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In 1986, I was a twenty one year old man and still a bit naive. At that time, my cousin George managed a small convenience store. He was a slim man. Tall and good-looking with a flamboyant style.

When I had some free time, I’d go visit him at work. I’d hang around, read the latest music magazines, and help him with some of the chores that needed to be done.

George was about eight or nine years older than I.

One day, while visiting him at work, I confided in him about a certain girl that I was interested in.

I figured that, since he was a bit older, he could give me some advice on how to approach this young lady.

Sounding almost exasperated, he said, “Ya know, girls are a weird species. They just like to tease guys. Sooner or later they’ll end up using you!”

Oh Shit! This was not even close to what I thought he’d say. I figured that, since he himself had a girlfriend, he’d just give me a few pointers.

“Did you ever think that guys might be better off with guys?” He went on to say, “Men can relate to one another. Guys know what guys like. Emotionally and physically!”

Taken back by his response, I had to ask, “What!? Are you into guys?”

He sternly struck back, “Well,….Yeah! I am!”

Whoa! After all these years! I just thought that he was a bit feminine. Now I’m finding this out!

“Damn!” I shouted, ” You’re gay!”

“Uh, more like bi.” He asserted.

After a dramatic pause…. he sharply asked, ” Why, Something wrong with that?”

“Well, yeah” I retorted. “Even though there was talk among the family, I never thought that you really were…..”

“Were what?” he interupted.

“Gay!” I exclaimed.

“Bi!” he said in a corrective tone. “I’m bi-sexual.”

“What the hell is the difference?”

“I like girls, too.” He said in a defensive tone. “I just connect better with guys.”

I snapped back, “No fucking shit!”

With amazement, he asked, “Why are you so pissed off?”

“Hey man,” I explained, “I was raised to believe that only men and women have sex together, not two dudes!”

He lashed back; “Don’t knock it til ya try it, cuz! You don’t know what you’re missing.”

To say the least, I was in shock. I didn’t say a word as I left the store, got in my car and fumbled for my keys.

I couldn’t believe it! My cousin was really into guys. As I drove home, I started thinking about the actual act of two guys having sex! Thoughts of two men kissing, giving oral and even anal intercourse swiftly passed through my head like a rushing wind.

Suddenly, it hit me! These thoughts were getting me aroused! My dick was getting hard!

I remembered telling myself, “I got to hurry home and have a drink!”

As soon as I got in the door, I opened the refrigerator and grabbed an ice-cold beer. I swallowed it down in six or seven gulps.

Now, after the brain freeze subsided, I felt a warm buzz start to take affect. I reached back into the twelve pack case and took out another 12 ounce brew.

This time, I sat back on the couch and drank a bit slower. As I relaxed, I started going over the conversation my cousin George and I had had earlier.

“Don’t knock it til ya try it…” kept playing over and over in my mind.

The one thing that stuck out was the idea of a guy sucking on another guy’s dick. I couldn’t understand it.

I couldn’t imagine tasting any guys semen. A few times, my ex-girlfriend tried to kiss me after I came in her mouth, but I couldn’t do it.

Still trying to escape the day, I thought that another beer would help me to forget. I went back to the fridge and found that I only had one left.

“Damn it!” I uttered under my breath. “I really need to get drunk right now.”

I changed into a pair of loose cotton shorts and a t-shirt. I was in such a hurry that I forgot to put any underwear on.

I grabbed that last beer, tossed the empty twelve pack case into the trash and set out for the liquor store down the road.

As I walked through the quiet neighborhood, I started to get aroused again thinking about my earlier thoughts.

“No way am I gonna get turned on by this shit.” I said softly to myself.

As I reached the storefront, I noticed that there was a sale on Jack Daniels. “A Jack and

Coke will get me drunk a hell of a lot quicker than beer”. I said.

Just prior to entering the store, I crumbled my empty beer can and tossed it in the trash just outside the door.

“Hi” a friendly voice out of nowhere greeted me as I entered. I turned and saw an attractive woman, behind the register, in her early 30’s or so.

“Hmmm,” I thought to myself, “a new cashier, and pretty, too.”

“Hey.” I replied, and proceeded to the hard liquor isle. I took a bottle of Jack Daniels off the shelf and grabbed a 2-liter bottle of Coke on my way to the counter. As I approached, I noticed the new cashier staring at my crotch.

