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Kacey sighed as she looked over the website categories. “I can’t believe they aren’t selling Halloween costumes this year,” she complained to her roommate and closest friend Janice. “I totally wanted to be a sexy nurse.”

Janice was laying on her bed, flipping through a magazine instead of studying for her upcoming test. The girls were seniors at a local college. “I heard they aren’t doing the fashion show anymore. That sucks.”

Kacey looked over at her friend for a minute, thinking. “What if we dressed up as fashion show models?”

Janice looked up from her mag. “What do you mean?”

Kacey was warming up to the idea fast. “We could get a bunch of the girls on our team to do it. We could buy lingerie and add embellishments and fun accessories. It would be awesome!”

Janice looked down at the magazine again. “I don’t think we can walk around outside with thongs and see thru bras.”

Kacey got up and started looking for the roster so she could send out a group text. She and Janice were co-captains of the cheerleading squad. “This is Miami. And we aren’t going to be hanging out outside. We just need to run to our cars and drive to Bryce’s house.”

Bryce was the star quarterback and Kacey’s boyfriend. His family was loaded. His parents were on vacation in Australia for 6 weeks. Bryce was consequently planning a huge Halloween bash at their villa outside of downtown Miami.

“Miss Martin is not going to like this,” Janice warned her. Miss Martin was their cheerleading coordinator and was fairly strict with the girls. Kacey knew the woman expected nothing but the best from each girl at every practice and game. God forbid any of them let loose once in awhile and have some real fun.

“She probably will. I think she might be a lesbian. And anyway do we really have to tell her?”

Janice threw her magazine on the floor and picked up her notebook. “She finds out everything.”

“Come on, throw your arms up!” Kacey yelled out to Miranda, who was at the top of the pyramid. The girl threw her arms up with a huge smile, then after a second, flipped forward and gracefully landed on her feet. Kacey swore the girl was a cat in her previous life. She was the smallest girl on their team – and the most nimble.

“Good job girls! Let’s call it a day!” Janice said, clapping her hands and walking over to the girls.

“Kacey I’d like to speak with you!” Miss Martin called out from the bleachers. Kacey knew immediately what was going on as she saw Kayla walk past her with a smirk on her face. Kacey hated Kayla. Kayla was the other co-captain and had a say in the decisions regarding the team. As the girls did not like each other, it was a painfully stupid process to come to an agreement sometimes.

Also Bryce dumped Kayla to go out with Kacey.

“Good luck sweetie,” Kayla whispered in her innocently sweet voice.

“Suck a dick,” Kacey whispered back, equally as polite in tone.

“Kacey, what is this about you planning a modelling show with the girls on the team?” Miss Martin said, getting right to the point.

“Oh, yeah. It’s a Halloween idea I had so it’s not going to interfere with practice or anything,” Kacey started. She wasn’t really surprised this came up. She had of course texted her awesome idea to her closest cheer friends who all thought it was a fantastic idea. She knew her friends would mention it to the girls on the team that were friends with Kayla. And she knew Kayla loved any excuse to cause trouble for her. God what a bitch.

“Do you think this is appropriate behavior? I expect you, Janice and Kayla to set an example for the other girls to follow. Do you think dressing up in your skivvies and going out in public is a wise decision?” she asked pointedly.

Skivvies? Kacey didn’t really know what that word even meant. She sighed. “We are totally going to be dressed. It’s going to be a fashion show. It will be really fun. Sharon is studying graphic design and is super excited to help create costumes. It will be a morale booster. Other girls will see how athletic we are and-“

Miss Martin raised her hand. “I don’t really want to hear it. I think you should really give this idea some thought. And make your outfits tasteful. And don’t exclude anyone on the team.”

Kacey smiled on the outside and groaned inwardly. “Okay.”

In the locker room, Kacey got up on a bench as the girls were in various stages of undress. “Okay listen up, for anyone who isn’t already aware, we are planning on being lingerie models for Halloween. Anyone who wants to can participate. Just find something hot to wear, and come see me, Janice or Sharon and we will help customize your outfit. We are going the football player’s party at Bryce’s house on Halloween.”

Some of the girls started talking excitedly. Kayla stepped forward and tossed her shiny blonde hair to one side. “I suppose I am going to attend your little party escort bayan then,” she purred.

