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It could have just been my imagination, but the package felt warm in my hands; very warm. It had no return address, but I instantly recognized the handwriting in the address as my lovely wife’s. I hurried back to my room to see what was hidden inside.

The package itself was unremarkable; a yellow-gold paper mailer with a built in air bubble lining measuring maybe five inches wide and nine inches long-tops. With the exception of being a package from home it appeared almost worthless-wrinkled and bent, with frayed edges and one corner where the paper was torn to reveal the plastic bubble-wrap beneath it. I noticed the envelope smelled faintly of her perfume, and again, I could swear it felt warm to my touch.

Wondering silently to myself why she would possibly leave the return address off a package with today’s homeland security concerns I hastily slipped my thumb under the frayed corner and tore open the end of the mailer. The unmistakable musky scent of my beautiful wife mixed with the lingering aroma of her perfume as I puffed the mailer open and shook out its contents. My heart began to race as a few handwritten pages folded around a plastic zip-loc bag slid into my waiting hand. Several photographs fell out onto the floor as I unfolded the pages to reveal her delicate and graceful handwriting and what appeared to be a pair of her sexy black panties folded inside of the zip-loc bag. I smiled broadly as I examined the bag; the seal had somehow come open during their voyage and the very essence of my wife emanated from the open top and hung heavy in the air. I carefully zipped the bag shut and stooped awkwardly to pick up the photos I had dropped.

My beautiful wife of nearly seventeen years smiled at me from the pictures. The only one which had landed face up on the floor showed only her smiling face, framed by her brown hair-her deep blue eyes twinkled brightly at me and I smiled back at her. I flipped the next photo over and was surprised to see her modeling an ivory teddy and a pair of black high heels. I studied the picture intensely as I grinned wildly at the treasure I now held. I quickly flipped to the next photo in which she struck a vogue like runway pose holding the hem of the teddy up enough so that I could see her sexy black panties underneath. Two more to go, I flipped the next one over to find her turned away from the camera bent over at the waist smiling wickedly at me from between her legs. The black thong panties accented her lovely round bottom perfectly and the teddy hung down enough so that the undersides of her luscious breasts were clearly visible. I practically gave myself a paper cut flipping the last picture over as fast as I could. There she sat on our couch wearing the black panties and shoes with the teddy crumbled around her waist. Her skin glistened and had a very healthy pink glow to it. Her dark rose colored nipples were hard and her bright beaming blue eyes had a daze to them. I hurriedly sat down and opened the pages to read the following.

Hey Sweetie,

Hope things there are not too bad. Bearable would be the best way to describe things here at the moment. So today I decided that since I haven’t seen you in almost five months I would both pamper myself and give you a treat that I hope you deserve: both at the same time. I began my little endeavor by chilling myself a bottle of champagne; yes, I know it’s more of a couples drink, but since it relaxes me so much-I decided to indulge. After dinner I put the dogs outside and took a nice long luxurious hot bubble bath. I had Rod Stewart playing on the CD player and the candles lit as I lay in the tub and sipping champagne; just letting the stress slip away, I stayed like that until the water began to cool, finishing two flutes of bubbly and pouring myself a third.

I leisurely dried off and dusted myself with my favorite body powder before slipping your favorite ivory colored satin teddy on over a brand new, never before worn, pair of black silk panties I bought especially for this. I accented my outfit with those black stilettos you like to call my “fuck me pumps” and headed downstairs with the rest of my champagne.

I closed the drapes, lit some more candles and dimmed the lights; and as I was getting one of ‘those’ DVDs out, I happened to glance at the camera sitting by the computer. It took me a while, but I managed to use the self-timer to get the shots I wanted-there were a whole lot of bloopers, but that is the beauty of digital cameras you can just delete the bad pictures:). I hope you enjoy the prints I have enclosed.

I put my randomly chosen adult disc into the DVD player, hit play and sat back on the couch with my champagne to enjoy myself, so to speak. The FBI warning, producer’s statement of responsibility and a free speech public service announcement at the beginning gave me the opportunity to arrange the pillows and get myself comfy. It was nice enough, but it is so much better when you are here to lean on and snuggle up against-just another one of the little things that makes me miss you more.

The sudden on-screen barrage of naked bodies, bouncing boobs, hard cocks, blowjobs and random fucking and sucking that preceded the feature began to immediately stir things up, perhaps a little too quickly I thought. My skin tingled and a warm prickly feeling rushed over me as I watched the porno commercials unfold one after another for about five minutes, unable to skip them or fast forward through them. Somewhere kuşadası escort is a marketing director who had that feature developed just so you couldn’t skip his commercials, I wonder if that gimmick pays for itself? I took a long sip of champagne and I began to become slightly desensitized to the Bacchanalian collage erupting on the television screen.

