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Ralph tentatively hovered over the send button, this was fucking crazy. He had no idea why he was even at this point, what the hell was he doing? He didn’t even know this woman. Was it a woman? Jesus, he might even been catfished! His mind was racing but he was sure of one thing, he wanted to feel the loss of control at least once in his life at the hands of a dominant woman. This was his chance.

“Ralph? You there?” Popped up on his discord chat, he had waited too long for Mistress Joan, who up to now had been patiently prodding him along this journey. Now reaching its climax, he felt he wasn’t in control of the juggernaut now departing his fantasies and crashing straight into his reality.

“Yes Mistress. I am sorry, I hesitated – it’s a huge moment for me. I hope you understand.” Ralph retorted. He wanted to explain he felt like running and hiding, keeping his anonymity and his private thoughts exactly that. But something stirred in his loins and kept him hooked. He had vowed numerous times not to open that sealed box of fantasy, each time returning and ripping off the band aid and exposing the wound again.

That’s how he saw it, something not accepted by society and should be hidden. However hard he tried, he couldn’t stop the feelings that now surged through him as he typed to his Mistress he had served online for the last six months. However Mistress Joan was different, she embraced his openness and ability to completely submit to her whim. He was proud he pleased her, however there was always that next level, that next task, that next photo that took him deeper into submission. Now he was at the cliff top staring down to the chasm which he knew he’d struggle to return from.

“I will be there, send me the hotel details and I’ll book it for the three days as requested. I’ll make sure it is in your name so you can get access prior to my arrival.” Ralph typed. Mistress Joan had insisted she spent a night first before Ralph’s arrival. He didn’t question it, he knew how well prepared she liked to be.

“Good boy. You are mine now. You’ll finally feel my touch and control for real. You will have no choices, chances or ways out. Don’t worry, I’ll ensure you have an experience you will never forget.” Mistress Joan replied. Oh fuck! Ralph’s cock swelled at the thought and he wanted to reach down into his pants and hold himself.

“Bring both keys with you Ralphie…” Mistress chatted. Heh, there you go, brought back into the real world with a bump. He hadn’t been able to touch his penis for four months, the steel cage snugly attached to his manhood. His balls were large and swollen, tender and a hue of purple. He had forgotten the feeling of warmth on his member and the feeling of an orgasm he so longed for. Of course he could unlock at anytime, but the word of his online mistress controlled him. His own will power and her instruction had kept him chaste and honest. Now he neared the time where he could finally get the release he so desperately wanted.

Mistress Joan sent through details of the Hotel to book and the name “Joanna” to book it under. Friday till Sunday, two nights, three days with late check out. Window room, low to street level, overlooking the road below. Pre booked room service 8pm both nights, a meal for one of Ralph’s choice. Very specific indeed. There was no doubt she was prepared and had a plan in mind. Ralph agreed and found the site and booked the hotel for the following Friday and entered his card details after copying Mistress Joan’s demands into the comments box. He’d ring to confirm they had been noted after the confirmation came through.

Ralph closed the laptop and pulled at his cage, he was set for an adventure first hand and finally scratch that itch.


Friday arrived. Ralph hadn’t slept a wink last night. His mind had been distracted all week at work too. There was just nothing that could stop him thinking of his Mistress, her touch, her warmth, her smell. He wanted to be in the room with her immediately tonight, it was a sign of restraint already. Mistress Joan was calling the shots. Ralph rang your check the room details and preordered the two meals. He had check again his bag, planned his journey for the hundredth time, there was nothing else to do but sit and wait. Mistress Joan had been uncharacteristically quiet on chat over the last week, maybe testing him? Maybe building the anticipation? Whatever it was, it was driving him nuts. Not even a message to tell him it was still happening, 10 messages without a reply – he was being needy and he knew it. She warned against that in the past and he suffered.

Ralph checked his hands, shaking, anxiety and adrenaline rushing through his body and nothing was even happening tonight. Ralph was twelve when he first felt a strange feeling and excitement as he tied his hands together. As years passed he explored and grew more and more into Dom/sub scene however never had the opportunity, or nerve, to try first hand what he jojobet yearned for. Now the chance was round the corner with a woman he trusted with his life. Something clicked 6 months back when he first approached Mistress Joan via a chastity forum and the relationship grew. Finally it would come to a climax, he would finally feel what it was like to let go and control nothing.

