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© JeanPaul 2002. Remember – adhere to ‘safe, sane and consensual’ practices. Play safe!

* * * * *

Mikolas had shared many of His fantasies with candice, and could not even begin to express His delight when He found that His fantasies excited her at least as much as they excited Him. Mikolas and candice decided to further explore these fantasies and share an ever-widening array of D/s experiences. To that end, they took out ‘personals’ in selected internet-based websites. Mikolas was particularly intrigued by the opportunity to tempt candice’s curiosity about bisexuality and dominance, so He carefully worded a number of ads that would appeal to the widest audience. He reviewed the ads with candice, and discussed each profile with her. One that seemed to appeal to both of them was from a ‘novice’ female who wanted to experience total domination and was open to couples. Mikolas helped candice craft a response.

For as long as she could remember, Kimberlee had been confused about her sexuality. She had always had what most people would consider “kinky” fantasies. Kimberlee fantasized about submitting completely to another person, being forced to do things that she would never otherwise consider doing. Being a sex slave – used and violated in so many different, delicious ways. Spanked, cropped, flogged, tied up ….

Now she was in a situation that was unimaginable even a few weeks ago. It started when she discovered an internet site named ‘Bondage’. There, she discovered pictures and stories that seemed to spring directly from her most intimate, erotic fantasies. Kimberlee stayed up all that Friday night exploring related websites, reveling in the sexual glow that emanated from deep within her lower stomach area and set her swollen clit to throbbing. At about seven a.m., Kimberlee typed in her profile and answered the questionnaire. She was shocked to find her fingers typing of her bisexual desires and her willingness to be dominated by a couple. She fell into a fitful sleep filled with erotic dreams.

And now, here she was on Saturday afternoon reading an email from someone named ‘Candice’. The fire in her belly was starting all over again.

Hello, novice. my name is Candice and i am owned by a dominant named Mikolas. i am submissive to Him and to Him only, and i have recently begun to wonder about My dominant and bisexual desires, both of which Mikolas has encouraged me to explore. In fact, W/we have reviewed your profile, and W/we believe that you may be just what W/we are seeking. Of course, that could not be determined for certain until W/we meet and interview you. i would rely on Mikolas to direct this interview and make the final determination.

If you are interested, you may reply to Me at the above address. Send a telephone number where you can be reached, and I will get in touch with you. If you agree to meet, you will consider Me to be your Mistress Candice.

Understand that Mikolas and I are committed to each other, and that anything that happens will be between all three of us. That notwithstanding, you will be thoroughly and completely dominated and used by both of Us for whatever time you commit to be Our slave. We will leave no permanent marks or injuries ….


kimberlee hesitated only a few minutes before she began to reply with her phone number. she feared that if she hesitated, she wouldn’t do it. she hesitated one more second, then pushed ‘send’.

kimberlee could not recall anything about the rest of that day. The following days were a blur of fantasies about what was going to happen to her. she was consumed, waiting for “the call.” Four days later it came.

“Is your name kimberlee?” a woman asked. “Yes.” said kimberlee.

“I am Candice. Mikolas and I have granted you an appointment. I will give you your instructions. Are you ready?”

kimberlee’s heart was beating a mile-a-minute. “Yes, i am.” she whispered, “but may i ask some questions first?”

“That is highly unusual, but since this is your first time, I will allow a few questions,” said the Domme.

“i’m not sure where to begin,” said kimberlee. “Well, is He always dominant?.”

“Whenever I need Him to be, He is. When I need Him not to be, He isn’t,” said Candice, “I live out My submissive fantasies totally with Him. Now I want Him to allow Me to explore the Domme side of My personality.”

kimberlee felt herself getting excited and she shifted uncomfortably in her chair.

“Would you like to meet Us?” asked Candice.

kimberlee’s breath caught in her throat. “Yes,” she whispered.

