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Dirk Peterson considered his dilemma that Wednesday morning. He was leaving the city soon and Domino could release the incriminating recording at any time in the future. He knew there was an obvious solution to the problem which would benefit all parties. He could strike a deal with Domino. She would arrange for the vagrants and nightladies to leave the red-light district. Aaron Lansdown would then be able to proceed with his building development, and would give Falcon the one million dollar reward. Falcon would then give the money to Domino in exchange for the recording.

It seemed like the perfect solution, but there was one major flaw. A million dollars was small change to a wealthy businessman like Aaron Lansdown. Yet he had acquired his wealth honestly, and had paid his taxes, just like any other law-abiding citizen. Dirk’s plan would result in Domino receiving a million dollars through criminal activities. This was something that made him feel uncomfortable. At lunchtime he met Sadie in a café overlooking the park.

‘Mr Lansdown knows his project will start soon,’ said Sadie. ‘He’s confident that Falcon won’t be able to resist the million dollar reward to clear his land.’

‘I wouldn’t be so sure,’ Dirk replied. ‘I think he’s just a fruitcake in a costume.’

‘Well, we’ll just have to wait and see,’ she said, as she leaned across to kiss him.

Meanwhile, Detective Rachel Benton was preparing for the end of her two month secondment at the local police training facility. She had enjoyed her time there, but was looking forward to returning home. That evening at The Palace Hotel, a porter collected her suitcase to send to the railroad station. She had booked a sleeper carriage for the three day journey home, departing the following morning. She had one more night in this city, but did not intend to stay in her hotel room.

Dressed only in a bath robe, Rachel looked at a small holdall, which contained clean clothes, along with her purse and travel documents. She removed her robe and pulled on her yellow latex bodysuit, which covered her from head to toe. She clipped on her utility belt, and zipped up her red boots. Once she had attached her red cape and metal bracelets, she tucked her long auburn hair into her bodysuit, and pulled up the hood to conceal her eyes. Raven was dressed and ready for action.

She took the holdall and made her way to the deserted staff laundry in the basement. She hid the holdall behind a washing machine to collect later. She was about to leave, when she decided to put her purse in her utility belt, to prevent it being stolen. Minutes later she arrived in the red-light district, as the temperature dropped to below freezing.

Raven saw several security guards patrolling the nearby perimeter fence, and a few nightladies were standing around a bonfire in front of Domino’s lair, trying to keep warm. Feeling it was best to find another entrance, Raven went to the rear of the warehouse, where she found a locked wooden door. As no one was around, she raised her left arm and fired an explosive dart at the lock, causing it to shatter. She entered the warehouse and saw that Domino’s lair consisted of several rooms, most of them empty. As she cautiously walked from one room to another, she suspected that no one else was there.

She entered a room which had an old wooden chest on a table, and as she approached, she caught a glimpse of a figure in a black dress from the corner of her eye. Raven spun around and fired a paralysis dart into the figure’s chest, only to realise that it was a mannequin. It was wearing a short black dress, xslot with black gloves, tights, thigh boots and a mask – Domino’s costume. Next to it was another mannequin clad in Falcon’s costume. She knew that this was one of his costumes that Domino had kept after stripping him.

Raven continued until she reached a larger room, which was a lot warmer as there was a fire burning in a grate. This room was equipped with a table, a whipping bench and an X-frame cross on the wall. There were also a selection of whips and canes. She realised that this was the room that Falcon had told her about. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching and she retraced her steps into a smaller room where she hid behind the door. When it was quiet, she continued exploring the other rooms, which she found to be empty.

Raven returned to the room with the old chest, and saw that Domino’s costume had been removed from the mannequin. This confirmed that Domino was in the lair. She made her way back to the large room, where she saw a figure with their back to her. It was a woman with short blonde hair, dressed in the black costume. Raven raised her left arm and fired a low-strength exploding dart at the wall next to Domino, who turned around in shock, and found Raven pointing her right wrist at her.

‘This bracelet can fire a dart that will paralyse you, so put your hands on your hand,’ Raven said.

‘Who are you?’ Domino asked, as she raised her arms.

