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Big Tits

Both Marjory and Lisa were quite competitive, and despite the age difference their pace was similar. Each pushed herself harder than she would have if running alone, so within a quarter of an hour they were both breathing heavily and shining with sweat.

Marjory had also been overdoing it deliberately because shortly before sprinting off, Lisa had whispered the phrase ‘get them sweaty’ to her. Marjory was eager to please.

Marjory had woken in the early hours of the morning to find that her knickers had indeed been returned to her after their adventure, and were lying at the foot of her bed like a Christmas stocking.

They were clotted with cum – hers, Lisa’s, Greg’s – and Marjory felt it was an exceedingly filthy act to replace what she was wearing with them. She switched them with glee and dozed off with them clinging to her, images from the night before playing gently on repeat.

She woke a little later to hear Lisa getting her running stuff together. Marjory jumped up and pulled some Lyra shorts on over the hot messy situation that she was now adding to. What would the day hold, she wondered, now that her mistress had dictated that she start it so subserviently.

Lisa’s eyes had sparkled darkly as she greeted Marjory.

“Good morning! Did you sleep ok?”

“Wonderfully, thank you,” Marjory replied, blushing deeply.

“I’ve a fairly hardcore route planned for us this morning,” Lisa warned, lingering over the word hardcore and catching Marjory’s eye.

Marjory was drinking a tall glass of water and remembering Lisa on all fours with her arse full of Greg’s big dick, the image thrown up at Lisa’s turn of phrase.

“Well I’m quite up for a really intense session today,” Marjory replied playfully.

Lisa nearly purred with pleasure. She liked this girl.

So they had set off, waving a hello and goodbye to Greg and Alex who were just descending the stairs together, talking animatedly about spiders and whether they really needed all those legs.

Marjory watched Lisa’s tits bouncing as she ran, despite the tight sports wear doing its best to contain them, and let her eyes dwell on the patch of sweat forming at the base of her spine. Her curly blonde hair was tied back and bouncing in time with the other bits that bounced.

The woman was hot, no question, and Marjory was right now sweating into the knickers she’d seen her getting fucked in. She heard her own panting, and she pulled the waistband of her little shorts down slightly to expose the top of the knickers before giving it a burst of energy and overtaking Lisa. She wanted Lisa’s eyes on her arse, and watching how well she was doing as she was told. She also wanted to remind Lisa that she was younger and full of energy – just in case Lisa felt like making her ride her husband to exhaustion, for instance.

They were turning a few heads as they crossed the park – a flurry of pony tails, bouncing tits, sweaty tight Lycra and long legs. Lisa did indeed enjoy the view that Marjory gave her, and was devising her plan for the day, her eyes enjoying Marjory’s tight little arse and the glimpse of the reminder of last night’s action. This time, Marjory would do more than just watch.

Alex had a kid’s party to attend so they would spend the morning making her costume (a spider, no doubt, as that seemed her theme for the last few days. She’d stand out among the princesses that was for sure).

But Lisa was planning what would happen when they’d dropped Alex off. She would give Greg a surprise. And Marjory would get a surprise too, she decided, and a lesson.

She picked up her pace suddenly too and ran alongside Marjory for a while – they would be back at the house soon. Greg would enjoy seeing the pair of them – he was always turned on when she was hot and sweaty, and Marjory was looking amazing, Lisa couldn’t deny.

They slowed to a walk for the last fifty metres as a warm down, and as they stepped across the threshold Lisa said to Marjory very simply, “Don’t wash.”

If Lisa wanted her dirty, so be it, thought Marjory as she brushed her teeth (no prohibitions there). She didn’t want it to reflect badly on her with Greg though, and for a split second she panicked that it was a deliberate and jealous ploy of Lisa’s, to make sure Greg wasn’t attracted to the younger woman. She was quite wrong.

She threw a stretchy cotton dress on, and soon forgot all about her sticky salty skin, as she was hunting high and low for materials that would best replicate an exoskeleton and something sturdy enough to form legs, with Alex helping enthusiastically.

Greg had struggled not to ogle his wife and their new au pair when they had fallen through the door together panting. Instantly he pictured them tangled together, and Marjory’s flushed face and sheen of sweat made her look as though she had just received a mighty fucking, and he wished that were true and that he had administered it. The black dress she reappeared in only made it worse as it hugged escort bursa her figure and she still looked ruffled.

