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“Danny, I need you now, I want to feel you inside me.” Hayley’s voice was urgent and pleading.

He looked her, her arms outstretched, her naked body with those tanned breasts, her legs apart and ready for him.

“At last,” he thought as he lowered himself and guided his erection towards her pussy.

Danny woke in a mixture of anger and frustration. This dream had haunted him and taunted him for almost two years, always ending just before he could consumate his fantasy, at least in a dream. He looked at the three photos of her on his bedside table. His hand moved to the only reality of his dream, his erection.


It had started a week after he graduated and joined Supreme Corp as a junior trainee manager. His first days were stressful and nervous as he met new people, tried to work out who was important and tried to understand what he was supposed to do.

He had parked in the company carpark, at the back, as was appropriate for a junior trainee manager and was walking to the office building, his mind focused on the tasks of the day ahead. His revery was interrupted by the loud blast of a car horn. He stepped back as a red Porsche Boxter sped through at three times the carpark speed limit. He watched as the Porsche was parked next to the office entrance. The parks reserved for important people.

His first sight of Hayley was a long, elegant leg extending from the Porsche. She stood up and looked around, her gaze resting on him briefly. Her hair was blond, cut in a high fashion bob coming to half way down her neck, her blue eyes were penetrating, her broad cheekbones and slim nose were aristocratic and her expression was haughty. Out of character, but really enhancing it, were her full red lips.

She was wearing a white, full sleeved blouse which was close fitting, showing off a tiny waist and prominent uplifted breasts. Her black business skirt clung tightly to her rounded backside. She bent over to pick something from the car giving Danny an even better opportunity to study the effects of her skirt.

Now holding her laptop computer, she glanced at him again. Danny was still staring, transfixed in awe.

“Why don’t you watch where you are going. You’ll cause an accident.” Her voice was strong and her gaze was domineering.

“I think you might have been going over the speed limit,” said Danny, his voice croaking as he pointed at a sign.

She looked at him steadily for 10 seconds. “What did you say?”

Danny knew she had heard and didn’t feel inclined to repeat it. With a swirl of her skirt Hayley marched through the entrance foyer. Danny looked at the wording on the sign of her carpark: “Executive Assistant to the CEO.” He didn’t feel good as he walked to his office.

It took him an hour to regain his focus and start working. The legs, the body and the breasts. And her face. Her arrogant expression seemed to enhance her beauty.

“I guess she’s 10 years older than me, but I’ve never seen anything like her.”

Then he remembered her reaction to his comment and worried that there might be repercussions.

Two days later he noticed her going into his manager Jack’s office.

“What does she do here?” he asked his supervisor.

“That’s Hayley Stewart and she’s the untrained pit-bull terrier. Tony Jacobs is the CEO and she’s his assistant. More than that, his right hand. She makes sure people get things done. Whatever you do, don’t get on the wrong side of her.”

Danny felt something heavy in his stomach.

Five minutes later Jack and Hayley came out of his office. She stared around the room. Then she pointed at Danny and and spoke agitatedly to Jack. Whatever it was in Danny’s stomach, it now felt heavier.

Later that day Jack called him into his office for a “friendly chat”.

“So you’ve met Hayley Stewart already Danny?”

He nodded.

“She says you almost caused an accident.”

“She was driving at 60 in a 20 zone.”

“She usually does.”

Jack smiled. “Danny, Hayley’s title may only be “Assistant”, but she’s a powerful woman. She has the ear of Tony Jacobs who trusts her completely. She likes her power and she likes new staff to know it.

“You are a trainee, she’s a senior executive. It’s not your job to tell her about her driving.

“But don’t worry too much. She’ll find someone else to bully before the week is finished. She doesn’t usually bear a grudge, she just likes to throw her position around. Just don’t disagree with her.

“And she is no go territory. She’s married to a millionaire stockbroker. You’ll be in trouble if you even think about trying anything.”

It was Friday night. On both the previous nights Danny had masturbated with images of Hayley’s backside, her breasts and her lips in his mind. As he made love to his girlfriend Sophie, he imagined he was between the legs which had emerged from the Porsche.

He found Hayley on the corporate staff site, copied her photo onto his computer and managed to superimpose her head onto the body of a porn star who was porno in particularly wanton and inviting pose.