Ralph’s phone dinged and he made a mad scramble across his bed to pick it up from the charging dock. “Discord Notification” it read. Finally! He only spoke to Mistress Joan on discord, his private line into a world he hid from. Ralph unlocked the phone and clicked the link and it opened the chat showing a picture with a caption.

“If you are a good boy, you’ll be at the end of this bed tomorrow night.” Ralph examined the picture in detail. Taken from the waist down, a pair of stocking tops led down to legs on the bed, a pair of red heels arching a beautiful pair of feet as they partly blocked the view of the television. Mistress Joan was laying back with a glass of wine, in her lingerie as she enjoyed the meal Ralph had pre-ordered. He zoomed in and took in every pixel of those legs, the white pure thighs hugged by the elastic and the sharp pointed heels. Very little else was visible in the picture apart from the tv behind the feet and the hotel room wall beyond. Then he saw it, just in the corner, a huge case with its top flung open. Full of toys, he took a sharp intake of breath. This was real. A woman was waiting for him, prepared to let him live out his fantasy whilst he submitted. What would she get out of it? What if she just tied him and ran off with his money and phone? It was too late for that, he was committed. Time to stand up and be counted.

“Oh my god Mistress! I would love to be at your feet and worshiping those heels and your legs whilst you relaxed.” Ralph sped up his typing as he got more aroused. “I can’t wait to be with you and you to properly own me.” He meant it. His dream.

“Well if you perform well tomorrow you will be sucking these heels and massaging my feet whilst we relax. But now, your trial begins. You have exactly fifty five minutes to be at door 104, knocking once and waiting on your knees. Your time has started.” A curveball. He was expecting a restless sleep followed by a request in the morning. The hotel was at least one and a half hours away, he had to shift. This was it.

“I’ll be quick as I can, I may be longer as it’s too far. Hope that’s ok Mistress?” He enquired. No response. He had to go now, he grabbed his keys and wallet and rushed though the door and into the early evening dusk. He checked his watch, making a note of the time 20:06, he basically had till 21:00 to arrive. Half way to the train he remembered he didn’t have his bag, no clothes, only his jacket and a key ring containing his chastity keys along with his house keys. No time to return, he’ll have to improvise if it came to it, however something told him he’d not be wearing many clothes once he arrived.


Joanna prowled the room like a lioness stalking her prey. She checked the time on the television and took another swig of wine as she ran her hand across the toys in the case. She thought back to the early days of knowing Ralph and what he had told her were his fantasies. Bondage, discipline, ultimatums, consequences, humiliation. It was a perfect match. Joanna felt uneasy standing there in her underwear, the photo was essential though and no doubt Ralph was running as fast as he could with an image of her stocking tops embedded deeply in his mind. This was not usual for Joanna. In fact it was the first time she had met a slave in person. However there was something about Ralph that made this different. She found herself aroused by him and his plight. He’s expressions, his phrases, obedience all made him a perfect candidate.

Joanna pulled the dressing gown off the bathroom door and wrapped herself up, only the clicking heels on the floor hinting to beneath. She was prepared for an epic couple of days, a chance for her to put into practice all her fantasies and ideas on a willing subject. Months past since the idea was first discussed, enough time for the perfect execution. A moistness filled Joanna’s red panties, a hand slipped down and rubbed the spot as she looked back at her bag and the thought of what was to come. She fell back on the bed and parted her legs and held her hand over her mound, thinking of a slaves nose soon to be there. Eager to please and willing to do anything for his own release.

Joanna kicked off her heels and tucked her legs under her as she rolled to her side and watched the tv.


