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It’s a hot summer day and as I enter the house carrying a bag of groceries, I find you lying in the back yard sunning yourself in the nude. A light sheen of perspiration and suntan oil covering your body makes you glow under the sun.

“Hi my pony! I’m home from the store with a surprise for you. Why don’t you come in and see what I brought,” said Master.

Master’s pony slowly stretches and lightly rubs the oil and sweat across her breasts which makes her nipples harden and her pussy moisten at the thought of what her Master has in store for her. As she entered the kitchen she felt the cool air rush across her body hardening her nipples even more, goose bumps formed across her body, making her shiver. “And what does my Master have in store for me today?” pony asks.

“You know the rules my pony when you address your Master. Now do as you’ve been instructed!” Master barked with smile on his face.

“Yes Sir!” pony replied as she proceeded to get on her hands and knees on the floor and crawling over to her Master. “As you have instructed me many times, I apologize, Master.” pony said with a wicked smile crossing your lips.

Pony approaches her Master and bows at his feet and rubs herself across his legs seeking attention while removing his sandals. Master runs his hands through her hair letting his fingers intertwine and pulls her to her feet. pony knows she is to always address her Master in this fashion and begins to unbutton his shirt. pony rubs her hardened nipples across his back, pressing her breasts against him and rubbing her hands across his chest pulling lightly on his nipples hardening them. pony then runs her hand down and unbuttons his shorts, letting them fall to the floor, pressing her hips against his ass and letting her fingers slide over his cock. pony begins to wrap her fingers around his cock and cupping his balls with her other hand. pony grinds her clit into her Masters ass cheeks, knowing he likes the feel of her harden extended clit grinding into the upper crack of his ass.

“Enough pony! Now go upstairs and turn the shower on and I will join you in a moment.” Master then went about taking the ice cream, cool whip, bananas and chocolate cream sauce and cherries from the bags he brought in. Master arrange them on the table in front of the large sliding glass doors which over looked the neighbors houses. Master saw the neighbors where home and knew they could easily see inside his house. Master smiled knowing he would give the couple across the backyard a show tonight they couldn’t resist. Master and pony often saw the couple walking around their home and back yard naked and enjoyed their uninhibited sexuality. With that thought in mind, Master knew pony and he could easily seduce them into joining in tonight’s sexual adventure. Master and pony had often discussed the idea of having a foursome with explosive orgasmic conclusions. Master then proceeded to the large walk in steam and shower room where he would find pony doing as he had instructed.

“Very good my pony; ever the obedient and feisty slave!” said Master as he entered the room seeing his pony lathered in the rich foaming soap. pony knew her Master enjoyed it when she was lathered up and he could easily slide his body over hers. pony loved the feel of his cock: hard, swollen and full of his essence as he ground himself into her ass as he reached around her and pulled and squeezed her nipples with just the right mixture of pleasure and pain. pony loved it when he teased her in the shower and knowing she would be bound by the rope. Master had often tied and bound to her to anything which he could secure a rope too, but she especially liked the large dining room table where she would be on display.

Just the idea of being seen by the neighbors and knowing the neighbors pleasured themselves while they watched as she was bound, spanked, and fucked for hours on the table brought her to the edge of ecstasy. pony intuitively knew that something special was up this evening as her Master instructed her to shave her cunt while he watched. Normally, Master took care of this duty himself as he enjoyed drawing the shaving blade across her mound removing the hair and shaving cream. Often he would have her lie down with her tummy and shoulders to the hot moist shower tiles and shave her pussy from behind. First making sure she was smooth of all hair and clean for him to slide his tongue over her soft wrinkled bud, pressing into her, forcing her to shake with desire before rolling her over and shaving the rest of her mound. pony was often reminded of the prickling sessions of the new hair growing in after a few days when she had been naughty and not followed instruction.

