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My first submission, and really my first attempt at this type of writing. Be brutal! I’d like to improve!


The entire flight home, I thought about you. I’d missed you while I was out of town, and my body was aching for your expert touch. I was nearly giddy when the cab dropped me on your doorstep, hands shaking as I pressed the doorbell. We hadn’t been together long, but the way you made me shake…it felt like you’d known my body for an eternity.

You answer the door with a sly grin and devour me with your eyes for a long moment before stepping back to let me in.

As soon as I kick my sneakers off, you push me against the wall. Your hands run up and down my body greedily, eyes flashing with desire. I can feel a hot wetness between my thighs and I struggle to keep the smile off my face, since I know you prefer me to pretend I’m less than eager.

You pin my wrists above my head with one hand, pinching and twisting at my nipples with the other while you kiss me with a hunger I’ve only known from you. You tongue probes my mouth, you suck and bite my lip; and every time you break contact, a gasp or a barely-audible moan escapes you.

Before I even know what is happening, you have me on my back on your bed and are tugging at my jeans. Finally, you toss them aside, and for an excruciating moment you slowly drag your fingers through my juices. I arch into you but you refuse to give in just yet, and return to undressing me. When I’m completely nude, you handcuff my arms to the bed.

Suddenly, you shift away from me. You clap your hands once, and exclaim, “Okay, well then let’s get to it!”

You stand up and walk out of the room. I get a little uneasy as you disappear from sight, arms still cuffed to the bed. You’re gone for what feels like an eternity. I crane my neck to look at the cuffs and try to wriggle my wrists free, but the handcuffs cut into my wrists painfully.

You explode back into the room carrying several items, a look of pure exhilaration on your face. I stop struggling immediately and turn toward you, suddenly very aware of the dampness between my legs at the sight of you. Your face falls when you realize I’ve been trying to get free.

“I guess I’ll have to increase the severity of your punishment, darling,” you sneer with a gloating grin.

You drop your things on the desk and pluck a dark item from the tangle. You turn to me and smile. “See you in a little while, darling,” you say as you slip the black fabric over my eyes and knot it tight. With my vision gone, I am hyperaware of every sound you make. You stuff something in my mouth. After a moment, I recognize the satiny fabric and my own taste; you’ve gagged me with my bursa escort own panties.

Your weight leaves my side and I hear you move back to the desk. You take something else from your stash and approach the foot of the bed. I squirm as you stand there, silently. Anticipation drips from the hotness between my legs. I swallow.

Suddenly, you grab my ankle and wrap a rope around it, tight. You open my hip as far as it will go and secure the other end of the rope, leaving me immobile. I kick and struggle with my free leg but you swiftly grab it and secure it as well. I lay, helpless, spread-eagle on your bed. I feel my warm, sticky wetness drip from my pussy as I realize my safety – and my pleasure – lie completely at your mercy.

“Pllgh…” I manage through the gag of my own panties.

“Yes?” you ask, almost gleefully. You reach over and pull the wad from my mouth.

“Please. …Fuck me,” I plead.

“Gladly,” you whisper.

I hear the familiar, arousing sounds of you undressing, then feel the weight of your body depress the bed next to me. You pinch the corners of my jaw and pop my mouth open, scooting closer until your half-erect cock flops into my mouth. You grab a fistful of my hair and force yourself in and out of my mouth until you’re rock-hard and bruising my tonsils with every thrust.

Finally, after bringing yourself right to the edge, you stop. I feel you move but am so flustered I can’t make sense of anything. My eyes are wet behind the blindfold; snot runs from my nose; a mixture of spit and precum covers the lower half of my face and my neck and chest. I hear you breathing heavily, raggedly. The only thing I know is you are absolutely ravenous and are going to take everything you’ve ever desired from me.

Struggling to catch my breath, I turn my face toward where I believe you to be. Suddenly, my panties are back in my throat and I find it necessary to give far too much focus to breathing. I try to spit them out but am met with your open hand across my cheek.

“Don’t even think about it,” you growl in a low voice. I feel my cheek begin to burn as my pussy begins to ache for you. I unwillingly let out a guttural moan, which you correctly interpret as arousal. “Like being abused, do you, you filthy slut?” Your hand connects with my face again and I can’t help but moan immediately out of pure ecstasy. You lean close to my ear and whisper harshly, “Daddy is gonna fill all your slutty holes tonight, darling.”

