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Chapter 7: Mom’s Doubt

The guys that we invited from our softball game lusted after Becky, but knowing she was taken, they finally moved on to checking out my other sister Jenny and her friend Abbie, and all the other bikinied sweet things.

It was really heating up at the pool as a few of them paired off and started the whole male female teen hormonal exchange thing.

Becky and I slid out of there and headed upstairs to our love nest. Before I could get the door shut, she was all over me, sucking and slurping, and kissing me with many moans and sighs as she groped my manhood, telling me how much she needed me again.

So I threw her on the bed, ripped off her clothes and fucked the shit out of her. I hope you don’t think I am too macho to say it this way, but it was really like that from my vantage point. Indeed I fucked the living shit out of Becky and her screams testified to how much she loved every minute and every inch of my hard cock as I pummeled her tight pussy again and again.

There was something very special indeed about the relationship between Becky and I and neither one of us, twin siblings, could get enough of each other. Our lust was insatiable as we fucked and sucked all afternoon.

We never thought about lunch and as it approached 5 pm we realized that we had been at it for many hours and might be missed. So, we showered up, this time fucking doggie style as the hot vibrating water massaged us to our climaxes.

After that Becky wandered around the house alone trying to appear normal. She did talk sikiş izle briefly to mom who, although she still eyed Becky a little suspiciously, just mentioned a few details about shopping to Becky and didn’t say much else. It seemed like things were cool.

We were together every night and every day, all day, all night. If we were inseparable before, now we were impossible to separate. We always slept together, took showers together and helped dress each other and went everywhere together.

It was so incredible, better than the best. Man was it good to be able to fuck so much and to always be with the one you loved so much.

We were curious what the talks between Sharon and mom would come to, but knew that Sharon would definitely fix any troubles and we would be ok. As it turned out Sharon did tell mom everything about our relationship. Mom brought it up, guessing correctly what was going on between Becky and I. “I just knew it,” she said.

Sharon did not leave out anything, that’s just the way she likes to tell it, straight as it is, and mom, although not really approving, was somewhat awed by our relationship.

She told Sharon that yes, what we had was very rare and wonderful and in a way she was proud of us. She said that we should hold onto our love as long as we could.

But, she added, “It is probably better if we don’t tell your father right now. He is a little more traditional and might not understand this unique relationship.”

We also started getting invited to all the cool parties, now that everyone realized brazzers that we were the hottest, most interesting and fun couple in town. Everyone thought it was just so cool that even though we were brother and sister that we were so much in love and were the perfect couple, acting like any other couple. That only made our love more special, being appreciated like that for what we were.

Nobody seemed to be hung up about the “incest thing.” We didn’t need to hide anything and we didn’t. We would always make out and do everything else that everyone did at the parties.

Of course it was great fun when some new guys or girls showed up at a party who didn’t know about us and we would sometimes freak them out by telling them or have even more fun by showing them just how hot our relationship was, after they knew we were siblings.

Rodney showed up at one of the parties and Becky really wanted to get even with him some more, because of what he stood for and had wanted to do to her. He actually had bragged about his plans to shag her to a bunch of guys, saying, “the poor little girl won’t know what hit her.” He was going to feed her a few beers with a little extra alcohol in them to loosen her up and then slip it to her, or so he thought.

Knowing that he had the audacity to brag about what he was going to do to her even before going out with her once, made Becky especially angry at him. What a callous bastard. She had never caused any problems for anyone and had a reputation for being very mellow and peaceful, but somehow fake taxi porno this was different and she really wanted to make an example of Rodney, just to please me, to show me her love.

So, with me watching from a distance and Sharon within earshot, but with her back to them, Becky approached Rodney and engaged him in some conversation. After some initial talk, she said, “I’m sorry that our date was crashed by my big sister, I had planned on losing my virginity to you that day.”

Now, that had Rodney’s interest, as he remembered her incredibly hot and very fuckable body in that amazing bikini. His surprise was priceless as he contemplated what he had almost gotten.

Then she added, “But I changed my mind and gave it to my brother instead. Actually that was what I wanted all along, I was just trying to make him jealous by going out with you.”

And, as she puffed her breasts out, she sighed and said, “Oh, he is just so good at it too. I really love him. See ya.” As she walked away, I loved the gleam in her eye and the scowl on Rodney’s. Serves him right, the bastard.

A little later, some kissing games were announced which morphed into truth or dare, but Becky said that she didn’t want to share herself with anyone besides me and would be really jealous if anyone even tried to touch me, so we just sat on the couch and made out, as everyone else got into the game.

Just as it really started to get heated up, with the clothes coming off and couples going into the other room to do the more intimate dares, we were again implored to join the games, but we just looked at each other and left. “Maybe, next time guys,” Becky said, clinging to me as we left.

‘Maybe it would be fun,’ she thought, but ‘I’m not ready just yet to share him with anyone, no way. He’s mine.’

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