Candice smiled into the telephone. adana escort “you must submit completely. If you wish to meet, We will give you a time and a place. An interview will be conducted, at which I will assist. We will determine if you are suitable for Our needs. This interview will be the most exciting event of your life. I can guarantee it.”

“What happens in this interview?” asked kimberlee.

“I cannot tell you,” smiled Candice. “Mikolas would not approve.”

There was a long moment of silence. kimberlee’s mind was racing. Should she or shouldn’t she. she might never get this far again. her voice broke as she answered. “i want to meet You. Both of You,” she said.

“Very well,” said Candice, “Pay close attention. I will not repeat Myself.”

“Come to room 610, the Marriott, at exactly 4 p.m. next Saturday. Exactly 4 p.m. If you are not there at 4 p.m., We will leave. Wear a light sundress. Do not wear a bra, hose or panties. Wear your dress and shoes, nothing more. Understand?”

“Yes, Candice,” said kimberlee. “you may say, Yes Mistress,” said Candice sternly.

“Yes, Mistress.,” said kimberlee before she could even think about it.

kimberlee heard the click of the telephone as Candice hung up.

kimberlee’s heart was pounding. she leaned back on her bed and closed her eyes. she was lost in her dreams and desires – dreams and desires which were about to come true. her hands slid under her dress and into her panties. she was soaked. she began to caress her pussy, sliding her fingers between her swollen labia and pulling the juices up onto her hard clit. her hips moved on their own as she pictured the two dominant strangers touching her, inserting things into her, making her submit to their inspection. she pinched her nipples lightly, and reveled in the intense throbbing that it invoked through to her clit. she squeezed them harder, hoping that They would use her breasts and nipples. her orgasm tore through her. kimberlee screamed while she was coming. she had never done that before ….

Candice couldn’t wait to tell Mikolas about Her telephone call. As always, He used the opportunity to whisper more fantasies in Her ear about what was to happen, and Her pussy throbbed and gushed Her juices down Her thighs.

The next days seemed to run together as Saturday approached. kimberlee was in a constant state of arousal.

Now she was standing at the hotel room door. How did she get here?

she had taken a long bath, moisturizing her entire body before dressing carefully. she had chosen her white cotton sundress that showed off her beautiful tan. she was wearing no bra or panties, and traveling to the hotel like this had driven her sexual tension to a fever pitch. she actually felt every cool breeze on her hot, wet pussy.

she was standing in front of the room. her breathing shallow, her nipples hard and erect. she felt her clit throb. she closed her eyes, reached up and knocked on the door. It was opened instantly by a stunning redheaded woman. The woman said, “I am Candice. Follow Me, kimberlee.”

kimberlee seemed to glide into the room, she didn’t feel her feet moving. she turned to look at Candice. Candice was slightly taller than kimberlee, and She wore a light summer dress that ended halfway to Her knees. Her figure was perfect and Her smile beautiful. Yet, kimberlee looked at Her and saw that She was a no-nonsense sort of woman. kimberlee waited for instructions. Candice took her by the arm and brought her over to the window. she was turned to face the full-length window and told to not move. kimberlee fidgeted as a blindfold was fitted over her eyes.

she knew that someone was behind her, and it made her shiver. Then kimberlee realized that the sunlight streaming through the window would make her dress almost transparent from the rear. A hot jolt ran through her body at the realization that she was exposed in this way. she didn’t wait long before a deep male voice began.

“My name is Mikolas, kimberlee,” He said, “you may address Me as Mikolas, Master or Sir.”

“Yes Sir.” said kimberlee in a meek voice.

Mikolas continued, “I am going to be examining you with the assistance of My partner Candice. you may not meet Our requirements, and you may be unsuitable for serving Us. Before We begin I want you to spread your legs wide apart.”

kimberlee flushed as she followed the instructions. she knew that anyone behind her could see her body through the white dress. Of course, she expected and desired to end up with nothing on shortly, but she still felt strange.

Mikolas afyon escort began a series of questions. They started off casually, asking her birthday, her measurements. she was asked about her education and work history. The questions became more personal.

