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Ami was nervous, tomorrow would be her first day at University. That meant making new friends and learning a completely new social structure, and she had not been the most popular girl at her old school. The smartest, yes; the one the teachers cooed over at exam time, yes; but never one of the popular ones. It was not that she was ugly, or had an off-putting personality. To the contrary, Ami was already becoming a beautiful young lady, and those who took the time to get to know her, found her bright, and even fun loving. However, that was the problem; Ami was so shy and studious, that very few people ever took the time to get to know her.

Now she wouldn’t even have the refuge of her few lifelong friends to fall back on. She was going to have to fit in to a school where everyone nobody knew each other. She had seen how shy kids had been treated at her high school, and did not look forward to going through the experience again. “Still,” she thought, “That’s for tomorrow; today I get to spend at the beach, where no one knows anyone else.”

In fact, this had the prospect of becoming a perfect day. Ami’s mother had finally agreed it was safe for her to go to the beach by train alone, and swimming was one of Ami’s favorite activities. Since her mother was a doctor at one of the larger hospitals in the city, she had grown up belonging to a swim club. She had taken to the water almost from birth. Now as she sat on the train taking her from her home to the beach, she glanced down at the package beside her. Inside were two brand new bathing suits, one was a blue racing style suit that she knew would cling to her body and allow her to move with absolute ease in the water. The other was the first Bikini she had ever owned. Made of the same Lycra/Spandex and Nylon material as the racing suit, its iridescent orange to blue prismatic material had practically shone on her body in the dressing room mirror when she had tried it on. Not that there was much material to shine, the suit’s top consisted of two small triangles of cloth held in place by thin neon blue cords that tied behind her neck and back, while the bottom had only slightly more material covering her more salient parts. If her mother had seen it when Ami had first tried it on, she would have had a fit. Ami had planned to wear the bikini when she had bought it this morning, but then had suddenly decided she wanted to have a little more coverage on her body, hence the second suit.

Of course, with a racing suit, coverage was an almost meaningless term. Lycra/Spandex was a wonderful material for racing suits, which pulled tight against the body providing the absolute minimum amount of drag in the water. Being lightweight and very thin, it seldom trapped any air between the cloth and body giving it a very skin-tight silhouette. This of course meant that if you were not used to it, most people found that if revealed a little too much of the body it ostensibly covered. However, since Ami was a member of her local swim team she was used to the feel of the suits, and had never considered just how little the suits did or did not leave to the imagination of the boys around her.

That had changed abruptly earlier in the summer when she had spotted a couple of the boys of the team staring at her small but very perky breasts at one of the swim meets. Now, just two months later it had become clear, that while she would never be overly voluptuous, Ami would have one of those finely toned and very feminine bodies Oriental women were famous for, and she now had to decide just how much of it she wanted to show off to the world.

In the first bloom of a late adolescence, Ami had not quite figured out how to deal with all these new feelings and emotions that seemed to wash through her being at strange times, and she certainly was not in the market for a boyfriend just yet. Still the idea of seeing what kind of reaction she would get at the beach was intriguing. Just as the train pulled into the station, she decided to wear the bikini, for what was probably the forth time that morning.

The weather was perfect for the beach this morning, partly sunny, warm, not too humid, and with a light breeze blowing onshore. Normally this late in the season, things tended to be either too cold, or too cloudy to go to the beach, which meant that most people would have made other plans for the day. So, unlike earlier in the summer, there was actually space to spread out a blanket and not overlap with someone else. That did not mean that the beach was empty. In fact there were quite a few families and older teens present. Not far down the beach, a family was trying to build a sandcastle. Unfortunately for them, the daughter was an obvious ditz and clumsy to boot. How do you fail to notice that you had just made a tower on top of one of your own pigtails? A true “Dumb blonde” thought Ami.

In the opposite direction was one of the most beautiful young women Ami had ever seen, with long dark indigo hair wearing şişli escort bayan a traditional Kimono robe over her stylish suit. Obviously scandalized by the hentai remarks the old man with her kept making’ she was calling him grandfather and was trying to get him to settle down, but it did not look like she was destined to have much luck.

