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It was warm for a Tuesday in June, but I really didn’t notice it. The only thing I could think about was the warm ocean and beach that awaited me at the end of a two hour car trip. My friend Jess’ family owned a beach house that they went down to every summer; usually they invited my family as well, considering how close Jess’ parents and mine were. Unfortunately, this year, my folks couldn’t go though they pushed me to go anyway. I wasn’t about to say no; I had been away at college all year (my freshman year had been interesting) and I wanted to relax. Plus I wanted to see Jess.

Jess and I had practically grown up together; we went to the same schools, wore the same clothes when we were little, has similar interests. We remained close all through high school, even when we got accepted to different colleges. It didn’t help that in our senior year of high school, I had developed a slight crush on Jess.

As I drove, I couldn’t get the image of Jess in a bikini out of my mind. She was very well endowed with d-cup breasts despite being rather thin and a shapely ass that was quite frankly beautiful. I always felt inferior next to her, with my b-cup breasts and no ass to speak of. Jess would always say that she envied me, but I still felt inadequate. The thoughts of Jess helped the time fly by and it wasn’t long before I pulled into the driveway of the beach house.

“Liz!” Jess called from a second floor balcony,waving down at me.

“Hey Jess,” I called back and waved.

“Let yourself in, I’ll be right down,” Jess said before disappearing. I smiled and, grabbing my luggage from the rear seat, headed up the front stairs and let myself in. The house was beautiful, as always. Three stories, the house was divided between a main living floor and two floors of mainly bedrooms. The front door opened onto the living room, to the left of which was the kitchen and stairs connecting the first, second, and third floors and the garage. To the right was a dining room. On the floor below were four bedrooms and two baths, while the floor above contained two bedrooms, a single bathroom and the aforementioned balcony.

“It’s great to see you Liz,” Jess smiled as she came down the stairs. She pulled me into a tight hug, one I readily returned.

“You too Jess. And look at you,” I said as I stepped back, my hands resting on Jess’ hips. “You look great. College agrees with you.”

“I could say the same about you Liz,” Jess laughed. My heart raced slightly as her chest jiggled; Jess was only wearing a loose fitting yellow sundress, and underneath I could make out a bikini. “Come on, let’s get you settled.”

I followed Jess, saying hello to her parents and brother in the living room as we headed towards the stairs. We went upstairs to the room we shared and I threw my bags onto one of the two twin beds. While there were more than enough rooms for Jess and I to have our own separate rooms, ever since we were little girls we always shared a room. I always told myself it made me feel like I had a sister, but in later years I wasn’t so sure that was the only reason.

“Since it’s so early,” Jess said, “My folks suggested we go to the beach. I wasn’t going to argue.” orhangazi escort I simply nodded, coming to understand why Jess had her bikini on already.

“Okay, let me get changed and then I’ll be ready to go. I could use some relaxation after that long car ride,” I laughed. Jess nodded and smiled, closing the door behind her as she left. I quickly got changed into a light blue string bikini that showed off my curves, or at least that was what the saleswoman had told me when I bought it. Looking at myself in the mirror attached to the bsck of the bathroom door, I hoped it didn’t show off too much curve.

“If you’re worried, Liz, you look great,” Jess’ voice said from the open bedroom door. I watched her from the mirror come in and stand next to me. “It does fit you well.”

“Thanks Jess,” I said, glad my friend liked it. “Though next to you I probably won’t get much attention.” Jess rolled her eyes as I laughed; I always kidded my best friend about her well endowed body.

“Well, I know one person who’s eyes will be on you,” Jess smiled mischievously.

“Let me guess, your brother right?”

“Okay two sets of eyes,” laughed Jess and I joined in. Ever since we had hit puberty, Jess’ brother had looked at us differently; hormones I guess. It didn’t hit me until we were headed out of the house to the beach that Jess had mentioned two sets of eyes…


I woke with a start, for a moment forgetting where I was. The sound of waves crashing against the shore and seagulls overhead combined with the heat of the sun brought me back to the beach. We – Jess, her parents, brother and myself – had come to the beach an hour earlier; Jess and I spent some time in the water when we first got to the beach before come back and laying on some blankets in the sun.

I stretched, having apparently dozed off. I looked to my right to see Jess laying next to me, face down and the string undone from her top. To our left were the rest of Jess’ family, all sitting in multi-colored beach chairs. Sitting up, I brought my knees up to my chest and looked out onto the water. My mind started wandering before I heard Jess say,

“Finally up huh?”

“Long car trip,” I replied and smiled.

“Yeah. Hey, want to go for a walk Liz, stretch those legs of yours?” Jess asked. I thought for a second before nodding yes. While Jess retied her top, I stood up and stretched once more; out of the corner of my eye, I couldn’t help but notice that Chase, Jess’ brother, looking my way. “We’ll be back soon,” Jess said as she stood. Like me, Jess was wearing a string bikini, only hers was dark green.

“Take your time, sweetie,” Jess’ mom said. “We’ll be here for awhile longer.” We waved goodbye and started walking; neither of us had put anything else on (I had simply worn jean shorts and a tank top to the beach) as it was too nice out. As we walked, Jess and I talked about college, love lives and life in general. Half an hour passed before I noticed that we had come across an empty stretch of beach. I asked Jess where we were.

“We’re beyond most of the hotels,” Jess replied. “Actually I found this place a few years ago; it’s quiet, nilüfer escort secluded and tourist free.”

“And you never told me about it Jess?” I said mock-accusingly.

“A woman’s got to have some secrets,” Jess winked before we both broke out laughing.