“Oh shit!” I muttered. My cock was still semi-hard and showed perfectly through my cotton shorts like a partially pitched tent.

She üvey kız kardeş porno looked up, raised her eyebrows, and smiled at me. I sort of smiled back, took a breath, paid for my items and quickly left the establishment. “How embarrassing!”

As I walked home, I kept the bag from the store in front of my groin to hide my half erect state.

I sipped off the bottle of Jack, and started to have those thoughts again.

By the time I got back to my house, I was really buzzed.

I fixed a strong mix of the newly purchased items and took a ‘male on female’ porn movie out of my collection.

As I put the tape in the player, I thought it would make me forget about two guys having sex.

I was wrong! As the movie played on, this chick was sucking this guys cock. As my buzz intensified, I thought more and more of George doing this guy, instead of the actress. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head!

Now, almost drunk, I eased my shorts down and proceeded to play with my own hard rigid dick.

The little bit of sweat that built up in my crotch area while I walked to the store smelled nice and musky.

As I watched the T.V. screen, I deliberately stroked my cock very slowly.

The alcohol began to tear at my sense of judgment. I started thinking more and more of some guy on guy action.

Now, rather than dismissing it, I was aroused by the idea!

“Wow…” I thought, “What would it be like if George sucked my cock? I bet he would be great since he had one himself and knows what a guy likes.”

I worked up some saliva in my mouth. The booze made my spit slimier than normal.

I spat my juicy spit into my right stroking hand.

As I rubbed myself with my own lube, and sipped my drink, I got really turned on by my thoughts I was having and the movie playing out in front of me.

Now, I started concentrating on just the head of my dick, as if I was the one getting the blowjob.

As I saw the guy shoot his thick load on the chicks face, I couldn’t hold back from blowing my own wad.

I pause the movie as I reached the point of no return. I could feel my semen starting to make its way up through my hard throbbing prick.

In an instant, I thought, “If that chick could do it, and George could do it, so can I!”

In an instant, I leaned forward and aimed the head of my cock for my now open mouth.

“Uuuhhh…” I groaned from my throat, as one of the largest loads of semen that I had ever produced, shot right onto the lower part of my nose and my upper lip.

The second shot hit above my left eye and the rest of my cum pumped out onto my hand.

As my hot salty seed dripped from my nose and lip, I stuck my tongue out and licked it off. For the first time ever, I tasted my own cum.

As the climax subsided, I mumbled, “That wasn’t too bad.”

It had the consistency of phlegm. The kind I would pull up from my throat when I’ve had a bad cold. The taste was sort of bitter and somewhat salty, but it smelled so clean.

“Hell,” I thought “earlier I was sipping Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. This was nothing compared to that.” Maybe I was just drunk.

As I sat back to relax, I looked around for something to wipe up the rest of my seminal fluid with.

“Shit” I said out loud. “I forgot to get a towel.”

My pearly white mess was all over my right hand, my semi-flaccid cock, and some was still on my face. I had no way of cleaning it up. If I moved to pull my shorts off, or if I got up, it would drip onto the carpet and couch.

Trying to figure out what to do, I pushed the play button on the remote to resume the movie.

As the film continued, the girl was still lapping up the semi-transparent white seed of her male co-star.

Watching intently, I started to get turned on again.

I looked down at my own cum, which had become room temperature now, and decided to bring my wet hand to my mouth. I licked it off. I wiped my load off my face and seductively cleaned my fingers with my tongue, watching myself in a mirror on an adjacent wall.

The thought of this being my cousin’s thick wad of cum entered into my mind.

“WOW!” I exclaimed, “I ate my own cum. I actually swallow my own juice!”

Almost immediately, I got into the shower, got cleaned up, dried off and passed out on my bed, face down.

The next morning, I woke to the ringing of my phone.

I tried to collect my foggy thoughts and realized that I was really hung over.

By now, the phone had stopped ringing and the answering machine kicked in.

I tried to look at the time.

As I focused on the red LED digits of the clock, a voice filled the room.

“Hey! Are you ok? It’s 10 am. Where are you? Call me.”

“Fuck!” I said in a short burst. It was my boss.

I never missed a day of work nor was I ever late without letting him know in advance.

Just then the phone rang again.

“Hello.” I answered in a low tone.

“You ok?” My boss asked with xnxx porno concern.