Finally the feature began; bad computer graphics danced over a mundane scene, of the apparent male lead driving to work, announcing the movie title, director, producers and a score of anonymous porn actors and actresses while a cheesy low budget instrumental soundtrack flooded the background. I found myself missing you again.

I could not believe, that I, an attractive and educated forty-something woman alone in her own home, was as nervous as I was about masturbating; but I was. Perhaps it was because I had decadently planned my whole evening around it; or more likely, that I planned to report it to you in great erotic detail once I was done. Whatever the reason, I think that I was more nervous tonight than I was the first time I ever played with myself just to have an orgasm for the sake of my own pleasure. I worried, needlessly I should add, that I would forget some detail, thought, feeling or nuance when I shared my night with you on paper.

The actor parked his car and walked towards a building, wearing a trench coat. I guessed he was a detective of some sort and refilled my champagne flute as the scene faded with him entering his office building although it looked more like a cheap apartment building. He was laid back in his chair behind a desk, feet up reading the paper as the scene faded back in. A pretty young blonde opened the door and literally bounced into his office. I caught myself thinking that I would not be out in public dressed like that, as she explained her predicament to the detective. Her tight white blouse was stretched over some enormous fake tits encased in an aqua colored bra that was clearly visible beneath her blouse. Her leopard print skirt barely covered the lacy panties she actually wore and seemed to match her bra, but it was the silver and transparent plastic high heeled shoes she was balanced on that really completed her outfit.

I was feeling quite relaxed, and actually just a little buzzed, as I half listened to the choppy forced dialogue. Well, these movies are not generally made for their screenwriting. Finally, after a few tortuous minutes of really bad conversation, the detective stood up and scooped the ‘naïve’ young lady into his arms.

They kissed furiously, and as I watched them on the screen I longed to feel your smooth soft lips pressed tightly against mine; your teeth gently nibbling at my parted lips and our tongues wrestling sensuously against each other. I wished your warm humid breath was flooding my waiting mouth and, as I imagined us together, while watching the couple on screen, the warm tingling sensation began to sweep over my skin again. It felt as if my breasts were swelling inside the satin teddy and my nipples hardened in response to the cool material pressing harder against them. I slid my hands up under my breasts cupping them gently the way you do when you are here. The smooth satin sliding over my hardening nipples made them ache for your touch. I tenderly pushed the twins up and in looking down to admire my exaggerated cleavage and imagined it was you holding my enlarged breasts.

My breasts were not the only things responding to the sexual scene unfolding both on TV and in my imagination. I could feel the warmth and moisture building in my silk covered pussy. My panties felt tighter and tighter as my lower lips began to swell with excitement, the damp silk felt wildly decadent against my smooth slippery pussy lips. The feeling was absolutely fabulous: the more swollen my pussy became, the firmer my panties pulled back against it, a veritable self-indulgent pleasure circle. I instinctively began to slide one hand down towards my beckoning pussy, but I stopped short-as I was determined to use the movie to both inspire and pace myself tonight. The couple continued with their porno kissing, looking almost as if they were fencing with their exposed tongues. I desperately wanted to suck your strong tongue deep into my warm mouth and treat it to a little blow job, like a small penis.

Her sheer white blouse was pulled open and pushed aside as the detective began to manhandle the giant breasts now spilling out of the aqua bra. I slipped my hands over the tops of my satin covered breasts centering my palms on my hard nipples, wishing my hands were yours. I then began to lightly caress each breast; doing my best to mimic the way you just barely touch me with your whole hand while making progressively smaller circles around my swollen areola. Tingling pangs of pleasure shot through me as if each erect nipple were a joystick and each movement no matter how subtle caused more satisfaction and delight. The spaghetti straps of my teddy hung around my elbows, tickling my arms; all of the rubbing and twisting having shrugged them down over my shoulders. My nipples rolled delightfully between my thumbs and forefingers now as I gently twisted them around and around, occasionally giving them a gentle little tug. The man had begun to suck on the anonymous nipples on screen. As I let go of a nipple long enough to moisten my fingertips with my hungry mouth the cup of my teddy leisurely fell away from my swollen breast. My wet fingertips slid easily around my nipple, I so wanted it to be your mouth suckling my breast.

