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The guys sat around the TV waiting for the game to start. Shaun looked around at his friends wondering when someone would clue in. Eventually Joe did.

“Hey, man, where’s the beer?” he spouted.

Shaun smiled, “Just a sec.” He turned and yelled out the room. “Hey slut!”

There was momentary silence at this outburst followed by a longer moment of shock as the slut in question walked into the room.

She was a beautiful longer haired brunette with long legs and a firm ass. She wore a French maid outfit. She stood at the entrance of the room and answered, “Yes, Sir?”

“My friends would like some beers.” He turned back to them, “Who wants one”

It was still quiet for a long time before Frank spoke up, “Uh, I’ll-I’ll have one.”

Joe jumped in, “Me too!”

After that they all sounded off.

Shaun smiled at the maid, “6 beers slut.”

“Yes, sir.” She replied, curtsied and left.

Joe was the first to ask, “Who the fuck is THAT?”

Again Shaun grinned. “You like her?”

“Are you fuckin’ kidding? She’s stunning!”

“She’s mine.”

“What do you mean yours? Your girlfriend?”

“Just mine.”

The maid returned with six beers and handed them out to the guys. She thanked each as they took their beverage.

Frank was a little confused. “Shouldn’t we be thanking her?”

“She’s thanking your for the honour of serving you.” Shaun explained.

Alex laughed, “If she wants to serve us I can think of a much better way.”

The others laughed too. Shaun just smiled. “What? You want her to blow you?”

“Yeah.” Alex smirked.

Shaun turned to the maid, “Slut, suck his cock.”

She moved immediately to Alex who backed away. “What the fuck?” he exclaimed. “She actually gonna do it?!”

“I thought you wanted her too.” Said Shaun. “Stop slut.”

She did.

Joe stood up and unzipped his pants. “Hey slut! Come suck my cock!”

She turned and looked at him but did not move.

“Hey!” Joe argued, “I thought you said she’d suck our cocks!”

“She’ll do anything.” Shaun explained. “Anything I tell her. Remember: she’s mine.”

“Well, then tell her to start sucking!”

“Slut, suck his cock.”

She moved immediately to Joe and dropped to her knees. She grabbed his cock which was rapidly getting hard and sucked it into her mouth. Joe was in heaven. “She’s amazing!” he said.

The others now wanted in on the action. They argued over who was next. Shaun settled things down by talking to her. “Slut, you will service these men this afternoon. Suck anyone who asks. Let them fuck you if they wish. Let them touch you where they want.”

“Yes, sir.” Was the quiet reply. A moment later Joe blew in her mouth. She expertly swallowed every drop. Two more cocks replace Joe’s and she worked on both alternately sucking and stroking each. Alex played with her tits while Peter lifted her skirt and inspected her pussy. She wore only a thong and he pushed that aside and started licking her. Shaun sat quietly and watched his friends enjoy themselves, then noticed that the game had started. No one else did.

Alex stopped the play long enough to get her out of the outfit and then sucked on her tits while the others enjoyed their parts of her body. Soon Peter had licked his fill and stuck his cock in her pussy. This made her moan and work harder. The two cocks in front of her unloaded in her mouth and on her face. Alex jumped at his turn. By now Joe had recovered and took over playing with her tits, then asked Peter if he was up for double penetration. Peter wanted her ass. So Joe lay down and she lowered herself on him and then Peter stuck his cock up her butt and they began fucking The others were recovering too and soon she had a cock in each hand, one in her mouth and Joe and Peter in her holes. She worked harder and moaned louder. If she hadn’t orgasmed it sounded like she was close. Shaun glanced over at them from the game every now and then but seemed unconcerned. She began to buck and almost cry. The feeling and sight of it pushed all the men toward the brink. Finally she could take no more, “Master, please!” she cried.

Shaun waved his hand at her, “Ok, slut. Cum.” And she came in a tremendous torrent. Her pussy and ass tightened and sent Alex and Peter over the edge. They came explosively. Her hands and mouth worked furiously and soon there was cum all over her face and hair and chest. She continued to buck from aftershocks for a while after that. Finally she lifted herself up and thanked the men.

Shaun looked over at her. “Grab your clothes and go clean yourself up slut.”

“Yes, Sir.” She replied.

And she was gone. The boys crawled back to the chairs and couch and got back into the game realizing that they’d missed most of the first quarter.

“Fuck! That was amazing!” Joe exclaimed.

Shaun grinned at him. “Wait’ll you see the half-time show.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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