“No” I said in a sickly voice. “I’m not”

“And you don’t sound well. If you want, just stay home today.”

“Thanks.” I softy said.

“Do you need anything?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, yet. Thanks for asking, though”

“Well if you need anything, call me and I’ll take care of it. Get some rest and I hope to see you Monday.” He offered.

“Thanks” I replied.

As we hung up, I burped up a small amount of air and fluid.

My eyes lit right up.

“What – the – fuck!” I exclaimed, enunciating each word.

I could taste what I did last night. I didn’t know whether to get sick or try to remember how much I enjoyed it.

Suddenly, there was a knock at my front door. I stumbled to the bathroom and gargled with some mouthwash.

As I approached the foyer, a series of knocks now came from the back door.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” I shouted.

As I peeked through the curtains covering the glass of the door, I noticed it was George.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked.

“I have the day off from work and I was passing by to leave you a note to call me. I saw your car in the driveway and figured that something was wrong.”

By now it was nearing 10:30 in the morning.

“You don’t look well. Can I come in?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah…come on in.” I paused as he sat down at the dining room table. ” I really don’t feel too good.”

“What happened to you? You look hung over!” he said.

“I am. I was trying to deal with what you told me yesterday.”

“That’s why I came by.” He continued, “Here, read the note that I was going to leave. In the mean time, I have to use the little boys room.”

As I opened the folded note, I waited for the bathroom door to close before I read it.

It said, ‘I’m sorry for upsetting you. You are my cousin and we always got along as friends. Please don’t let this come between us. Let’s go out tonight and see a movie or something. I really want to talk. Call me.’

Wow, my heart went out to him thinking that he was upset for upsetting me.

As he came back from the other room, I opened my arms and motioned for him to come and get a hug, which he did. “I’m sorry for not being more open minded.”

Suddenly, my dick began to twinge in my pants.

“Oh no.” I thought.

He may have sensed something and slowly pulled away, a slight grin showed on his lips.

As he smiled at me he asked, “Ya know what’s good for a hang over?” As I shook my head no, he continued, “more alcohol.”

“I’ll vomit if I drink anything but soda right now.”

“Listen,” he said in a motherly way, “Take a triple-shot of what you had last night into the bathroom with you. Put you head over the toilet and slam the drink down.

Throw up, shower, and brush your teeth, mouth and your tongue real good. Dry off and get dressed. You’ll feel much better. Then we’ll go out for the day.”

I did as he instructed and puked my insides out.

He was right. I almost felt better.

In the mean time, he made me a light breakfast.

After I ate, I brushed my teeth one last time and we were off to the mall. But, I wasn’t interested in shopping. I was too consumed with what I did with myself last night.

Noticing my disinterest, he asked, “What do you want to do?”

“I’m in a home-bound mood. Lets get a movie, order out and get some beer.” I suggested.

By now, it was almost four in the afternoon.

My hang over was gone and I was ready to drink again. I usually don’t party like this, but this was an unusual time in my life.

As we approached a strip mall, George asked me to pull in. As he stepped out of the car he said, “I’ll be out in a few, cuz.”

I watched as he walked into a pizza place. Within minutes, he came out with two large pies.

“How did you get those so fast?” I asked in amazement.

He proudly responded, “Just before we left the mall, and you went to pee, I called from a pay phone and ordered take out, just like you wanted.”

Exiting the car again, he said, “Now wait a few more minutes and I’ll be back again.”

This time he went into our local video store.

Fifteen minutes or so later, he came out with a couple of videos. “Dinner and a movie, just like you wanted.” He said again.

I smiled approvingly and he smiled as if he just pleased his master.

Just before we got back to my house, I stopped at a small store and picked up a case of beer and some pre-mixed ‘mudslides’.

As we pulled into the garage, he got out of the car before I could turn it off. Pizzas on one hand like an expert waiter and the bag from the video store in the other, he went right inside. I got the beverages and followed soon after.

“Lets eat!” he exclaimed. “Then we’ll shower and chill out.”

We sat, ate, and drank a few beers. I had to have a mixed drink, so I made a Jack and Coke.

Right after George was done eating, he swallowed his remaining zenci porno beer, and got up. He went to the guest bathroom and after ten minutes or so I heard the toilet flush and the shower start.

About this time, I went into the bathroom in my bedroom, took a nice relaxing crap and also hit the shower.

