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Dana sat at the bar idly stirring her drink with a little red straw. She had come into the bar over an hour ago to try an unwind after a long week. She thought a drink or two might take her mind off of everything but since she sat down three guys had already been over to talk to her with one bad line after another, at least the last one had bought her this drink but he was no different than the rest. These guys just came up and would say anything to try and please her thinking that was the best way to get her out of here and maybe back to their place for a little hanky panky.

She turned and looked towards the door to see a guy walk in. Nothing special to notice, he was tall and perhaps a little too thin but then he smiled and Dana though “well that’s kind of cute” but then dismissed him just like all the others. She turned back to stare at her drink and heard the stool next to her slide across the floor and knew that someone had taken a seat next to her. She idly glanced to the side and noticed it was the skinny guy who had just walked in. He turned toward her briefly, smile and said a quick “hi” then turned to order a drink from the bartender.

Dana noticed as he playfully flirted with the bartender that he smelled kind of nice, a little hint of pineapple but she didn’t remember any guy’s cologne that smelled like that. She looked down to see he was wearing flip flops with his jeans and button down shirt. He was playfully flirting with the bartender, nothing crude just a little innocent banter and Dana felt a little twinge of jealousy. “Where’d that come from,” she thought as she let the feeling go.

“Anything exciting going on here tonight?”

Dana was back to dazing as she took a sip off her drink when the question repeated and she realized the guy was talking to her.

“Um…nothing that I can see,” she replied in what she would consider her bitchy tone.

“I see, well if I have interrupted you in your misery I can leave you and your drink to yourselves I was just looking to have a friendly conversation. I don’t think everyone came here, to this public place to be alone. May the end of your evening find you better than its beginning.”

He slid the stool back and stood up and Dana started to felt bad, he was just being polite and he did not pull some cheesy line or try and buy her attention, “wait,” she said “listen I wasn’t trying to be rude I’ve just had a long week.”

“Well Bahis Sitesi now if you were a guy I’d say let’s do some shots and in an hour you wouldn’t remember your week but since you are a woman,” he paused and raised an eyebrow, “you are a woman aren’t you?”

Dana grinned back and smiled then he continued, “so I would say out with it. Obviously you haven’t vented and while I’m not here to solve your problems, unless of course you want me to which I charge $250 an hour for, I can at least lend an ear without giving judgement.”

Dana hesistated but then just started telling him about her hellish week. Everything she had been bottling up inside just kind of poured out and after about twenty minutes she just heaved and felt all that negativity just kind of get up and go. She was not sure if it was talking about her troubles or this guy, he had a comforting presence about him, he did not feel threatening or like he was trying to ingratiate himself.

“Well the best part is that the weeks over,” he said after she finally finished,” and now you are out having a drink and making a new friend. My name is John,” he said extending his hand. Dana took it gave it a light shake as she told him her name. “Good to meet you Dana. Listen I have this problem,” all Dana could think was “good God what now?” as he said, “well Dana I would like to keep up the conversation but I want to go dance so if you are here in a couple of songs we could continue or you could come along with me to the dance floor.”

He just said it so casually Dana could not believe it. She knew he was enjoying talking with her but he just wanted to do what he wanted to do, “and it didn’t matter???”. She found herself thinking “maybe this guy is different”, and he held at his hand which she took and followed him off to the dance floor.

The night was a blur after that, the dancing, some talking, a few more drinks it all just flew by then she had asked him to come up as he dropped her at her door. Things got heated pretty quickly, he was behind her kissing her neck as his hands moved over her stomach towards her belt line then she felt his hot breath whisper on her ear, “tell me to stop”.

“What?” she breathe out, “tell me to stop,” he replied, “just tell me to stop”.

“Whatever for she thought” but found herself telling him to stop when it was in fact the last thing she wanted him to do.

Right Bahis Siteleri as she said it he stopped and backed away from her then put his hands on her shoulders and gently turned her to face him. He looked her right in the eyes and said” I don’t ever want you to feel like you’ve gone someplace too far to say that to me and believe me when I say I take it very seriously.”

