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When arriving at the house Chris opened her doors as usual but this time he carried her in. They kissed and she had no idea what was next.

He told her there was a surprise for her and led her to the utility room. She seen light coming from the dungeon but the door was pushed to.

He told her she was going to have to trust him. She agreed and he placed the handkerchief that was on the dryer across her eyes.

He opened the door and slowly walked her in. He reached down and one foot at a time took her shoes off.

He took her to where the large pillow is then took her blind fold off. There stood Kari

holding a small pillow with a handkerchief and

Gary stood close by with a stand and what appeared to be a book of some sort and pen.

Behind her were 4 couples where the ladies were sitting on the pillows and their husbands stood behind them.

Trish’s heart is pounding.

“What is all of this?”

“Have a seat my precious and you will see soon enough.”

He held erzincan escort her hand as she sat on her pillow.

“My precious do you recall when we first were together how we sat and decided and

discussed what details we were expecting in and out of this relationship?”

“Yes Sir”

“Well this is the result of that discussion and the end of some ceremonial things for this day but the beginning of our life in so many other ways.”

Chris looked to Gary and he handed Chris the book.

Chris handed it to Trish.

“Is this what we discussed and agreed to?”

She smiled and felt butterflies in her stomach as she answered

“Yes Sir”

“I want you to read over this and if we are still in agreement then I would like for you to sign it”

She looked over it and in total trust in him knowing this was the things for a contract

they had discussed before, noticing he had already signed she stated,

“I would very much so like to sign it Master.” erzurum escort

With that Chris looked to Gary and he handed her the pen. She signed her name thinking this was it, she’s now owned and in an actual contract with the man she loves, married and will spend the rest of her life with.

This gave her much joy.

Chris handed them back to Gary and told her he would display this in frames on the

wall under her picture later.

He asked her to get on her knees. She sat up to her knees and he told her how much he loved her and that he pledges to take care of her for the rest of their lives.

“Earlier today we exchanged rings in the company of our friends and family to show our never ending love as the circle of the ring is meant to.

Now I want to give you something to wear to show my never ending protection and ownership of you.”

He motioned for Kari to come closer and he revealed what was on the pillow. It was

gorgeous silver with garnet stones bursa escort in it. It has a small pin to close it. This was her collar he promised.

She covered her mouth trying not to cry.

Kari and the other ladies were all emotional as well.

Chris took the collar in his hands and hesitated for only a moment to ask her, “Is this what you still want precious?”

“Oh Yes Sir”

He then looked to Kari and she stooped down to pull Trish’s hair up. Chris placed the

collar around her neck and as he put the pin in to lock it said

“I love you always precious” and kissed her deeply while keeping one hand on her

collar. He then offered his hand to her and helped her up.

The men shook hands and the girls all hugged and looked at her collar. They commented on the dungeon and had a few refreshments and talked for only about 30 minutes after the collaring.

Gary and Chris seen everyone out and Trish was told to stay right there.

* * * * * *

Continue to the conclusion of the book: Chapter 31 – The Honeymoon

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