Supreme Corp was a big company and often he would not see her weeks. Occasionally they would pass in a corridor. She didn’t even acknowledge his existence. Once he had to take Jack’s report to her in her office. She kept him waiting for half an hour as she spoke on the telephone.

“Why is this late?”

As he was the messenger, not the author, he didn’t reply.

She stared at him for a few seconds then turned to her computer. He was dismissed.

At the Supreme Corp Christmas function Hayley wore a low cut evening dress and looked even more stunning and sensuous. Geoff, her wealthy husband was there. He had movie star good looks, expensive clothes and a large gold Rolex watch. Hayley was always holding his hand. When they danced she rested her cheek on his shoulder and seemed to push her body into him.

“She’s rubbing herself right up on his cock!” Danny thought and imagined that happening to him.

They danced close to his table, Hayley’s eyes were closed in apparent bliss. She happened to open them to see Danny’s gaze. Her face froze for a moment, then she made a big show of pushing herself even closer to Geoff and nuzzling his cheek.

Geoff and Danny happened to meet in the queue at the bar. Geoff was the opposite of his wife, friendly, unpretentious and a relaxed conversationalist. Danny’s confidence was bolstered by a drink too many and they spoke easily.

“I suppose you know my wife Hayley Stewart?”

Danny feigned bewilderment. “Hayley Stewart?”

“She’s Tony’s exec assistant. Works on the fifth floor.”

“Supreme Corp is a big company. No, I’ve never heard of her.”

Unfortunately Hayley chose that time to join her husband. She didn’t acknowledge Danny.

“Darling, I’ll introduce you to a colleague of yours, we’ve been having a good chat and somehow he hasn’t heard of you. Danny, this is my wife Hayley.”

Danny extended his hand and was rewarded with a brief touch as they shook hands.

“Danny is it? Yes. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed you.”

Geoff looked at Hayley in surprise at her rudeness, but she took his arm and led him away.

Danny was worried. He went over to Jack and told him what had happened.

“You idiot. I’ve told you not to be smart. She regards it as her job to put junior staff in their place. And the more men ogle her, the more she acts like that. Don’t get me wrong, she’s been turning heads since she was a teenager and loves it. She thinks that gives her power over men. So stop ogling her. Everytime I see you anywhere near her, your eyes are sticking out.”

“What will she do?”

“Nothing now, probably, but she’ll remember.”

Sophie had also noticed.

“You spent all night staring at her,” she pouted.

She insisted on being dropped off at her home. Danny didn’t mind as later that night the hand that had touched Hayley did its job.

The company magazine had many photos of the Christmas function. Danny found two more shots of Hayley and again superimposed her head on the bodies of uninhibited porn stars to help him with his solo sex.

Danny was bright and hard working and he was promoted to supervisor after a year. His contacts with Hayley had continued to be just passing in the corridor where each made obvious efforts not to notice each other.

As a supervisor he was required to attend a meeting where Jack presented the departmental budget to Tony Jacobs.

“I want you here to dig out any supporting figures they ask me for. Don’t say anything except to answer questions. Hayley will be there and she’ll ask the tough questions. And don’t stare at her”

There were four people at the meeting: Danny, Jack, Tony and Hayley. It was the first time Danny had met Tony except for saying “Good morning” if they met in the corridors. However Tony made an effort to make him feel at home and congratulated him on his promotion.

During the pleasantries Hayley studied files, except for one moment when she raised her head and briefly looked at Danny. Unfortunately Danny had been glancing at her tanned cleavage at exactly that moment. Hayley’s expression wasn’t pleasant.

Tony conducted the review which went amicably and Jack answered all the questions easily.

“You’ve forecast Texas sales to go down. That can’t be right, that’s been a big growth state for us.” Her voice cut through the room.

Jack looked at Danny.

“Ah um, our biggest customer has sold out to his competitor who doesn’t buy from us.”

“Show me.” She extended her arm. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and in that position Danny could see her armpit and a hint of breast.

He fumbled through his supporting notes and produced his detailed workings. Tony and Hayley looked at them briefly.

“Major variations in budgets should have supporting notes referenced.”