Greg watched the beautiful girl as she played with his daughter and he couldn’t keep his mind from the scent of her pussy in the wet knickers that he and his wife had so thoroughly enjoyed the night before.

Marjory looked up from her tangle of electrical tape (shiny and spidery but a bit narrow for the job at hand) and caught Greg looking at her hungrily. She recalled his muscles glistening as he pushed his large cock up his wife’s backside, and felt herself moisten.

An hour later the costume was finished and Alex insisted she wore it while they had a quick lunch together before the party. Probably just as well Marjory thought, since she wasn’t sure it would stand up to too much taking on and off. Alex was grinning from ear to ear, and looked frankly terrifying in her homemade arachnid suit. The theme was nursery rhymes and so she was Incey Wincey, but really Greg and Lisa were used to making what Alex wanted to dress up as fit the theme, rather than vice versa.

Lisa beamed at them both (she had been sticking black sequins to a black helmet along with a large number of googley eyes that finished the look off perfectly, and trying to keep her mind from wandering to what she had planned for Marjory).

“Great work! You’ll be the best dressed spider there!”

“I’ll be the only spider there, probably,” Alex said through a mouthful of salad, sounding both proud and incredulous that it wasn’t a more popular choice of costume among her peers.

Lisa gave Greg a quick kiss as he bustled the chatty little spider out of the door and into the car, and whispered to him, “Hurry back.”

She knew full well that there would be parents there who would corner you for an age with interest rates, catchment areas, their children’s achievements and other tedium unless you made it extremely clear you had other plans already. And Lisa did.

Marjory and Lisa tidied the plates into the dishwasher, and in a small voice, Marjory asked a question she couldn’t quite believe she was asking :

“Can I wash yet?”

Lisa gave a wicked smile at the girl asking her permission to clean herself.

“No, sorry. Do you feel dirty?”

Marjory’s eyes flashed at this question, and she bit her lip coyly and nodded.

The fact was, she did a bit. She hadn’t been explicitly told to keep them on, but the same pair of knickers were still on her and when she had gone to pee earlier, Marjory could definitely smell her own pussy strongly – she’d spent much of the night fingering herself and then gone for a run in what could only be described as some well worn underwear.

“We’ll see to that, don’t worry. When you hear the car on the drive, I want you to run upstairs, take that dress off, and kneel on our bed. We’ll give Greg a surprise.”

Marjory did a double take. Was she the surprise? Obviously, but was Lisa really proposing to share her husband with her? What would she let him do? Suddenly Marjory was imagining a number of things Greg might do to her, and since her questioning look was met with a sincere, reassuring and mock-stern one from Lisa she nodded.

She didn’t have to wait long as tyres soon crunched on gravel unmistakably and her heart began to race as she ran upstairs and stepped through the door she had knelt outside the night before. She pulled the dress up over her head and unclasped her bra so her tits bounced free. Her nipples were rigid with anticipation – it felt extremely forbidden to be climbing into the bed of her employers, almost naked and waiting to be discovered. The bedclothes were soft and expensive, but smelled of sex. This was, after all, the scene of the filthy activities she’d witnessed from the hall.

Marjory rubbed her pussy through the knickers while she waited, kneeling and looking at her perky tits, hoping Greg would like them. They weren’t as big as Lisa’s, but they sat high and were big enough to move when she was fucked – she really hoped he was going to make them move.

Downstairs, Lisa kissed Greg as he came through the door, her hand on his crotch already.

“I’ve a surprise for you,” she whispered.

Greg ran his hand down Lisa’s belly and slid it down the front of her jeans, assuming she meant that she had nothing underneath, or had waxed or something. While she was delightfully soaking to his touch, that clearly wasn’t what she meant.

“Nope,” Lisa said, pulling his hand back out of her knickers and sucking herself from his fingertips, her eyes locked on his. “In the bedroom…”

Greg swung the door open and his jaw dropped when he saw Marjory kneeling on their bed, her tits looking incredible and one hand caressing her pussy through the very same knickers he’d gotten to know so well the night before. She stared back at him, and Lisa pushed him forward into the room.

“Catch up Greg, we’ve only a few hours,” she chastised him, at the same time bursa escort pulling his shirt from him and squeezing the the growing bulge of his cock.

