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Big Dick


I had never before felt so much excitement and fear for a Friday before. After showering, I did my hair, and applied my makeup. Before dressing, I took a long look into my full length mirror and was happy with my results.

I don’t mean to brag, But I knew I had an amazing body and face. I was 5’4, about 110 lbs. Almost all of it was tits and ass. A full 34D cup with hips and ass that matched. A slender waist, strong, defined legs, long for my height, and toned arms. My elective P.E. for high school was yoga. I might not have run as fast as others, but I was twice as flexible. I had curly golden blonde hair that was long enough to cover my tits. Large almond shaped green eyes, full, pouty lips, a heart shaped face, and a dazzling smile. My skin everywhere, was flawless. Perfectly tanned after spring break, with no blemish in sight.

Yesterday, for the first time, I got a Brazilian wax. It was so weird spreading eagle in front on people I didn’t know. It was just a random Thursday for them, and they assured me that I would get used to it too, like I was just getting my nails done. I could only imagine the things that they have seen. Nevertheless, I felt as beautiful as I could for this day. Not a hair in sight. After taking my birth control pill, I walked over to my closet for my dress. I chose a white summer dress that tied on the neck and back. On the way, I would defiantly have to wear a cardigan because I chose to arrive braless, and full commando.

My body was already shivering with excitement. I wasn’t sure if he knew that I was a virgin, and the first night I met him, could barely construct proper sentences around him. I was a little worried that he would back out if he knew. I was not at all worried that he wouldn’t like my body. I was scared shitless that he would think of me as dumb. Dumb people are irrational and they do stupid things. I knew that if he even had a suspicion that I would fuck things up for him, he would end it before it would even begin. I wanted him so badly. Since the night I met him, he occupied my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking about his fingers. I couldn’t help but imagine his tongue all over me. His cock inside me. My fingers became him in every fantasy. I would touch myself and remember his voice. His smirk, but especially those fingers.

I got dressed and checked the clock. I wanted to give myself at least an hour to make it over in time. It was only about a mile, but I didn’t want to rush over and worry about me getting there sweaty and gross. I had 15 minutes to leave. I rechecked my purse, making sure I had everything I needed. I told my mom that I would be hanging out with my new friend but was not sure if I would be staying the night. Technically, none of that was a lie. She was so excited that I was adjusting and gave her blessing for whatever. I had a change of clothes, just in case. I had my phone, charger, keys, and fifty dollars in what my mom calls “emergency money.” For a cab, for a mugger, whatever.

I headed out the door and started my descent down the hill. It was so curvy and weird. It was all a one-way street, so If you lived pretty downward, but on the wrong end, you would have to drive all the way to the top before you can get home. They kept their roads narrow. Narrow and yellow. As I was walking down their yellow brick road, I heard a loud truck behind me and I got nervous. It sounded like it was growling. I moved myself over as far as I could as it passed. To my surprise, the truck was a new model. All I had seen so far here were old relics. I shook my head, accepting my silly paranoia, and moved downward.

I arrived about ten minutes too early, even with my slow walking. I had a friend of mine that would have loved this extra time. She smoked cigarettes. It always, to me, looked like a waste of time and money. At that moment, I honestly wished I had the habit. It would have given me something to do. I reached for my phone and played on Facebook for a bit. I took off my cardigan at 4:59, rechecked my hair and makeup. When my phone showed 5, I knocked on the door.

He answered wearing a wife beater and cargo shorts. He had a “ken doll is about to fuck skipper” smirk on his face. He motioned me in and I entered his home. It was just us and what I wanted was about to happen. I could smell tomato sauce, or at least, something Italian cooking in the kitchen. My breathing became deep and I knew there was no looking back.

“Take your shoes off and go into the living room” he said. “I’ll meet you in a moment.”

I walked in and looked at his sectional sofa. This room was large, and the furniture matched quite well to the size. On the side of the couch was a chaise lounge that was covered in a bedsheet. Over that were pillows. A lot of pillows. This is where I knew I was going to get fucked. I walked over to the end and sat down. A part of me was screaming at me to run. He knew too much and this would not be a fair fight. Where will this go? How could it end? I tried to keep my chest from heaving up and down as it felt necessary, and I was scared that I was making a huge mistake. For a moment I tried to come up with an excuse Casibom to leave, then I felt something cold on my shoulder.

He was standing behind me and he handed me a bottle of beer.

