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For Women

[c] 1999-2002 Jayson23

No doubt you’ve all read the story of my first experience.. well at the end I mentioned that I had obtained knickers from my friend’s sister as well as his mother. The following tale is a very fond memory..

This recollection was a good 6-9 months after I first began ‘obtaining’ dirty knickers.. the vast majority of which had come from the same source, a friend’s mum and sister. Before I left my family home for uni, I remember fondly going through my illicit collection – at the time it barely fitted into a shoebox. To this day I wonder, did they suspect someone/me was stealing there private cottons? I took plain, pretty, even special panties in those heady days.. also bras and tights. I know girls tend to have huge collections of underwear, but still.

Anyhow, on with the story. My best friends sister Jean (named changed, of course) was just starting Upper 6th at the same school I attended. What made sniffing her knickers even better was that her and I (in fact, her and any of my friends’ friends) didn’t get on well. She had a typical snooty aversion to anyone friendly with her younger brother, basically because she and he did not like each other mecidiyeköy esc at all. She was forever commenting harshly on the clothes we wore, music we liked, ‘I can’t believe you lot like the Smiths’ etc. etc. Little did she know I was smelling her fresh young pussy multiple times a week. I mentioned before, and mmm it gives me a warm feeling to remember them, her tits were definitely oversized for a girl her age. Lovely huge ones, a teen boy’s dream. She wasn’t overtly sexual, didn’t dress skimpily or flirt with us, no matter though eh. She had long brown curly hair, brown eyes, a slightly plump figure and ass.. oh and not forgetting those gorgeous melons!

This particular day had been a warm summer day (more towards September time) and my friend and I had gone over to his house after school. His parents weren’t home yet, and we were watching Kids TV when Jean bounded in. Our school held fast to old values, and thusly the 6th formers were required to wear a uniform right up to the day they left. Jean gave her brother a perfunctory hello, ignoring me, then rushed upstairs in a whirl of skirts. I could hear her moving around in her bedroom, then to the bathroom.. Before türbanlı esc finally dashing back downstairs and out of the door in one movement – dressed in civvies, I should add. Presumably she had urgent plans, this much was evident. (heh, so did I..)

Aha, your mind is working now the same as mine was that day. I stretched, and got up from the sofa – ‘just going to the toilet’ I mumbled.. heart already slightly palpitating. I seem to remember it had been a while since I’d last gotten my nimble fingers on some soiled panties..I walked upstairs – to this day I remember the way to the toilet: turn right at the top of the stairs, right again, the down to the end. Through the door and locking it, I could smell some girly body spray in the air marking Jeans’ recent visit. Now going into my routine, I lowered the toilet lid and started a tap running, to cover any noises made, then turned my attention to the large wicker hamper in the corner of the blue bathroom. Lifting the lid completely open in one movement I was immediately presented with the wonderful sight of Jean’s white school blouse.. crumpled from a days use, and, lifting it.. I found a trace of heat within the softness retained şişli esc from where it had touched her body just moments before.

I now carefully began to extract everything placed on the top of the hamper.. her white blouse, just under which was her big, white, plain bra.. a fascinating item at that stage in my life. Next was her long, grey, 6th former’s skirt .. and, just tucked inside it, peeked out the edge of her schoolgirl white knickers.. heat now afire in my chest, I plucked the tiny cottons from inside and immediately I could see a wide and streaky stain across the gusset! Lifting them for closer examination and a sniff, I found the smell to be a heady mixture of musty pussy, sweat and most def. pee – she had needed to go quite badly it seemed, snooty little Jean had leaked a fair few drops of beautiful girly pee into those wet panties all right.

I clearly remember laying out her complete uniform on the bathroom floor, the blouse with the bra on top, then the skirt with those stinky knickers on that. A sight I will never forget, as you can we relate to I’m sure.

But, time was pushing on. Obviously I had to have those knickers for my own – in fact, I took the bra too as it excited me something rotten and had a few dull sweat stains on the inside – once I’d left and arrived home, the two went together in my hidden shoebox, a special pair of items from the untouchable but oh-so sweet smelling Jean!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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