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Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news first is that I managed to get out of that precarious situation, unharmed. After quickly getting dressed, I headed out to meet my wife and father in law, head on. I distracted them long enough for Chrystal to escape and gather her clothes all over the house.

After getting cleaned up a little bit, she then snuck up behind them and pretended to be coming from somewhere else in the house. The smell of sex in our bedroom was remedied by opening a window during dinner, before my wife noticed.

Then the bad news: not only did I not get another screw out of my wife during the next couple of days, but Chrystal also cut me off completely, for the remainder of our stay. She made sure she was never alone with me again, and whenever I tried something sneaky, she’d find a way to catch either Bill’s or Susan’s attention, thereby blocking my every attempt.

I don’t know what had gotten into the bitch all of a sudden — I doubt it was remorse or respectability — but whatever it was, I was back to jacking off and fantasizing about her. My wife made an effort the very last day and gave me an uninspired handjob just before we left.

She allowed me to cum all over the bed — and not clean it up — which I assumed was her way of getting some sort of closure. Once we were back home, I found it very difficult to get back in my old routine of attending parties, having boring conversation with collegues, playing golf and not getting sex from my wife…

No matter what I did or where I was, I couldn’t stop thinking about the depraved relationship I had with my mother-in-law. All the slutty things she’d done, all the abuse she’d willingly taken from me… and how she’d cut me off, just like that, without a reason.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and although Chrystal was always somewhere on my mind, especially during my many, many masturbation sessions — as my wife had gone back to putting out only once a month — I had come to accept the fact that I wasn’t going to fuck any of my mother-in-law’s holes again.

Fortunately, when it comes to cheating, backstabbing whores, one can never be sure of anything. That Friday evening, after coming home from a round of house calls, I found Chrystal sitting on my couch, crying in my wife’s arms.

Surprised and curious, I glanced at my wife, who shot me an angry, ice-cold look. Figuring I’d better not disturb them, I backed out of the room and retreated to my practice, where I — not having anything better to do — caught up on some paper work.

About fifteen minutes later, my wife barged in. I could see she’d had been crying as well.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I got up, ready to console her. However, she walked straight up to me and slapped me hard across the face.

Surprised and confused, I looked at her — not having the foggiest idea what was going on.

“You fucked my mom?” she barked rhetorically, then slapped me a second time, slightly harder than the first time. Damn, I did not see that one coming!

“I… uh…” I stammered.

“Don’t bother denying it,” Susan snapped, “Mom told me everything!”

“Shit,” I whispered without thinking, “Did she tell your father too?”

“Are you crazy? He’d probably have you killed.”

I wish I could say she was kidding, but I wasn’t completely sure.

“Then why is she crying?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Dad filed for divorce… because he’s bored with her… in bed,,” Susan replied, barely able to keep herself from slapping me again.

Now, my mother-in-law was a real bitch and had a lot of flaws, but she sure as hell wasn’t a boring fuck! In fact, she was one of the biggest sluts I had ever encountered — and I had attended college for seven years. Not wanting to share that particular insight with my already angry wife, I decided to just stay quiet and let her do the talking for now.

To my surprise, Susan actually calmed down a little bit as she mustered up the courage to say what she needed to say next.

“According to my mom, dad is… uh… worthless… in bed,” she whispered, “That’s why she came on to you. She… told me that you turned her down multiple times, before you… caved. At least, you tried to be faithful, I guess.”

Although Chrystal had downplayed my envolvement, I still felt that I shouldn’t overplay my hand here, so I remained quiet — and tried to figure out what Chrystal was playing at. I had never turned her down, never even hesitated… not once.

“If not you, then mom would probably have found someone else…” she whispered. Part of her wanted to add that she was grateful that I was me, but she couldn’t quite get the words over her lips.

“Look Susan, I am sor…” I whispered.

“Not now,” she said, “We’ll deal with our situation later. I’ve got to go and try to talk some sense into dad.”

“What? You’re leaving me here with her?” I asked flabbergasted.

“I don’ t have much of a choice, do I?” she bit angrily, “Unless you want to go escort bursa and talk to my dad.”

I didn’t reply.

“Didn’t think so,” she scoffed, “Just stay here and… try to keep your dick out of mom!”

Not liking the situation, but happy that she wasn’t angrier than this, I counted my blessings. Realizing I probably wouldn’t have a rebuttle, Susan stormed out of my office.