“Drink this” he said. “It will help you relax.” With that, he left again.

I’ve never really been a beer drinker, but I chugged that down as fast as I could. My nerves were on edge. I was so out of control. When he came back in, my bottle was empty. He chuckled and handed me his. I looked down at the bottle. If I could get just one more down, I would be okay. Not too drunk to be sloppy, but loose enough to let things happen. My mind was partially swimming on the last one and when he returned with a fresh one for himself, mine was about half full.

“Are you okay?” he asked. He genuinely looked worried.

“I’m okay” I said softly. “Just a little nervous.”

“Relax” he said. “We have all night. We won’t do anything until I’m sure that you’re ready.”

He walked around and sat next to me on, what would be, our bed. After resting his drink on the coffee table, he put one arm around my shoulder and rested the other on my knee. My overthinking brain froze and my body took control. I didn’t care anymore about how dangerous this was. I was feeling his fingers again. One hand was slowly tickling my lower thighs. The other hand was caressing my neck. My body turned into jelly. I moaned and pulled my head back, almost spilling the beer in the process. He saved the bottle in time, then held it on my lips.

“Finish up, Kitten” he cooed, then turned the bottle up. I drank as fast as I could, but a little of it spilled on my chest. He wasted no time and his mouth and tongue were enveloping my front. He sucked all the liquid off and his hand on my neck undid the ties that was holding my dress together. It fell loose and he pulled gently to free my breasts from its barrier to him. His head moved downward, pushing me ever so lightly back against the pillows and started to lightly lick then suck on my erect nipples. I couldn’t think. I could only feel his body taking mine.

“You are so beautiful” he moaned as he took his time owning and worshiping my tits. His grabs were forceful, then gentle. He sucked and squeezed. He moved upward and sucked hard on my neck, pushing me farther back, almost laying down. He lowered to his knees, that were now on the floor and pulled my dress completely off of me. I was completely naked, but not afraid anymore. My body was presented to him like a gift. A gift, from the look in his eyes, he was thoroughly enjoying.

His hands gently pulled my legs apart, his hands caressing my thighs, slowly moving south. With a forceful pull, my legs were rested on each shoulder, my back, flat against the sofa, waiting for his next move. His hands rested on my inner thighs, slowly massaging, squeezing, until one hand of his finally covered my pussy and I yanked into it hard. Oh God, how I needed his fingers there. He obeyed. His index finger ever so softly started to massage my clit, while the others grazed upon my lips. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter until I was sure that his hand was drenched with me. His fingers became more forceful, pushing hard against me while one finger slid in, then stopped.

“You’re a virgin” he groaned, feeling my hymen. I was so blinded with lust. I pushed myself closer to him.

“Please!” I screamed. He looked into my eyes. I was so afraid before that he would be angry about it. He looked right then, the opposite. His eyes grew darker with lust, and slowly his finger made its way up inside me. He gently poked his way through, breaking it slowly. My eyes rolled back and my head hit the pillow. He added another finger but stayed surprisingly gentle. When my hymen became a thing of the past, he once again turned into a wild animal. He thrusted his fingers with all the power he thought I could take. They were slamming into me, my moans turning into wild screams. I was so close. I could feel the most powerful orgasm of my life about to erupt inside my body. He felt it too. That’s the only way he would know. He stopped right then. His fingers left me and he smiled at me wickedly.

I felt like a hit a brick wall. I was so close. It was painful. My eyes pleading into his, but all he could do was chuckle lightly.

“Not yet, Kitten.” My hands tried to take over what he was doing until he grabbed them and held them tightly above my head. “You’re being a bad girl” he sneered. “Bad girls get punished.” He looked me up and down. “Are you a bad girl, Kitten?”

“I don’t know” I panted. I didn’t know what answer he wanted me to give. All I wanted to do was cum. I tried to grind myself against him and feel any kind of pressure he could give me. He gave none.

“You should have told me that you are a virgin” he purred. “I would have started out much slower.”

“I don’t want you to be slow” I pleaded. “Please, I need to cum!”

“Not yet” he whispered in my ear. “What things did you do with that old boyfriend of yours” he asked. “I need to know.” My body stiffened. The climax was gone and could once again, think.

“Not much” I replied. Casibom Giriş I sucked his cock a few times, but that’s pretty much it.”

“You sucked his cock?” His voice carried his hunger. “How many times?”

