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After cleaning up a bit and finishing off the pizza and beer, Rick and Lucia collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. After a long day for both, finished with an unexpectedly active evening, both slept deeply next to each other’s naked bodies.

At some point in the morning, Rick started to awaken, and immediately realized he was not the first one up. Lying on his back, Rick opened his eyes and looked down to find Lucia lying between his legs, her head resting against his upper thigh, and her long tongue slowly swirling over one of his balls. He had no idea how long she had been down there, but his cock was fully swollen, hard and standing on its own at an acute angle toward his left, bobbing every now and then with his reflexes. Rick just moaned and leaned back further against the pillows, stretching his arms up and crossing them behind his head.

Without stopping her tongue-bath, Lucia raised her eyes to meet his, a look of lust covering her face. She moved slightly, raising her head so that she could better continue her oral massage of Rick’s amazing package. Unlike the more aggressive and animalistic activities of the prior evening, Lucia’s movements were slow and sensual this morning. She flattened her tongue against Rick’s large, warm ball-sack and let it glide very slowly over the soft skin, feeling his balls move and roll under her light pressure. Her tongue would glide to one side and then slowly slide back to the other. She would then bring it into her mouth only long enough to moisten her tongue with her saliva, and then let it extend back out to Rick’s balls, making sure every centimeter of his enormous ball sack was thoroughly attended to by her soft, long tongue. After licking the entire surface area of his balls, Lucia slowly opened her mouth wider and pulled Rick’s right ball into her mouth with her tongue, slowly closing her mouth around his ball. Rick moaned as he felt Lucia suck on his ball and roll it around slowly in her warm, wet mouth. Lucia’s eyes were closed at this point as she reveled in the feeling of Rick’s salty nut-sack filling her mouth. Slowly, she released his right ball and moved her mouth over to his left. Again, without using her hands, she slowly engulfed his left ball into her mouth, and massaged it with her tongue and lips.

Lucia continued to suck Rick’s balls, slowly and attentively, switching from one to the other. She felt them roll under her tongue, and could feel how heavy his ball-sack had become. Slowly, she released Rick’s balls from her mouth and again extended her tongue and began a very slow lick up the side of his swollen cock. His cock bobbed against her as she made her way up Rick’s shaft. Rick moaned and watched, mesmerized by how long and soft Lucia’s tongue was, how wide her mouth was, how full her lips were. Again, without using her hands, Lucia began bathing Rick’s cock with her tongue. Slowly, she let her tongue glide over every inch of Rick’s long, thick, veiny shaft. She felt every vein and ridge of his thick cock meat, loving the sweet/salty taste of his skin. Slowly she made her way to the thick head of his circumcised cock, and let her tongue glide around the thick ridge of his cockhead. Then she slowly slid the tip of her soft tongue over the smooth, swollen skin of his cockhead, lightly flicking the clear pool of pre-cum which had emerged from the tip.

Rick moaned again.

Lucia stopped for a moment and opened her eyes, looking directly into Rick’s. “Last night you came all over me, but eskort görükle right now, I want to swallow your entire load,” she said in a slightly husky morning-voice.

Rick was at a loss for words as he just looked back at her, watching her close her eyes again and the open her mouth wide. Slowly, ever so slowly, she began taking Rick’s cock into her mouth. He first felt her warm breath on the head of his cock, then felt the warm, wet moisture of her mouth cover his cockhead. Lucia moved incredibly slowly, closing her mouth over his cock and sucking and licking the meat of his shaft as she slowly lowered her head down his cock. She stopped about half-way down his shaft and just held his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue slowly around his veiny shaft. Rick moaned more as he watched Lucia begin working her way further down his meat, slowly opening her mouth and readjusting her throat to take his cock inside. Slowly and finally she made her way to the base of his cock. Rick felt the head of his cock slide into her throat, and felt the muscles of her throat contract around his meat. Lucia’s nuzzled her nose into Rick’s neatly groomed pubes at the base of his cock, and just kept her mouth there, swallowing around his meat, letting her tongue slide over his cock.