“It’s lovely,” I said and it was true. The sand seemed cleaner here, and dunes made this stretch of sand seem like it’s own private area. You couldn’t hear anyone, nor could you see anyone around.

“I would sometimes come here if I needed some alone time,” Jess said, looking out to sea.

“Oh?…oh,” I replied as it dawned on me what Jess actually meant. “No one’s ever caught you?”

“Nope,” Jess smiled. “That’s why I like it so much here. A person or people could do whatever and be perfectly safe from prying eyes.” I looked at Jess, who returned the gaze; she seemed to be beckoning me closer. As we just stood there, Jess licked her lips gently, our eyes never disengaging.

“Um…maybe we should…” I started to say when Jess took me by the shoulders and kissed me full on the lips. Surprised to say the least, I didn’t know what to do at first; it was a few seconds before I felt myself kissing Jess back, my arms snaking around my best friend’s back. I felt Jess’ tongue work itself into my mouth, my tongue running over hers and our bodies pressed gently together. We simply stood there kissing for what seemed like forever but was probably only a few seconds to a minute. When our mouths broke apart, my face felt flushed and I could tell Jess’ was also

“That was better than I could ever imagine,” Jess said sweetly. Our arms still wrapped around each other, bodies stayed pressed together lightly. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time Liz.”

“You…have?” I asked, still somewhat surprised; Jess nodded. “It did feel nice,” I blushed.

“Than why stop now?” Jess said seductively. With that, our lips met again in a passionate embrace; now that I wasn’t caught unawares, I was able to turn my full attention to kissing Jess. This time, it was my turn to explore her mouth with my tongue. Jess gently sucked on it as I explored her mouth as my hands roamed up and down her back. Meanwhile Jess’ hands came to rest on my ass, giving it a slightly squeeze; all I could so was smile into the kiss.

“I’ve thought about this for a long time,” Jess said as we broke for air again.

“Oh really?” I teased, much more comfortable now. “Well, to tell the truth, so have I,” I whispered, delighted to see surprise in my friend’s eyes. Obviously she hadn’t expected me to feel the same way towards her. Biting her lower lip, Jess seemed to decide something as she said,

“Well, we’ve got a length of beach all to ourselves, Liz. Why not make use of it?”

I nodded, happy to go along with whatever my friend had in mind. We picked up our kissing and, as we did, Jess’ hands wandered up from my ass to my bikini top and started undoing the strings; I followed suit, undoing her green strings. Once we finished, we leaned backward slightly and slipped our tops off, throwing them into a pile next to us. I could feel Jess’ nipples were hard, poking my own boobs as mine were türbanlı escort probably doing to hers.

Jess steered me slowly around before gently pushing me to the ground. I looked at her, usure of what my friend was doing, her boobs hanging freely towards me. Jess smiled, kissed me gently on the lips before sliding down and blowing softly on each nipple. Already hard, my nipples seemed to get even harder, before Jess leaned forward and gently took my right nipple in her mouth. While her tongue flicked my nipple, Jess slid her left hand down my stomach and into my bottoms; gently grazing my pussy, Jess slid a single finger into my already wet pussy.

“Oh Jess,” I breathed. The feeling of Jess’ tongue and finger was something I had sometimes dreamed of but never really expected. As she sucked, I slid my own hands down her back, eventually reaching under Jess and sliding my own hand into her bottoms.

“Oh yeah,” Jess sighed when I slipped my own finger into her pussy. We slowly fingered each other until Jess tugged at me and we switched positions; now on top, I started sucking on her nipples, eliciting soft moans. “I…I want to come with you Liz, but not like this,” Jess breathed after a few minutes.

“What did you…have in mind?” I asked as I stopped sucking. Our boobs glistened with our spit, which ran together when I leaned forward and rubbed mine against hers. Jess gave me a look that said ‘trust me.’ I simply nodded, as not a word was spoken.

Jess pushed me into a sitting position and started slipping out of her bottoms; like before, I followed suit. Now fully naked, Jess and I looked at one another again, I surprisingly glad at this turn of events. Jess simply smiled before slipping one leg under one of mine and bringing her pussy to within an inch of mine; I already knew what she had in mind. With our hands holding ourselves up from behind, Jess and I inched forward until our wet pussies touched. A soft moan escaped my mouth to which Jess simply smiled. And with that, we started grinding our pussies together, slowly at first but eventually picking up the pace.

“Oh…oh Jess,” I moaned.

“I…I know,” moaned Jess. The sand underneath us was warm to the touch and got hotter as we continued to scissor. “Come here…” Jess moaned as she leaned forward with outstretched left arm. I did as she asked and wrapped my arms around Jess as she wrapped her arms around me. Our boobs continued to bounce as we picked up the pace, our pussies grinding harder and harder together.

Our mouths locked into a passionate kiss, I felt a wave of ecstasy wash over me as I started coming. From the way Jess moaned into the kiss and intensity of the kiss, I could tell my friend was orgasming too. Our bodies shuddering together, I held Jess close until it passed. Pulling away from the kiss, our bodies covered with sweat, I looked at Jess and she looked at me and smiled.

“Amazing,” Jess breathed.

“Yeah,” I replied. We simply sat there for awhile in each other’s arms before deciding to go back. Slipping back into our bikinis, Jess and I walked back hand in hand; a feeling of euphoria washed over me as we walked. Never did I think I could be as happy with my best friend, or any woman for that matter. As we neared Jess’ family, but before we reached them, Jess pulled me into a tender embrace.

“This is going to be a fun two weeks,” Jess smiled as she stepped back from the kiss. I could only nod, too lost in my friend’s beautiful eyes.

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