Secretly Kacey wished she had a bullhorn handy. So she could smack it in her face “by accident”. She was about to say something snarky when she remembered Miss Martin said not to exclude anyone.

“That’s fine,” Kacey said, her tone dripping with a fake sweetness.

Halloween was on a Saturday night that year, which was perfect. In the morning, most of the team took several cars down to the mall so the girls could get their nails and hair done. Then they came back and spent the rest of the day getting ready.

“Where is the extra glue gun?” Sharon called out. Since most of the girls had rooms in the same area of the dormitory, some of the doors were open, and girls were running back and forth, primping and getting ready.

“I have it. I just want to add more feathers to my…outfit,” Kacey called from the other room, holding up a pasty covered with fake green feathers.

There were a good dozen or so girls, most of them nearly naked. They were talking excitedly as they got ready.

Miranda walked over to Janice. “Jan, what do you think of my wings? Should I add more glitter?” the petite girl said, turning around to show Janice the full set of fairy wings on her back, covered in gold glitter. A shower of glitter blanketed the carpet as she moved.

“Hmm. No, that’s probably good. Also we need to find a dustbuster.”

“A dustbuster!” a few of the girls started laughing.

Janice loved most of the girls on her team. But sometimes she swore they made a few too many inside jokes.

Just then, Kacey came over. “Hey, have you seen Kayla yet?”

Strangely enough, Kayla had not participated in the group activities thus far. “No. But I’m sure she will be there tonight, said Janice.

“How do these look?” Kacey pressed the pasties to her chest under her shirt, then pulled off her shirt, revealing a mess of feathers that covered her nipples and barely anything else. She had a matching green boyshort panty, also with feathers, that barely concealed her round ass. She had her hair done in a messy bun, with a few matching feathers stuck haphazardly about.

“Those are hot,” Janice said.

“I’m totally going to kick her ass at this competition,” Kacey said. “Hey, does anyone have any liquor?”

Someone produced a large bottle of alcohol, and the girls started doing shots and listening to loud music.

Finally, dusk settled, and the girls, most of them scantily clad, ran down to their vehicles and started towards Bryce’s house.

They caused a lot of attention as they made their way over. At one point, Kacey was stopped at a red light in her Jeep Wrangler when she heard an “Oh Ladiesss!” above the pumping music. She looked over and recognized Petey, and several of the football players crowded in his Mazda.

The girls went wild. “Petey are you all dressed up in your uniforms?” Kacey yelled. It looked like they all had their jerseys on.

“We’re football players!” Petey called back.

“That’s lame!” Kacey yelled. The light turned green. “See you at the party!” she called.

There were already a few dozen cars parked on the grass as they pulled up to Bryce’s house. Normally, when Kacey stopped by the DeMarco residence, it was quiet and clean. When she opened the door, a wave of loud music greeted them. There must have been about 50 people in the house, with more outside. Some people opted to dress in other costumes besides “Football Player” or “Lingerie Model”. The girls started walking through the foyer.

“Do you see Kayla?” Kacey asked Janice.

“Chill. We just got here!” Janice said.

Just then the doorbell rang. The other girls went ahead into the throngs of people, so Kacey went back to the front door and opened it, expecting more of their friends.

Instead, a father and his two young children were there, dressed up in costumes.

“Trick or Treat!” the kids said, not missing a beat.

Kacey froze, as well as the father. “Um, yeah, sure, there must be candy here somewhere. Hold on,” she said, closing the door slightly.

“Daddy, I can see her boobies!” she heard the little boy say. She groaned and saw a few of the football team nearby. “Hey, guys, where is Bryce? Do we have any candy here? We have trick-or-treaters!”

“No candy here babe. But there are brownies in the kitchen!” they started laughing.

Kacey rolled her eyes, then went into the kitchen and found no candy whatsoever. She finally grabbed some pieces of pizza and put them on two plates and ran back to the door.

“Here you go,” she said. “Have a good night!”

The dad was looking past her in wonder at the scantily-clad girls as she closed the door. She really needed to find Kayla. She started towards the back of the house and suddenly saw her competition.

Someone had erected what looked like tables bursa vip escort in the shallow end of the pool, so that they stood as a platform just above the water. And there she was, in all her glory. Kayla was decked out in platform heels, a tiny rhinestone-covered thong, and wings that had streams of silver fringe that moved gracefully as she moved to the music. She had a matching rhinestone bra on, and Kacey was dismayed to see that even her hair glinted with streaks of silver. She was even more upset to see all the attention the girl was getting – including Bryce’s.