From in the hallway, she yelled, “Mom, I am going over to the house… to talk to dad.”

Before turning and walking out the front door, she turned to me and repeated, “Behave, okay?”

I nodded as I heard Chrystal sobbing from the living room area.

I waited for my wife to get in her car and drive off, then entered the living room, and saw Chrystal standing in front of the window, looking on as her daughter drove off. I slowly approached her, cleared my throat to let her know that I was there. Part of me wanted to scream at her, and ask her why on Earth she’d spilled the beans, but another part of me felt actually sorry for her — would you believe it.

“So…” I whispered softly, assuming she was actually crying and upset.

“Take off your clothes,” she replied, without looking at me.

“Excuse me?” I said, surprised and shocked.

“Take off your clothes and whip out that fat cock of yours,” she blurted out. Dumbfounded, I gawked at her as she took off her blouse and unclasped her bra in the back. She clearly wasn’t upset at all. She’d simply been putting on a show for my wife’s sake.

I couldn’t believe what a backstabbing slut she was. She’d just promised my wife — her daughter — to behave. She obviously had no intention of keeping her promise. As she threw her blouse and bra on the living room floor, I was a bit hesitant and was trying to weigh my promise to my wife against my blind lust for Chrystal.

However, I quickly found myself unzipping my pants and taking out my hardening dick. As she stood there, naked from the waist up, I did as I was told and stripped bare. And just like that, she’d gotten the upper hand once again. God, I was such a push-over!

“You naked, faggot?” she asked, as she unzipped her skirt and let it slide down her legs.

“Yes,” I hissed, whacking off, hoping I was going to see her naked again.

“Good,” she said as she turned around and let me oggle her tits as she lowered her panties and stepped out of them, then waited another five seconds, before speaking.

“I guess you’re wondering what the hell is going on,” she said, her hands on her hips, “In short, I am bored out of my mind. And I need you to change that!”

Not giving me the time to reply, she walked over to the dresser and grabbed the pack of cigarettes and the lighter my wife had put there and said, “Not only am I going to move in, I am going to make you jump through so many hoops that you won’t have time for anything else.”

A big red flag went up in my brain, but I simply ignored it.

“Follow me,” she whispered. She walked out of the room and headed over to the garage, which was currently empty as my wife had taken the car. There, she lit up a cigarette and threw the lighter on the floor somewhere.

I gawked at her naked tits and bush, and continued wanking like a sex-crazed teenager. As she casually blew smoke up into the air, she leaned against the workbench and pointed at her twat, leaving no doubt as to what she wanted me to do.

Instead of objecting or telling her off, I meekly walked up to her, dropped to my knees on the cold concrete and jammed my head in between her thighs and started lapping at her moist cunt — while I continued tugging my fat dick. I couldn’t believe that after all this time, we were at it again.

She didn’t moan or say anything. She simply continued smoking and occassionally ran her hand through my hair as I was going down on her. Needless to say that I came long before she had a chance to finish her cigarette. With my tongue up her twat, I dumped my silly load on the garage floor.

As soon as my orgasm was over, she squatted down and put her cigarette out in my cum, then condescendingly patted me on the head and whispered, “I am glad we understand each other.”

I figured she was going to get up and leave, but she didn’t. She wasn’t done with me quite yet.

“Now, let’s get you hard again,” she whispered, “Follow me.”

She led me back into the living room, where she picked up her panties, handed them to me and said, “Here, put these on.”

I looked at her funny, but when I realized she was serious, I accepted them and carefully put one leg into them, then the other one and pulled them up. Needless to say, they were way too small and very uncomfortable. I really stretched them to their limit. The fabric could barely contain my balls and half-flaccid dick.

She looked me up and down, smiled and said, “Good little bitch.”

Then, she grabbed her bra and put it on me, assisting me every step of the way. First, she helped me put my arms into the straps and then did up the hooks on my back — with some effort. bursa merkez eskort The bra was even more uncomfortable than her panties, and she knew it.

She stepped back and took a good, long hard look, grinning. Next thing I knew, she strolled over to the dining room table and bent forward, laying down, her tits on the table, her ass towards me. Then, she glanced over her shoulder at me and used both her hands to pull her ass cheeks open.

Once again, I knew exactly what to do. I got on my knees behind her and stuffed my face in between her butt cheeks. I stuck out my tongue and licked her twat as well as I could reach it.