Master would let her squirm with irritation for days sometimes before he would shave her again and bring her the relief from the course stubble. However, tonight, Master wanted her to shave herself quickly and she was not sure why the urgency. “Quickly pony!” Master barked, “The sun is setting and I altyazılı porno want to have the dining room table covered in sunlight as I bind your legs and slide the wedge under your ass. I love it when you’re curled up and you are able to see how swollen and wet you’ve become before I fill your pussy with cum. I want to take pictures of you this afternoon and I have another surprise for you. Something we have often talked about and is now time to follow though!”

“Yes, Master!” pony’s eyes sparkled as the thoughts raced in her mind at what this new adventure could be. “We have spoken about many things Master. Are you going to give me a hint at what this new adventure might be?” said pony seductively, as she pulled the blade across her swollen lips removing the last of the hair from the front of her.

“Please Master, will you please, remove the hair from my ass and lower lips?”pony said. pony slides to the floor of the steam room, reaching behind her and spreading her ass wide and offering herself to her Master.

Master looked at her and smiled. “I think I want to warm you up first, before I finish what you’ve started pony.” Master moved behind his pony and slides his large hand across her spread bottom, feeling the water droplets forming on her golden olive skin from the steam. Master absolutely loved it when she was in this most submissive and vulnerable position. Master knew the trusting bond between Master and slave had grown over the years after they were married.

It wasn’t always like this; Master took his time molding and shaping his pony to be obedient and trust that he would never hurt or abuse her. In the early years she would have never consented to what some vanilla people would consider lewd and perverted desires but Master had taught her the meaning of trust and to allow herself to fully grow in her desires, knowing she would never be betrayed or humiliated, she could ‘scratch that itch’ as she called it, buried deep in her mind.

Master felt the warmth of her wet skin and then brought his hand down with just enough force to send a jolt of pleasure, first one cheek and then the other. Master began the spanking tempo which would ultimately turn his pony’s ass from golden olive color to a flaming red. Master stepped over his pony straddling her body and facing her ass. Master was able to bend over slightly and continue his spanking, alternating his hands over her sweet upturned ass. “Raise your head up pony,” Master instructed.

pony did as her Master instructed and slowly raised her head and shoulders up between her Masters thighs, raising her head up so his cock and balls rested on the top of her head. pony knew her Master liked the feel of her long wet black hair sliding over his cock as she bucked forward with each spanking blow of his hand. pony secretly hoped that after her spanking he would drive his swollen cock into her throat, where she could suckle and tighten her lips around his engorged member. pony loved it when her Master fucked her face and felt his balls slapping against her chin, his fingers wrapped in her hair, pulling her lips to the base of his cock. pony liked the way his curly hair tickled her nose and when he would pull out so her lips could purse over the head of his cock. pony most enjoyed when he was about to cum after she was allowed to suck his swollen balls into her mouth and nuggle on his left nut making him shiver with desire and weak at the knees, and then painting her lips with his hot salty sweet cum. pony often wondered who had the power then as he melted at her touch and convulsed in her mouth fulfilling both of their needs.

“That’s enough pony!” said Master as he caressed her bright red ass and felt his nut sack pulling tight as he pulled away from her silky smooth hair. After all, Master had bigger plans for his pony this evening. Master moved behind his pony to finish up the shaving of her swollen woman hood. Master couldn’t resist though and drove his tongue deep into her pussy after he completed her shaving her. Master never tired of tasting her sweet nectar as it flowed from her swollen snatch and he licked and tasted her thoroughly. Master slides his tongue over her swollen clit, burying his nose in her wrinkled rosebud, smelling her. “Enough!” he chides himself for his weakness and abruptly stands up, twisting his fingers through his pony’s hair pulling her to her feet, passion burning through him. Master kisses her deeply.

“You have a show to put on pony!” said Master as he swatted her ass, moving her out of the steam room. “pony you are to go to the dining room table and stand there and wait for me. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Master.” pony said, diverting her eyes from her Masters piercing green eyes, as she hurried past him to the dining area as instructed.

