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Double Penetration

This is a continuation of the Bad Uncle Series. I had originally planned on this being the last chapter, but the story kept growing so I anticipate at least a couple more chapters. I hope you enjoy.


I spent the next couple of days wracking my brain over how I could possibly get Stacey out on a date. Her parent’s might find me offering to take her out to dinner a little strange, or possibly want to go, but I could work around that. What I struggled with was the fact that I wanted her to spend the night with me. I wanted to spend time with her to talk and enjoy her company, but I also wanted to appreciate her body, to caress and explore her, not just have quick encounters where we had to rush to finish.

My mind was distracted at work as I pondered how to make this fly, occasionally interrupted when Stacey had a free moment to engage in some flirtatious texting. Occasionally she’d send me a selfie, but while she looked sexy as hell in all of them, there was nothing you could call inappropriate.

It all came to a head on Thursday morning, when Bill called me into his office.

“Mike, I’ve known you a long time. Is there something going on that I should know about?” he asked me pointedly. “You’ve been distracted all week, and frankly I’m not confident that you’re going to have everything done in time for our product launch.” He stopped there, looking at me intently.

“No.” I answered. “I guess I have been a little out of it this week, but I think I’m just a bit stressed and overwhelmed. Sorry, I’ll do my best to get on track for launch.”

Bill looked at me for a second, then nodded. “Sounds good! I know you’ll turn this around. A lot is riding on this launch, and you’re a key piece of making it successful!”

With that, Bill dismissed me and I headed back to my desk. I called Sarah and told her I was behind in my work and needed to push my flight back from Friday to Saturday. I wouldn’t be able to get my work done and leave early Friday, and there was no way to make the last flight out otherwise. Sarah was pissed, but I told her there was really no option. She hung up on me and I sighed. Such is the life of a married man.

I was able to put my head down and get through some work, when suddenly my phone pinged. I ignored it, figuring it was Sarah texting me to tell me how mad she was. A little while it pinged again. I groaned internally, figuring I’d have to respond.

Picking up the phone, instead I saw a message from Stacey. “I’m ‘staying’ at a friend’s house tonight! How bout a dinner date?”. My mouth went dry as the next message came into view; it was a selfie up her skirt, and she wasn’t wearing any panties!

“That naughty vixen!” I thought to myself. Before I could respond, my phone pinged again.

“That’s desert, I want real food for dinner!” My cock leapt in my pants as I read her message, and I looked back again at the photo. Looking around, I reached down and adjusted myself as I was pressing uncomfortably against my pants.

I fired back a thumbs up, then followed up with “5:30 @ hotel?”

I waited breathlessly until my phone pinged again. Thumbs up, and two lips.

That was the end of my productivity for the day. Try as I might, all I could do was look at the clock and wait until I could realistically sneak out. By about 3, I gave up all hope of getting anything else done. I got tired of glancing towards the door, and in a fit of nervous energy I grabbed my stuff, logged off my computer, and slipped out the back door before anyone could stop me.

I arrived back at the hotel with plenty of time to spare. I was continually hard as I puttered around the room, biding time until Stacey was due to arrive. I resisted the urge to touch myself; even though I was so turned on I would probably cum just from her touch, I’d rather store what I had and hope I could recuperate quickly then risk only being able to perform one time this evening!

I took a hot shower, then trimmed myself up as best I could. I shaved, brushed my teeth, then made sure I had a nice cologne on before dressing in some nice, yet casual clothes for dinner. I would need to take her somewhere a distance away so that nobody would see us that shouldn’t. God help me if word got back to her parents and my wife that we were out eating dinner, when Stacey was supposed to be at a friend’s house! If nothing else, it would lead to a LOT of questions that I wasn’t prepared to answer or lie about…

I paced the room waiting for her knock on the door. When it finally came I jumped a mile, even though I was expecting it. A quick peek through the peephole confirmed it was her, and I opened the door with a huge grin on my face to see Stacey in her cheerleader outfit again! Her hair was back in a ponytail, and she had a duffel bag slung over her shoulder.

“I’m so excited!” she squealed, jumping into my arms. I held her in mid-air and backed into the room, allowing the door to close behind us before pressing my lips against hers. She moaned and opened her mouth giving my tongue room to slip between her lips and battle hers. I cupped my hand under her ass and squeezed gently, altyazılı porno reveling in the dichotomy of her young pliable baby fat resting over her toned cheerleader ass. I groaned as Stacey pulled away and I reluctantly lowered her to the floor.