“Oh shit yeah, you fucking loser… tell me when you’re hard again,” she groaned.

A good five minutes later, I felt my cock coming back to life — pushing against the delicate fabric of her panties. I reached down, took it out — thereby stretching and slightly ripping her panties — and tugged on it for a little while, as I continued licking her.

“I am hard again!” I whispered lustfully, keeping my face wedged in between her ass. She got up, a few moments later and walked up behind me, squatting down. At first, I thought she was going to jack me off, but instead she grabbed her panties and started pulling them up, giving me a wedgie.

It was subtle at first and only slightly uneasy, but she kept pulling them higher and higher — and I kept jacking off faster and harder. Pretty soon, the flimsy fabric gave way — but not before providing me with quite some discomfort. I moaned and whined in delightful anguish.

When the panties wouldn’t go any higher, Chrystal promptly slipped her index finger under the fabric and slid it into my shitter, just like that. No prelude, no warning! Her finger quickly found my prostate and started massaging it, which made me convulse uncontrollably.

I promptly arched my back and shot another massive load on the floor — this time underneath the dining room table. When my orgasm was over and I sat there panting, she slowly pulled her finger out of my ass and walked into to the kitchen, probably to wash her hand.

I stumbled to my feet, struggled to take off her bra and what was left of her panties and then slumped down on the couch. When Chrystal walked back in, she put on her blouse and skirt, not bothering with any of her underwear and chuckled, “I am going to enjoy destroying you!”

With those words, she walked out, heading for the patio.

Susan arrived back at the house, not ten minutes later. Luckily, I had cleaned up by then. I don’t think that finding puddles of my cum, or her mother’s underwear on the floor, would have particularly amused my already distraught wife.

As she rolled in a large suitcase and several bags of Chrystal’s clothes, I assumed the talk with her father hadn’t gone well. She walked right passed me, clearly still pissed off and went to talk to Chrystal. After a few minutes, the two of them headed upstairs, taking the suitcase and the bag with them. I assumed Susan was helping her settle in.

When, after a while, they still hadn’t come back down, I started getting nervous. The longer the two of them were together and talking, the higher the chance the Chrystal was going to make things worse for me. I decided to make some tea and bring it up to them, along with some cookies.

I found the door to the guest room wide open and Chrystal trying on one outfit after another. As luck would have it, I walked in right when she was taking off a dress and caught her in her underwear. My wife, who was sitting on the bed, passing judgement on what to keep and what not, was quick to notice me and shot me a dirty look, before I had a chance to apologize.

“Oops, sorry,” I said, quickly scampering to one of the night stands and putting down the tray with tea and cookies — already planning a hasty retreat.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before,” Chrystal whispered, as she stepped out in front of me, blocking my escape route. She promptly reached back with both hands, ready to unclasp her bra.

“You don’t mind if he takes another look at my tits, do you?” she asked, clearly addressing her flabbergasted daughter — who, I am sure, was going to blame this on me.

“As a matter of fact I do, mom,” Susan rebutted, “That’s still my husband!”

Good… all is not lost, I thought.

“And my bitch,” Chrystal said.

Damn… so close.

“Excuse me?” Susan shrieked.

“Watch,” Chrystal grinned, then turned to me.

“Whip it out,” she commanded.

I looked at her, then at my shocked wife, then back at her. I knew I should have forced my way out of the room — or, at the very least, not have obeyed my perverted mother-in-law — but I couldn’t help myself. Slowly, I moved my right hand to my zipper and slowly started pulling it down.

“Roger, what the fuck are you doing?” my outraged wife exclaimed, “Are you crazy?”

It sure seemed that way. Although I realized I was probably ending my marriage right then and there, I put my hand into my open bursa sınırsız escort zipper and whipped out my enormously fat cock.

Susan gasped, both in shock and in surprise — it had been a while since she’d seen me this hard.

“Don’t be angry with him,” Chrystal whispered, coming to my rescue, “He doesn’t have a choice. He’s completely pussy-whipped.”

“Pussy whi… mom… what?” Susan exclaimed, shocked to her very core.

To everyone’s surprise, Chrystal choose that particular moment to unhook her bra and throw it on the floor, showing me and her own daughter her fat tits.

“Mom!” Susan screamed as she jumped up from the bed, “Stop what you’re doing, right now!”