Master then went to the bedroom to collect the ropes, camera and toys he would use on her for his pleasure and those of the neighbors. Master entered the dining area and found amatör porno his pony standing as instructed, head lowered and hands behind her back. “Lie back on the table pony and raise your hips, your head toward the window!” Master said.

pony did as instructed as her Master took the wedge and slide it under her hips, curling her up so she could see how swollen she had become. pony’s arms were raised above her head and her legs arched into air. Master then tired her wrists together and instructed her to keep them in position as he tied each ankle with the rope which now was suspended from the eye hooks in the ceiling, forcing her to keep her legs spread and pulled halfway toward her head.

pony loved it when Master tied her in this position because she knew no matter how her Master took her, she could see her Masters cock sliding in and out of her ass or swollen cunt. pony always experienced her best orgasms in this position and especially delighted when Master would feverishly fuck her and then pull out, his hot cum gushing over her breasts, pussy or ass. When pony had been particularly submissive, Master would sometimes treat her by licking his cum from her body and then feeding it to her in a long and tortuous kiss.

After seeing the voyeuristic couple across the yard watching, Master kissed his pony and whispered in her ear, “We have company pony. Does that excite you, knowing the neighbors are watching us? Does it make you wetter knowing they can see you bound, watching me spank you, your bit in your mouth unable to scream out?” Master then moved to the end of the table and slowly began to slowly move his hands in a circular pattern over her ass, warming each cheek, getting it ready to be spanked or caned.

It had been a long time since her Master had used the cane on her. The mere thought of using the cane on his pony made her Masters cock throb with anticipation and pre-cum began to drip from the large reddish swollen head. “Are you ready for your spanking pony?” Master asked, knowing all pony could answer was a muffled whimper of desire as she bit down harder on rubber bit strapped between her teeth.

“Very good, pony! Tonight you get something special since we have company watching. This evening you get to feel the sting of our cane!” Master chuckled. Her Master then began to kneed her ass cheeks harder and deeper with each pass of his hand. pony could see her Masters cock glistening with moisture and desperately wanted to lick the head of his cock to clean him up. She saw her Master reach down and raises the cane slowly above his head.

“Don’t tense your ass pony, it will only make it worse.” Master growled. Lightly a first he brought the cane down over both ass cheeks and pony flinched as she felt the cane sear into her tender flesh. “That’s one pony, and for flinching you shall receive two more at the end. You know better than to flinch when I spank or cane you!” Master sternly warned her.

pony then felt the cane slice across both her cheeks again and held still, knowing that if she disobeyed again Master may just stop as he did before, leaving her tied up and spread on the table for several hours without any cooling comfort on her smarting upturned ass.

The bruises from the caning often lasted for days and she wasn’t allowed to wear her short sundresses until she healed. How she hated that! Master then took two more swings across both cheeks and stepped back to admire the raised and swollen red slashes across her beautiful tanned olive skin. Stepping up onto the small raised platform on the floor next to the table, Master ran his cock over his handiwork, smearing the welts with pre-cum, and slapping each one with the head of his cock. pony shivered, her nipples getting harder and her pussy began to visibly flow with desire; her cum running down over her clit.

“Now that I have my pony’s attention and you are clearly hungry for more, I think it’s time to insert your pony tail into your ass.” Master said. Stepping down, Master took the ice cream from the bag on the chair and opened it

“Since I am treating you tonight my pony and my sweet tooth is craving something special, I thought I would turn you into my own personal sundae! And since I know you don’t like nuts the only one’s I’m going to feed you are my own!” Master laughed.

Master then reached into the container of ice cream and pulled a small handful of the cold creamy mixture and slowly began to work it into his pony’s ass. The cold ice cream made pony break out in goose bumps as she watched her Master standing there between her splayed legs and working the sticky ice cream into her asshole. Master massaged the ice cream into his pony’s ass slipping his finger in deeper with each circular motion as the ice cream began to melt from the heat of her.