“When did you first experience an orgasm?” asked Mikolas.

“When did you lose your virginity?”

“Have you ever been with a woman?”

Mikolas asked for complete history of her sexual experiences and what parts of her body excited her the most. she was embarrassed as He forced her to describe how she masturbated , but became strangely excited as He asked if she ever used her finger in her ass while masturbating. The excitement grew as she answered a long series of questions on her submissive experiences and her submissive fantasies.

One last question: “Are you prepared to serve Us if chosen?”

kimberlee didn’t hesitate. “Yes,” she blurted. kimberlee heard some movement behind her and then felt fingers (was it Mistress or Master?) lifting her dress. she raised her hands and in a moment, she was naked. she was now standing in full view of anyone looking at this window. she had never been so excited. she knew she would do anything for this couple..

“Masturbate, kimberlee.” kimberlee jumped at the command. her hand hesitantly moved to her pussy and found it drenched. her juices were literally dripping down her thighs. she slid two fingers into her pussy and started moving them in and out. she was unable to stifle a moan. Candice instructed her to bend forward a little to give Them a better view and kimberlee bent almost double, her breasts hanging wantonly. she was hotter than she had ever been in her life and her hand was flying between her legs. she was breathing in short gasping breaths. she imagined the Dom and Domme staring at her wet pussy, and she spread her legs further apart so that they could see her cunt more clearly. kimberlee wondered briefly at the passions that were consuming her, and then abandoned herself to fully pleasing her Mistress and Master. she wanted to belong to Them more than anything she had ever wanted in her life. she wanted Them to own her, control her and use her for whatever purposes They desired.

she felt the orgasm approaching when Candice grabbed her arms and quickly restrained them behind her back. kimberlee moaned in frustration, “Please, let me cum?” she begged. her need was incredible, and she was desperate to touch herself.

“No, kimberlee,” said Mikolas, “you will cum when We tell you, not when you please.”

kimberlee moaned again, her hips still writhing back and forth in frustration. Then kimberlee felt Mistress Candice attaching nipple clips to her long, hard nipples.

Mistress had kimberlee go down on her knees, and forced her head forward until it was resting on the carpeted floor. Candice pushed the small of her back down so that she was arched, her ass in the air and her breasts pressed firmly against the carpet. she was instructed to keep her knees wide apart. she felt her ass being stroked and the sensation was wonderful. Candice’s long cool fingers stroked the crack of her ass and then gently and firmly pulled her cheeks wide apart to completely expose her tiny opening. kimberlee moaned again as she felt herself opened. A finger cool with lubricant now slid into kimberlee’s asshole and she gasped at the sensation. The finger moved slowly all the way into her and then slid out deliciously. she felt her hips move as she pushed back against the finger, trying to get more of it in her. The finger was removed and kimberlee moaned in frustration again.

The next sensation was that of a small butt plug inserted in her ass. kimberlee had never felt anything like this and she whimpered as the thick part of the plug pushed into her. The feeling of being held open and invaded in this way was a constant stimulation for her already over-stimulated body.

kimberlee heard Mikolas laughing at her. she felt a large hand reach between her legs to feel her heat. Two fingers slid quickly into her pussy and she cried out at this latest, wonderfully sinful invasion. They were too quickly removed. The Dominants now stood up leaving the hot submissive on her knees. kimberlee was hoping for relief. she moaned and whimpered as she knelt there with her filled ass on display.

“you are going to be cropped now, kimberlee.” said Mikolas, “Are you ready?”

“Yes Sir, please.” gasped kimberlee.

kimberlee felt the leather crop being rubbed on her smooth buttocks and up her back. Then it was withdrawn, and next thing she knew alanya escort it was at her lips.

“Kiss it, kimberlee,” said Mistress. kimberlee kissed the crop.

