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It’s an odd thing when a number so seemingly meaningless such as 53 becomes part of a very strong memory you will treasure for the rest of your life.

This isn’t a story or a dream or something you imagine and rub firmly between your legs to. This is real life. This is a single weekend so dripping with a perfect mixture of love and bdsm that for a moment you may think I’m making it up. But I’m not.

It begins on Thursday. He picks me up in his car that I’ve been longing to see again. We drive to the hotel and within no time at all I’m ravenously attending to his manhood. It feels like so long since I’ve seen him, but I know it’s only been 10 days. After he’s cum in my mouth we have a little time to examine the toy which I’ve been longing for for a while now. He bought it for us. I asked for it; stated in my fantasy that he asked me to write that it was what I wanted for this weekend. Its weight and length surprised me and the smell of the leather alone made me moist. The flogger was exactly what I wanted, needed even. Abruptly he coerced me out the room that I so desperately wanted to stay in and dropped me off so that I could attend my lecture. Still with the taste of his cum in my mouth and dampness between my legs, I had to do the walk of shame in front of over 100 people to take my seat, being almost 10 minutes late.

Time seemed to pass incredibly slowly but eventually we were let out and I saw him waiting for me in the distance. We walked into town and had a drink before our meal. We ate and drank and chatted casually, then he slyly ordered a cab for us without me even knowing. God it’s so good to have a man that looks after you.

On arriving back at the quaint little hotel, we sprawled on the bed letting our food settle. I knew what the rules were; that he wasn’t going to let me cum until we got to the other hotel the following evening. That didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to take his own pleasure however. He used me that night. He used my mouth and my pussy to take his own pleasure, and ensured that I had no release. The next morning he used my mouth again for his pleasure and then we went to have breakfast. I didn’t feel that he was being unkind or unreasonable, (even though I did complain) because I asked for this, and I knew it was going to happen.

So we had breakfast and he dropped me off so that he could go to work and I could attend my lectures. I went home in between so that I could shower, shave again and pack a few clothes for the next few days. Then it was back to uni for my final lecture. That hour passed the slowest I have ever known time to pass. I wore the chain panties all day as instructed which drove me crazy as it rubbed me in my sensitive place for hours. He picked me up again a few hours later and we were off finally!

The journey to the hotel was long, made even longer by him constantly rubbing between my legs and telling me what he was going to Betturkey do to me when we got there. I didn’t know how much more sexual tension I could take, but I knew what was ahead. In my written out fantasy I had stated that I wanted to be beaten and flogged and then made to sit on a butt plug for 2 hours while watching porn. Needless to say I regretted that slightly!

Upon arriving, we were not only shown to our room, but shown around it. I stood agape at the doorway taking in the four poster bed with rose petals on, massive TV and ridiculously fancy chairs. The man then showed us to the bathroom and showed Nick how to operate the Jacuzzi bath. The bathroom was huge and also featured a large shower, candles, toilet, washbasin and stand of complementary lotions. We thanked the man and he left us alone in the massive room. I have to say, I couldn’t quite believe it. This was exactly the kind of place I had imagined my fantasy would happen in.

Nick asked what I thought of the room and I recall being slightly speechless. It was perfect.

He abruptly picked me up and threw me on top of the carefully placed heart shape of rose petals. He then instructed me to take all of the toys I wanted to use out of the bag and place them on the table. He sat on the bed and watched me. I turned to him once I had finished and he said the words that made my pulse quicken. “Strip for me.” I knew that ‘normal’ time was over and I was now most assuredly a sub. He had out next to him the list of things I wanted to happen in my fantasy. I knew he was going to follow them which made things slightly worse because I knew what was coming up next.

I fumbled to undo and remove my clothes with haste and I could feel my cheeks start to heat. I don’t know what it is about stripping in front of Sir, maybe it’s his look of intensity and slight amusement as he revels in my uncomfortableness.

I wasn’t sure at first about the stockings, suspender belt and lacy black bra, but I’d wanted to keep them a surprise. And I’m glad I did. The look on Sir’s face was of pure lust. It should have maybe made me feel like a piece of meat, but I felt more proud, sexy and confident than I’d ever felt in my life before. He made me turn around so he could see from all angles. Then he told me to put my hair up. He pulled out my collar from nowhere and told me to put it on. I fastened it around my neck, and if there was any doubt that I had given up all my control then it was just confirmed then. He made sure it was fastened properly, then told me to drop to my knees so that I could pleasure him. After a while of sucking and deep throating he came thick and hot, spraying his seed over the back of my throat. I licked him clean and caressed his sensitive balls until he told me to stop. I stood up and he told me to reach up high and hold one of the bed posts. He secured my hands there tightly leaving no wiggle room. I was exposed and vulnerable Betturkey Giriş to him, exactly what I craved. He stopped to check my list and then blindfolded me. He relentlessly used every piece of equipment I asked for: cane, belt, flogger, paddle and crop. God the new flogger was so good: it flicked around my sides and scraped my nipples. I don’t know how long I was there, all concept of time seemed to vanish as I reveled in the sensations. He was careful not to be too harsh and the sensations were amazing. A real mix of pleasure and pain. He even managed to break a cane on me! That made me feel oddly really good. Then he untied me and guided me to sit on a vibrating plug on one of the elaborate chairs.