Master looked across the backyard and saw the couple talking. The dark haired brunette wife slowly ran her hand up and down her husband’s cock and knew he and his anal porno pony had their full attention. Taking another handful of ice cream from the container, Master pulled his finger from his pony’s ass and used his palm to push the ice cream into her now open and waiting ass.

pony gasped as she felt the ice cream sliding into her and smiled. Master had often used ice cubes to slide into her pussy and ass and she loved how the cold numbed her, mixing with her cum, making her slicker and more receptive when Master slid his cock or her pony butt plug deep into her ass. pony absolutely adored how the plug tapered and then flared as her ass opened to receive her tail. Master had spared no expense and purchased one with real horse hair that she braided at his request, so he could flog her with it before he spanked her. The feeling of the course horse hair slapping across her swollen clit or red hot ass drove her over the edge and she often squirted so much cum she would be covered with it.

Having forced the ice cream into his pony, Master began to slowly slide the butt plug over his pony’s puckered star, teasing her by beginning to slip the tip in and then pulling out. pony flexed her ass trying to pull the plug in deeper only to feel her Masters hand slap her pussy and roughly slipped her clit between his fingers and pulled on it, causing her immediate movement to stop. Pony knew she almost crossed the line and didn’t want her Master to stop the delicious torture.

“For that my pony, it won’t be so slow!” Master barked and pushed the pony plug deep into her ass all at once. pony’s asshole grew hot and painful as the flared glass toy plunged into her, seating itself firmly in place. Smiling inwardly, pony knew she would get the full force of the caning now, and ever so slightly regretted her movement.

Master backed away from the table and picked up the slender cane and sliced it through the air. The sound of it swishing menacingly close to her body began to bring on little concern for pony, although she knew her Master would never hurt her, whether playing or not.

“Are you ready pony?” Master asked. All pony could do was nod her head and hope she hadn’t crossed the line. As her Master positioned himself, he looked out the big glass door and saw the neighbors begin to move back inside their home, the wife first and the husband in tow, his cock firmly wrapped in his wife’s hand.

“Well, pony I think our neighbors have had enough. They’re headed inside.” Master said, as he brought the top portion of the cane down across his pony’s closest ass cheek. Master then walked around the table and again brought the cane down on the other cheek. “Do you think I scared them away pony? You know if you hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have had to put on such a display of anger and our audience would still be there. Isn’t that correct pony?” Master smirked, as he brought the cane down again on the other cheek, circling his pony, caning each cheek and asking questions he knew his pony couldn’t answer.

“Do you think they liked seeing you bound and spread open for all to see, while I plugged you pony?” mocked pony’s Master.

Master knew full well his pony enjoyed being brought down “a peg or two” once or twice a year. pony was so use to being in charge, a Type A personality, with everyone and everything being in its place, after all that was how she rose to the top of the company.

Master continued to cane her each time he went around the table and after ten rounds; he stopped at her head and let his balls slide over her forehead and rest over her nose. “That’s right pony, breathe deeply of your Master musk.” Master said, as he moved his swollen nut sack over her eyes and nose, straddling her head.

“You want to suck on me don’t you, pony?” “You want your Masters nuts and I haven’t even put the rest of the ice cream, bananas and topping on yet.” Master laughed, as he began to scoop the melting ice cream into his hand. Master took the ice cream and began to work it over pony’s pussy, starting on her clit and pushing the freezing cold mixture over her clit and swollen lips. pony’s pussy was open and wide with lust as the ice cream slipped into her folds and mixed with her cum. Taking more ice cream into his hands, Master spread the cold soothing cream over her raised and swollen cane welts, while sliding his balls and the length of his cock over her face, pre-cum coating her lips and nose.

pony so wanted her Master to remove the bit from her mouth so she could slide her tongue across his think veined shaft, tasting him, suckle on his left nut and then his right, wanting both forced into her wanton mouth. pony wanted to give her Master pleasure as much as he gave her.

“It’s time for a little more ice cream in that hot little snatch of yours pony. You’ve gone and melted it all. Can you see how it’s running out of your sweet cunt, down over your clit and running down to your belly button pony?” Master said, as he slides back over her face, resting his balls on her forehead. pony watched as her pussy flexed and forced the sticky mixture of cum and ice cream out and began to run down over her clit. pony couldn’t help but wish that was her Masters cum boiling out her well fuck pussy as her Master pulled his cock from her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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