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It was a cold Monday morning as Dave Climbed out of bed ready to start another working week at the office, he sat up in bed and looked over at his wife Gemma who was still asleep, Brown Haired size 12 and with a 36 b chest she was a good looking lady for her age of 35 and still had the sex drive of a 17 year old, the only problem Dave had was that she never tried nothing knew in bed it was always the same routine a quick feel finger or lick her to Orgasm then it was his turn to insert his cock in her and cum. Maybe that is why he started to look at over woman never strayed but he was tempted especially with the receptionist at work, Isabel was 25/26 dirty blonde hair down to her shoulders, she was about the same size as his wife but her breasts looked like 38d and being a breast man himself he would of loved to get his hands on them.

As usual when he woke in the morning he woke with an erection and unusual for him in the morning he was feeling very aroused this morning. Not wanting to disturb his wife who was having her first Lie in, in weeks he decided just to have a wank before he got ready for work.

He went into the bathroom and turned the shower on while he sat on the toilet seat stroking his 9″ cock while all the time he thought about how nice it would be to be slipping his cock in between Isabel’s tits. Stroking his cock getting faster and faster he was soon shooting his cum all over his hands and onto the floor. Quickly cleaning the mess up and realising the time he got quickly showered and changed for work opting to get something to eat on the way.

As he walked through the revolving doors at the office block he walked over to reception to sign in for the day and noticed Isabel was already at her desk signing others in to the building, soon it was his turn and as he approached the desk she flashed him her beautiful smile which made him think that she wouldn’t be smiling if she knew that he had been wanking while thinking of her tits.

Today she was wearing a navy skirt which stopped just above her knees and a white blouse which was tight enough to hug her frame and show of the lace of her bra underneath. Dave couldn’t help but stare at the flowery lace pattern showing through from her blouse and instantly he felt his cock start to stir in his pants.

Isabel looked up after signing Dave’s name in the book and seen him staring, it took her a couple of seconds to realise what he was staring at, she should have been shocked but she knew she was good looking and knew most of the guys around the work wanted to fuck her but she never thought Dave Paterson would have been one of them, Most of the girls at work have said that they wouldn’t mind a shot at him but always thought he was to honest to kuşadası escort his wife that he would never cheat but yet here he was staring at her tits, that thought got her excited and she felt her nipples harden and press against the material of her bra and she knew Dave couldn’t miss seeing them. And sure enough he did, watching her nipples grow harder and push out against her bra and blouse was the last straw for him he quickly grabbed his Id and quickly walked to the elevator while trying to adjust his hard on before anyone noticed it.

Isabel was slightly disappointed that he went to suddenly and without talking to her but she knew he liked what he saw and she liked thinking of him growing hard as she thought he must have been while he stared at her.

She started to feel herself get excited at that thought of his cock getting hard and could already feel the heat begin to build in the pit of her stomach. God did she wish she wasn’t getting sexually aroused here not while she couldn’t do anything about it. By this time she was signing someone else in and her nipples were rock hard through her top and her panties were getting damper by the minute and she knew she had to do something and soon.

As soon as she was done she told Kim her supervisor that she had a sore stomach and had to go to the toilet, she walked as quick as she could as she didn’t want to risk running in her heels and fall, she quickly locked the door to the first empty cubicle and sat on the seat to Catch her breath.

Having never masturbated at work she didn’t know if she could do it but the more she thought of Dave looking at her the wetter she got and knew she had no choice. Lifting her ass of the seat she pulled up her skirt around her waist showing that she was wearing hold ups and a pair of white lace thongs, she slowly started to rub herself through her knickers not wanting to reveal her pussy to the toilet cubicle.

With her left hand she was rubbing her tits through her top but had started to unbutton her top so she could slide her hand inside her bra and pinch and pull at her nipples, it wasn’t long before she had her tits out and lifting one up to her mouth to suck on her own nipple while she had pulled her thong to one side and had inserted 2 fingers into her soaking pussy while her thumb rubbed her clit closing her eyes and wishing that it was Dave’s tongue working her clit to orgasm.

She could here people moving in and out of the toilets while she sat in her cubicle with her legs spread pushed against the cubicle door. She vigourosly rubbed her Clit while sucking her own nipple, fingering herself trying to keep the noise and her rapid breathing to a minimum which made her get even more excited knowing that she could get caught fingering herself.