Marjory’s expression was simultaneously both self-conscious and affectedly slutty – she was now finally exposed for both of them and it was quite different to any sexual experience she’d had previously. She had turned twenty that summer and was still not completely comfortable in her own skin, especially when confronted with Lisa’s sexual dominance and Greg’s gaze of pure lust exploring her. Lisa addressed Greg again.

“Marjory’s very dirty, and since sniffing her knickers makes you into a horny goat, perhaps you’d help out by licking her clean.”

Lisa delighted in embarrassing and arousing both parties in equal measure.

“On all fours over him, I think, Marjory, so you can see quite how much he’s enjoying his job.”

She was unbuckling and removing Greg’s trousers and he was lost with excitement at the sight of the girl removing those messy knickers and letting him see her sticky pussy with its swollen lips.

Marjory was trying to keep her cool but Greg’s cock was out now, already raging hard and any second his tongue would be on her. Her cheeks burned as she really could smell her own arousal and was certain the others could too – without a doubt Greg would when she knelt over his face. She checked Lisa’s expression again -was she serious that she wanted her husband to lick her messy cunt in front of her? Deadly serious, it seemed.

Greg lay back on the bed, giving Marjory a smile that said ‘are you on board with this?’ Sweet of him, Marjory thought, and she looked him directly in the eye, gave her own little smile and touched her clit. Fuck, she couldn’t wait to sit on his face.

Lisa could smell Marjory’s body in the warm room, and reached out and touched her smooth skin for the first time, seeing the girl respond as she did so. She was encouraging her onto her hands and knees over Greg. He couldn’t help but pump his cock in his hand as he looked at Marjory, now so fully on display for him – her thighs apart, he could see her lips open and shining and as Lisa had her arch her back, Marjory’s beautiful curved arse moved back towards him so her cheeks parted a little more and he glimpsed the girl’s arsehole.

But the thing that was threatening to make him come on the ceiling was the scent coming off her. Deafening was the only word that suited since there was no equivalent for that sense, but the overpowering aroma of her horny and sweaty cunt and arsehole subsumed everything for Greg as she backed towards his face. Marjory felt that to be the case and was on the edge of apologising, her cheeks scarlet, but Lisa’s intensity and how enormous Greg’s cock looked hovering so close to her own face now both kept her quiet.

“Let go of your cock darling, or you’ll come everywhere when you taste her…

Good, now lick her sticky pussy clean!”

Greg really didn’t need telling, and although he knew they didn’t have that long, he also wanted to delight in Marjory’s body and tease her a bit. He slid forward a bit and licked the skin below her belly button, enjoying how she trembled in response. Her skin was salty and he ran his tongue down into her neatly trimmed but matted pubes.

It was glorious, the scent of her, and he decided to revel in it a few seconds more before diving in with his tongue. He switched to kissing her thighs, and brought his hands round to her arse, holding each cheek with one hand and parting her. Marjory moaned. She wanted his tongue, and it felt obscene that he was sniffing her like an animal – especially there! She marvelled at how his cock throbbed and bucked in front of her.

Greg was indeed sniffing her there, and although his cock was untouched he felt as though he could come in the girl’s face any second, and he watched her tight, wrinkled hole twitch as he inhaled her.

Lisa watched her husband sniffing their au pair’s arsehole, his cock straining in front of her face, and she slipped her own jeans off and then toyed with the little bud of her clit.

Greg gave in to himself, and started to lick Marjory’s inner thighs up towards her leaking pussy. He licked each of her lips in turn and she spilled onto his tongue. He pushed the pointed tip of it forwards through the lake between her folds to flick her clit briefly (she caught her breath) and then backwards to trace the join of her lips at the bottom of her cunt and the sensitive route further back.

He kept going, his tongue flicking her in little circles and she moaned as she felt a man teasingly lick her arsehole for the first time – in front of his wife.

Greg was enjoying his explorations, feeling every wrinkle and every twitching response through the tip of his tongue. He glanced at Lisa, still not quite believing what was happening. She was practically salivating, and he saw her busy fingers inside her knickers. He resumed licking Marjory, bursa merkez escort bayan who tasted like a girl who’d been masturbating most of the night and then gone for a run in some cum-stained knickers. She was dirty and beautiful, Greg thought.

