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It had been quite a long time coming, but I was finally getting a fantasy fulfilled.

Now before I go and tell you all about my fantasies I should probably tell you a bit about me. I am married, and have been for about eight years now. With that being said I would also like to state that I love my wife very much. It just turns out that we are not all that sexually compatible. Her idea of a healthy sex life is once a week, maybe, and only if everything on her lists are completed, and if she’s not too tired, and she isn’t thinking about something else, or isn’t worried about something happening the next day, week, month. Even then there’s not much adventure or daring.

To give an example of the last time we did anything daring, a few years ago she got the idea to have sex in the backyard. That got her going so well that we actually ended with her riding me to climax twice. The second time especially satisfying as I felt our warm juices puddling around the base of my cock and running down the inside of my thighs. Since then never again, even when I bring it up her response is that we’ve done that and it wouldn’t be anything new. Never mind the fact that when I suggest something new she turns it down flat. Even if I keep it tame.

Oh, trust me, I’ve been down the path of every one of my fantasies from mild to wild. If I bring up the strap-on one more time I think she’s going to leave me.

Anyway, I was getting so frustrated with this that it was causing a rift in our marriage, and I needed an outlet. Something that would allow me to pursue my fantasies with no relationship strings attached. Not an affair, just a mutual understanding that would let me try things I am curious about, and would get someone else off as well.

What I needed was a couple. Mid-30’s to mid-40’s. People who were secure with themselves and what they enjoy. People who have the time, People who won’t get the wrong idea about what this is – pure getting off on each other. For this a couple who has been together for a while and has the relationship I would like with my wife would be perfect.

I signed up on various sites and began looking for my ideal couple. Then we began the “interviews.” Since I own my own company it was fairly easy to make time during the day for this process. It took some time but eventually I met Bob and Linda.

A nice couple in their late 30’s who had been together for some Demetevler Escort time. Now, they aren’t supermodels but they weren’t ugly either. Just normal folks, which is fine since that’s me as well. After many emails back and forth we decided to meet, but I had to bring something with me based upon our email.

See quite a bit of my fantasies involve me being submissive. Not a sub like full on pain and humiliation, but just being told what to do. I think this is because in my normal daily life I have to be a type A+ personality so much that when I want to let go I would like to not have to make the decisions or instructions.

So, on to this fantasy that’s about to be fulfilled. Linda and Bob are relaxing on their couch just in front of me. Linda’s top is off and her bra is pulled down exposing her large breasts with their large thick nipples. Bob’s pants are around his ankles as Linda is slowly stroking his stiffening cock. It’s not a bad looking cock; but then again the only other one I’ve ever really seen close up was my own so I’m not exactly an expert.

As it is I’m nude and looking at what I brought with me sitting on the coffee table; one of my dildos and a bottle of lube. I happen to know this dildo quite well as I have used it many a time with good results. It’s not my biggest, but it’ll do for what I need today.

See today is about trust. Trust for me and for Bob and Linda. Trust to prove that this is something that can work for all three of us.

I’m looking at the dildo that’s about 9″ long and about 1.5″ in diameter and begin to spread some lube on the head. Lifting my balls with one hand I spread the left over lube over and just inside my asshole. I glance up at Linda and her breasts are jiggling as she strokes Bob’s now hard dick. She gives me a smile and with a bit of shyness I quickly look over at Bob. He looks me in the eye and nods his head.

I put my knees up on the coffee table and inch forward until I’m poised over the dildo. I give my dick a couple of long slow strokes and reach under myself to position the head of my rubber penetrator.

I roll my hips in a small circle to help spread the lube then with a deep breath I close my eyes and start to lower my weight down. The head of the dildo presses against my puckered asshole and bends the shaft. I take another breath and relax my sphincter Otele gelen escort as I slide my hand up the shaft to straighten it. With some moderate pressure the head presses against me and then slips past the resistance to pop through into me.