I continued to tease my breast as I slowly slipped my other hand down between my legs; I rubbed the flat of my hand down across my aching pussy and then slowly dragged it back up. Feeling very naughty I slipped two fingers under my silky panties and into the opening of my very wet pussy; moistening them with some of my creamy fluid. I then used those fingers to ply my other nipple, the slippery stuff made me want you here sucking on my nipples even more. I moaned throatily along with the girl in the movie as I slowly toyed with my erect nipples. The girl began to rub and massage the mans cock through his pants as she enjoyed him worshipping her enormous boobs.

She fumbled with his zipper, belt and trousers to get his thick cock out in the open. I wished it was my hand curling gently around your hard cock as she gripped him and began to slowly stroke his cock. I thought of the way your shaft feels when it’s in my hand; smooth and hot, heavy and always gently throbbing-and I longed to be able to slowly run my hand up and down its length. I always get so hot and wet between my legs when I have you in my hands like I wanted to be holding you right now, and my arousal and desire tonight were definitely not imagined. I continued to toy with my breasts with my left hand as my right slowly drifted back between my legs. I thought about the look of pleasure you get across your face when I rub my thumb up the bottom side of your hard shaft and up into the slit at the tip of your penis pushing all of the clear slippery fluid out before spreading it around the ridge of your swollen cock head. I was pulling the hem of my teddy up around my waist to get it up and out of my way in anticipation of moving on to tonight’s main event as I fantasized about slowly and deliberately stroking your hard cock. I missed the different feelings of the different parts of it in my hands, the firm velvety sponge like feeling of the head, the smooth silky feeling of your hard shaft, the heavy chenille like texture of your sac and the prickly tickly feeling of your pubic hair.

I had my teddy up out of my way; and for some reason decided, that if the natural pressure my panties put on my wet pussy felt this good, I could enhance the feeling by pulling my panties up a little more. I slipped my thumbs inside the waistband outside of either hip and, as I lifted my ass up off of the cushions, pulled the crotch of my soaking panties into my hungry little pussy. M-m-m-m! did that feel good. I looked down and smiled as part of each of my outer lips spilled from the sides of my tightly stretched panties. I wish you could have seen it, the damp black silk shimmered in the golden candlelight and my excitement glistened on my exposed pink swollen pussy. The elastic now drawn up firmly against my thick inner lips felt heavenly and caused me to shiver with delight while I admired the way my full lips, open hood and hard little clit were clearly outlined by the clinging black silk. I spread my legs a little further apart and went back to watching the TV.

The detective now leaned back against his desk; the bouncy blonde knelt in front of his very hard cock, almost worshipping it. Sitting here playing with myself I was very aroused, yet when the scene moved to the obligatory blowjob I felt my throat go dry as my skin flushed with a light coat of perspiration and my pussy actually twitched in anticipation. I took a drink of my champagne and realized that, just like you have accused me of so often before, blowjobs really do turn me on. Apparently, watching one is almost as exciting as giving you one-but not quite. My hand was back to caressing my breasts, alternating between them and becoming progressively less genteel about it. My mouth was half open and my tongue hovered above my lower lip as I prepared to suck on your cock along with the vixen on my television. I could smell your musk as I prepared to satisfy one of my hungers, my tongue reflexively reached out to lick the underside of your engorged purple head as she approached the tip of his swollen pole. Her technique was a little more barbaric than mine; she swallowed his plum like head and began to moan feverishly as she bobbed furiously on his thick rod, taking more of it in with each bounce. My pussy felt like warm molten ice cream, all smooth, thick, creamy and sticky-slippery all at once. I looked down and could actually see my thick translucent pussy cream coming through my thin silk panties and flowing slowly down towards my puckered little sphincter. My pussy was on fire, God how I wished you were here to run your firm wide tongue over my panties and drink my nectar.