‘I’m Raven, and I’m you’re worst nightmare bitch! Now get over to the table.’ Raven pulled off Domino’s gloves and handcuffed her arms behind her back. She pushed her face-up onto the table, and sat astride her. Raven looked at Domino’s chest and saw a tiny tube inside her dress. She took a small breathing mask from her belt and placed it over her mouth, before tugging on Domino’s dress. A jet of knockout gas then shot harmlessly into Raven’s face. When the air had cleared, Raven removed her breathing mask. ‘What a gas.’

As Raven prepared to unmask her, Domino tapped the heels of her boots, causing a hypodermic needle to shoot out of each heel. She swung her legs at Raven’s neck, but with the needles only inches away, Raven grabbed Domino’s ankles. Domino pushed her legs, but was unable to reach Raven’s neck. Raven climbed down and punched Domino in the stomach, winding her, before pulling off her boots.

‘What have we here? Killer heels?’ Raven said, as she threw Domino’s boots onto the fire. Raven climbed on Domino again. ‘Time to unmask you bitch.’

‘No!’ Domino pleaded. ‘Not my mask.’

‘Shut up,’ said Raven. ‘It’s time to see your face.’

‘No. Please don’t remove my mask,’ Domino begged. Raven was about to remove it, when she hesitated. Domino seemed keen for her not to touch her mask – maybe too keen. Raven suspected that Domino really wanted her to touch it. Raven took a pair of rubber-coated tongs from her utility belt and squeezed Domino’s mask. As she did so, an electric current ran into the tongs and was harmlessly absorbed by the rubber, until a loud crack signified that the circuit had broken.

‘Shocking,’ Raven remarked. With the electrical trap broken, Raven effortlessly removed Domino’s mask and stared at her exposed face. She was surprised to see that behind her mask, Domino was an attractive woman. It wasn’t what she had expected. ‘Well, you’re a pretty thing, aren’t you?’

Raven climbed off the table and with a scalpel, cut Domino’s dress off her, then pulled down her tights, and threw them onto the fire. She pulled Domino onto her feet, and looked at her vanquished victim, xslot Giriş who stood before her handcuffed, and wearing only her lacy black bra and panties.

‘Tell me where to find the computer with the recording of Falcon,’ Raven demanded.

‘Go to hell!’ Domino replied. Raven raised her foot and struck Domino in the stomach with a karate kick, sending her crashing to the ground. She then turned her over so that Domino was facing the ground and pulled her head back, as she struggled for breath.

‘I’m an expert in karate, taekwondo, ninjutsu and kendo. In fact the only thing I don’t do is yoga,’ Raven said. ‘You’ve got no chance against me, bitch. So, I’ll ask you one more time. Where’s the computer?’

‘It’s in the mannequin room. There’s a laptop inside a wooden chest, with a disc in it.’ Domino spluttered. Raven pulled her up and marched her into the other room. She opened the chest and saw a laptop attached to a modem. She was about to eject the disc, when Domino called out. ‘Wait. It’s booby-trapped. If you try to eject the disc, you’ll release the recording. You need to enter the password, which is “Idaho”, to disable it.’

Raven touched the keyboard and a message appeared on the screen prompting her to enter a password. She typed “Idaho”, and another message appeared – “Program disabled”. Raven ejected the disc and put it in her utility belt. She would post it to Dirk Peterson before boarding her train. She then ordered Domino back into the large room, and pushed her against the wall, and stared at her scantily clad body. There was something familiar about her – her short blonde hair, slender figure and large breasts. Domino reminded Raven of someone she once loved, and lost.

‘You’ve got what you came for,’ said Domino. ‘Now, release me and leave.’

Raven hesitated. She had intended to hand her in to the local police, but was now having second thoughts. She still had room 66 of The Palace Hotel for one more night.

‘Let me tell you something,’ said Raven. ‘A few years ago I lost someone I loved very much. She was my work partner, but we couldn’t help falling in love with each other. We kept our love secret for a long time to avoid gossip. We were planning to tell our superiors and ask to be re-teamed, when Chris was murdered by a low-life drug dealer. I was devastated and angry, and was hell-bent on revenge. That’s why I became Raven.’

Raven paused briefly before continuing.

‘It was Falcon who inspired me to became Raven, and to put Chris’s killer behind bars. When I discovered what you were doing to Falcon, I knew I couldn’t let you continue. I couldn’t just stand by while he was being humiliated, and I certainly couldn’t let you release this disc onto the Internet.’