I give a small grunt when this happens, and I open my eyes. Linda is now resting her head on Bob’s stomach while still stroking him. She gives a small gasp in response to my grunt, and Bob hums a deep note of approval. With the head in me I start to lower myself down. No stroking my dick just yet, I get off quick when I have something in me, and since this was basically the final step in the interview I needed to put on a good show.

Soon I bottom out as far as my knees will let me. There’s a little less than 2″ left. I can take it, and in fact have taken more but I’m ok for now. I slowly slide back up the length until the ridge of the mushroom cap just begins to distend my sucking hole. I then slide back down with a small hip rotation to make the head nudge my prostate deep inside me. There’s no longer any need to hold the shaft. The lube and my relaxed asshole have me sliding up and down the shaft with ease.

I revel in the feel of the veins of the phallus sliding in and out. The alternating feeling of fullness and emptiness drive my lust. The rhythmic bumping of my prostate causes precum to begin to dribble from the tip of my dick.

I wipe the head with my finger and suck it off. I like the taste of my precum. I have no idea if other’s precum tastes like mine, but I want to find out. This is just one of the reasons I’m here.

I look down and Linda is really stroking Bob. Not quick jerks, but long deliberate strokes. She keeps looking from my crotch to my face. Bob is relaxed with his eyes half closed. He’s watching me and stroking the side of one of Linda’s breasts.

I decide to really give them a show. I lower myself down a good ways and then lean back pushing the head of the fake cock hard inside me. I jerk my hips downward causing a thick dribble of precum to be squeezed out of me. I wipe this up and clean my finger before really getting to work.

I start jerking my hips up and down while stroking my cock. Slowly at first, but soon much faster, and in time with the rise and fall of my hips. As I said I don’t last long when something is in me. I start Balgat Escort to shoot my load on my chest and belly. Each shot in syncopation with each hard rub of the rubber dick in my ass against my prostate.

The torrent of spurts subsides, and I reach down and withdraw the phallus from deep inside me. A small river of cum flows from my dick with just enough pressure to dribble down the head and pool on my belly.

My knees are shaking and my breathing is fast as I slide to the edge of the coffee table and sit down. I’m a sticky mess and the thick cum has begun to lose its fight with gravity and slide down the front of me.

Raising my right hand I lick the dollop from between my thumb and forefinger and swallow. This seems to have quite the effect on Bob and Linda. Bob’s reaction is a deep moan and a lifting of his hips. This is in no doubt also in reaction to what I have caused Linda to do.

Her hand is moving like a rocket beating his meat in a frenzied blur. I quickly scoop a large glob of cum off my chest with two fingers and shove them in my mouth. This has the effect I was hoping. Linda groans and tries to go faster glancing back and forth from my clean up to her husband’s now very engorged and purple dick. It’s a race – can I clean myself before Bob shoots?

The faster I scoop, lick and swallow the faster she goes. Suddenly Bob arches back, grasps at the couch and starts to shake his legs. He’s cumming and cumming hard. Several arcs of ropy white jizz land across Linda’s face, neck and chest. Bob’s thrusts become less urgent and finally he relaxes. Linda rolls back to sit on the couch and looks down at the mess of sperm starting to leave slimy sticky trails down her chest. She looks at Bob and he looks at her adoringly.

She stands up and walks in front of me. Pushing me back on the table she leans over me and utters one word.


I begin to lick as she moves her neck and chest above my mouth. I try very hard to get one of those large thick nipples against my tongue but she won’t let me. I have to swallow several times and find the taste not unpleasant. Somewhat like my own cum but different. Linda stands up and walks out of the room.

Bob, his pants now pulled up, says go ahead and get cleaned up. I go to the bathroom and clean up as best I can. Upon exiting the washroom Bob leads me to the door.

“I’ll talk things over with Linda, and you think things over yourself. We’ll all chat in a couple of days to see how everyone is doing and to see if everyone is in.”

“What do you think?” I ask.

“I go with Linda.” was his enigmatic reply.

As I walk out the front door I can only hope Linda goes for it. I’d like to know what things taste like licked or sucked from other places.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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