There was a silence. All eyes were on Danny.

“Didn’t you read the email I sent out on this? Do you think I send these out for fun?” Her voice was slow and measured.

Danny realized his mistake and started to apologise. His manager kicked him under the table.

Tony amicably changed to another topic, but he did ask Danny some questions directly. Danny was well prepared and answered easily although he was aware of Hayley’s steely gaze.

Tony and Hayley reviewed the meeting.

“That Danny is bright. And he knew his stuff.”

“He should have referenced Texas.”

“Jack should have picked that up. No, I like him, I think he’ll go places.”

“He’s immature and a Smart Alec.”

“Hayley, I know how you treat trainees. I don’t mind, they need to learn their place. But you were pretty tough on him there. Lay off him a bit. I don’t want him to leave.”


“Where is it?”

Danny had sensed her presence before she spoke. He swiveled around in his seat. Hayley’s blouse covered breasts were at eye level. He looked up to be confronted by her withering gaze.

“Fuck she is so beautiful,” was all he could think.

“Where is it?” her voice was penetrating. Other staff in the office turned to watch.

The “it” was a report Jack was preparing for the Board of Directors. But he had become ill with a serious bout of influenza. Hayley had emailed Danny telling him he had to write it.

It had been a struggle. The report covered subjects Danny had no knowledge of and which he had to research. He had been working to midnight for the last three nights.

“I’ll have it finished for tomorrow morning.”

Hayley’s tone was measured. “Tony Jacobs, who is the CEO you might know, set a deadline for this afternoon.”

“I’ve had to do a lot of research on new subjects for me.”

“I can see that might be a problem. There’ll be a lot of things you don’t know much about. This report is for the Board of Directors. They don’t expect reports to arrive late.”

She paused. “This won’t look good for you, young man. Your first big project and you stuff up.” Her eyes seemed to pierce right though him. Danny thought she was even more beautiful.

“I’ll have it finished by nine tomorrow morning.”

“I’ll tell Tony. If it’s later, I suggest you look for another job.”

By working through the night Danny finished his report. He took it to Hayley at nine.

“A lot is riding on this for you young man. I wonder if you’ll cut the mustard.”

Tony read the report then discussed it with Hayley who had read a copy, looking for errors.

“Jack didn’t write this. He’s not up to this level.”

“Jack’s been sick. Danny wrote it.”

“Danny! I thought he was good, but not this good.”

Hayley had already come to that conclusion. She also knew the hours he had put in.

“He worked all through last night and to midnight for the three nights before.”

“Hayley if I’d known about Jack being ill, I could have waited until he came back.”

“I wanted to see if he could cut the mustard.”

Tony looked at her. She was so smart and he was glad she was on his side.

“Well, you work in devious ways Hayley, but it has worked this time as it usually does. Young Danny has shown he has what it takes, don’t you agree?”

Hayley had to agree.

Tony came to Danny’s desk four hours later.

“Hayley told me the hours you put in on the report. Thanks. But more than that, it was really top class work. Go home and have a sleep.”

Danny felt a glow of pride.

“And Hayley had put in a good word for me? Perhaps . . . No, don’t be stupid thinking that. She was just doing her job.”

Three weeks later he again sensed Hayley beside him before she spoke.

“Danny, Tony has said that you will be able to give me the information for this.”

Danny swivelled in his seat. Her breasts were again at eye level but he didn’t let his eyes stay there.

She showed him a printout of an email.

“OK. You’ll find this in these files here.” His hands skimmed over his keyboard.

“Wait a minute.” She was writing furiously.

She pulled up a chair to sit beside him and grabbed the mouse to work back up through the files.

Danny was fighting an internal battle. She was sitting only a few inches away. She was wearing a short skirt and he could see a lot of tanned thigh when he glanced down.

“Is there anything else I need?”

“Well, I have done some research and wrote a file note for myself.”

She rose and thanked him.

“She called me ‘Danny for the first time, she was polite, she even said thank you.” He tried to think what that meant. At first he dreamed that she might, just might be feeling something for him. Then he realized that she was just been professional with a fellow employee.