“Can’t do that, honey,” Chrystal whispered as she reached down and wrapped her left hand around my throbbing shaft, making me gasp.

“Then I am out of here,” Susan stated furiously as she came right at us, ready to push both of us out of the way, if necessary.

“If you leave, I’ll let him fuck me!” Chrystal promised, as she started stroking me.

Susan stopped dead in her tracks. She froze and shot both of us an angry, disgusting look. After glancing down at her mom’s exposed tits and my fat cock, she hesitantly asked, “And if I stay?”

“I’ll destroy him,” Chrystal replied, looking her daughter straight in the eye. Susan glanced at me again, then at my fat cock and whispered, “That, I wanna see.”

It was clear that she was still carrying a grudge and wanted to see me suffer.

“Do you think he likes ‘m?” Chrystal asked, wobbling her tits up and down, as she looked at Susan.

“Mom, I don’t… I guess,” she responded, trying to be diplomatic about it.

“Let’s find out,” my mother-in-law smiled as she reached out, grabbed my hand and slowly put it on her massive right tit. My cock violently veered up.

“Jeez,” Susan gasped, clearly impressed by the size and eagerness of my cock.

“Mmm, yeah… he’s got a big dick, hasn’t he?” Chrystal grinned, “Too bad it’s attached to such a fucking loser!”

Susan didn’t react and just kept her eyes on my erection, watching it bounce up and down again as her mother insulted me. I could tell that she was getting aroused.

“Jerk it,” Chrystal said as she looked at me.

I grabbed my dick with my right hand and slowly started stroking it.

“You don’t mind if he pumps it, drooling over my tits, do you?”

“I uh… I guess not,” Susan stammered. Her desire to see me humiliated and destroyed clearly outweighed any other concerns she might have had at that moment.

“Do you know why your father never looked at my tits?” Chrystal asked, flicking her right nipple.

“Mom, I really don’t wanna…”

“Because,” Chrystal continued, not giving her daughter time to finish her sentence, “He wasn’t allowed to look at them. I wouldn’t let him!”

“What?” Susan exclaimed, finally taking her eyes off my dick, shocked.

“That’s right, your father wasn’t allowed to look at my tits!” Chrystal chuckled cruelly, as she ran her left hand across her daughter’s shoulder, making her gasp and giving her goose bumps.

“What about when you… made love?”

“Honey, I am not a fairy tale princess. I don’t make love… I just suck cock and get fucked.”

“Uh right,” Susan corrected herself absentmindedly, “What about when you and dad uh… fucked?”

“Your father wasn’t allowed to fuck me,” Chrystal blurted out, “Why do you think he’s so frustrated?”

“Jeez mom,” Susan whispered, squirming uncomfortably. She would never admit it, but she enjoyed hearing her mother demean and mock her father like that. It was making her wet.

“What about when you take off your clothes for bed?” Susan insisted, unwilling to accept that her father hadn’t seen a single tit for many years.

“I change in the bedroom… and he always knocks and waits before entering the bedroom or bathroom,” Chrystal grinned, hooking her thumbs behind the waistband of her panties.

“But why?” my wife asked, squirming even harder now.

“I tried to pussy whip your father, but it didn’t take… too damn proud, I guess. So, I cut him off, completely!” Chrystal replied, “Fortunately, your faggot husband was a lot easier to train!”

Susan gasped, surprised that I would let her mother abuse and insult me like that. Absentmindedly, she ran her right hand over her chest, slowly undoing the three top buttons of her blouses and reaching into her cleavage to squeeze her left tit. She must have been feeling quite horny to start touching herself in front of us like that!

“I am going to show Roger my stupid cunt now,” Chrystal said, getting ready to pull her panties down in a moment’s notice. She played off my body language, judging to perfection when I was about to explode. She yanked them down, mere seconds before I came. I almost screamed as I dropped to my knees and ejaculated right there, while I gawked at Chrystal’s, nicely trimmed bush.

“Jeez, you fucking loser!” Susan sighed as she looked down at the cum spurting out of my fat cock. It had been quite a while since I’d cum this passionately for or because of her.

“Nothing he hasn’t seen before,” Chrystal chuckled, “As a matter of fact, he’s fucked it, fingered it and licked it multiple times… and yet, right now, the mere sight of my twat is enough to make him cum like a little bitch!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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