A few minutes after I was in, I heard him get out.

When I was done, I dried off and got dressed in a pair light blue cotton shorts and a loose fitting white t-shirt.

When I got to the living room, he was already there, dressed in a pair of my red cotton shorts and a big red t-shirt to match.

He had the remote in one hand and a ‘mudslide’ in the other. He motioned with his head that I too had a drink waiting for me on the coffee table. Another Jack and Coke.

I had two VCR units. I loved to record from tape to tape. George pushed the play button on the remote and the movie “Grease” started to play. I noticed that the other VCR was on, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

About a third of the way into the movie, I asked him to pause it so I could go pee.

When I finish, I washed my hands and as I was drying them off, I could hear the movie playing again. I didn’t mind. I really wasn’t into ‘Grease’ since I had seen it before.

As I approached the living room, I said, “couldn’t wait, could you?” But, the movie sounded different, like someone moaning.

As I turned the corner and entered the room, there were two guys on the screen. One was giving the other a blowjob.

“What the….” I started to say as I continued on into the room. As I turned and looked at my cousin, I saw that he had his shorts off and was sporting a huge hard on! To top it off, he was stroking it!

He looked right at me, gave me a sheepish smile and said, “Join me.”

A nervous, yet exciting feeling came over me. My cock began to move on its own, filling very quickly with blood. As it did, he could see it rising. Just like earlier at the liquor store, I didn’t have any underwear on to hide it. He saw just what that cashier saw.

“I don’t know about this” I began to protest. As he looked at my now full erection through my shorts he responded, “I think you do. Take a huge drink out that glass and come sit here.” He said as he patted his palm on the couch.

“Damn it, dude, this is weird!”

“Remember,” He said, “don’t knock it til ya try it”

Completely buzzed, anxious and stimulated, I gulped down a huge mouth full of my drink and sat next to him on the couch.

“Look at it. Look at my cock.” he invited. And, so I did. I suddenly felt like a virgin on prom night. I had this sudden impulse to touch it. I reach out a bit, and he said, “Go ahead. Touch it. Touch my hard dick”. I did. It was so fucking hard and bigger than mine, too. It was almost hot to the touch.

As I rubbed the head, he let go of it, putting me in control. I kept glancing up at the movie that was still playing. What a turn on this whole situation had become.

I began to have a reality check. I thought, “What the hell am I doing?” Just then, a large gush of pre-cum discharged from his pee-hole.

He took my now wet hand from his throbbing prick and brought it to his mouth. In one swipe, he licked his almost transparent fluid from my palm. I thought I was going to cream my shorts right then and there!

He leaned his face towards mine. Slowly and gently, he kissed my lips with his. Being totally consumed by what was going on, I opened my mouth and kissed him right back. We engaged in a full-on make out session.

He slipped his warm wet tongue into my mouth and scraped his pre-cum off on the back of my upper front teeth. I pulled back for a moment, licked the back of my teeth and swished his juice around in my mouth before swallowing it. We both smiled and proceeded to become entangled in another hot and heavy lip lock. We probed each other’s mouths with our tongues, searching our new found territories.

I looked down at his throbbing member, which now had turned a slight shade of purple.

Mesmerized by the kiss, I reached down for his crotch again. This time I went past his dick and gently cupped his huge sac with the palm of my left hand. I tenderly squeezed and massaged his balls, paying strict attention to one and then the other.

He let out a soft groan as another large amount of pre-cum poured out. It dripped down his shaft to his balls. I now used this fluid to massage his dick and sac.

“This was it,” I thought. “I’m going to do this. I have to give it a try. I’ve come this far. I’m drunk and …really, who the hell cares? Go for it!!!” I prodded myself on.

Keeping these thought at the front of my mind, I slowly leaned forward and kissed his chest.

I raised his shirt and softly bit down on his now exposed left nipple. He let out a groan.

The sound of him moaning prompted me to suck on him like a new born feeding on its mother’s breast.

I could feel my shorts getting wet from my own pre-cum as I slowly followed the light hair of his chest down to his navel.

I explored this area for a minute or so and then suddenly stopped. I looked at his throbbing unit, which was less than an inch from my face. I began to kiss it. Tasting his fluid, I licked his pre-cum off the head and shaft. The more I lapped it up, the more juice he produced. It was amazing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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