He was exactly right with the latter. Hayley had been married for 12 years and had no intention of changing that. She had been completely faithful for 12 years and had no intention of changing that. Danny had passed her test of professionalism and she was treating him as an equal. She did not feel the slightest attraction for him. She had sensed his infatuation with her, but she was used to that. She had noticed his glance at her thighs.

“Well, young Danny you’ll grow out of it sometime. Look, but don’t dare touch,” she said to herself.

Hayley looked at his file notes on her project. They were good and she phoned Tony.

“Tony, I think you should read Danny’s notes.”


Tony promoted Danny to work on special projects for him. Danny moved to the fifth floor to an office three along from Hayley’s.

Her professional attitude towards him had changed completely. He had passed her tests of competence and she respected him for that. He found that she had an encyclopedia like knowledge of Supreme Corp and just about all its staff and was happy to help him.

He also came to appreciate that although her title was “Assistant” that she was far more than that. The other senior executives all respected her. If she asked for something it didn’t have to be as a mouthpiece for Tony. She had authority in her own right.

She also learned to appreciate his analytical skills and sometimes asked for help on her work. Sometimes they both worked late and would have a chat together over a coffee. Professional and innocent chats.

Because he was seeing her so often he became accustomed to her appearance and his ogling stopped. But his infatuation with her didn’t. His appreciation of her as a person increased. He found she had a delightful sense of humour and was usually charming and considerate. Except to junior trainee managers.

He threw away those constructed photos of her with pornstars’ bodies as that was insulting to her. He had no new girlfriend since Sophie, he just wasn’t interested.

He worried whether he would get callouses on his right palm, so often was it used.

Geoff used to come in once a week to take her to lunch. He usually dropped into Danny’s office to have a chat. He was friendly, congratulated Danny on his promotion. In all ways the perfect gentleman. Of course Danny hated his guts. Even more so as he saw them holding hands and Hayley kissing him in welcome. They were obviously a devoted couple.

In just about every way their marriage was perfect. They were a devoted couple who adored each other. Hayley had a strong sex drive and was an unihibited and passionate and faithful lover. With Geoff’s huge income their lifestyle was one of luxury houses, luxury cars and luxury holidays. Hayley never looked at the price of anything. If she liked something, she bought it.

Six months previously, a grey cloud had come to the perfect marriage.

It was caused by by a big sharebroking deal which Geoff had won for his firm. In true sharebroking traditon he took his department to a lunch at an expensive restaurant. There were 10 in his team, three brokers, two support staff and his five research staff. They were all young, in their twenties, except for Sophie Brown. She had just graduated from high school and was on a six month contract until her college course started.

Sophie was very bright, very confident and very attractive. She wasn’t overawed being the youngest and she easily joined in the celebrations. Geoff was highly regarded by his staff, because he was a good people manager and, because he was successful, they had very big bonuses. Most women found him very attractive: successful, a company director,rich and extremely handsome and Sophie was no exception.

Geoff realized that if he wanted to, he could have pretty much his choice from any of the single women in the company, and a good number of the married ones as well. But he had no interest. He was devoted to Hayley and their sex life was exciting and all he needed.

“Why go out and buy a hamburger when you’ve got steak at home?” he asked his friends and those who knew Hayley agreed.

He went to the restroom and when he returned took the only available seat at the table. His research manager was on one side and Sophie on the other. He chatted to both, but then the research manager got into a detailed discussion with his neighbour on the other side, so Geoff spent a lot of time talking to Sophie. She was good company, bubbly and enthusiastic. Geoff learned that she was a gymnast which explained her slim figure.

She listened carefully as he spoke, looking him in the eyes. Her expresssion was one of fascination with her eyes opened wide. At first Geoff found this a little disconcerting, but relaxed and felt flattered. And Sophie was very attractive.

Sophie was also flattered by Geoff’s attention. He was a director and she was the most junior employee, but he was treating her as an equal. He was rich and successful and very good looking.

There was a rule in Geoff’s company. If you have more than two drinks at lunch, don’t come back to the office. They didn’t want anyone contacting a client or making a decsion under the influence. By three p.m. that two drink limit had been well and truly passed. Geoff saw that one or two staff were starting to get drunk and called the lunch off.

“Let’s go home folks, see you at work tomorrow.”

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