“Did she glue rhinestones to her face?” Janice wondered aloud. “Look at her eye makeup.”

“Well, her costume is better. But I’ve got better moves than her!” Kacey said, raising her voice so that Kayla could hear.

Kayla turned in her direction. “What, sweetie? You want a piece of this?”

Kacey stormed over as Kayla hopped off the platform. She felt a fire burn in her soul as she felt the music, moving, walking and shaking her hips. She turned her back to the crowd that had gathered, bent down, showing her barely-covered crotch, then slowly stood up seductively.

“Oh you slut!” Kayla called.

“You bitch!” Kacey said, coming closer to her.

Kayla moved onto the platform, blocking Kacey. That was fine with Kacey. She moved her hands out and started to push the other girl. Amidst cheers, they began a shoving match. Suddenly they lost their balance and both girls tumbled into the warm water.

“He’s mine!” Kacey screamed.

“I hate you!” Kayla shouted back.

“Ladies!” Bryce said, as he and Petey came over to the steps and helped both girls out of the water.

Even though both guys were holding each girl, the girls were still touching each other, fighting.

“You know what would settle this? Who can suck cock better!” Petey said. There were cheers from the guys nearby.

“That is disgusting,” Kayla said.

“Yeah. Also I’d totally win,” Kacey spat.

“Fine. It’s on!” Kayla said, grabbing Petey’s pants and pulling them down. Before Bryce could even say anything, Kacey also yanked his pants down and pulled his cock out of this boxers. Bryce was turned on by his girlfriend’s fervor – even if she was performing in a group setting. There were gasps as both girls took each cock, licking and teasing them, willing them to get hard.

Janice couldn’t believe her eyes. She had half a mind to run over to the scene and interrupt what was going on. But weirdly enough, the tone of the party had changed. She noticed some of the other guys discreetly rubbing the front of their pants. Everyone suddenly seemed so…horny.

“Oh baby yeah,” Bryce groaned as Kacey rubbed the tip of his thick dick with her tongue.

“She’s deep-throating….oh God,” Petey sighed. Kayla had her mouth pressed all the way down to his balls. Kacey had her work cut out for her. She hated deep-throating cock, and Bryce had a thick one, no less. But her desire to be the best fueled her determination, and Kacey forced his member into her mouth, and into her throat until she felt herself gag.

“Ohhh nice,” Bryce said. Petey gave him a high-five.

“Hey Bryce we wanna get in on the action!” one of the football players called.

“Yeah – everyone double up. Girls – come on over!” Bryce called to some of the nearby cheerleaders. To Janice’s surprise, some of the girls went over to the other players and cocks started appearing in various stages of arousal.

Kayla started bobbing Petey’s cock furiously. Kacey saw what her competition was doing, and consequently started increasing speed.

All of the sudden, someone slapped her ass hard. Kacey moved her mouth to make an “Ow!” sound, but was drowned out by her boyfriend’s cock. That same person started rubbing Kacey’s clit and then leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Suck that hard cock, you dirty slut,” said a feminine voice.

Kacey’s eyes opened wide as she recognized Janice’s voice. She pulled Bryce’s cock out of her mouth for a second and turned to stare at her friend. Janice had a hand on Kacey’s ass, as well as Kayla’s.

“Janice, what the hell?!” Kacey exclaimed. Even Kayla stopped to look at Janice.

“You bitches make me sick. All you do is bicker about nothing. You don’t give a shit about the team so much as you can make a problem for each other. You created this big, stupid Halloween mess and now look at the mayhem. Well I propose a new challenge.” Janice rose her voice. “Who can cover these girls with the most cum?!!”

A ton of guys cheered, and for once, Kayla and Kacey exchanged a worried glance between each other.

Kayla finally spoke. “You know, I don’t really have a problem with Kacey.”

“Yeah, see? Things are fine!” Kacey said.

Guys had already started dragging some of the platforms out of the pool and the crowd of rowdy bursa elit escort young adults were cheering them on.

Janice stepped over to the tables and tapped them hard. “Come on over ladies. Let’s see what these guys have got!” she said, amongst cheers.

For the first time, Kacey’s expression matched Kayla’s. Neither realized what they had gotten themselves into.

“Lay down, girls!” Janice’s voice boomed.