The way he said it and the look in his eyes made Dana feel more comfortable than she could ever remember feeling with a guy. He moved in and just hugged her very gently for a moment then moved his head back and softly kissed her brow. He then turned fro her and walked over to the couch and sat down.

“Now Dana I want you to remember what I just said because I need your total trust to do what I’m about to do for you. All week you’ve had to handle everything on your own, no one there to make a decision but you with all the pressure resting squarely on your shoulders. Now it’s time for you to let all that go.”

“What do you mean?” she asked. She had her little fantasies but this guy couldn’t possibly know could he?

“Dana I want you to slowly take off your blouse,” she started to say something,” ah, no protests you don’t get to make the decisions right now I do. That’s better,” Dana started unbuttoning her blouse,” Dana you can be a little sexier about than that it’s the least you can do for me.” Dana started to get a little looser making a slow showing, how she would picture a good striptease.

“Good now your skirt, that’s a good girl but leave the heels on for now.” Dana was standing in her bra and panties in her living room with a stranger telling her what to do,” good Dana I want you to start to caress yourself, first your stomach, that’s right Dana I’m in control now. Feel the rush as you touch yourself because it’s what I want you to do. Now over your breasts, good. You want to take your bra off don’t you Dana, you want to run your fingers over your nipples, go ahead Dana.” Dana felt herself getting so hot at this point, she was already wanting to stick her hand down into her panties and feel the wetness there and she started to move a hand down, “ah-ah Dana, none of that yet,” he scolded as she pulled her hand back up to her breasts.

“Now pinch your nipples for me, harder than that Dana,” she pinched down hard feeling the pain mix with pleasure and wanting once again to touch Canlı Bahis Sitesi herself.

“Now that’s better isn’t it little girl,” his hot breath on her ear again. She had not even noticed him get up off the couch as she was so caught up in her pleasure. She felt him move up behind her his hand sliding down her stomach and over her panties. As he ran his fingers between her legs he breathed in her ear again,” that’s a good girl, all Mine now dana aren’t you?” Dana’s mind was racing she was so close to cumming, “Say it dana, tell Me who you belong to now,” Dana felt her legs start to shake as she breathed out, “Yours.”

“Yes feel yourself spiraling down now dana, feels so good to lose yourself to Me doesn’t it. I’ll control your sex for you now. No reason to worry now this first time I’m going to let you cum, “his fingers had pulled her panties aside and were rubbing up against her clit very gentle, moving around the sides, ” but you should be thankful that I’m being so generous with you little girl. Now dana feel yourself fall down that last step and as you cum you will be Mine,” Dana cried out collapsing against him, her legs giving out but his arms supporting her as she shook with an intense orgasm. He kept slowly rubbing her clit and she tried to shake him off the sensation was more than she could take but still he kept gently rubbing around her clit until Dana felt tears run down her cheeks.

Dana barely remembered it ceasing she just vaguely remembered him holding her in his arms as she drifted off to sleep. She awoke the next morning in her bed and found herself sleeping alone. She was not sure what the sound was that woke her until she heard a knocking at the door again. She got up grabbing a robe off her desk chair and made her way to her front door.

She opened the door to a delivery man holding a bag.

“Here’s your breakfast ma’am,” he said.

“I didn’t order breakfast,” she replied.

“Is this your address,” he asked as he held the delivery ticket up to her.

“Yes it is.”

“Well here you go then it’s all paid for,” he handed her the bag and walked away.

Dana went back in and sat at her kitchen table. She opened up the bag and found a toasted bagel with some cream cheese, orange juice, and a cup of coffee. She reached into the bag to find a napkin and pulled out a folded piece of paper. She opened it up and found a note: Thanks for last night, you’re a great dance partner. Had to miss breakfast but enjoy and we’ll talk soon.

At the bottom of the note he signed his name and left his phone number. Dana could not quite tell why he would put Mister before his name until she realized that it said Master.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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