You move so that your body is between my legs. I quiver with anticipation and arch my body toward you. You lean down and I can feel your hot, moist breath radiating on my skin as you flick your tongue over the most sensitive bursa escort bayan parts of my stomach, thighs, and groin. Finally, you settle your mouth over my aching pussy, your hands spreading my thighs and your tongue on my clit. You slide one finger into my wetness and immediately take it back out. I try to goad you by calling you a tease but I choke on my panties. You understand my intention though and whisper, “More punishment…” You take the panties from my mouth, use them to mop up the dampness between my thighs, and stuff them back into my mouth. “Do you like the way your wet cunt tastes as much as I do, darling?” I suck on my panties and nod vigorously.

Satisfied with the punishment, you lower your tongue back to my throbbing clit. You flick a finger in and out of me a few times before lifting your head to ask if I’m ready for more punishment. I squirm and make muffled protests but you simply say, “Darling, bad girls must be punished,” while sliding your wet finger deep into my ass. I protest some more and writhe on the bed, but you expertly lick, flick, and suck on my clit until I’m on the brink of cumming without even realizing how much the finger fucking my ass is helping.

You notice how close I am and stop everything. “Oh no, my darling. We don’t cum until we have permission.” I whimper desperately behind my gag. You rub two fingers up and down my swollen, trembling pussy lips. Coated in my juices, you jam your fingers deep into my ass again. My body bucks in pain and pleasure and you fuck me with your other hand until you see you’ve brought me to the edge once more and remove all your fingers from my body.

You reach up and lazily flick my nipple between your fingers. I feel you scoot up so your knees meet my thighs. “Are you ready for the final round of punishment?” you ask hungrily. I squeal into the gag and squirm as much as I can, but my naked, pulsing body lies helpless, yours for the taking, and we both know it.

You get up and go to your desk. I hear a series of sounds I don’t recognize, then feel you between my thighs once more. You undo the ropes around my feet. Confused and a little scared, I pull myself into a sitting position and pull my legs underneath me. However, I’m still blind and have no time to react as you grab my ankles and yank me down once again.

My heart pounds with anticipation.

Just as suddenly, you flip me onto my stomach. The handcuffs dig into my wrists but the chain between them twists to mostly accommodate the change in position. You loop the ropes around my ankles again and secure them to the bed posts, and I suddenly understand. My eager anticipation immediately turns görükle escort to naked fear and I struggle against my bindings until they cut into me. I whimper, but my face is pressed into the pillows and the sound is lost.

Suddenly I feel your breath hot in my ear. “Darling,” you whisper roughly, “The more you struggle, the harder I get.”

I still myself immediately. I hear a cap flip open, and a moment later hear something discarded onto the floor. I feel your weight shift forward and the head of your cock finds its way between the cheeks of my ass. My breath catches. We’ve talked about this before, used fingers and toys, but I had always been adamant that your cock was too big for me to handle.

Careful not to push into me, you lean forward and gently turn my head to the side. You remove the wad of torn panties from my mouth. “I want to hear every sound you make,” you whisper.

You tuck my hair behind my ear lovingly and settle back behind me. The anticipation of breaking this unknown barrier combined with the knowledge that I possess the ability to give you everything you want steels me for what is coming. I brace myself.

Slowly, you slide into me.

I suck in my breath sharply and force myself to focus on relaxing. You slowly push into me until your entire shaft is buried deep into my ass.

You lean forward and kiss me full on the mouth. You reach up and release the cuffs, freeing my aching, raw wrists. You slowly slide out of me.

“Pull yourself up onto all fours,” you demand. I oblige.

You stand and go to the desk once more. As you come back to my ready body, I hear a click and the familiar sound of a vibrator. You hand it to me and command me to hold it against my clit. I do so and my legs immediately begin to quake. I hear sounds of pleasure from you, once again behind me, and feel you push into me again. This time you withdraw immediately, though, slightly faster, and continue to increase the pace of your thrusts. Suddenly, you slide a dildo into my pussy, which was wet and ready. With both my holes full, I begin to climax, hard. My body bucks wildly and you pound me harder and faster. I cry out, and you grab a fistful of hair and pull my head back, hard.

“Do you enjoy being pounded like a filthy, dirty cum dumpster?” you snarl between breaths. “Are you Daddy’s little whore? You like my cock fucking your tight asshole?!”

The dirty talk sends me over the edge and I scream as wave after wave of orgasm washes over me. At the same time, you push into me and fill me with your hot load.

Both of us finished, you roll off of me. You pull off my blindfold and look at me. I grin back at you, unable to move for the intensity of the orgasm you just gave me. You untie my ankles and toss me my clothes.

“No hurry, whenever you’re able to move. I’m going to hop in the shower.” You smile and wink as you turn to walk out of the room. “If you leave before I’m finished, make sure you tell your husband ‘hi’ for me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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