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Walking into that party was a big surprise for Peter. Hey, he was just there to sign his lease.

So it was a kick to walk in and find a bunch of people, with free food and drink. There was his new landlord and some of the people who lived in the building, plus a few who were looking for apartments.

Not a wild party exactly, but high-energy socializing, you might call it. In his high mood, he took in all the people, and a woman with a black blouse and tight black jeans took his breath away. She had poise, a quick smile and teasing voice, and there was something about the way she moved that was both nonchalant and sensuous. Peter followed her with his eyes for a moment and then recovered himself and moved on to the food table.

He caught up with the landlord, and found him ready to take Peter over to a corner table to do a little business. This was the most fun Peter had ever had signing a lease.

Then that woman in black started flirting with the landlord. Somehow it turned Peter on to watch. She had loose dark hair, a ready laugh, hips that swivelled right into the landlord’s lap, and then she kissed him. All in good fun, Peter figured, because at 70, the landlord seemed harmless. Or maybe, with his wiry strength and twinkle in the eye, he really attracted her?

Whatever it was, Peter couldn’t take his eyes off her for very long. She was about 30, and Peter 22. She was to him the experienced, older woman. And when she came his way, he found her very easy to talk to. She was physical, too. He liked the way she knocked into him teasingly, grabbed hold of his shoulder and slid her hand down his arm as she laughed at a joke he made about the landlord.

They were chatting together as they moved down the hall toward another apartment in the building, where there was more partying, and he found it easy to wrap his arm around her. She leaned right into him as they talked about how great it was to be near the ocean. She was hoping to find an apartment here, but there wasn’t one that worked for her.

Suddenly Peter leaned into her and kissed her, and she gave back as good as she got, with a passion of tongues and a warm embrace right in the hallway. They broke apart and headed into the apartment of a young soldier and his wife, for more chat and a beer.

After a while, Peter, who was busy talking to the soldier’s wife, noticed that the woman he’d had his eye on got up to leave.

“Good luck with your new place,” she said to Peter, “I better get home. Bye everyone!”

Peter had a gnawing, sinking feeling that if he let her go, he’d never see her again. He felt a little embarrassed about getting up to leave just because she was. Peter was pretty wary of what people thought of him, and these people were going to be his new neighbors for some time to come, while the woman in black was, well, a new and unknown friend.

But when she left, the gnawing feeling grew in him. He made himself get up, say his goodbyes, and once he was out in the hallway, he looked desperately to see if she was still there. He spotted her at the end of the hall, about to go down the stairs. When she saw him, she stopped and waited.

“I was hoping you’d come,” she said in a low voice.

“I almost didn’t get out of there, but I just couldn’t let you go,” he said, and as he reached for her, she reached for him, and they picked up where they’d left off, with a hot kiss. They both felt his crotch, tight against her leg, expand with longing.

They walked outside hand in hand, and he pointed out to her where his new apartment was. As they walked through the parking area, they could see his new back door and deck.

“Maybe you could get the place next door,” said Peter. “See? They share the deck.”

“Mmm. Not available. I checked,” she said.

Peter was elated that the apartment was going to be his, starting next week, and even more elated that this unexpected woman was now arm in arm with him, their sides in warm contact from arm to thigh.

“Let’s check out the view from the balcony,” he said.

“Sure,” she said, and they walked up the old wooden stairway. They looked over the cars and garages and beyond the busy road to see the white caps of the sea rolling in. They peered in through picture window to see his future bedroom.

For some reason, Peter tried the door. It was unlocked. His heart leaped. He had not dreamed of this.

They walked into his new place, through the bedroom, and before they could get more than one step into the living room, they locked each other in the most passionate kiss and hug.

Peter was not the kind of guy to study techniques of foreplay, seduction or arousal. He had a mix of naivety, honesty, emotional heat, and pure physicality that seemed to overwhelm his partners with the feeling of being wanted.

They buried their mouths in multiple kisses and licks and slippery tongues while his hand slipped under her blouse and traced the shape of her breast and the hard nipple, and his other hand pulled her ass tight to him and curved around her hip to find a delicious gap of skin that let his hand into her pants. Her hands slid up and down his back but finally found the pole under his jeans, held it tight, and rubbed it up and down.

Suddenly, he broke off the kisses to ask, “Do you have protection?”

“Yes,” she lied. And his heart leaped again as they stripped off their clothes in record time and fell onto the bed, with mouths, arms, hands, and legs intertwined.

She was incredibly wet, and he was incredibly primed. He entered her fast and full. His cock was as hard as steel with an outer soft cushion like a mushroom. They had no time to think. The pace was furious, and he came with multiple explosions.

Peter was happy inside her and couldn’t stop pumping, especially with his huge load of cum smoothing the way. He kept fucking her and she bucked in time with his thrusts.

Their hands traveled sensuous routes, taking in every inch of every curve of smooth skin they could görükle escort find. He was sliding his hands up and down her sweaty smooth body, stopping to feel her full breasts, which turned him on even more. He was kneading one hard nipple when he realized that he was going to be cumming again pretty soon.

