person of your choice, so what Mr. Stone did was have his students go to the public library to find information. Since the college library was quite small, we had to go to the city library which had five floors of books. I was doing a book report on the man who created the Internet. It was a great Monday morning in December; I was at the library with the other students. Mr. Stone was walking around helping any students with information. I was looking everywhere for my damn information but I came up with nothing. I had my reading glasses on trying to read through all the directories of information trying to find the book about the man who created the Internet. I was stressing out on finding it; I looked over my shoulder seeing Mr. Stone placing his hand on my shoulder.

“Anything wrong Brandon?”

“I can’t find any information on my topic Mr. Stone.”

“Ask the librarian Brandon, he might know”

“Thanks I will”

I got off the computer walking over to the librarian’s desk; I waited for the librarian to get done checking this man’s book out. I got a look at the librarian, he was maybe around his early to mid 50’s he had a white beard, and some glasses on. He had on a thin sweater. The man in front of me left carrying his books; the librarian lifted his head up looking at me and smiling. “Can I help you son?”

“Yes uh”

“Mr. Allen”

“Yeah, Um I’m unable to find any information on my topic here.”

“Oh you’re doing the book report for Mr. Stone’s class huh?”


“Well what are you researching on son?”

“I’m looking for information on the man who created the Internet, I don’t know his name.”

“Well you know what? I think we might have a book on The History of The Internet in the basement, but I’m unable to allow you down there without a key, I’ll be glad to take you down there and look for the book”

“That would be great, thank you”

Mr. Allen stood up from his chair walking past his desk, he stopped looking at someone who was working there in the book store.

“Alice can you take over for me, I’ll be right back”

“Sure thing Mr. Allen”

I followed Mr. Allen, he had walked into a room leading down to a staircase, I looked at Mr. Stone who heard the entire conversation between me and Mr. Allen, and so he knew that I would be in the basement with Mr. Allen. I closed the door behind me following Mr. Allen, I don’t know why but I was getting that weird feeling again, you know that weird feeling to where you want to do something bad when there was no one around, but I quickly stopped knowing that if I did something bad in front of Mr. Allen he would kick me out of the library. So I continued following Mr. Allen. Mr. Allen turned on a light, showing a whole new area of the library, it was filled with old books, and new books that were put into shipment boxes, I looked around amazed at how many boxes there were. I porno izle closed my eyes getting that weird feeling again. All these thoughts popped in my head, of me wanting to give Mr. Allen a blowjob. Fuck I had to stop with all this sex, I would end up being put in jail if I tried to have sex with someone I didn’t know at all. I couldn’t stop the dirty thoughts in my head, so all I could do was just fall to the ground on my knees crying. I was crying for a minute then feeling the touch of Mr. Allen’s hand on my shoulder, I couldn’t tell him, and I didn’t want to get in trouble.

“Son are you okay?”

I didn’t respond to his question, I just continued to cry covering my face; Mr. Allen kneeled down trying to take my hands away from my face. I moved my hands away from my face showing him my face that was covered in tears. Mr. Allen was confused he didn’t know why I was crying, but I had to tell him either way.

“Please is something wrong?”



“Mr. Allen…..”

My voice was becoming really soft, I tried to force myself not to tell Mr. Allen but it seemed my sex drive took control, and now I was so fucking horny I wanted to suck Mr. Allen’s dick right there on the ground!

“What is it son?”

“Mr. Allen I want to suck your dick!”

After I was done saying that, I felt like I was possessed or something. I looked at Mr. Allen seeing that he was shocked to hear these words from a kid my age. Mr. Allen quickly stood up looking down at me. I couldn’t even look up at Mr. Allen, I felt so ashamed, I had wanted to just die at that moment, and I cried feeling my whole entire body go numb. I put my hands over my face crying again, I cried for thirty seconds, then it was silence, but before I could take my hands off my face, I heard the sound of unzipping, I took my hands away from my face seeing Mr. Allen pulling out his hung cock, my mouth dropped open, I couldn’t believe he was letting me give him a blow job. Before he could say anything, I was already jamming his cock into my mouth, my dick was quickly becoming hard, Mr. Allen was moaning a bit, I had no idea that he was… I didn’t care what he was, it didn’t matter at that moment, all that mattered was that he was letting me give him a blow job, and if he wanted to do anything else after that. Mr. Allen’s cock was becoming hard in my mouth while I sucked up and down on his dick. Mr. Allen was breathing hard; I could feel his legs tighten by the fact that his dick was solid.

“Wait, come over here and sit on the couch, I need to sit down.”

I took my mouth off his cock letting him walk over to an area where there was a couch. He turned on a light, he sat down on the couch waiting for me to come over there to suck on his cock, and he was stroking his dick making it harder. I stood there looking at him on the couch, a 50 year old man sitting there stroking his cock turned me on to the point I had to show him my dick, I unzipped my pants revealing my fully erected cock. Mr. Allen smiled feeling turned on by my dick. I walked over to Mr. Allen continuing to give him a blow job. I was sucking his dick for about 6 minutes, I looked down at his cock, porno oh my god, and his pubic hairs were white, I never saw white pubic hairs before. Mr. Allen stood up from the couch removing his sweater and shirt. Then he pulled off his pants, he was completely naked now, I didn’t want him to be alone there naked, so I took my clothes off. When I was naked, I got close to Mr. Allen touching his hairy chest. I looked up into his eyes, he put his face to mine kissing my lips softly, his white beard was rubbing against my chin, it hurt a little but the feel of his lips made the pain quickly fade away. I fell on the couch; he went down to my crotch area licking my balls. Oh my god, he was sucking on them making my dick hard. I moaned he used his tongue to lick my balls up and down; I was pinching my nipples making them hard. I was so turned on I closed my eyes; Mr. Allen was sucking on my balls for about 3 minutes when I heard another voice in the room. At first I thought it was Mr. Allen, but I opened my eyes. Mr. Allen stopped licking my balls.