It turns out they were perfect for our kinky use. He used cable ties to secure my wrists and ankles to the sides of the chair. And then I knew what was coming. The two hour wait. At first he just lay on the bed and watched me. I could feel his eyes on me and it made me squirm and blush a bit. Then he got a phone call. He answered it and said he was free to speak. He laughed and gave advice to his friend while making faces at me. This made me a bit angry and he knew it. There he was having a carefree phone call, happily sated while I was sat there watching him, unable to move, vibrating butt plug in me and having not cum in what felt like an eternity now. After he finished talking, he blindfolded me, attached a suction cup to my clit, put some porn on so I could only hear it and then went to have a shower. When he returned, I told him that my clit was too sore and so he removed the torturous device. He ran his fingers along my now dripping sex and placed them in my mouth so I could taste my own arousal. He laughed at how wet I was.

I asked him how long was left and he said there was still 15 minutes to go. Why oh why did I say two hours?! They were the longest of my life! Finally he stopped the torture and started to prepare what he was going to use on me. He helped me lift my body to place a towel beneath me then got out the wand, put the attachment on and covered it with lube. (Not that I needed any because my sex was already dripping). He slipped it inside me and turned it on low. I felt so full with both the vibrating plug in and now the wand. It was glorious. He teased me a little but sensed I couldn’t take very much more. He cranked the wand onto full power and within seconds I exploded into orgasm. I didn’t care that I screamed or what I looked like, I was so consumed by the endless waves of pleasure. He didn’t stop. He left the wand on full power to make me orgasm over and over. I had to count each one which was a task in itself because it was hard to concentrate on anything other than the pleasure I was receiving. After a while the plug was beginning to hurt inside me so he took it out. Then he told me to cross my legs over and he turned the wand on full power again. This meant Betturkey Güncel Giriş that it was now pressing firmly against my g-spot and my clit. The feeling was so intense and with not being able to move anything but my head there was nowhere for the intense feelings to escape.

After cumming about thirty times I was hypersensitive, overly stimulated, sweating and exhausted. He cut me loose, took off the collar and guided me to the bed. He pulled the blanket over us and I snuggled into him. We just lay there for ages while he let me come down from my high. He stroked me, kissed me and cuddled me. Then he led me to the bathroom where the hot tub bath was already steaming hot and full. We got in and put some music on and let the warm bubbly water soothe our tired muscled. It was absolute bliss: I could have laid there forever. We spoke a bit about what we had done and just chatted lazily for a while. We got out and I went and lay in the bed again and watched him make tea and pot noodles for us both. Just what I needed! He always does that: he knows what I need and when. That doesn’t freak me out, it just makes me feel even safer and more secure with him. I put on one of his t-shirts and we watched TV in bed together while we ate.

After chilling out for a bit we snuggled again and I made him hard so I could give him a blow job. He stopped me half way through and pulled me up the bed. Pushing my legs back, I was wide open to him and he nudged himself inside me. I could tell that he really needed to cum because of the intensity in his eyes. He fucked me hard and made me cum a few more times before he thrust deep into me and stilled, pouring out his seed. We snuggled a bit after and both went to sleep pretty quickly. About 4am we were both awake. He pushed my head down to his cock again and I greedily sucked him until I felt him squirt into my mouth.

In the morning we had a soak in the hot tub bath before and after breakfast, then got ready to go out for the day. We spent the day walking round a village, going for tea and cakes and going to a pub for a drink. It was a lovely chilled out day. That night we went back into the hot tub and showered, then got all dressed up and went out for dinner at a local quirky place. The food was nice and we chatted without a care in the world.

Back at the hotel he peeled me out of my dress and prepared for another play session. We used the large beads in my pussy and he put the wand attachment in my ass. The sensations were amazing and I came over and over again. Then he turned me onto my back and with the beads still in, fucked me in the ass. We went to bed snuggling again, like the two happiest people in the world.

On the Sunday morning he made me cum a further 10 times.

By the time we checked out I had cum 53 times. It was almost unbelievable! We sped back down the country to his house to get back for the football. The rest of Sunday and Monday we spent chilling out and having lots more sex.

I had cum a grand total of 80 times by the time I went home early on Tuesday morning and was very sore! Sometimes it seems like it was so perfect that I think it was a dream. It was the best weekend of my life and I will never forget it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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