“A few times” I mumbled. “I was probably going to sleep with him on prom night, but when I knew I was leaving, I didn’t want to anymore.”

“He never licked your pussy?” I shook my head.

“He said the idea grossed him out.” Mr. Kane shook his head in disbelief.

“You did the right thing by not fucking him.” He said. “He is selfish. If he didn’t care about pleasing you that way, he wouldn’t have cared about pleasing you in any way. Never fuck a man that refuses to please you. It will be a waste of your time.” He stood up and slid his shorts down. When I saw his cock, I raised myself up, still sitting, my face inches from it. He was huge. Not too long, about 7 inches, but thick. Much thicker than Jason’s. I didn’t know if it would fit anywhere. He slowly began stroking it, looking amused by my reaction.

“Show me what you know so far, Kitten.” I reached my hand around it, slowly stroking it and licked my lips. “Take your time” he said. “Remember, we have all night.”

I leaned forward and started licking the head, my hand still stroking his shaft. His wrapped his hands into my head. One hand holding my hair from my face. The other hand caressing the back of my neck. I got a little bolder and sucked on the head. He groaned with pleasure, which gave me the confidence to take him in. I started bobbing up and down, taking about three inches, while my hand stroked the rest. He slightly pulled my head towards him until his cock hit my throat, and I gagged. He groaned.

“I need you to relax your throat, Kitten” he said between grunts. “Try to swallow it.” He then took control, pushing my head down as far as it would go. When it hit my throat again, I did what he said and it went farther down then I thought possible. My nose was scratching his pubes and he groaned loudly. “Good girl” he moaned as he quickened his pace.

Every time I heard the pleasure I was giving him, it turned me on. It was exciting to know that I could make him feel just as good as he made me feel. I concentrated on just swallowing that big cock of his, awaiting every thrust and feeling a shiver of excitement any time he groaned with pleasure. I had never sucked a cock this long before. Jason would blow his load in usually about two minutes, but Mr. Kane didn’t even look close to coming, and my jaw was getting sore. His breaths were getting faster and his cock began to swell. With that, he released my head, pulling his cock out.

“Very good girl, Kitten, “he grunted still stroking my hair. He got down to his knees and softly pushed my body back into a slightly laying position. He kissed my inner thighs and I pulled my head back.

“This is what that idiot should have done for you” he whispered, his head between my legs. He licked slowly up my thighs and I groaned with anticipation. If he could give me so much pleasure with his fingers, I couldn’t even imagine what his tongue would do. I felt his hot breath on my pussy and moaned. He hadn’t even started yet, but I already was in heaven. He lightly licked at my lips and with his finger, massaged my clit gently.

Suddenly, his tongue crashed into me. Inside of me. He sucked hard against my pussy, his fingers massaging with great intent. I squeezed my eyes shut. This was ecstasy I have never known before. His fingers disappeared and he began sucking on my clit with earnest. His fingers pushed deep inside me and started fucking me hard. I screamed out with pleasure.

“Oh God!” I screamed out. “This feels so… Oh god!” I had no control. I was building up again. It was coming again. The pressure was building fast. I was twitching. The heat was rising. He could sense it and I was afraid he would stop like last time. He didn’t. He just added more pressure. My chest was heaving, my back arched up, and my body exploded. Wave after wave swept through me. He kept sucking and fucking, expanding my orgasm to anything I have ever experienced. It peaked and I was completely out of breath. He slowed his movements until my orgasm ran its course. When they were over, he raised his head from between his legs and his face was drenched with me.

“Enjoy that, Kitten?” I was so out of breath. My body still trembling. He had a devious smile, obviously enjoying what he knew he was doing to me. I nodded, my chest raising up and down. He rose up, and I scooted back, allowing him to climb on top of me. He started kissing my neck, his body between my legs. His hands grabbed my tits and squeezed them gently. He sat up and started stroking his cock, positioning him right at my entrance. I leaned back into the pillows. He was about to fuck me and I couldn’t wait. I have never needed anything more in my life. He could sense my urgency, but he stayed where he was. I gazed over at him and saw his devilish smile.

He wanted to tease me. He wanted me to beg. He knew the power he had over me and would use it in his favor. He locked his eyes into mine and I pleaded Casibom Yeni Giriş with mine for him to continue, but he continued to wait. Still lightly stroking his cock, grazing it against my pussy. I couldn’t control myself any longer.

“Please Mr. Kane” I moaned.