“I need to change!” she exclaimed, then turned and headed into the bathroom. I heard the lock click as she closed the door behind me, obviously concerned (and rightfully so) that I would end up barging in and ruining any chance we had of making our dinner reservation.

I heard the shower kick on, and decided I needed a stiff drink. I normally don’t splurge on mini-bar offerings, but I needed something to calm my nerves, so I grabbed a nip of bourbon. Sitting in the chair while I waited, I twisted the top off and swallowed it down with a couple of quick sips.

I sat there trying to be patient as I heard the shower shut off. I waited, but next I heard a hair dryer fire up and figured she was still going to be a while. I didn’t want to drink any more as I was responsible for her safety, so I flipped on the TV and flipped through the channels aimlessly.

I heard the bathroom door unlock and my eyes darted in that direction. My breath caught in my throat as she emerged, wearing a slinky black dress that was the ultimate combination of beautiful and sexy. Her hair was down and wrapped around her face, accentuating her face gorgeously. The neckline plunged just enough to taunt with a hint of her cleavage, and the dress came halfway down her thighs, letting me cast longing glances at her long, toned legs. Her nipples stood out prominently, almost guaranteeing that she wasn’t wearing a bra tonight.

Her face lit up when she saw the stupid grin on my face, and twirled in a circle, her dress spreading out and rising, tantalizing me with a view of her milky thighs. As she stopped and looked at me, I approached her and looked deep in her eyes.

“You are absolutely gorgeous!” I told her. “The fact that I love you just makes you all the more beautiful!”

Stacey blushed, then accepted my arm as I escorted her out of the room and to my car. I opened the door for her, and she climbed in, giving me another glimpse of her thighs as she settled back into her seat.

I climbed in and pulled out on our 45-minute drive to the restaurant I had selected. It was on the coast, with a gorgeous outdoor patio overlooking the Neuse River. We chatted on the way over, Stacey excited with the way their cheerleading season was going, an upcoming national meet, and the college application process which was coming to a head. I didn’t say much, just listened as she gabbed away, with only an occasionally question to make sure she knew I was paying attention.

We arrived at the restaurant and I the maître d’ escorted us to our table. We had a lovely table on the end of the outdoor patio, with a gorgeous view of the river. It was warm, but there was a pleasant breeze blowing off the water, the enticing salty scent filling our nostrils. I pulled out the chair on the outer side for Stacey, pushing it in as she sat down. I took the seat to her left, so that we were next to each other, both facing out towards the river able to appreciate the view.

The waiter approached, setting bread and butter on the table.

“Can I offer you a drink this evening?” he asked.

“I’ll have a glass of chardonnay.” Stacey replied.

“I’ll have the same!” I announced quickly. Stacey definitely looked older all dressed up, but I still wasn’t sure the waiter would buy it unless I distracted him quickly.

“Very good!” he replied, turning away and leaving us alone. Stacey and I barely glanced at the menu, instead continuing our conversation.

“This is so romantic!” Stacey gushed. “I can’t believe you’d take me to such a nice place!”

“Stacey,” I replied, “I don’t know what’s going to happen between us. This is wildly inappropriate, and it would devastate both of our families if they found out… but I can’t stop thinking about you, I try to figure out how to spend time with you, I…” I glanced down, fearful of having exposed such raw emotion to Stacey. I knew she enjoyed our time together, but a for a young girl like her, it must just be a passing phase, mustn’t it?

“Uncle Mike!” Stacey laughed nervously with a tear forming in her eye. “I’m so glad you said something! I’ve been feeling the same way and it scares the crap out of me, but it’s all I think about every day!”

I reached out and took her hand in mine, giving it a firm squeeze.

“Guess what else?” Stacey asked with a grin.

“What?” I asked, suddenly nervous. I couldn’t have knocked her up, could I have?

“I just submitted my application for UCCS! I might be going to school near you!” she exclaimed. I breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn’t pregnant, yet I felt a wash of nerves flow over me. If she was nearby, what were the chances that something was going to go wrong? At least here I was away from Sarah, but how would I find time alone near my home?

“That’s great!” I replied, probably not as enthusiastic as she would have hoped, but she didn’t seem mobil porno to notice.