Someone walked over with a tray of shots, and Kacey grabbed three and downed one after another. Each of the girls laid down, and she was surprised at the amount of cocks that seemed to manifest suddenly. Some were pale. Some were thick and meaty. Someone pulled her pasties off, exposing her erect nipples, and she felt cocks being slapped against various parts of her body and rubbed against her.

Bryce was actually the first one to release, and suddenly others followed suit. Kacey felt hot cum hitting her all over in spurts, as groaning ensued.

“Janice, why?” Kacey said after most of the guys had dumped their hot loads.

She knelt down between both girls. “I am so tired of being an ineffective leader because you two can’t work out your differences. Do you ladies feel like cooperating? Because if not, I can think of some other ‘crowdsourcing’ ideas that might help you get on the same page.”

Kacey looked over at Kayla. Both girls were covered in a white, sticky mess. “Kayla, I’m sorry about Bryce. I’m sorry if there is anything else I did to hurt you.”

Kayla sighed. “Kacey, it’s okay. Let’s move on from this, okay?”

“You know, Bryce’s parents installed a waterfall in the grotto recently. Wanna check it out?” Kacey asked.

Kayla smiled. “Yeah. Let’s go.”

The girls got up and went over to the grotto on the side of the house. There were a few people in the pool, but surprisingly no one was in the cave with the mini waterfall.

“Wow, the lights make it look so pretty,” Kayla said, looking around in wonder as they made their way to the fall. The water was about waist-deep. Small lights were installed at the top of the fake cave to resemble stars. Fake plants were strewn about randomly, creating an ethereal atmosphere.

“The waterfall is cool water, so it feels good to go under it, then go into the warmer water here,” Kacey said. “Here, you go first. You have some cum in your hair.”

Kayla squealed as the cool water washed over her. Kacey reached out and tried to help remove some of the mess from her hair. To Kacey’s surprise, Kayla pulled her close, so that both girls were under the water. “You have some in your hair, too.”

Kacey was a little shorter than Kayla, and felt Kayla’s breasts touch hers as she pulled her close. Kacey could feel Kayla’s firm nipples through her thin bra, and for some inexplicable reason, it turned her on. Kacey felt Kayla’s hands going through her hair, and she leaned in closer to the other girl. Kacey reached her arms up to try to do the same to Kayla’s long blonde hair, but ended up putting her hands on her back. Soon they were hugging, caressing each other, feeling each others bodies as they pressed against each other as water splashed over them.

Kacey slipped her hand into Kayla’s panties as Kayla tossed her head back in a pleasureful sigh. Encouraged, Kacey moved her panties down and was surprised at the amount of wetness between her folds. She moved her finger forward, and came across Kayla’s clit. She started teasing her, rubbing her center of pleasure, feeling the small pebble harden ever so slightly, until Kayla was breathing hard. “Ohh, don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, ohhhhh!” Kayla cried out, releasing the built up tension at once.

Kacey moved her hand lower and felt the juices between Kayla’s legs. She brought her hand up and tasted the essence. “It’s much nicer tasting than a guy,” she remarked.

“Girl don’t keep me waiting,” Kayla said, moving Kacey to a seat nearby which looked like a fake rock. She pulled her panties down, and Kacey felt Kayla’s tongue stroke her hard, pressing against her entrance, then slipped her tongue inside the opening of her well, tasting the sweet fluids hidden within. Kacey moaned as the girl’s tongue traveled to the apex of her sex, and began to tickle and suck the nodule nestled at the top of her folds.

“Ohhhhh!” Kacey cried out as Kayla moved two fingers inside, and started moving in rhythm as her tongue caressed Kacey’s clit.

“Oh! Yes, harder, please!” Kacey begged, thrusting herself towards the other girl as Kayla applied more pressure. Kayla was rewarded with thin streams of cum that shot out like a fine spray from the girl.

“Ohh Kacey you are a squirter!” Kayla exclaimed.

“Oh wow!” Kacey exclaimed, breathing heavily. She had never been so turned on or cum so hard before. “Kayla that was amazing!”

Kayla adjusted the straps to her bra, then looked at the dark-haired girl and smiled. “Hey, you’re pretty good too.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I don’t think I want Bryce in my life. Will you hang out with me more often?”

Kayla leaned over and kissed Kacey hard and passionately. “Sure.”

The girls finished cleaning up and went back to the party.

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