She could feel herself approach orgasm and picked up the speed rubbing her clit. As her orgasm hut she shuddered and let out a moan loud enough for any other occupants of the toilets to hear but she never noticed as she sat on the toilet trying to catch her breath with her hand still between her legs, Soon she had regained a normal breathing rate and her legs had stopped shaking she fixed herself back into her clothes and walked back to her desk hoping that she could keep her mind on her work and not Dave

The rest of the day passed with out either person seeing each other but Dave had decided to work a little later to finish some paperwork so by the time he had finished Isabel was leaving at the same time and held the door open for him as he approached, he smiled at her and said thanks and she smiled back, they made some small talk as they walked to the car park about work and people they work with.

But as they approached Isabel’s car Dave felt a twinge in his stomach, was it because they were about to Part Company and he wouldn’t see her till tomorrow? They stopped at her car and continued to talk and then suddenly he moved his head closer to hers then there mouths started to reach for each other his hands on her waist pulling her closer to him. She felt his cock press into her stomach as she reached her hands round and put them on his arse squeezing his cheeks she felt his hands pull her blouse out from the waist of her skirt and move his hands up to cup her tits through her bra. There tongues were searching each others mouth and the breathing becoming ragged as he pulled his mouth away from hers and moved to her neck, his hands squeezed her tits through her bra while she moved her right hand round to his zipper and pulled it down, she reached her hand in and through his boxers she rubbed his cock, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before he was pounding her pussy.

She pulled away from him and opened up her car and climbed into the back seat threw of her jacket and started to unbutton her blouse revealing her bra that he had been staring at that very morning. He climbed in beside her and took of his shirt revealing his well toned body and undone his trousers and took them off so he was only sitting in his boxer shorts. Isabel turned round placing her back against the door and lifted her skirt up around her waist to show Dave the wet patch on her panties, he adjusted himself so he could lower his mouth to her pussy, licking her through her knickers he could taste her earlier orgasm and her sweet juices flowing from her pulling her thong down he slowly started to tease her clit with small licks while inserting his middle finger into her wet cunt.

With his left hand he reached up and pulled her right tit from her bra and pulled at her nipple then slowly rolled it between his fingers. Inserting 2 fingers into her cunt he felt her hands move to his head and push his mouth further onto her clit.

As she felt herself approach orgasm she grabbed his head and pushed him into her more and wrapped her legs tighter round his head, she started to move herself in rhythm with the thrusts of his fingers. She let out an almighty scream as her orgasm hit her tighten her legs around his head like a vice rubbing her pussy against his face, slowly it subsided and he lifted her head from her pussy and she could see her own juices on his mouth.

Reaching down she pulled out his cock and started to stroke it and cup his balls, she had never went down on a man before and didn’t want to just now she just wanted to have him inside of her so she wanked him harder and harder before guiding him to her cunt, she felt the tip of his cock rest against her opening.

She took her hand away to let him push it in and she spread her legs as much as the back seat would allow, she ended up putting her left leg between the front seats as he started slowly thrusting his cock in little bits at a time until he was all the way in and then stopped to get himself comfortable.

He withdrew his cock until the tip was just inside her and then slammed his cock back in causing her to scream with both pain and delight, he upped the tempo and brought the thumb of his right hand down to play with her clit, Isabel was moaning and panting as she felt yet another orgasm approach as he worked her clit over with skill knowing exactly what she wanted and needed she had one hand playing with her left tit and the other she reached down and put it round his shaft so she could feel him slip through her hand before entering her pussy and feel her juices on her hand.

Soon she pulled him down on top of her as her orgasm hit digging her nails into his back, knowing that it was his turn next he withdrew his cock and manoeuvred himself to her mouth and told her to open up, hesitantly she did and he slid it in she could taste herself and it tasted good she cup his balls as he began to fuck her mouth.

He held the back of her head as he began to get quicker and quicker making her gag. She felt him become harder and knew he was just about to cum in her mouth she prepared herself for the sudden burst but she wasn’t ready by the time it came shooting down her throat making her gag more, she grabbed his limp cock as he withdrew it and hungrily licked it clean not wanting to waste a drop.

As soon as she was done she held him to her and they shared a passionate kiss before they got dressed and parted company both very happy people, hoping that this is the beginning of a great working relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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