“What’s going on here?”

Mr. Allen quickly got scared seeing that it was Mr. Stone who was watching me and him having sex on the couch. Mr. Allen grabbed his shirt covering himself.

“John, it’s not what it looks like! Oh shit, I’m fucked now.”

“Patrick, don’t be scared, I wanted to join in. Don’t worry I already had sex with Brandon”

Mr. Stone gave off a tiring sigh. Looking at me, I was smiling feeling turned on that Mr. Stone wanted a piece of the action, he walked over to me looking at Mr. Allen.

“I knew this would happen, Brandon can’t you just stay normal, and not always horny.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Stone; my sex drive went out of control.”

“I could join in or just watch”

Mr. Allen looked at me and Mr. Stone thinking we were both crazy, but he throw his clothes away from his naked body, he continued to suck on my balls. Mr. Stone sat on the chair unzipping his pants pulling out his dick, slowly stroking it. I moaned again, Mr. Allen loved to suck balls, I could tell because each time he sucked on one of my nuts, he used his tongue to lick them up and down. I was going to cum any second. Mr. Stone took off his shirt, he was still jacking off with his pants on. I was breathing hard again. Mr. Allen stopped sucking my balls, he placed his mouth on my dick, I was precumming like crazy. He licked up all the precum that came out of my pee hole, I was moaning loud, he used his tongue to lick around my cock head.

“Brandon, I must say I love the taste of your precum, I hope you’re going to cum soon, because I want you to cum on my face”

“Yes Mr. Allen, I’m about to cum any second. What about you Mr. Stone, are you going to shoot your load?”

“Yes Brandon, where do you want it?”

“In my mouth”

Mr. Allen was sucking my cock faster; I think Mr. Allen was jacking himself off to this, because I didn’t see his right hand at all. I was breathing harder, I opened my mouth wide. Mr. Allen stopped sucking my dick for a minute helping me up from the couch. Mr. Allen lied on the couch looking at me.

“I want you to cum on my face”


I rokettube had sat on Mr. Allen’s hairy chest jacking off a couple of times then I could feel my load start to build up in my balls. I could feel his hairy chest touch my ass, it felt so good. I looked at Mr. Allen.

“Oh my god, I’m gonna cum, AHHHH! I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I shot my load all over his face, it landed all over his beard and mouth. I shot at least 5 loads on his face. He stuck his tongue out licking some of it from my dick. Globs of cum slowly ran down his beard. After Mr. Allen was done sucking my dick dry, I got off from Mr. Allen’s chest watching him get up from the couch walking over to Mr. Stone.

“John, I think you feel kind of left out do you?”

Mr. Stone stopped jacking off looking at him. Mr. Allen stood there naked, his hot hairy chest covered in my cum.

“Yes Patrick, I do feel kind of left out”

“Well John, I want to give you a big thank you for bringing Brandon to my library”

Mr. Allen got on his knees going towards Mr. Stone’s crotch area, he started to lick Mr. Stone’s balls. Brandon sat on the couch jacking off with his slimy cock. Mr. Allen was sucking on Mr. Stone’s balls for a long time. I looked at Mr. Stone who was already feeling turned on. It was my first time watching two older men having sex with each other; my dick was so hard I was going to cum a second time.

“Damn Patrick, I’m about to cum, do you want to eat my cum”

“No Mr. Stone I want to eat your cum”

“Well get on over and eat it Brandon”

I got off from the couch walking over to Mr. Stone’s dick; I had started to suck it while Mr. Allen was still sucking on Mr. Stone’s balls. Mr. Stone groaned shooting his load in my mouth, I could feel his cum hit the top of my mouth. Mr. Allen stopped sucking Mr. Stone’s balls looking up at me. He opened his mouth, I took my mouth off Mr. Stone’s cock kissing Mr. Allen in the mouth, and we were both swapping cum through each other’s mouths. Mr. Allen stood up from the floor, letting me suck on his cock, I put my mouth on his hard dick sucking it, Mr. Allen groaned shooting his load in my mouth, He shot I think maybe 7 times, then finally his dick oozed with cum, I took my mouth off his dick cleaning him dry. Mr. Stone put his mouth to mine, me and him kissed swapping cum through our mouths. Mr. Allen stood there stroking his soft dick. Mr. Allen gave me a wet rag to wash off all the cum from my face and cock. Mr. Allen looked at me putting his pants on.

“Could you give me that back, I want to use that so I can cum faster, you understand”

“Yes I do, I wish I had some used underwear that you have when you cummed, I would love licking the dried cum from your underwear.”

“Well Brandon, since I had seen you and Mr. Allen doing so much hard work on looking for your information, I decided you don’t have to do the book report after all, and I’ll give you an A.”

“Thank you Mr. Stone, I just wished you could have got some of my dick.”

“Next time Brandon, next time I’m going to have you alone and you’ll be mine.”

The three of us walked back up to the library lobby. Mr. Allen was pleased that he shot his load out today. I walked over to the table with Mr. Stone. I think I will visit this library from time to time when I need to do more hard research. I laughed going back to starring at Mr. Allen at his desk…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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