Domino struggled but knew she couldn’t escape the handcuffs.

‘I should turn you in to the police, but I’m going to give you a choice,’ Raven said. ‘I can call the cops, or you can come back to my hotel room.’ Without warning, Raven leaned forward and kissed Domino lightly on her lips.

‘Are you mad?’ said Domino.

‘Think about it.’ Raven replied. ‘The cops will arrest you and you’ll go to jail. Or you can come with me. Providing you do what I tell you, I’ll release you in the morning and no one will know. You’ll be free, and I’ll be far away from here. You’ll never see me again. We can have one incredible night of passion and it’ll be our secret. You may even enjoy it.’

‘I don’t think so,’ Domino replied. ‘You’re really not my type.’

‘How do you know? Have you even experienced love-making with another woman? xslot Güncel Giriş Do you know what it’s like to be touched in your most sensitive places by someone with delicate hands? To be kissed all over by her soft lips? To have her tongue explore your pussy?’ Raven place her hand on Domino’s lace-clad breast and stroked it softly. Domino tried to move away, but was trapped against the wall. Raven then took a vibrator from her belt and rubbed it against Domino’s panties. ‘Don’t resist me honey. If you come with me, I won’t hurt you.’

‘Please stop it,’ Domino pleaded. ‘I beg you. Just leave me alone and go, please.’

‘I know you don’t mean that,’ said Raven, as she continued to tease Domino with the vibrator. ‘I’d love you to use this on me, honey. Then you can eat my pussy. Please come back with me to my room.’ Raven leaned forward to kiss her, but Domino suddenly lurched forward and head-butted Raven, knocking her to the floor. Raven pulled herself to her feet, and without warning, raised her foot and karate-kicked Domino in the stomach, before striking her neck with her hand as she fell forward. With Domino on the floor, Raven dragged her onto the whipping bench. She released her handcuffs and bound Domino’s wrists and ankles to the legs of the bench.

‘That was a bad mistake bitch,’ said Raven, as she removed a cane from the wall. Domino had now recovered from the blow, and tugged desperately at her restraints, but to no avail. Raven pulled Domino’s panties down and gently stroked her ass. ‘You’ll need to get used to this in jail honey.’ She then pulled back the cane and spanked Domino, causing her to yell. She spanked her ten times, and each time Domino cried out.

‘How does that feel bitch,’ said Raven. ‘I bet you wished you’d chosen my bed now, don’t you?’ She continued to spank Domino, who had now stopped screaming and was silent. When she was about to finish, Raven said, ‘One more for luck,’ and struck Domino’s ass one final time. She pulled up her panties, and took a pre-written card from her belt, which read – “Here is Domino, the stripped and not-so-secret villainess, easily defeated by me. Treat her gently.” Raven then placed the card in the waistband of Domino’s panties. After cleaning her fingerprints from the cane, Raven made her way to the front entrance of the lair. Just before leaving, she glanced back at Domino, now lying silent and still on the whipping bench.

As she walked out into the cold night air of the red-light district, she found it to be almost deserted. Once she was sure that no one was watching, she took out her police radio, and heard a voice inviting her to speak.

‘This is Officer Benton. I’ve just discovered a code two-four-zero in the red-light district. Victim believed to also be a felon. Request back-up, I’m pursuing the culprit.’ After a few seconds, she received a response.

‘Message received and acknowledge. Will action that.’

Raven put her radio back in her belt. In a few hours she would be leaving the city. Although she knew that by defeating Domino, she had come to the aid of the man who had inspired her so much. Domino had been unmasked, stripped, bound and given a good spanking. In a few minutes, her uniformed colleagues would arrive to arrest her.

Yet there was one thing that was still irritating her. Once she had confiscated the disc, she had given Domino a way out. If Domino had accepted her offer, Raven would have taken her back to the hotel and fucked her senseless. She would also have honoured her side of the bargain, and released Domino in the morning. Yet Domino had chosen jail, and deprived Raven of what she had desired.

In the distance a police siren could be heard approaching, and Raven knew it was time to leave. She took one last glance at the warehouse, before turning to make her way back to the hotel.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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