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Big Tits

He breathed deeply and cracked a smile, actually happy to be arriving at work. But not because he was particularly excited about his job. He knew in a matter of seconds he’d get to lay his eyes on her again. He locked his car and wondered what outfit she might have chosen for the day. She never disappoints in that area, partially because she has style but also because her body underneath the clothes could make a poncho look good. As usual, the building maintenance guy was hanging around his closet, but today he dropped his keys as he entered. Seeing this, he was pulled out of his excitement and briefly thought about telling the janitor, but had a better idea. So he picked them up and entered the office, feeling a bit guilty but knowing he would make the use of them worth it, already thinking about when the best time to execute his plan would be.

When it was time, he skype messaged her, “Meet me in the empty room at the end of the hall on the way to the cafe. Suite 155.”

And his status immediately changed to away. She turned and saw him walking with purpose towards whatever he had planned. She remembered to breathe, felt her heart slamming against her rib cage and got up to follow, as coolly as she could manage. If she wasn’t wearing pants, she’d be dripping all the way down her thigh. As she passed a co-worker on the way out, she tried to muster a normal smile but only felt herself flush even more. A few steps later and finally out the door, now she had to find this new room she had never entered, only to be entered herself. Or so she hoped. Glancing around to see if there was another in the hall, she saw she was alone and proceeded with excitement. She could feel her nipples perking up and beginning to show through her bra. It felt good but she wanted more, and had to resist the urge to touch herself as she continued. Stopping to check the suite numbers, she realized she was already in front of the door he had mentioned. If she was wet before, she was soaked now. She breathed in deep and put her hand on the knob, exhaled, and pushed in. Darkness greeted her, and he spoke.

“Shut the door and step inside.”

Her body fluttering, she obeyed and heard the door shut, still bornova escort not seeing him. A moment passed, anticipation building, and then she felt his hands. Soft at first, as they briefly explored her hips before coming firmly down her ass and grabbing forcefully. He pulled her in and she felt two things: his wet lips on hers, and his bulge against her thigh. Both pleased her and she began to kiss back. The total lack of light only heightened their sense of touch as they took turns choosing new places on the other’s body to grip. She palmed his ass, he squeezed her breasts. She felt the small of his back, he ran his hand up her neck to the back of her head. She felt his arms, he slid his hand in between her thighs. He rubbed back and forth and felt the warmth, and continued to feel his lips on hers as she playfully used her teeth to bite him. Deciding he didn’t want the denim barrier any longer, he unbuttoned her pants and pushed the zipper down. He put his thumbs inside of the band of her thong and slid them around her hips to her ass and pulled down. Her jeans dropped down her thighs, getting caught briefly on her calves before he helped her step out of them.

She was exposed now, skin touching the darkness. He ran his hands up the outsides of her legs and planted them on her naked cheeks. He squeezed and rubbed, grunting at how juicy it felt. Not wanting to let go, but also eager to join her in nakedness, he shed his own pants and stepped into her, pressing his pulsating cock against her pelvis and pulling her harder into it. The lust was building faster now and he moved his hips away, pushed his dick down in between her thighs so it slid against her wet pussy, but not penetrating her yet. He thrust back and forth as she moaned from the combination of stimulation and the desire for him to be inside her. Leaning harder on her, she had to step back and found her back kissing the cold wall. Knowing this, he pulled back, grabbed her by the waist and spun her around. Palms planted against the plaster, she turned her head to find his lips once again, only they didn’t stay on her mouth. He began to kiss her neck, letting his tongue venture out and buca escort leave a wet streak. She felt his teeth on her shoulder and he breathed in heavily, showing his pleasure.

“Stick your ass out,” he whispered, and she shoved her hips as far away from the wall as she could.

He pulled away, and she felt a slap on her right ass cheek that sent both pain and goosebumps up her core. He grabbed and massaged before doing it again, this time to the other side. She had never been more ready, but he wasn’t done playing yet. She felt both his hands on her hips and he crept them down around her ankles, which meant his face was level with her pussy.

“Spread your legs,” he ordered.

She quickly obliged and immediately felt his breath on her, hot but welcome. And he didn’t waste any more time. Eager to taste her from this angle, he planted both lips on her clit and kissed it even more passionately than he had kissed her mouth. She let out all of her breath and sucked it back in, almost shrieking from the intensity. He continued to kiss, moving up and down her pussy, making sure to leave no place unexplored. And then he let his tongue come out. She felt it spread all the way across her lips, impossibly wide, and he licked her from front to back.

“Fuck you taste good,” he told her eagerly.

He dove back in, this time with a pointed tongue focusing on her clit. He flicked it back and forth, sucking in and out, changing the pressure from soft to hard as he felt her legs begin to quiver. Knowing she was close, he grabbed her hips and spread her further onto his face. Feeling her start to take over and gyrate on his tongue, he let himself be used as she took herself to orgasm, holding her breath as the feelings overcame her. He took his dick in his hand and started to stroke, the feeling of being face fucked too great not to take advantage of. As she finished her heavy breaths and began to come back to reality, he pulled away and spanked her again.

“More” she said, and he slapped her ass even harder.

She squealed with pleasure and he hit her a third time. There was no more waiting for him, he wanted to feel her pussy wrapped karşıyaka escort around his dick. Since she was wet and ready, and he was rock hard, there was no reason to tease around or enter her slowly. He felt to make sure he was in the right area and shoved himself all the way in, her ass squeezed against his waist. He held there for a moment, feeling every inch of her insides caressing him.

“Oh my god,” he let out, before taking a deep breath and pulling his hips slightly away.

He gripped her waist harder and plunged in again, this time not stopping to appreciate the moment. The friction he felt from her pussy was too good not to continue thrusting into. Loving every inch of him, she took her hands off the wall and reached around to spread her ass cheeks. Aware of her doing this made him fill her up even more, and he grabbed her arms just above the elbow to be able to pull her into his thrusts with more force. Being handled that way along with the forceful fucking had her ready to come again.

“Fuck, I’m close,” she let him know.

He leaned over her back to kiss her on the mouth, as if to let her know he was about to give her exactly what she wanted. He slowed only briefly before getting right back to the pounding that got her to where she was now. He used one hand to grip the back of her neck and the other to hold her waist and slam her down his shaft. She pushed hard on the wall as she began to come and stiffened her back to keep the perfect angle she was getting fucked at. He became absorbed with her orgasm, hearing it in her breath, feeling her muscles tense and the sensation of her pussy pulsating on the head of his cock. He gave in to the desire.

“I’m going to come too,” he moaned, and put both hands on her hips.

Now was the only time so far he wished he could gaze on her, to see her face as he exploded inside of her and look down her back to her juicy ass.

But just touching was plenty, and as he was climbing to orgasm she said, “Fill me with that cum baby.”

She reached down below his thighs to grab his balls and felt him throb inside her as he started filling her with jizz. He pumped her even harder and moved his hands down around her chest to palm her breasts, planting his face in her back. He could feel himself becoming totally empty. As he finished, he stayed inside her and reached up to kiss her again to let her know how pleased he was.

One last squeeze on her ass before he pulled out and whispered a satisfied, “Fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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