After a few minutes, Ami decided that reading could wait for a little bit, so she got up and started for the water. She immediately became aware of the appreciative gaze of the old man, and a few of the teens nearby. “You see Riyo, there’s nothing wrong with that style of bathing suit. After all if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

Blushing furiously Ami ran for the water, thanking whatever gods had made her decide on the one piece. The shock of the water as she dove in made her gasp at the cold, but her training took over and she started swimming strongly out from the shore. After a moment, her body adjusted to the water’s temperature and she stopped feeling cold. Only the points made by her nipples in the material of her suit betrayed the chill of the water. Relaxing and letting the waves lift her as they passed by, Ami gave herself up to the feeling of pleasure that the sea always gave her. It was funny, in a pool she always wanted to keep moving, swimming laps, going off the diving board, or playing some type of game with her friends. In the sea, on the other hand, she spent most of the time just letting the force of the water move her about. It always seemed as if no matter what she did, she never felt safer than in the hand of the Ocean. Somehow, she knew that she would never drown in the open sea.

She was floating on her back gazing up at some high cirrus clouds and imagining what they looked like when she suddenly felt something pass closely beneath her. Righting herself to tread water, she looked around. There, not far away, was a fin coming straight at her. At first Ami felt a sense of panic, thinking it was a shark’s fin. While shark attacks were rare at this beach that did not mean they could not or did not happen from time to time. Then the fin changed direction just enough for her to see that the shape was wrong for a shark, and it passed by her hand brushed the smooth almost silky feeling skin. A second later, a torpedo like shape leapt into the air beside her, spun in the air, and crashed back into the water showering her with spray.

Stunned, Ami realized that she had floated into a pod of Porpoises and they were playing all around her. In awe, she watched as they began to leap and crash all around her, as if giving her special attention. Ducking her head under the water, she opened her eyes and tried to see what they were doing under the surface. Gasping she pulled her head back up. That couldn’t be right, could it? Slowly she lowered her head again and watched as two porpoises mated just below her.

“Wow, It’s huge,” she thought. “I didn’t know they did it like that.” Then self-consciously, “Ooh, I really shouldn’t be watching this.”

As if in answer to her thought, one of the other porpoises rushed by, forcing Ami to take a quick breath. Then another one came up and gently bumped up against her pushing her toward the shore. Looking up, Ami saw that almost everyone on the beach was standing together to watch her swim with the porpoises. Well that was okay, she was not in any danger, and it felt nice to be getting such special attention.

Then she felt one of the porpoises nuzzling her back and shoulders. Suddenly it grabbed the strap of her suit in its teeth and pulled. The effect was sudden and caught her by surprise, pulling her under for a moment. Looking around she realized that the culprit was a young female and one of the males was now trying to pull on her suit down by her rear end.

“Hey! Stop that!” she thought.

Coming to the surface Ami decided to start in for shore. She had barely started in, when the female had come up again and managed to get a better grip on her shoulder strap. Gently but with undeniable force, she pulled the strap out and down off Ami’s shoulder. This was not funny. “If I don’t stop this they’ll take my suit off,” she thought.

In fact, that was exactly what the younger members of the pod had decided to do. With surprising gentleness, but unquestionable purpose they took turns pulling on various parts of her new suit, as she struggled to keep pulling it back on, and swim for shore.

Ami was about 30 yard from the shore when the strap on her right shoulder broke under the constant harassment of the pod. A moment later, the left one gave way. Mortified Ami stopped trying to reach the shore. A racing suit that left little to the imagination as it clung to her was one thing; a torn strapless suit she would have to hold up was another. Of course staying out here with animals determined to see what was under that suit was out of the question too. Just as she realized this, one of the bull males came fındıkzade eskort up, grabbed the top of her suit and dove for the bottom. This completely pulled the suit of her hands and down around her legs. Before she knew what had happened, another male had come up and finished pulling the suit off.