He gave a little pointed jab with his tongue to slip it through her baffled little sphincter for a second (she squealed). Then he journeyed back to clamp his mouth over her drooling twat and bully her clit with his tongue for a bit – he had to swallow, she had been leaking so prolifically.

‘Christ, he’s good at that,’ thought Marjory as she struggled not to come. It had been such an intensely erotic new sensation when he’d been licking her arsehole, but this was pure skill born of significant experience. She felt like she was an orchestra and the tip of his tongue was the conductor’s stick. She couldn’t help but grind her pubis onto his chin, and try to fuck his tongue. Nor could she take her eyes off his big dick in front of her. She was desperate to suck it but felt like she needed permission. She looked at Lisa with her mouth open.

Lisa shook her head. Permission denied.

As if to lay claim to it, Lisa drew closer and bent at the waist, enclosing Greg’s cock in her own mouth without touching him in any other way, her eyes on Marjory the whole time. She was face to face with Marjory and she moaned and sucked Greg’s cock with overly dramatised delight. Greg moaned too, into Marjory’s pussy, and raised his hips to try and fuck his wife’s throat.

As Lisa bobbed and gagged she also reached forward and pinched Marjory’s nipples, enjoying the firmness of her tits and the noise that Marjory made involuntarily.

Lisa sensed correctly that both Greg and Marjory were on the verge of coming ferociously. It was time to slow things down and change things around, she decided. She released Greg’s cock – coated in drool – and coaxed Marjory off Greg’s mouth despite some resistance from Marjory who had been moments from climax.

Lisa disappeared into the other room for a second and Marjory and Greg looked at each other – both were wild eyed with lust, and Greg’s lips and chin shone with the sweet clear slime from where she’d ridden him. Lisa reappeared holding Marjory’s little bullet vibe triumphantly (she’d found it earlier in the day, since firstly it wasn’t very well hidden and secondly, she had a sixth sense for such things).

“Marjory, stay on your hands and knees please, there’s a good girl.” Lisa’s tone worked on both of them.

She pulled Greg over by his cock to stand in front of Marjory and flicked the vibrator on, before holding it in place on Marjory’s clit. Marjory blushed that Lisa had found her vibrator – although the woman was sharing her husband with her so it didn’t seem a big deal just now.

Marjory moaned at the familiar feeling of it buzzing on her clit before starting slightly as she next felt Lisa’s gentle fingertips parting the lips of her highly sensitive cunt.

The girl was boiling and her pussy parted for her like a flower, but Lisa had plans – she was only dipping in to steal the girl’s lube. She spilled and coaxed it with her fingertips down the cleft of Marjory’s cunt and used its slickness to slip a fingertip into Marjory’s startled arsehole.

‘Fuck, Lisa’s got her finger in my arse,’ Marjory told herself, enjoying how the gentle probing was working with the vibrations, and how Greg’s cock bounced near her mouth.

“Spit on his cock,” Lisa said. “And before you look at me like a hungry little bird, no you may not suck it, you horny little slut. Just spit on it so it’s nice and slippery.”

As she said this she slid her finger in up to the second knuckle – Wow Marjory’s arsehole was tight, she thought. Greg would have to take it slowly.

Greg wished he had a better view of the back end of Marjory and what his wife was doing that was making Marjory’s eyes roll as dance like that, but he didn’t want to move his cock away from her face, particularly as she now carefully spat a string of saliva onto it and then smiled up at him.

Lisa spread it gently over the bulging head and along the shaft of Greg’s solid dick.

“Good girl, now spit in my hand.”

Marjory felt the digit slip out of her, and Lisa’s hand appeared by her mouth. She spat obediently, perceiving the scent of her own arse as she did so.

Greg was astounded by the command his wife had over this young beauty, and he recalled her promise that she would make Marjory wear the knickers. She had delivered on that – having leaked his load into them she chased the girl through the park wearing them. His wife was a superb sexual puppeteer, and in that moment he was overcome with love for her, as she added a second probing finger into their au pair’s surrendering butthole, massaging her own spit into her depths.

“You watched me take that big dick up my arse, now it’s your turn,” Lisa told a quaking Marjory, who was once again drooling onto Greg’s cock.

It was less that she was trying to drool on it, and more that she couldn’t close her mouth because of the feeling of Lisa stretching and massaging her interior whilst still buzzing her clit, and both hands were supporting her. Lisa’s words were repeating themselves in her head over and over.

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