The waiter approached, serving us our wine. I ordered half a dozen raw oysters and some bruschetta for appetizers. Stacey face grimaced when I said oysters, but I wanted her to try them. I know they say they are an aphrodisiac. I had my doubts, but I was willing to spin the wheel!

The next hour flew by. We connected on so many levels, and the conversation flowed naturally. We laughed as we shared stories and enjoyed the food. I even got Stacey to try an Oyster, although she giggled then gagged a bit as she swallowed it. Needless to say, I ate the rest of the dozen.

As we finished up our entrees, the waiter came, and we ordered dessert. As soon as he turned to leave, Stacey leaned into me, nuzzling her face into my cheek.

“Thank you so much for this evening! I feel so relaxed, and I’m having a wonderful evening!”

I smiled, at wrapped my arm around her, pulling her closer against me. The floral scent of her hair enchanted my senses, making my heart beat a little faster even as I felt a sense of relaxation wash over me.

We stayed there for a few moments, then pulled apart as the waiter approached with our dessert. He placed the dishes carefully down around us, setting a small Crème Brule in front of me and Stacey’s brownie sundae in front of her. I took my hand and patted her leg just above the knee.

“Enjoy!” I told her. “This looks delicious!” I picked up my spoon and tapped the crust, listening to it snap against the crust before finally cracking open.

“Yes it does!” she replied, placing her hand on top of mine and holding it against her leg. Then she leaned towards me and whispered, “But this isn’t the dessert I’m really craving!” With that, she started to slide my hand slowly up her leg towards the bottom of her dress. I froze, holding my spoon in mid-air as she slowly slid my hand under the hem of her dress and further up her leg. I turned my head quickly, checking that nobody was watching. As she slid my hand up further, her legs spread slightly so as not to impede my journey. I put my spoon down and closed my eyes, focusing on the feel of her skin under my other hand.

I could feel the heat coming from between her legs, and she leaned against me, wrapping her arm around me, as my hand continued closer and closer until I could suddenly feel the light fuzz of her pubic hair brush against my hand.

“You naughty vixen!” I exclaimed in a whispered voice. “You’re not wearing any panties!”

Stacey giggled, then gasped as I gently ran my finger over her slit, her arm tensing and contracting around me. I continued to rub gently, and she closed her eyes, her mouth opening in a breathless moan. I could feel moisture slowly starting to seep out of her pussy, and her lips started to part ever so slightly.

Just as quickly, I removed my hand and Stacey groaned. She sat back up, a flushed look on her face. I picked up my spoon with the hand I’d been using.

“Enjoy your dessert!” I said with a smirk on my face, as I took a spoonful of Crème Brule and brought it towards my mouth, then pausing with my fingers directly under my nose as I breathed in deeply, her intoxicating aroma seizing every sense in my body. “I’m going to savor mine later!” I continued, as I stuck out my tongue and licked the custard off my spoon.

Stacey blushed, and turned her attention back to her Sundae, although her legs kept squeezing together then releasing. Looking out at the river, I saw a fishing boat bobbing about, its running lights casting a long string across the water.

“Come here, I want to show you something.” I said, pushing back my chair and standing, holding my hand out to Stacey. She looked up at me, then took my hand and stood up. I guided her over to the railing next to our table, then stood behind her pointing at the boat. I leaned against her gently from behind, nuzzling my face into her hair, my erect cock pressing against her ass.

“See what you drive me to?” I whispered in her ear, pointing out in the general direction of the boat with my left arm, while my right arm casually reached around her, pulling up the front of her dress until I could slide my hand underneath it. I slid my fingers gently up her inner thighs, and she shifted, opening her legs up just enough that I could run them all the way up to her pussy.

I slowly rubbed my fingers over the surface for a few seconds before slowly sliding my middle finger deep inside her. I could feel her shudder against me as I slid it in as far as it could go, before sliding it almost all the way back out. I slid my finger in and out a few times, then pulled my finger out and ran it slowly over her clit, spreading her wetness out and allowing my finger to glide in circles easily.

I could hear Stacey’s breath deepen, and I sped up my ministrations. We wouldn’t have long, and I was determined to please her. I rubbed faster and faster, and I felt her start to tremble as her orgasm neared. Suddenly her body started to shake, and I felt her weight drop as her knees bucked as her orgasm washed over her. sex izle I wrapped my arm around her to support her, removing my fingers after a couple lazy circles around her clit.