Rick felt the familiar sensations of an orgasm building inside his groin and had no desire to hold it off. The sensations Lucia had created around his cock were overwhelming and he gave into them.

“I’m, I’m gonna cummmm…” Rick hoarsely whispered.

Lucia moaned and then pulled off his cock about halfway. Rick could see the bottom half of his shaft glistening in her saliva. Lucia gave a few more flicks of her tongue to the sensitive underside of Rick’s cock, and this sent him over the edge. Rick pushed his head back into the pillows as he felt the first surge of cum fire up his shaft. He knew that his cumloads in the morning were thicker than at other times during the day, and he could feel the thick first shot of cum erupt from his cock and into Lucia’s mouth.

Lucia moaned as she felt this first shot cover her tongue. It was very thick, warm, and salty. And it was quickly followed by more. A lot more. Lucia began swallowing as quickly as she could, and her mouth still began to fill with Rick’s enormous, thick load of jizz. Lucia moaned and began quivering in an orgasm of her own as she sucked Rick’s cock for all she was worth. She was determined not to let a drop of Rick’s seed go to waste, and swallowed the pool of thick semen in her mouth just as another pool filled up. Lucia felt Rick’s cock pulsing against her tongue and lips, thick rope after thick rope of cum filling her mouth. Finally, Rick began to relax his body against the bed, and the torrent of cum began to subside. Lucia kept her mouth on Rick’s amazing cock, sucking and swallowing until she was sure there was no more jizz to come. Finally, she slowly pulled her head off her Rick’s cock. His thick, heavy meat flopped back down against his stomach, and Lucia just lay her head on Rick’s hip, staring in lust at the cum pump which had just satisfied her deepest cravings. At least for the moment…

Rick and Lucia finally climbed out of bed and took a shower. Rick could not stop admiring Lucia’s body – fully formed, with wide, soft hips, a slim, tight stomach, and enormous, full breasts. After cleaning up, they got dressed, each in the same clothes they got to the hotel in. Lucia pulled on her short shorts and tight kestel escort pink tank top.

“I’ve called the wrecker and he said he would meet us at your car,” Rick said. “Let’s head over there.”

In the bouts of lust, Lucia had almost forgotten about her car and how they had even ended up where they were. But she was thankful at Rick’s generosity and thoughtfulness. She followed him out to his car and they headed back onto the highway.

They pulled up to Lucia’s car on the side of the interstate just as the wrecker was backing up to the front of the car. Rick and Lucia got out to meet the driver. An older man got out of the cab of the wrecker. He was about 5’7″, thick, with a wide belly and thick arms. He was wearing a mechanics outfit – navy khaki pants and a short-sleeve navy button-down shirt, untucked. He sauntered back to meet Rick and Lucia and immediately did a double-take when he got sight of Lucia’s body, her massive tits straining against her top. He adjusted his ball cap on top of his greying hair.

“Howdy. What seems to be the trouble?” He said.

“Um, I don’t know,” Lucia said softly. “It just started smoking and as I pulled off the road it just died.”

“Tough luck,” the driver replied. “Well, I can’t do much for you out here, but we can tow it up to the station and let the guys take a look at it for you.”

“I guess that will work,” Rick replied.

Rick and Lucia stood back and watched as the driver hooked up Lucia’s car to the wrecker. A light rain began to fall again.

“I got to get some info from you for the paperwork before I get going,” the driver said. “Why don’t y’all hop up into the cab with me to get out of this rain, and then you can follow me back to the station in your car,” he said, nodding at Rick’s car.

They all climbed into the cab of the wrecker, the driver getting behind the wheel and Lucia and Rick climbing in the other side. As Rick closed the door behind him, he adjusted with Lucia squeezed between himself and the driver. The driver took Lucia’s information down on his forms. Then he said, “Now just so you know, it’s going to cost $150 for me to tow it up to the station.”

“What!?!” Lucia exclaimed. “I don’t have that much to spend on this whole thing.”

“Well, I’m sorry mam, but this isn’t around the corner. It is what it is. I hate to do this to you, but if you can’t afford it, I’ll just have to let the car back down and go on my way.”

