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His tongue flickered across her lips – testing and tasting the pressure of her desire. She felt her breasts tighten, her quim open and remain at the ache for something thrust there: his cock, his tongue, anything to release the sweet moisture growing within.

She responded to his tongue by gently taking it with her teeth and pulling his firm, fully-clothed body to hers. Heat flowed between them as she caressed his back and felt the thin stuff of his white shirt slide over firm muscle.

He was kissing her eyes, her cheeks with a needful rapidity; stroking her sides, hips … each became absorbed in this almost innocent exploration. Avoiding their sex was tacit between them. She wanted to delay their nakedness but their need of each other was becoming urgent.

His tongue entered her mouth with ferocity; it hurt but her lips swelled and opened to accept it. Whipping their tongues in and out, sucking and biting each other’s lips without breath was flooding their brains with hot, smoky blood like waves of Sicilian heat.

His breath was becoming shorter, “I can’t – I must – please let me see your breasts.” He pulled away, stood still with effort and let his eyes slowly slide to her breasts.

All became quiet; a suspended silence of sexual tension hung between them and each stood still. She felt strong, in control and pulsing with desire.

The room was darker now; neither had noticed the light fading. Pupils dilating, the room began to take shape, however, with the cigarettes burning in the ash-tray and the half full wine glasses on the little Italian table that he’d bought on his last trip there.

“Sit down,” her voice sounded deep and choked. He sat, looking at her like a young boy to the older woman who has decided to take his virginity. He could hardly contain his excitement as the bulge proved.

She turned seductively – and she knew it – to draw the heavy linen curtains. The world was shut out now : time to create their own. He licked his lips. She looked down at him and unbuttoned the black crepe de chine wisp of blouse, dropping it onto the wooden floor. Her nipples were erect and straining at the lace of her bra. She was aware of her shallow breathing and knew her breasts were moving in rhythm – his eyes were fixed on them with unmasked yearning.

She wanted to make him wait, so she stroked the bare thigh above her stocking top and slid a finger under the crotch of her lace knickers and began to finger herself. Her juice started to run – oh God, this need coursed through her as she rubbed her clit. Her breasts were becoming full and warm. Unhooking the straps, she sighed as they fell free.

Looking straight at him, she cupped each breast and pushed them together. He moaned. Then, she licked the juice on her finger and gently started to rub the erection of her right nipple. “Oh Christ,” was his whispered response as she did the same with her left nipple. Waves of electricity crackled from her nipples to deep within. She tilted back her head and moaned gently – he almost wasn’t there. She loved the physical sensation of feeling her breasts and would push up her clothes in solitude and lose herself in the tight, tender orgasm that she could make happen when stroking and rubbing her nipples.

That orgasm was building now – she wanted him to know it and she desperately needed it. As she opened her eyes, she saw that he’d taken his cock out and was massaging it, gazing at her. She focused on the movement of his hand and stroked the tip of each of her nipples with increasing speed, thrusting her pelvis towards him in rhythm.

She closed her eyes and gave in to the pulsing deep inside. “Oh, that’s so good, so good,” she whispered as wave upon wave of sweet ecstasy flooded through her. Suddenly, she felt his firm grasp kneading and squeezing her breasts. His tongue sucked deeply on her left breast whilst he twisted and pulled the other nipple. The pain was deeply pleasurable contracting again and again…

“Bite me, drink from me,” she implored as their bodies lost control and collapsed onto the floor. Their limbs entwined and they began to tear at each other’s remaining clothes. He gave an involuntary gasp as her cool hand took hold of his member – hard with throbbing blood. She massaged his balls – tight with semen waiting to spray.

She lightly licked the tip, pulling back the foreskin as she did so. Tightening her lips around his cock, she thrust it to the back of her throat feeling it contract and swell. He was writhing now. She inserted a finger inside herself and began to masturbate – oh, exquisite, she was about to come – no, not yet … she withdrew her finger and rubbed her juice over his manhood. Flicking up and down his glans with her fingers; she began to suck him with such vigour that he cried out, “I want to fuck you, Emma – now!”

Stillness for a moment : he, hungry; she, curious as they locked eyes. He sprang up, twisted her round and forced her onto her knees on the hard floor. With his hand in the small of her back, he pushed fiercely so that her back arched and her hips flared.

Knowing the openness of her cunt, she pleaded, “Please – put it … please, I need you in me.” Her throat and chest were constricted as he put a hand round her throat – and suddenly, a stabbing pain as she felt him enter. He started slowly at first but they both became caught up in the increasing pace of his thrusting cock – in, out, in, out – deep within the core of herself she felt their orgasm begin. Deeper went his cock and tighter were his hands both now on her hips. She bucked as she felt the atoms of her orgasm course through her body like white fire. A hundred thousand tiny, coloured lights exploded behind her eyes as she felt the force of his cum in her cunt.

As she turned to lie on her back, she felt a trickle of their juices slip down the inside of her thigh. She watched him get up, move to pick up a cigarette. From the distance he turned and smiled …

She had been standing in front of the picture for quite some time she realised. Looking around, she felt momentarily discomfited and exposed. But no, no one seemed curious nor puzzled by her absorption in the painting of a nude lying on the floor, one hand covering her pussy and her eyes looking at someone not there.

“Emma” stated the inscription simply – and she smiled secretly as she walked quietly away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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