Almost immediately, the pod lost interest in the game and started towards the north, leaving Ami treading water just offshore and completely naked. To make matters worse, only the teenage boys appeared to be interested in Ami as the pod moved off. It appeared some of the boys had an idea of what had just happened to her.

Ami quickly realized that she could not come ashore here or stick around treading water. Because some of the boys were now starting out towards her, Ami began swimming towards where she thought he blanket was. When she started moving, some of the boys began heading back in to shore and Ami thought she might just get out of this without too much trouble. After all, there were two girls near her blanket who might agree to bring the new bikini out. However, as Ami swam down the shoreline, she could not spot either o the girls she had seen earlier.

Ami soon realized that some of the boys were now paralleling her on the beach, knowing that eventually she would have to come up where they could see her. This was not going the way she had planned. Yes, she had wanted to get the attention of the boys at the beach with her new suit, but walking out of the water naked was not the kind of attention she wanted. Looking back, Ami realized that some of the boys still in the water were better swimmers than she had thought, they had almost caught up to her already.

Suddenly, one of them reached out and caught her foot as she tried to kick away. She got away for a second, but it had been just enough for one of the other boys to catch up and now he grabbed her other foot. Then all four of the boys were around her, grabbing and groping as she struggled to get away. No matter how hard she struggled, Ami could not escape. These boys were obviously better swimmers than most and as good as Ami might be herself one day. Of course, boys were usually stronger swimmers than girls were.

Now the fastest of them got in behind her, grabbed both of her breasts in his hands, and tried to pull her away from the others. Another one grabbed her left leg and would not let go. In fact, he immediately began to try to fondle her pussy. Terrified, Ami opened her mouth to scream for help, but a small wave crashed at her open mouth cutting off her scream and choking her breath as it almost filled her lungs. Stunned, she went limp in the water as the boys continued to grope and fondle her supple form. How could this be happening she thought, “I’m going to be raped and drown at the same time?”

Then the pod of Porpoises had surrounded her once more, as they darted in and around boys forcing them away from Ami’s body. One of the females began to push her up and in towards the shoreline. Coughing and gasping she realized that the Porpoises had not realized that their game of “Strip Ami” would put her in danger. From their perspective, the suit had been an unnecessary encumbrance, and they had simply removed it for fun. Now they had returned to attempt to repair the mischief their “fun” had created.

Soon the pod had pushed the boys back a good twenty yards, and was following Ami into the shore. Just as she reached the point where she would have either to stop, or allow the boys gathered on the shore to see her naked form as she ran dripping for her towel, Ami looked up and spotted a tall athletic brunette girl coming over the dunes. Calling out to the girl, she managed to convey her need for her second suit from her bag. Moving out into slightly deeper water, she waited for the girl to bring her the bikini. Meanwhile the pod remained between Ami and any of the boys that ventured into the water.

A few minutes later, her new bikini drawing several appreciative whistles and hoots, Ami ran for her blanket, grabbed up everything she saw and ran to the train station as fast as she could. Paying her fare and arriving on the platform just as a train was pulling up, she boarded almost before the train had come to a complete stop. Once onboard, she stopped and looked for the clothes she had worn earlier in the day. Slipping on her blouse over the tiny triangles that covered her breasts, she realized that the skirt she had worn earlier was missing. She must have dropped it at the beach in her hurry to get away. Glancing up nervously, Ami was relieved to see that this particular car was almost completely empty. The only other passenger was another young woman about her own age. Unfortunately, this girl was staring at her with an expression far too similar to the one the boys at the beach had worn.

Ami’s face turned bright pink as she realized just how provocative her current outfit was. She could just imagine what her mother would besiktas escort say if she walked into the house like this? Oddly, instead of making her curl up into her usual self-conscious ball, these thoughts caused a warm tingly feeling to steal over her body. Centered in her breasts, and lower abdomen, the feeling was both unnerving and pleasurable at the same time. Unable to stop herself, she looked down at her body, where her nipples were standing out erect through materials of both her bikini and her blouse. The small iridescent triangle of cloth that covered her loins seemed even more see through than she had ever imagined in the store’s dressing room.