Ralph was a sweaty mess as he jumped on the train as the door were closing. It was mild for spring and he worked up a sweat tearing down the road as he saw the train come in. He stood on the train out of breath, a couple sitting near by observing his every move. He caught his jojobet Giriş breath and walked through to find an empty part of the train and took a seat. He checked the phone, 20:25. No chance, this train took 45 minutes to reach the city, it would be 21:10 before he even hailed a cab. He checked his messages and nothing from Mistress Joan. He prayed he didn’t upset her too soon, he was given the impossible. She must understand that he hoped. He flicked back to Discord and the image of the stocking tops filled his vision again. My god, this was really happening. This woman whoever she was had the most amazing legs and knew how to be provocative. He studied the photo as the train pulled through the suburbs and towards the city.

The train pulled in slightly early, but timely enough to already make Ralph late for the hotel. It was a 10 minute walk and 5 minute cab ride once he queued, but time was everything and he duly joined the queue for the taxis and waited his turn. He knew the hotel well, he worked near by it and every day walked past it. The concierge was always busy and attentive to the guests and the glazed front rose high above the street. He could see diners in the posh restaurant enjoying their meals and views as the taxi pulled up and he rushed through to reception and looked for the lifts to the first floor as instructed. Soon he’d be meeting his Mistress and the first thing would be to apologise for his bad time keeping. It wasn’t time to make excuses or push the blame back on Mistress Joan for the unfair demand.

Ralph got out the lift and orientated himself to the rooms in the low hundreds. Checking his watch, 21:23, damn he made good time, but still was 23 minutes late. He turned the corner to see the room service trolley outside the door from the meal earlier. At least that seemed to be acceptable. He walked to the door with trepidation and took a deep breath. This was it, his last chance to back out. Mistress Joan hadn’t seen his face up till now, he still had his anonymity and could walk away from this silly idea. He flexed his hands and tried to swallow but his mouth has run dry. He stepped round the trolley and stood in front of 104, closed his eyes and gave a quick double tap on the door. He stood there in silence as nothing happened. Did he have the wrong door? Was it all a big joke at his expense? He took his phone and re-checked the messages.

“You will knock once and wait on your knees” said the message. Damn. He didn’t know what to do, he knocked twice and stayed standing. Did he drop to his knees or did he give a single tap again? He felt the peep hole of the door burning a hole straight through him, he knew he was being watched. Being assessed. He decided to tap once more, half heartedly giving a faint tap out of fear (of what he didn’t know, after all he had no idea what to expect) and fell to his knees hiding behind the trolley and peeking left to see if anyone was coming. He knelt there for what felt like hours as he waited watching the shadows of the television and walking around the room dance beneath the door below him.

He heard noises all round the hallway as he knelt there. People scraping against their doors, bathroom lights being turned on, showers run. He could hear everything with his heightened senses. He became paranoid of someone turning the corner and readied himself to look busy with the trolley beside him. Lost in all his thoughts he almost missed the door slowly being opened in front of him, a slow pull and creak as the light from in the room highlighted the man kneeling in the doorway. Ralph went to look up at his Mistress for the first time, catch a gaze of her face and make eye contact with his fantasy maker. As he began to raise his head he felt a hand softly hold his hair.

“No Ralphie. You are forbidden to look up. Eyes to the ground at all times.” Mistress Joan spoke. Ralph looked down at her stockinged red painted toes and his manhood stirred in his cage. This was already more than he could imagine. He was in other world, sub space and yet he had not even crossed the threshold.

“Keep on your knees, follow me into the room and kneel by the bed.” Mistress continued. She turned and led the way allowing the door to start to close as she did. Ralph jarred his head between the door and frame and began to follow Mistress Joan into the room. She sat in the edge of the bed, crossed her legs and allowed the dressing gown she still wore to fall to the side and flash a nylon covered leg to her new pet as he crawled across to her without raising his head.


Joanna smiled to herself as she checked the time and noted he was 28 minutes late. He would pay for that tomorrow. As he would for not knocking once as instructed. Already his punishments were mounting up. She assessed the male in front of her. Looking younger than expected, he was her age and, apart from the grey flecks in his hair, he had aged well. He had a strong muscular figure and even on his jojobet Güncel Giriş knees she could tell he was tall, at least 6 feet and probably more. He was shaking, obviously nervous and overwhelmed by the situation. If she had allowed him to look up, he would have seen she was also shaking and pale. The wine had helped give her the courage, now she needed to get a grip.