My face was fully flushed by now and I tried vainly to time my arousal to the action on the screen, like I had planned. Alas-I feared I was too far gone. I looked back at the couple on television as she was swirling her head wildly around the end of his cock while she frantically pumped his shaft with both hands. I tried to concentrate on ridiculing her oral assault on his rather large penis and felt myself beginning to retreat from the verge of climax. After falsely assuring myself that no woman could enjoy feverishly sucking on a hard cock so much that she sounded like she was in the throes of an extended orgasm, I returned my thoughts to you, your hard cock and sucking your hard cock. I remembered the salty taste of your pre-come and how the flavor does not match the texture, something so slick and silky should taste sweeter. I replayed internal footage of me idly licking the tip of your cock like an ice cream cone before slowly slipping it inside my mouth. Thoughts of slowly swirling my tongue around the ridge of your cock-head as I leisurely slipped up and down your whole length had my pussy racing again in no time. I looked at my swollen rosy red nipples I was now brazenly pinching and pulling on them and thought to myself how twenty minutes ago this would have been much to painful and now I ached for you to leave little love bites all around my breasts before nipping away at my nipples. My passion ebbed and flowed like this while she continued to suck his big dick. I thought of how uncomfortable it would be to hold my mouth that far open for that long, to calm myself down; and then decided your cock was the perfect size for me since it filled me up and stretched me out quite pleasurably, which revved me up again.

Eventually his shiny cock was pried from her mouth and he took his turn tasting her. At last! I had decided earlier today that I would avoid directly touching my pussy until they got to either penetration or cunnilingus; to help enhance my experience tonight. I quickly fastened on the idea that I would let my hands be your tongue and try and delay my inevitable climax until the on screen penetration began. My nipples tingled as I released them and the air felt cool on them as it replaced my hands. She sat at the edge of his desk and held one leg awkwardly up and off to the side so I could see the action, her plastic platform shoe clumsily bounced at the end of her leg. His technique paled in comparison to yours as he made rough stabs at her clit with his tongue. My right hand slid over the top of my pubic mound pushing down towards my swollen silk covered clit while I rested my left inside the cup of my hip, I slid the three fingers of my hand firmly down the middle of my panty covered pussy all of the way down to my sphincter. My warm slippery juices clung heavily to my fingers, I pressed the narrow strip of my silken thong snugly against my puckered little anus with my middle finger and deliberately swiped my fingers from down there, across my tingling perineum, between my hot lips to just under my clit; just like you do with your tongue. At the same time I slid my left hand over the top of my inflamed pubic mound and rested one finger on either side of my clitoral shaft and did my best to imitate the way you flutter your fingers next to it, like on two piano keys while gently pressing down on my mound. I continued to work my pussy like this with both hands, increasing my tempo with every few strokes of ‘your tongue’. I was so aroused, that if you had only been here, I would have let you do whatever you wanted with me at that point, anything you would have asked me to; as long as you brought me off. I couldn’t keep myself from cumming for very much longer. My eyes were half closed and out of focus and my hips were jumping wickedly off of the sofa while ‘you’ continued to work ‘your’ magic between my legs, I missed your hot breath stirring against my wet folds causing joyous waves of passion within me, but in missing it I both imagined and enjoyed it. I had been completely ignoring the television while ‘you’ ardently sucked and licked on my panty covered pussy when I barely heard her say, “Quick, fuck me with that big cock!”

I half focused on the television as I thoroughly enjoyed the feelings of pleasure I was creating with my two handed approach to masturbating. I continued to rub myself with my left hand as the man stood up between the blonde’s splayed legs at the edge of the desk and lined his engorged penis up with her shaved pussy. My right hand searched frantically beneath the pillows for my “dependable little friend”, that six inch purple vibrator with the silicone ribbed sleeve you bought me before you left. I found it and managed to get it turned on to the low speed and poised just above my hungry little pussy while he clumsily probed at her wet slit with his fingers. As he began to slide his shiny prick into her I touched the tip of the vibrator to my sopping crotch, just below my clit at the top of my opening, where you like to press your tongue while licking my pussy. My hips jerked wildly up towards the vibrator and I tried to hold it steadily on that one spot. WOW!! I watched his long cock slide in and out of her as I took my pleasure from the humming vibrator and my constantly churning fingers. My legs flexed tirelessly, pushing my hips up and down as I imagined you between my outstretched legs pumping steadily away at my twitching pussy. The fire began to spread over me. I pinched my lower lip with my teeth as the waves of pleasure began to wash over me. I began pumping the vibrator into my panty covered pussy; pushing the wet silk inside of me, just an inch or two, and with each delightful stroke the panties tugged wondrously against my clit, now hidden beneath my hood. Suddenly the small waves of pleasure became a tidal wave of pleasure, my eyes clenched shut as everything became a blinding white flash, I groaned loudly and my back arched wildly pushing my shuddering pussy steadily against the vibrator as a series of powerful orgasms wracked my body. My pussy clenched and unclenched around the vibrator I held in place, and I sprayed a fan of warm pussy juice all over my hand and wrist. Every muscle in my body seemed to stiffen together as my wet flowing pussy continued to contract and release with a string of orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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