“Are you finished with your desserts?” The waiter appeared out of nowhere behind us.

“I think we’ll pick at them for a few more minutes, but we’re ready for the check.” I stated, turning around with one arm still around Stacey. She stayed facing the water, the last tremors of her orgasm pulsing through her. “I love this view!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, most people find it very stimulating.” he replied with a wink, as he put our bill on the table and walked away.

I turned back to Stacey, moving close in behind her again. “Very stimulating!” I whispered in her ear.

“You’re bad!” she whispered back. “Can we leave now? I need to get you alone!”

I released her, moving back to the table and sitting down. Stacey stayed at the railing looking out while I looked at the bill. Normally I would pay with the corporate card to make expensing easier (I am out here on work after all), but I wasn’t willing to wait for them to run the card. I counted out enough cash for the bill and a nice tip and left it tucked inside the folio.

“Ready?” I asked. Stacey turned away from the railing, her face still slightly flushed, and nodded. I took her arm and escorted her out of the restaurant and out to my car. When we arrived there, she threw her arms around me, kissing me passionately. I reached down and slid my hands up the back of her dress, squeezing her ass cheeks gently.

Stacey moaned into my mouth, then pulled away. Reluctantly I opened the car door, once again holding it open as she got in. After she was in, I closed it, adjusting my cock in my pants as I walked over to my side of the car and climbed in.

We rolled down the windows to enjoy the night air and drove in silence for a few minutes. Stacey had her head leaned back, the wind blowing her hair around. She closed her eyes and lay there with a smile on her face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her kick off her shoes, then pulled her legs up, sticking one foot out the window so it was resting on the sill, her other foot up on the dashboard.

I immediately reached over and placed my hand on her inner thigh and started to slide it up her leg. Stacey moaned.

“I can’t believe you did that to me with all those people around!” she said. “It was so hard to keep quiet… but here I don’t have to be!”

I continued my journey north until I reached her pussy, still wet and open from our earlier play. Slowly I slide my finger inside her again, then started to run my middle finger around her nub. Stacey groaned, and leaned her seat back further. I loved the feeling of her slippery clit rolling around under my finger. As badly as I longed to see the pleasure on her face, I couldn’t look at her since I had to keep my eyes on the road. That didn’t mean that I couldn’t enjoy the sounds she made as I continued to finger her.

“Oh god, Uncle Mike… you make me feel so good!” she moaned, spreading her legs further. I felt her start to tremble again as her orgasm neared and slowed down until I was barely moving.

“Please Uncle Mike!” she groaned. “Please don’t tease me!”

I kept my movements slow, each pass of my finger over her clit sending a shockwave through her body. We had a long drive ahead and I was determined to make this last. I shifted my hips a little, trying to ease the strain of my cock in my pants. Stacey must have noticed, as she suddenly pulled her seat back upright and took her feet off the dash, blocking my hand from continuing their work.

“Oh my god! You must be so uncomfortable!” She leaned over towards me, climbing onto her knees on her seat as she did so. She started tugging on my pants, and I lifted my hips as she pulled them down past my ass, so they were bunched around my thighs. She leaned over and nuzzled my ear as her small hand grasped my cock, slowly stroking it as a drop of precum formed at the head.

“Look at how hard you are!” she murmured in my ear. “All this play and no release for you! We’ll have to remedy this situation!” With that she suddenly dropped her head and closed her mouth over the head of my cock. I leaned my head back against the seat and groaned, fighting to keep my eyes open and on the road as she sucked me deeper into her mouth.

I took my right hand and brought it back up between her legs and started to finger her again while she bobbed up and down on my cock. I could feel her moan, it vibrated right into my shaft driving me crazy. All my intent to tease went right out the window… as she drove me towards orgasm, I was determined to drive her there right alongside me.

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to cum while focusing on the road, but I worked my fingers around her clit harder and harder, feeling her hips gyrate slightly pushing back against me. Her moans radiated through her cock and she started to tremble as she got close. Her head stopped bobbing as her orgasm hit and I could feel her body shake and her legs buckle as she came. That was enough to send me over the edge and I finally felt my release wash over me as I shot a giant load in her mouth, my body tensing with each pulse of my cock. I had to struggle to the core of my being to keep my eyes open and on the road, which made each wave of my orgasm even more intense.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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