Seconds later she heard a swish then felt the rush of air as the crop struck her ass. The pain was sharp but not unbearable and the heat that it generated added to her stimulation. she was moaning constantly and pushing her ass back up to the crop as it landed. The cropping stopped for a moment and she felt a large vibrator being slid into her soaking pussy. The vibrator was turned on and off intermittently. she was kept close to cumming but whenever she was close, the action would stop and she would be kept quivering. Finally, the cropping ended. her buttocks and upper thighs were hot and stinging. The juices from her pussy were now dripping down her legs and kimberlee needed her orgasm.

Candice ordered her to turn around and suck the Master. Candice explained that this was Her cock, and that kimberlee could only suck it when kimberlee pleased her Mistress. kimberlee took the large cock into her mouth eagerly, and suckled gently as Mistress held her head. The vibrator in her pussy was turned on, but whenever she was close to release, it would stop again. she was kept in a constant state of arousal.

her tongue ran up and down the cock and kimberlee felt Him slide all the way to the back of her throat, something she had never experienced before. Master’s orgasm was not long in coming, but she gasped as He withdrew before His cum could fill her mouth. Candice explained that Mikolas’s cum belonged to Her, and Her alone.

Then Mikolas ordered her to suck Candice. Candice was sitting on a chair with her legs spread and Mikolas directed her to the correct position. kimberlee didn’t hesitate in leaning over to slide her tongue into her hot, wet Mistress. she quickly brought Candice to orgasm, delighting in the feeling of being able to please another person like that.

“Now, We are going to let you cum, Our little slave.” said Mikolas.

“Oh, thank You, Sir,” said kimberlee. she was desperate to cum. The sensations in her nipples, her ass and pussy were indescribable. Every movement she made fired her desire further.

“you will entertain Us,” said her Mistress. “These orgasms that We allow you are no longer yours. They belong to Us. Now lay on your back on the floor with your legs up, knees apart so that We can take Our pleasure. Hold your cunt open for Us, kimberlee. Remember that you are here to serve Us.”

kimberlee did so, feeling the hot flush on her face as she pictured herself exposing herself this way. The vibrator was turned on again and she felt two hands grasp the clips on her sensitive nipples and pull on them. Another hand reached down to play with the plug in her ass and it was that last sensation that was finally too much.

“Remember to beg permission before you cum, kimberlee.”

Oh god, she thought. Please don’t deny me this orgasm now.

“Please, Mikolas. Please Candice,” she panted. “Please let me cum. PLEASE!!!”


At last she heard it. It was her Mistress. “Cum for Us, kimberlee, cum loudly, We want to hear you, cum NOW….”

kimberlee’s screams were muffled as her mouth was covered by her Mistress’ wet cunt. Candice was squatting over her, and kimberlee sobbed as she was allowed to once again taste her Mistress and please Her in this way. Candice was facing kimberlee’s pussy, and She took kimberlee’s spread legs and held them back under Her arms, bending her almost double and further exposing her cunt and ass.

Candice looked at Mikolas and saw the love in His eyes. Mikolas’s hand was a blur as He stroked His cock and prepared to shoot again into Candice’s open mouth.

kimberlee’s whole body began to shake as she felt herself being consumed by the orgasm. It overtook her completely, and her legs would have been thrashing against the floor if Candice hadn’t taken a firm hold. kimberlee’s ass clenched hard on the anal plug and it sent her into another orgasmic spasm. It seemed to go on forever as one sensation after another triggered more peaks.

Several long minutes later she was curled up on the floor at the foot of the Master’s and Mistress’s bed. her hands were restrained and chained behind her back, and she was fastened to one of the bedposts. Covered with a sheet, she lay still and quiet as she listened to Mikolas and Candice fucking.

“I love You so much,” said Mikolas. “And I love, You,” she heard Candice answer.

kimberlee was drained. It had been the most intense experience of her life and she knew that this was only the beginning. she knew that whatever these two wanted, she would give Them. she just wanted to be close enough to bask in the love and passion They shared with each Other. And to be used and controlled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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