The silence of the situation could be cut with a knife. Two actors in a scene they had imagined for years trying their best to act normal.

She stretched over to the sideboard and picked up the pre-prepared glass of cloudy liquid and turned to face her pet. She held it out and down to him and waited for him to take it in his hand.

“So Ralphie. We begin. I need to prepare you and it would be much easier if you were obliging. So, you will find this drink contains rohypnol which will make you relaxed and allow me to manoeuvre you without you being too aware of what is happening. If you are still sure you want to go through with this, drink this and the put your lips to my toes and kiss them to seal your fate.” Joanna had to sound authoritative and the tone had to be right. She watched carefully as Ralph weighed up his options and looked as the drink in front of him. It had twice the amount she had been advised, he was a large man and she needed plenty of time to prepare. Ralph put the drink to his lips and threw his head back with eyes closed and drank the liquid. Immediately he dropped the glass and moved his head to Joannas toes and carefully caressed them as the drug raced around his body.

“Then you’ll sleep like a baby until the morning. You should know I’ll be sleeping with you, probably rubbing against you and feeling my property whilst you are unconscious, without the option to feel or even enjoy it.” Joanna continued as Ralph drifted away into a gray fog, watching himself from afar as he knelt and laid his head on Mistress Joan’s foot. He rolled sideways and looked up for the first time, catching briefly the long brown hair framing the pretty face before his vision blurred and he fell loosely on his side.


Ralph stirred and tried to move and began to panic. Everything was black, he couldn’t see a thing. He tried to raise his hands to his head to find they stopped far short of his chest. In fear he kicked out and found his ankles and knees were linked together. He tried to think back to the last thing he remembered, he got a train somewhere? It was all too hazy, he had no idea where he was. He used his fingers to feel around and felt cuffs on his wrists held in place with a large set of padlocks. No doubt his feet were held the same. Was this a self bondage session he did that went terribly wrong? Did he pass out? He felt around more with his fingers and felt soft smooth fabric, silky and lace. He explored as far as his hand would allow and found a hem and beneath that a lace topped elastic on his smooth leg. Stockings? He started to feel other sensations too, something jarring his mouth open and pushing his tongue down. Something tight across his chest and pulsing and aching in his arches and toes. He listened intently and heard nothing apart from the pulse of his own blood rushing past his ears. His ears were blocked, something covered his head and stopped him feeling anything around him, no smells, he was completely mute as he laid there shackled in inescapable bondage. What had he done to himself this time?

He felt with his hand and his cage wasn’t where it should have been, there was some pressure but it was soft and padded. He was very confused. Suddenly he felt a hand rub up his side and work his way to his head. A delicate touch pulled around his ear and something slipped out of his ear canal allowing the sounds of a street and traffic to fill his head.

“Morning Ralphie!” Mistress Joan said and waited for recognition before continuing. Ralph laid there thinking for what seemed like minutes before he finally pieced it all back together again. He turned his head and rubbed it against Mistress Joan, all he could do to acknowledge her. Ralph tried making a noise, nothing, a wriggle got him no where. In his head he had a fly on the wall camera looking down upon the bound body laying next to the woman still in the fluffy white dressing gown he saw fleetingly last night. He assumed it was the morning, what time he didn’t know. He remembered the drugged liquid and as he moved his head he felt the final throngs of a hangover ache his brain. All Ralph could do was hope his Mistress was good as her word and would let him out eventually. He was most definitely under her complete control.

“Let me explain some of today. The important bits. 8 pm tonight you ordered room service. You have till then to complete your tasks otherwise you’ll find yourself on the end of a very embarrassing situation. Do as I suggest, complete your tasks and you’ll be free. Each task gives you a little more freedom.” Mistress Joan began to explain. Ralph listened intently. It was exactly what he always wanted, under the control and skill of another. His caged penis grew tight and he tried to buck against the bonds but his cage felt nothing. He laid on his side thrusting lightly as Mistress continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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