His pace picked up and he abandoned himself to her arms and her pussy. He latched onto her mouth and they fucked face to face as he unloaded more cum in powerful bursts.

This time they slowed down, but he stayed inside her. Something about this unexpected love wouldn’t let his erection down.

“I had a baby once,” she was saying. “I had to give her up for adoption.”

“What happened to her?” he whispered.

“Huh. I think she’s with some Mormons in Utah. I wish I could see her.”

Their pace had slowed but they were still slipping and sliding, with now two loads of cum to ease the way for his still-hard cock.

Peter felt himself heading for another orgasm. Maybe it’s unusual to have a third orgasm without losing his erection, but Peter didn’t know that. He just felt the way he felt, and he went for it.

Again their pace picked up, and now their sweaty bodies slid sensuously over each other. Everything felt slippery, hot, delicious, lusty, and she locked her legs around his back as he drove into her, exploding tremblingly for the third time.

“I’ve never felt a cock stay so hard for so long,” she said to him as she slid her hand down his back to his butt and around his hips to feel where they joined.

She eased him out of her, finally, and kissed his neck, his nipples, down his belly. She took hold of his cock, which was soaking and dripping, but still hard, and admired it. She took a closer look.

She positioned herself to smell the aphrodisiac sweetness of sperm on him mixed with her own juices, and she bent her head to taste the liqueur.

She took him in her mouth and swirled her tongue round the head of his penis. She pumped slowly down halfway and back up. He felt himself in the hands of a master. He closed his eyes and abandoned himself to this mature and experienced woman of 30, as she did something he’d never felt before. She corkscrewed her tongue around his cock, lower and lower, and then back up.

Soon he felt the urge coming again, and she could sense it, but she kept her pace steady, and it drove him increasingly wild. She sucked on him, waiting for hot nourishment to come up the thick warm straw, and sure enough, he tightened and the cum rose up and spurted into her hungry wet mouth.

She took his cum again in a way he’d never felt before. Between each spurt she flicked the tip of his penis with her tongue. It seemed to keep him cumming forever.

She slowly smiled and backed off, swallowed luxuriously, slid her body up his, and looked into his blue eyes. When his fingers glided in and out of her dripping pussy and rounded on her erect clit, she came with bucking convulsions of her own. She was so intent on the warm spreading pulses of pleasure that she could not believe she was feeling him enter her again. But that was exactly what her pussy wanted more than anything, that fullness filling her up just as her convulsions of pleasure slowed. She wanted that pressure filling her to the hilt.

But it dawned on her that this was crazy. He was still going, still hard, still wanting her, still fucking her, her pussy as wet as it was possible to be, and she was still wanting it. Their minds were blown, they were in some other fucking world, and for one final time he came with bursts of cum into her belly already full of him.

And finally they quieted, holding each other.

“Maybe I’ll give this one to the Mormons, too,” she murmured quietly. The comment almost passed over him in the darkening evening light.

“What are you talking about?” he whispered. “You said you had protection.” His mind whirled through a dazzling array of images and emotions, from anger that she’d lied, to bafflement that she’d have the baby, to wonder about what the baby would look like, to anger again that she might make him a father by deceit. But then he couldn’t believe he’d heard her right. He let it be, and she didn’t answer him.

They got dressed, exhausted, happy, stilled.

Suddenly, Peter heard a noise through the wall. A woman’s voice. A man’s voice. The walls, he discovered, were paper thin. If he wasn’t feeling so serene, he might have mistaken his sudden jumble of thoughts for panic.

His fear was basically that he had just broken into an apartment that wasn’t his for another week. The neighbors didn’t expect anyone; they might even call the police. He decided to introduce himself.

They went out the front door into the small hallway by the stairs, and he knocked on the neighbor’s door.

A woman answered. She had black hair, dark and beautiful eyes, breasts straining at her thin blouse, and a low-riding, clingy skirt.

Peter was leaning casually against the door frame, feeling very relaxed but also nervous about his new neighbor. Very fast, he blurted, “Hi, my name’s Peter. I’m going to be moving in, this is my friend, and we just happened to find the back door open and just checked out the apartment. I hope we didn’t scare you or make too much noise.”

“Hi, I’m Linda,” she said in a low voice. “Nice to meet you.” A man appeared behind her, scowling. “And this is Gerhard, my boyfriend.” Gerhard muttered something at her. She looked into Peter’s blue eyes, glanced at his lips, his chest, and eyed his bulging crotch before smiling into his eyes again.

“I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” she said quietly. “Bye-bye.” She closed the door gently. Peter found himself picturing her tight blouse and the bare skin of her belly; he must have been staring.

It was awkward now in the hallway. Peter turned. The woman took a deep breath. “Hey, that was something. But… Hey, I gotta go. No big goodbyes.” She kissed him and he patted her one last time on her ass as she headed down the front stairs.

Peter sat at the top of the stairs. He suddenly realized he never asked her name, didn’t know her phone number, or where she lived. She knew where he lived, but would she come back?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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