Lucia just covered her face with her hands, then slid them back over her hair, staring out the window trying to figure out what to do. Rick sat beside her. “I have an idea,” he said.

Lucia and the driver both looked over at him.

“Maybe there is, I don’t know, some alternate form of payment you might accept,” Rick said, a slow smile creeping onto his face.

“What do you mean?” the driver said.

Lucia simply kept staring at Rick, but slowly, the look of lust that Rick had already come to recognize was forming in her eyes, and a small smirk formed at the corners of Lucia’s wide mouth. She slowly turned back to the driver, and let her left hand slide onto his thigh, slowly rubbing up and down.

“Well, sir, I think he means, uh, maybe there is something I might be able to do for you in exchange for you helping me out,” Lucia said, adjusting in her seat, arching her back to let her full tits press against the driver’s arm. Her hand was slowly making its way up his thigh and was now bursa sınırsız escort slowly swirling over his growing cock. The driver began to shift uncomfortably in his seat.

“Well, I, uh, I, uh, uh-mm,” he stammered. He looked in his rear-view mirrors, trying to make up his mind -realizing it had been made up seconds earlier. He just looked down at Lucia’s soft, small hand as she squeezed his hard cock beneath his pants.

Taking this as an acceptance, Lucia shifted around in the seat of the cab, pulling her knees up under her and turning sideways until her head was in the driver’s lap, her knees tucked under her on the seat, and her feet resting on Rick’s left thigh. From his position, Rick just stared at Lucia’s ass stretched beneath her short shorts and the smooth white skin of her bare thighs.

Lucia unzipped the driver’s pants and reached her hand into the fly. The driver flinched and moaned as Lucia wrapped her small, warm hand around his cock and pulled it out of his pants. His cock was not terribly long, but it was very thick and wide. Lucia just moaned as she took in the sight of his meat, smelling the musky scent of is crotch. With a deft touch, she let her tongue slide out of her mouth and swirl around the thick cockhead before quickly engulfing his cock into her mouth.

“Oh God, yes,” the driver moaned, leaning his head back against the back window of the cab.

Lucia moaned around his cock, feeling her mouth fill with his wide, thick cock. She stretched her lips to accompany his girth, her mouth filling with saliva and drooling all over his cock.

Behind her, Rick reached out and slid his fingers up one of the legs of Lucia’s shorts, quickly reaching her pussy. Rick slid his fingers up the length of her pussy, feeling how wet and hot Lucia already was. Lucia moaned again and pressed her body back against Rick’s hand, feeling his fingers slide over her swollen, moist clit. Rick began flicking his fingers over her lips and swollen clit inside her tight shorts.

Lucia began bobbing her head up and down the thick shaft in her mouth. Drool was escaping from the corners of her mouth and running down into the driver’s pants. Loud slurping sounds filled the cab and Lucia sucked his cock with everything she had. She was filled with complete lust as the driver’s thick cock filled her mouth and Rick’s expert fingers drove her clit to the brink. She began shaking almost uncontrollably and Rick felt his fingers become soaked in her juices. He could see Lucia’s juices begin gliding down her thigh.

Just then the driver tensed up and moaned heavily, and Lucia sucked harder and faster as she prepared for the load which was sure to come. Rick watched as the driver began to tense and twitch, and he heard Lucia begin moaning and swallowing around the cock in her mouth. The driver unloaded his thick wad of cum into Lucia’s mouth, and she swallowed every drop.

Finally, she pulled off of the cock in front of her. As it softened, she slowly tucked it back into the driver’s pants and zipped up his fly. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and readjusted in the seat.

“Well, I guess we’ll see you at the station, then?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’ll see you there, little lady,” the driver said in a daze. While he was still coming back to his senses in the seat of the cab, Rick and Lucia hopped out and headed back to his car. Lucia looked at Rick and flashed a wide smile. “You seem to have an idea for every occasion,” she said.

Rick just laughed as they got into his car. “Oh, I’ve got some ideas, babe. I’ve got some ideas…”

The two of them laughed as they pulled out behind the wrecker, off to continue this new adventure they found themselves on.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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