“Please what?” He softly chuckled, while teasing my pussy until I screamed in almost pain.

“Please fuck me” I cried out. “I need you so bad! Please fuck me Sir!”

“Look into my eyes” he purred. “I want to watch every moment of this.”

I looked into his eyes as he moved closer to me. His cock was pressing against me and slowly pushed its way in. The head of his cock expanded my pussy and I felt a mixture of pain and pleasure. He held it there for a moment, then pushed a little further in. He was about half way in and he stopped, allowing my pussy to expand. His eyes stayed on mine, watching my reactions. He slowly pulled back, leaving the head inside. My eyes were pleading with him. He pushed back in and all I felt was pleasure. Pushing more and more in, I felt his hips grinding against mine. He filled me with him and I never felt more like a woman until that moment. Without warning, he withdrew and then plunged hard and fast. I moaned, almost coming again. He smiled and began thrusting.

His movements were gentle at first, but his speed was increasing with every thrust. Hitting me harder and harder into my g spot and I was losing control fast. Each thrust was sending wave after wave of pure ecstasy. I was so close. He was to. He started fucking me like a wild animal. Grunting like a caveman.

“Oh God, I want to cum in you!” he moaned. “Please tell me you’re on the pill.”

“I am” I assured him. “Please cum inside me! I want it too”

His movements became faster and he pounded me harder and deeper than before. I was on edge, my body twitching. I was about to cum. He was about to cum. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I didn’t want to. We came together. His cock exploded inside of me, filling me with hot pleasure. My body erupted and bliss took over to heights that almost scared me. He fucked me gently until my movements slowed down and he slowly withdrew his now softening cock from inside me; his cum dribbling down my pussy leaking down the crack of my ass. He leaned forward, sucking hard on my neck, his hands one again, squeezing my tits. Then, he whispered in my ear.

“How was your first time, Kitten?”

I smiled wide. “Amazing” I was so happy that he was the first. I just got fucked by a man to knew how to fuck. My body felt different. It felt alive. It was purring. He raised himself up from me, reached down and put his shorts back on. I stayed in my position, almost too shocked to move. He looked down at me and smiled.

“The bathroom is right over there” he said, pointing to a door. “Go wash yourself up. I’m sure our meal is ready now.” He walked over to the kitchen, and I headed to their washroom. His cum was leaking down my thighs. I grabbed a washcloth, lathered it with soap, and wiped my pussy and thighs. When I looked into the mirror, a whole new person was looking back. She appeared much older. She looked sexier and more confident. She looked alive. I was sure that was I felt was completely in my head, but that didn’t change my happiness. I emerged from the bathroom to see him sitting at the dining room table with a plate of lasagna. Just one plate was on the table.

“If my wife sees too many plates, she will get suspicious’ he said. “Come here, sit on my lap.”

I smiled and walked over. “You could always wash the dishes,” I chided mockingly. He chuckled.

“If I did that, she’d be even more suspicious.” Wow, I thought. Such a man. I sat on his lap and his arm pulled my stomach tightly against him. He whispered into my ear.

“You look so beautiful naked” he purred. “Tell me, what was your favorite part?” I felt my body blush. Honestly, I didn’t know. The whole thing felt like one thing. I couldn’t at that time, think of anything other than he was enjoying my body, and I wanted that feeling of his to stay. He stroked my back which made me moan.

“I want you to fuck me again.” I was surprised at my own words.

“Don’t worry, I will” he whispered into my ear. “But I would like it if you eat something first.” He raised his fork and fed me a bite. “Have you eaten anything today?”

“No,” I admitted. I was far too nervous all day. All I thought about was him and what I wanted. It flooded my brain to the point that food became, at first, an afterthought. Then, nonexistent. The lasagna tasted great. No doubt, his wife prepared it for him. He gave me another bite.

“I want to fuck your ass” he moaned into my ear. The idea terrified me. I shook and he felt it. “Don’t worry” he assured me. “I know how to make it nice for you. You will love it just like you have loved everything else. I promise.” He started stroking my thigh. “Do you trust me?” I nodded. We finished the plate and he moved everything to the side. He started kissing my neck, and told me how beautiful I was and how much he wanted me. His words alone made my pussy slick. He raised himself up, with me with him, then lowered me until I was laying on the kitchen table. He sat back into his chair, his face aligned with my pussy, and started to slowly nibble at me. His tongue sucked hungrily into my clit as one finger slowly circled around my tight asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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