A competitive swimmer, Ami had long been adverse to the presence of any unnecessary hair on her petite form. So back when her first pubic hairs had begun to appear, she had decided to use the same depilatory creams she had long used on her legs to remove this new nuisance. The result of course, was that now she could clearly make out the curves and folds of her outer pussy. As she watched, Ami realized that she could actually see the lips of her vulva expanding as the blood from her burgeoning arousal rushed to the area. In fact, her expanding clit had pushed its way out from between those lips and now stood erect against the suits thin material. The feel of her jewel rubbing against the cloth only heightened the small shudder of excitement and chagrin that ran through her body.

A slight noise made her look up to see that the other girl had moved closer in order to stare at the same sight as Ami. Blushing furiously Ami squeezed her leg together and struck her left hand down to cover herself, immediately sending an electric jolt throughout her body. It did not care why she had rubbed her engorged clit so hard, all it knew was the incredible rush of pleasure the sudden contact had caused. Her gasp was purely reflexive, and slightly louder because of the embarrassment that accompanied it. She had definitely made a mistake doing that.

As the wave of intense pleasure passed, Ami opened her eyes again. Startled she found that the strange girl had now moved again, and was actually kneeling directly in front of her. With bright blue lust filled eyes, the girl’s gaze had fixed on Ami’s hand and pussy. Looking up her eyes met Ami’s and her tongue moved slowly around her red lips. Totally confused, and petrified at what had been happening to her, Ami simply gazed back into the blonde girl’s stunning beauty. Taking Ami’s silence as acquiescence, the girl reached out and pushed Ami’s legs slightly apart. Then she gently reached in and lifted Ami’s hand out of the way.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, Ami heard a voice yelling, “STOP!!!!!” However, before she could make her mouth and voice work, another thrill of tension hit her as the girl’s hand pressed lightly against her loins. The feel of her touch was so incredible that all she managed to get out of her intended protest was a very soft “St……aaaaahhhhh.”

Ami had been acutely aware of the changes going on in her body for quite sometime, the warmth and tenderness of her budding breasts, the appearance of her pubic hair, and even the faint flushes she had felt as she looked at some of the boys on her swim team. These had given her a glimpse into the adult world of emotions and sensation she was finally entering. However, she had never given any thought to the idea of pleasuring herself, and what she was now experiencing had caught her completely unprepared. Despite her own reservations, Ami made no protest as the stranger’s hand continued to rub and stroke ever so gently across the barrier of the swimsuit. Instead, she sat there awash in the waves of pleasure that were radiating from her abdomen. Then she felt the other girl’s hand reach up under her blouse and begin to fondle her right breast through the material of her bikini. The added sensation was almost too much for the young virgin, and she came close to fainting.

Next the blonde girl’s hands moved away and came to rest at Ami’s sides. Barely opening her eyes, Ami watched as those hands grabbed the strings of her bikini bottom and pulled loose the bowknots holding it on. She heard a soft chuckle as her moist pink lips came into view. Ami barely even tried to resist, as the girl pushed against her knees to spread her legs further apart.

“Beautiful,” breathed the girl, as she gazed at the flower now fully exposed in front of her. “I knew you had to be shaved.” She reached out with her right hand and gently touched the folds of Ami’s vulva. “I’ve never done this before she breathed,” as Ami squirmed with the pleasure of her touch and her back arched slightly when the girl touched her tiny Jewel. With a nervous tenderness, the girl began to explore the center of Ami’s burgeoning womanhood, gently rubbing and pushing at her pussy lips with first one hand and then both.

Ami gasped aloud as she felt one of the girl’s fingers penetrate into her vagina.

“No! Don’t stop,” she said as the other girl hurriedly started to withdraw the finger. That finger along with the gentle rubbing on her clit had been an extraordinary combination, and Ami did not want it to stop. Now the girl added a second finger to the first.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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